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Bruce Lewis

Bruce Lewis

Bruce signed up for FriendFeed in December, 2007.
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I have to wait until March 10th for my fitbit. - Mike Nencetti
Mike, I can taunt him on your behalf in the meantime. - Bruce Lewis
Please do - Mike Nencetti
Taunt - Louis Gray
Cheer - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Two votes for taunt, one for cheer. Stephen, you lose. - Bruce Lewis
Do two taunts, then one cheer. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Ice on salt water - Fort Point Channel -
Snow over ice covers the salt water of Fort Point Channel. Snow near the tops of bridge supports marks high tide. Just north of here the Boston Tea Party Museum lets visitors throw large styrofoam blocks over the side of boats in the channel. They're pulled back up by ropes. Normally the blocks splash into the water. In times like this, they fall to the ice with a thud. - Bruce Lewis
Ice on tidal waters - North River, Salem -
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In these photos you can see cracks along the edge of the snow. That's where the tide goes up and down. Despite the tides and salt, the ice and snow goes all the way across. - Bruce Lewis
Bretton Woods Skiing -
I've skied perhaps 10 times in my life. Conditions today at Bretton Woods were perhaps the best I ever experienced, with temperatures above freezing, no wind, and a few inches of snow from the night before. - Bruce Lewis
Sledding at Dane Street Beach -
Sledding at Dane Street Beach
Get fit & do good with FitForFood. Joel McHale’s in. Are you? -
Get fit & do good with FitForFood. Joel McHale’s in. Are you?
"Starting February 3rd, every calorie you burn by being active will count toward meals for people in need. Burn calories, give calories. It’s that simple." - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Get FitForFood with Joel McHale and Fitbit -
Get FitForFood with Joel McHale and Fitbit
Signed up! - Laura
Final day of the Selma-Montgomery march -
Six small planes carried marchers from Saint Louis for the final day of the Selma-Montgomery march. My parents rode on separate planes in case one of them crashed. My mother was pregnant with my older sister at the time. The plane was the scariest part of the experience. The second scariest was hate stares from onlookers, though the marchers were flanked by national guard. During the march my parents got separated. Toward the end of the day they were independently invited by local Black people to the same dinner at a church, where they found each other again. The fried chicken was excellent. - Bruce Lewis
The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk - -
The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk -
I find it interesting how the researchers used smartphones to make a mood study more tenable. - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Adam Singer in Boston next week? FriendFeed meetup? My lunches are open except Wednesday.
Will be there 1/16 - 1/28 - I am sure we can fit a lunch in. - Adam Singer
Tomorrow or Friday? On Friday I have a 1:00 meeting. - Bruce Lewis
A friendfeed meetup sure would be good about now. - Bruce Lewis
Last chance - Bruce Lewis
Adam Singer in Boston? Amazing. - Louis Gray
There's this show on TV called "blackish" where the middle-school son in an American black family has no clue that racism is a current issue and not just historical. Is there really any place in the U.S. where a black boy could grow up blissfully ignorant of racism? I would like to believe there's such a place but I don't.
In a wealthy neighborhood in CA, maybe, especially if the parents work hard to pretend it doesn't exist. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Good morning, FriendFeed.
Mr. Farenheit was not able to cool salt water down to this temperature in 1724. - Bruce Lewis
Trip to San Francisco -
I had a very active first hour of being awake. The minutes with only a single dot are waiting for the train and sitting on the train.
Because Government Center Station was closed I ended up walking through Boston to get to the blue line.
Getting through the security line involved more activity (lower left minutes) than walking from the subway to the bus (lower right).
On the train ride from the airport I got a good look at how dry the San Francisco Bay area is.
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I finally made the trip to the home office after working for Fitbit over a year. - Bruce Lewis
Beast of a watch! - Mo Kargas
That's the Fitbit Surge. The default "flare" watch face shows activity levels over the current hour, resetting at the top of the hour. - Bruce Lewis
Looks cool. Oh, city is nice too :) - Mo Kargas
What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier | Fast Company | Business + Innovation -
What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
""Those who had exercised during the preceding month but not on the day of testing generally did better on the memory test than those who had been sedentary, but did not perform nearly as well as those who had worked out that morning."" - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Interesting! - Son of Groucho
REI: Fitbit Surge GPS Watch + Heart Rate Monitor -
REI: Fitbit Surge GPS Watch + Heart Rate Monitor
I hear they actually have them in stock now. - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Sunset over Fort Point Channel -
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Fitbit Boston has a nice view. - Bruce Lewis
Thinking of San Francisco today -
On most socnets I've switched to a 2014 profile photo of myself. On FriendFeed I think I'll stick with 2007.
I'm so lazy about updating mine. - Jenny H. from Android
2007 was a good year for Bruces and California Cabernets - Steve C, Team Marina
LOL Steve - Jenny H.
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Jessica and I enjoyed an exhibit at Faneuil Hall that included reproductions and original works created from legos, using only the colors lego bricks come in. It was impressive. - Bruce Lewis
Fitbit Boston hiring sw eng plus Web Content Dev, Senior BI Report Dev #job
I pulled into my driveway having voted, 12 minutes after pulling out of it.
Fitbit Charge, Charge HR & Surge: Welcome to a Whole New World of Fitness -
Fitbit Charge, Charge HR & Surge: Welcome to a Whole New World of Fitness
Hmm. I am intrigued by the Charge HR... - Laura
Tough choice! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
imo without a gps, it's not that useful unless you never run outside. - ؛ patrick
My Force needs to go. Thinking I'll take advantage of the trade in/recall. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Not a tough choice for patrick then. Surge is the only one that has gps built in. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, that's my point. And if you get the surge (which is obviously no cheap), I don't think it's very different from other products out there in the market. For instance, Garmin makes very good sports watches. - ؛ patrick
I'm all over that Surge. As much as I hate anything bulky on my wrist, I will make the sacrifice for this. (and to be frank, as a runner, Garmin is horrendously overrated nowadays) - Hookuh Tinypants
$249.95 seems to be a good price too - ؛ patrick
Microsoft Band & Health: Unboxing, First Impressions & Setup - - ؛ patrick
Do fairies get sick or poisoned?
Yes, but they get well if you believe. - bentley
Cold iron will do it, I hear. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
If a good fairy does evil they get sick and fade away. - Todd Hoff
Zipline Challenge Course -
Louis Gray wanted me to take part in a challenge today. Am I doing it right? - Bruce Lewis
Perfect. - Louis Gray
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