Last season UNC played @BelmontMBB & lost at home 83-80. This year they play Belmont Abbey...just so they can say they beat a Belmont team.
Tonight is #MeetTheBruins at the Curb Event Center...signalling the season when Deb gives me instructions via headset. Its a wife's dream :)
We'll have wine in grocery stores in 2016...but we can whine about political/election shenanigans right away. Those should be reversed #IMHO
From the looks of my email inbox, I've been infected with the IT-fluenza virus..its the one where every IT spammer on the planet emails you.
Tomorrow is the first day of classes @BelmontUniv So glad to have students back on campus, but where-oh-where did the summer go? #timeflies
I'm armed with a @HomeDepot pole pruner. I assure you that no poles will be harmed as part of this exercise. Hackberry trees...not so lucky.
Just so you know... I've looked up portable beach chairs & portable beach umbrellas. For the life of me, I can't find a "portable beach"!
So cool to have Chick-fil-A and Starbuck on campus @BelmontUniv Come basketball season we'll have to find an excuse to go home #newatbelmont
Losing Robin Williams is a real kick in the gut...not sure that I can watch the tv coverage or follow this online. So sad to hear the news.
Just over a week from today 7,000+ students will start a new sememster @BelmontUniv 'can't decide it this is historical or hysterical *grin*
Belmont University mission team is stuck in Rapid City due to fog..hoping to catch a fight out after lunch today,might get to Memphis late.
Belmont University basketball players are headed home today following a week on Pine Ridge, SD Lakota reservation...possibly delayed by fog.
Be aware, school-peeps, the speed limit on Belmont Blvd is 30mph (not 35). An officer is there to 'reward' those who choose to drive faster
I've a complaint about these oversized, political postcards from this election cycle. All are exactly the same size & none fit my bird cage.
I'm a little naive...I just learned that Game of Thrones has nothing to do with Kohler vs American Standard on a chess board. #pottyhumor
If only this morning's breakfast bar recipe included: "dump half box of oatmeal on floor", I woulda' nailed it!
For my prayer warrior friends, please remember a team of 10 @BelmonUniv basketball players & leaders who start work today at Pine Ridge, SD.
Whenever the folks @yahoocare get off vacation, maybe, just maybe they will respond to my direct messages #bueller #BUELLER Oh yea,..please
Last night I dug through trial documents about the man who murdered my Uncle Mike. Tough read. Good writing inspiration. Not so good sleep.
We're used to hearing music all over campus @BelmontUniv but I'm not sure we hear this much open harmony and 9th chords :) #singatag #HU2014
The campus @BelmontUniv welcomes 600+ #HarmonyUniversity barbershop quartet singers. My dad would have been all over this! #singatag #HU2014
From TV political ads, I've a grasp of what candidates are "against", which presents a conundrum when asked to vote "for" someone #justsayin
Aww. Rec'd the nicest note from Wilson Zhen - Development Bank of Singapore about my relative who died & left $128M. He only wants 20% #nice
This is definitely Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah singing weather. Wow! Bring it on Mr. Bluebird. @just1nbruce @neilorne @DawnDavenportTN
Large group of @BelmontUniv &TEMA folks doing a disaster training exercise this AM. Great info & preparations are being shared. #BePrepared
I'm trying to convince myself that an afternoon of pressure-washing concrete is just like a visit to the water park. Just. Like. #MaybeNot
If this plant gets much taller, we'll be tying it off to the trellis...but fried green tomato time isn't far away.
I missed Forte Femme YouTube upload last month: "Say Something": via @YouTube @ForteFemmeMusic Outakes at 3:48 = fun!
I missed Forte Femme YouTube upload last month: "Say Something": via @YouTube @ForteFemmeMusic Outakes at 3:48 = fun!
We're only 41 days away from the 1st day of Fall Semester @BelmontUniv & I'm guessing that a summer "slow-down" isn't happening this year :(
Early morning light on the pond construction site is my favorite! #PondLove
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