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RT @CraigSmoak: #TCU put up a school-record 785 yards of offense on Texas Tech. #Baylor put up 782 yards of offense on....TCU.
RT @Andy_Staples: Committee appears once again to have forgotten the result of the TCU-Baylor game.
I'm a big fan of freedom. Here's my wholehearted thank you to all those who sacrifice to provide it. @…
#useful “What Happened to Interactive Digital Advertising?” by @faris
Hey @donaldG RT @IndyStarSports: NFL players eat big: steaks, pasta, lots of proteins, right? Not this #Colts player
RT @travisbeacham: I didn't learn a lick of real science from science fiction. But I'd know no science if not for sci-fi. Because it made me want to know.
RT @marsrader: Useful reference for advanced engineering.
RT @MxPf: "He rescored the beats of the ’70s soul tune 'Mystic Brew' to the Fibonacci Sequence."
New Money > Old Money in Norman, OK. #SicEm
RT @UALRTeach: Win $5,000 for college! Just create a :15 video about math or science to enter. It’s easy!
RT @snorrem: Physics: Dropping a bowling ball and feathers in World’s Largest Vacuum Chamber -
I’ve watched Corgi on a Carousel eleventy times today /fnd @Adam_Jacobi @penny_kt_lsu
I’ve watched Corgi on a Carousel eleventy times today /fnd @Adam_Jacobi @penny_kt_lsu”
Shake It Off - 1989 Aerobic Workout Edition
Shake It Off - 1989 Aerobic Workout Edition
Hey @sarabethjones is this what you mean when you say I should act interested in the words you’re saying ?
This Corgi on a Carousel video made my morning: /fnd @Adam_Jacobi @penny_kt_lsu
This Corgi on a Carousel video made my morning: /fnd @Adam_Jacobi @penny_kt_lsu
RT @ryangaddis: Google's Quest to Write the Rulebook for Interactive Design - Prismatic
RT @chambergates: That last hour before your kids go to bed is a special time that frequently negates any good thing that happened that day.
I love this. “@cotton: Interesting example of native- @nytimes integrates 36 Hours travel content into @googlemaps”
RT @csandis: '...the more people felt they needed to pee, the less they believed that humans are in control of their destinies'
RT @BobbyBigWheel: Tomorrow New Yorkers will wake up and realize that the people from their hometowns are in control of Congress
No Elvis Presley for Arkansas. “@ademillo: Republican incumbent wins land commissioner’s race (from @AP)”
In other news… “@micnews: It is now legal to smoke marijuana in our nation’s capital”
Yes, please. RT @lukew: Eliminating taps in mobile UIs with fluid gestures:…
Of course you can vote for Elvis Presley in Arkansas.
"We let them see their families." -
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