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Recent trips in POV with @googleglass: • Chincoteague: • Hersheypark:
Recent trips in POV with @googleglass: • Chincoteague: • Hersheypark:
Recent trips in POV with @googleglass: • Chincoteague: • Hersheypark:
forgetting you're playing priest and not mage and accidentally healing rather than blasting your enemy hero #hearthstoneproblems
RT @cox_tom: Good reasons to get a black cat: 1) Unfairly overlooked at rescue centres. 2) Read more books than other cats. 3) Very slimming to hug.
RT @howellspace: Rocket Replay: Watch Europe’s Last Space Station Automated Transfer Vehicle Soar. (my story in @universetoday)
Our #cats Amelia Pond and Martha Jones are taking turns checking to see if this bag is bigger on the inside.
With thanks to whatever portal at Hersheypark dropped that turret and force amplifier. Truly a magical place.
Fortified home portal with rare turret and force amplifier because smurfs keep grabbing it. #ingress
RT @TIMENewsFeed: Tofu McNuggets are a thing in Japan now
RT @ajlobster: Still really digging my own work on the #KimKardashianGame #CardassianGame and I will not apologize for it
A man is a giant void, an empty and dark space that must be filled with things. #UnhollowAMan
RT @NASASocial: Our first space tweeting astronaut, @Astro_Mike, is leaving us. Thanks for paving the way!
Wait. The "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" bird isn't a cuckoo. What is he? WHAT IS HE
Martha #cat has claimed dominion over the towel stack
RT @spacearcheology: I don't need Fremenism because I'm melange-intolerant. #FremenAgainstFremenism
Dibs on @roopher's papercraft @NASA_Orion which is now fighting off Daleks on my desk
cool infographic <3 america
.@AugustJPollak @MattBors @tomtomorrow SF short story idea: update to "There Will Come Soft Rains" where it's about all the Twitter bots.
RT @SpaceKSCBlog: Hmmm ... This official NASA document says @NASA_SLS will launch in 2018. Apparently the delay is official.
RT @AGoldmund: /r/tumblrinaction gets trolled so much, they put together a list of sites that have fooled them in the past.
RT @AstroKatie: Subtlety is apparently not this company's strong suit.
RT @jenihead: my myers bruggs personality type is PBNJ
RT @spacefuture: Buzz Aldrin wearing the Infinity Gauntlet #space
Hersheypark Wildcat front seat #throughglass -
Hersheypark Wildcat front seat #throughglass
RT @leefox53: Prayers appreciated for family and friends in East TN right now. Terrible storms going through.
I've wanted to do this since I first rode #HersheyPark Lightning Racer: side-by-side POV of both runs. #throughglass
Lightning Racer POV front seat both sides #throughglass -
Lightning Racer POV front seat both sides #throughglass
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