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.@mbaschWTOP @MrSmithsDC @WTOP @WTOPLiving The new location had better be renamed "MISTER CHADWICK SMITH"
(now wracking brain for ways to make journalistic bank via our kittens named after Dr Who companions)
RT @CJR: Here’s why you want to read so much about animals
Just worked w/ @ebon on a quick @NASA_APPEL video shoot. I must say, it felt good to be at the camera doing on-site video production again.
RT @tiffany: No one likes your website. They like being done with what your website does.
.@wilw Or this always-force-landscape recorder app could just become the standard:
i follow whale
A lot of bottled water comes from drought-stricken California: — Market opportunity: "FRESH BOTTLED CHESAPEAKE WATER"
Launched today, the @NASA_APPEL course catalog: — I worked on a tiny part of the responsive CSS bits.
Rare event: both #cats atop the bookcase tonight.
RT @welpcomma: How Not To Design A Website
"Unsettling" meant in a good way. Production on this penultimate Poirot episode is gorgeous.
Watching Poirot, "The Labours of Hercules." The Alpine Spa scenes have an unsettlingly dreamlike, Terry Gilliam-esque atmosphere about them.
thanks for the cool upgrades, Adobe CC, that's totally not at all confusing
Couple rounds on the @KingsDominionVA Ferris Wheel #throughglass (my gaze lingers on the drop tower for a bit):
Couple rounds on the @KingsDominion Ferris Wheel #throughglass (my gaze lingers on the drop tower for a bit):
Couple rounds on the @KingsDominion Ferris Wheel #throughglass (my gaze lingers on the drop tower for a bit):
Pretty sure this #WMATA train operator just said Rosslyn is the last transfer point to "the Blues."
Was going over my FB Like history and found this. Yes. Yes, I do.
Fortunately I drive a tiny 2dr. RT @Gawker: People keep getting into strangers' cars because they think it's an Uber
take the liquid nitrogen bucket challenge
RT @BadAstronomer: *Amazing* photo of the fireball from the Cygnus resupply ship burning up in re-entry, seen from space!
RT @astro_reid: Enjoying the view on a Sunday afternoon. Hard to believe this is real.
Annoyed at social network services messing with your timeline? Reminder that the best social network is your own weblog.
Overheard at @natgeo museum: "What's that Daddy?" "That's the space shuttle, it took Curiosity to Mars." uuuhhhh
You've eaten their rotisserie chicken. Now see their gold.
RT @MauraJudkis: Amazing typo at @LupoVerdeDC. 90's band or menu item? (Server tells me it's supposed to be pear)
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