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From TV political ads, I've a grasp of what candidates are "against", which presents a conundrum when asked to vote "for" someone #justsayin
Aww. Rec'd the nicest note from Wilson Zhen - Development Bank of Singapore about my relative who died & left $128M. He only wants 20% #nice
This is definitely Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah singing weather. Wow! Bring it on Mr. Bluebird. @just1nbruce @neilorne @DawnDavenportTN
Large group of @BelmontUniv &TEMA folks doing a disaster training exercise this AM. Great info & preparations are being shared. #BePrepared
I'm trying to convince myself that an afternoon of pressure-washing concrete is just like a visit to the water park. Just. Like. #MaybeNot
If this plant gets much taller, we'll be tying it off to the trellis...but fried green tomato time isn't far away.
I missed Forte Femme YouTube upload last month: "Say Something": via @YouTube @ForteFemmeMusic Outakes at 3:48 = fun!
I missed Forte Femme YouTube upload last month: "Say Something": via @YouTube @ForteFemmeMusic Outakes at 3:48 = fun!
We're only 41 days away from the 1st day of Fall Semester @BelmontUniv & I'm guessing that a summer "slow-down" isn't happening this year :(
Early morning light on the pond construction site is my favorite! #PondLove
Offering free parking & all the water you can drink for today's stone-laying party (in my best Tom Sawyer). For $0.25 you can see the fish!
Truly saddened to hear that Belmont University lost a great friend & family member, Paul Godwin...a long time faculty member and great guy!
No idea of the gender of our 3 new pond Shubunkins, so I have named them Sidney, Shayne, and Shiloh. #AquaticAlliteration #FishFun
You might guess that I'm a Belmont Bruin fan, but I'm so proud of (and happy for) Vanderbilt's national championship in Baseball #AnchorDown
RT @KProcterTN: STAR POWER! #Vandy is national champion on John Norwood homer #CWS.
Congratulations to @BelmontUniv senior, @HaleyLewis93 on winning the Miss Tennessee title! #itsbruintime
Exchange email is down at work. Vendor is working to remedy the situation...'probably will keep us updated via email. Oh. Wait. :(
Attended my 1st, annual @NashRedCross meeting yesterday. The arms & legs of this organization are awesome. #ThanksVolunteers #ChooseYourDay
Attention class, here are my top 5 words for your 2014-16 election vocabulary: casuistry, obfuscation, acrimony, sophistry, & discordance.
Bruins Basketball fans @BelmontMBB should read what other coaches say about Rick Byrd & the program #itsbruintime
Megan Swanson is the newly crowned Miss Nebraska @MissNebraska14 and a talented Commercial Music Voice major @BelmontUniv #belmont2anywhere
I may have crossed over to the dark side...morning, post-workout smoothie included Kale for the 1st time. And it was good. #headspin
Will be back in Nashville in just an hour or long Cleveland! There is something Eirie about this place, shore 'nuff! #Groaner
Happy Anniversary to "Miss Debbie" (aka Nana)...nothing like basketball camp preparation to celebrate the occasion! *grin* #39andCounting
#CCMC2014 Lots of good information on mobile app development.
A 50% chance of rain today in Nashville...suppose it would be too much to ask that my 50% go to the front yard & not the back? #oxinditch
Just finished at @Red Cross apheresis... #ChooseYourDay during 100 days of hope.
Five days away from the office is nice. Dealing with the accumulated avalanche of poo that occurs on the day back...not so nice. #bigsigh
I spent much of the day swinging a sledge hammer, taking out a concrete wall. Tomorrow, I'll be the one wishing I hadn't found that hammer.
Just tried to terminate a 'brief' survey from 844-744-5349. The "independent survey company" called back no less than 6 times. #headsup
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