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Bless you, lamb cake. Blambcake.
RT @iA: CSS 3D Solar System
Talking about Action Park #NJ with father-in-law, an eyewitness to the legendary looping water slide.
If you can get your kicks on Rt 66 what can you get on Rt 22?
RT @john_overholt: Today I Learned: Dilbert's boss modeled his hair on a Venetian noblewoman of the early 17th century.
RT @fartpowder: He is McRisen!
Whoa yeah that is a pretty big plate He's got. RT @ngadc: Rembrandt van Rijn, “Christ at Emmaus: the Larger Plate"
RT @genejm29: #NASA #SpaceX #CRS3 #ISS - Still some work to do to pressurize the vestibule between ISS and Dragon.
RT @jeff_foust: Dragon just about ready for berthing. Nice view from NASA TV a moment ago:
RT @ngadc: In this album, the #Easter story is told through paintings, prints, and drawings by artists from 15th-18th century:
RT @danielsilliman: Jesus wasn't 33, and other errors you might hear in a sermon this Easter
Just saw this store on Rt 22. Good name.
MIL's almost-finished Easter Lamb Cake:
(my greek’s wrong, isn’t it)
Somewhat lesser known Greek greeting for this special holy day: “καλό τέσσερα είκοσι!” (sorry dumb joke)
Χριστός ἀνέστη! as Greeks say. May your Easter be lit by hope of resurrection & sweetened by culturally appropriated chocolate egg symbols.
Χριστός ἀνέστη! as Greeks today. May your Easter be lit by hope of resurrection & sweetened by culturally appropriated chocolate egg symbols
RT @NASA: #ISS has #Dragon in its grasp! Capture occurred at 7:14a ET. NASA TV coverage of berthing ops begins at 9:30
RT @nowhereman: I don't really get it, but I'm still laughing pretty hard "@vineapp: Robert De Niro's first 6 second film"
Playing #GoatSimulator while FIL is practicing #trumpet.
MIL working on an Easter Lamb Cake:
A whole bunch of you appear to have had your Twitters compromised.
Also there are no other movies with Steve Guttenberg and Wallace Shawn together? Inconceivable.
1987 film "The Bedroom Window" is on TV. Comment heard: "Why is Baltimore all white people?"
RT @UtilityLimb: kinda miss when girls wore those "LOVE PINK" sweatpants. got kinda weird once they got replaced by "EAT BUGS," "FEAR SUN," and "LIVE CAVE"
RT @brownpau_ebooks: I always say this at a yard sale for cheap a long time ago; the last tape was missing, so it's like a literal breakfast
RT @JPMajor: Fireball Explodes Over Russia... Again
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