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Bruce Lewis

Bruce Lewis

Bruce signed up for FriendFeed in December, 2007. "Fitbit should come out with a phone. It would unlock after 1,000 steps. You'd have to do another 500 steps for each successive open. #fitbit"
Suppose I want to go on Facebook and search for recent posts from my friends containing, say "watch". Is this even possible? Friendfeed has spoiled me.
I don't think so. As far as I can tell I can't search contents of posts. - rönin
Some people have access to it. But most don't. The best you can do is scroll down for a ways in your timeline (set to show most recent first instead of most interesting) and then use your browser search with Ctrl+F. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
How primitive - Todd Hoff
Just think what FB would be worth if it worked like FF. :-D - Eric Logan
It would be worth spending time on. - Bruce Lewis
Fitbit Boston is looking for a Workplace Coordinator #job
RT @HandknitWebs: Positive energy cycle. (Chalkboard door.)
Elephants swim at St Louis Zoo -
Elephants swim at St Louis Zoo
RT @fitbit: Big news! Today Fitbit launches on @WindowsPhone 8.1. Check out our post for all the details.
Re: My imaginary YC interview -
"Thanks. I quietly reopened it to new users after leaving Google, so feel free to try it. I still rely on it for my own photos and have no plans to shut it down." - Bruce Lewis
RT @fitbit: Today we’re officially introducing 2 brand new features to the Fitbit mobile app: MobileRun & enhanced food logging!
Nature Connects at Missouri Botanical Gardens -
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The Climatron, a giant geodesic dome for displaying tropical plants, also became home to Lego sculptures of animals and plants. - Bruce Lewis
Of interest to Cambridge residents:
Re: The inexplicable rise of open floor plans in tech companies - thoughts from the red planet - thoughts from the red planet -
"When this article came out there were 12 in my open-plan office and it worked fine. Recently I've been seeking quiet by bringing my laptop to an unoccupied part of the office floor. Headcount is 16 now. Your 15-person cutoff matches my experience." - Bruce Lewis
RT @linode: Here's a fortune from this week's Linode lunch! The cookie is wise....
Monty Hall Problem - Numberphile -
Monty Hall Problem - Numberphile
The professor in this video explains and illustrates it remarkably clearly. - Bruce Lewis
Are there online communities for young writers? My 13yo would benefit from being part of such a community.
I'd start with NaNoWriMo sites. I'll bet there's a separate board just for youth. - Spidra Webster
NaNo has a whole section for kids, I think they should have resources there too. is a very open community (site is kind of confusing) but really customizable to what you want to see. - Heather is good if she wants to post stuff and get feedback. I've worked with 13y.o.'s on there. - Jessie
there's some options listed here and here - though I don't know how often links on that second one are updated. - ellbeecee
though from that second, looks good, from a quick look over it - ellbeecee
#SaturdayFF When I play Minecraft with my kids, I'm having as much fun as they are.
It's like building a lego house, but you can walk around inside and watch a sunset from the roof. - Bruce Lewis
These goslings and their parents on the South Bay Haborwalk seemed calm about people approaching close. - Bruce Lewis
My avg. daily fitbit #Fitstats for last week: 71,079 steps.
My avg. daily fitbit #Fitstats for last week: 71,744 steps.
That's my weekly total, not my daily average. I'm going to see if someone already filed a bug. - Bruce Lewis
Even after being abandoned for a week while I went on vacation, my Fitbit still tells me it loves me.
Gratuitous Cat Photo -
Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test / -
Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test /
FriendFeed is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack because it's still using TLS 1.0. - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Good to know - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Y-EA-H *spikes in the endzone* - Micah
Signs of Spring in Boston -
Some of the trees have a tiny bit of green on them. - Bruce Lewis
Re: The Mobile Downturn -
"Minor point: "the past 20 years" only go back to April 8, 1994. The commercial Internet predates that, and is in turn predated by the browser, HTTP and TCP/IP." - Bruce Lewis
Fitbit has open plan seating. In the spacious Boston office it's easy to find quiet, but 90% of the time we stay where everyone else is.
Fitbit has open plan seating. In the spacious Boston office it's easy to find quiet, but 90% of the time we stay where everyone else is.
Wait...where did Cristo come from all of a sudden?
He came from slackers? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yes. - Louis Gray
Fitbit is hiring in Boston! This is a great place to work. #job
Awesome Netflix/Fitbit Hack Detects When You’ve Fallen Asleep, Auto-Pauses Your Movie | TechCrunch -
Awesome Netflix/Fitbit Hack Detects When You’ve Fallen Asleep, Auto-Pauses Your Movie | TechCrunch
Stephen Mack, do you participate in these hackathons? - Bruce Lewis
I think Jimminy would be interested in this. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I haven't participated in the past, but that looks like an awesome hack. - Stephen Mack
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