Bruce Lewis
I switched to a new SSL provider, StartSSL, from godaddy. Let me know if you encounter any issues.
Hey, I've been meaning to ask if OurDoings can be integrated into a Weebly site. The UI already has modules for photo galleries, but it allows only so many users. Some teachers have expressed interest in adding pictures from the class on their web pages. That means I would have to do it and I don't want to. - Anika
There's nothing specifically for Weebly, but there's a "Parent URL" option that lets the home link in the breadcrumbs point somewhere else, e.g. the classroom's main weebly site. - Bruce Lewis
So, I can set up an account for them, add the URL and they can use it to populate their page? Will it it be a photo gallery or a link? - Anika
You can do either an embedded slideshow or a link to the blog-like format. I'm partial to the link for school doings, since it shows activities over time. - Bruce Lewis
The embedded slideshow looks like this: Or you can embed Cooliris. - Bruce Lewis
Wow. I couldn't find an embed link on my page. I'll have to look again. And thanks! - Anika
Behind the "Get Updates" link, then under the Slideshows tab. I admit I've let usability suffer for the sake of clean/uncluttered pages. - Bruce Lewis
Love this whole thing! - Mary B: #TeamMonique