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The Sony 18-55mm E-mount kit lens just looks so comically huge attached to the NEX3 body but it's an ok compact DSLR.
Martha #cat reading about aquariums:
RT @CatherineQ: Hubble was launched on STS31 using space shuttle Discovery in 1990. @NASA Administrator Charles Bolden was the pilot.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
And two SUVS careen towards each other in a Dulles tollway lane merge that almost ended in a collision right in front of me.
In related news I watched a Cadillac XTS trying to tailgate-bully a Toyota Echo out of his way — on a 25mph residential street.
RT @cosmos4u: Dwarf planet Ceres & asteroid Vesta - the first minor solar system bodies imaged ... from the surface of Mars by MSL:
Movie trailer composers, you can stop with the dubstep-style Inception-derived bass distortion stings now. The next big thing is kazoos.
(oh lol pro photog who misunderstood picpedant and demanded to see my photo work so he could mock it, found and faved my taco bell pic)
.@felix_cohen @JoeTheDough I checked to see if a Mir cosmonaut brought up a bottle but apparently they had cognac.
RT @inky: “Warning: .cat domain names require that you publish at least one page in Catalan within 6 months.” challenge accepted
RT @ckolderup: In 2014 full-width character text has replaced caps lock as cruise control for cool
RT @UtilityLimb: i'm not racist, but, *cranes neck to see if anyone's around. keeps craning. head unscrews entirely. out of the hole pour jewels & mysteries*
There's gonna be a @MorpheusLander test at 3PM EDT, live stream here:
Just noticed some of my #VCLECF1 photos had really bad purple fringing: —I have to be careful with contrasty scenes.
.@kevharb @urbanbohemian I don't mind FB-like header but type size is huge (on laptop anyway); I'd prefer more tweets visible per screen.
RT @gedeon: Uuugh RT @genmon Oi, Twitter, Facebook, GET A ROOM
RT @trepmal: My hobby is removing tracking parameters from URLs before visiting.
RT @CHOY_FACTS: Why do the Ghostbusters rely on the notoriously unstable New York City power grid to run the Ecto Containment Unit?
.@MicroPicx That's a snowflake.
Just chatted a bit with @LucieSoullier about @PicPedant for @lemondefr, and the conversation gave me a few interesting ideas.
Teenge Muite Naiga Tgetur
#NASA #selfie from HQ in DC this morning with STS-1 poster because, you know, SPACESHIPS
Decided not to part with my iPad mini after all; it's got life left in it still, and I don't *really* need retina display and always-on 4G.
IE8 is the new IE6.
RT @afynou: How to make a cup of tea in management speak
RT @NASASpaceflight: Astronauts to conduct short EVA to replace failed EXT-2 MDM |
RT @howellspace: Guion Bluford: First African-American in Space (my story in @SPACEdotcom)
.@StarTrek "If this Nexus can take us anywhere in time and space, then Kirk and I must return to Austria, 20 April 1889."
Fun things happen when you force-justify video menu UI text blocks.
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