Scuba Diving, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines -
Scuba Diving, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines
Metro Manila Sunrise Tinelapse -
Metro Manila Sunrise Tinelapse
Timelapse Test, Chicago O'Hare -
Timelapse Test, Chicago O'Hare
Shenandoah National Park: Upper Hawksbill Trail -
Shenandoah National Park: Upper Hawksbill Trail
RT @nytimesscience: Imagine comet #67p was falling toward Manhattan rather than @Philae2014 falling toward it (for scale)
Hiked up to summit of Shenandoah’s Mt. Hawksbill today.
Went up to summit of Mt. Hawksbil today.
Using a JARVIS makes me feel so guilty though. #ingress
Ahaha I went over and attacked it and they were remote-recharging so fast I ran out of XMP Bursters — so I ended up using my last JARVIS.
Stopping somewhere in VA, very tempted to make a detour to take down this portal. #frog #ingress
In which I ramble on a bit about why I got a year-old iPad mini 2 rather than spending extra for the 3:
RT @jeff_foust: From me @tsr: with the spaceship tech shown in "Interstellar", they don't need wormholes to save humanity:
• iPad mini 1 battery: 4490 mAh • iPad mini 2-3 battery: 6471 mAh
Freshly landed ISS crew really get the royal treatment in Kazakhstan. Here's @astro_reid, @Astro_Alex, and @msuraev.
Gotta check the USA rulebook to see if that makes me an honorary member of the Greatest Generation
Yesterday I got saluted by a WW2 veteran when he learned of our mutual interest in FDR and the Civilian Conservation Corps.
RT @danielsilliman: 96-year-old Mennonite minister writes open letter in support of same-sex marriage
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