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Michelle wins @instagram, every single day
OH: Google is selling those things for $1,500? April Fools’ Day was, like, two weeks ago - who would buy that?
My sister used to publish this rag, I’m über proud. “@LA_mag: How did #YasielPuig get from Cuba to the @Dodgers”
A buzzfeed-quiz way to learn how advertisers see you. RT @KeithStoeckeler: http://whichabsurdconsumerpsyc... via @funkmastabaker @rga
#RealTalk My family lives in fear of what the housekeeper will think of us.
RT @apierno: I guess the American Airlines team will be taking over social media in the merger.
I feel like I just walked into someone’s Cards Against Humanity game.
RT @drew: Your move @oreo
#B_A_N_A_N_A_S “@Adweek: IBM ran 62 different commercials on the Masters.”
Outside of @sarabethjones saying “I do”, “Dad, can I mow the yard?” are the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard.
RT @edsbs: If you never met your dad there is a 32% chance it's Miguel Angel Jimenez.
RT @butterkupjonson: One mo' time the road. The FULL @Outkast [#Outkast20] 20yr reunion performance at #Coachella |»»
RT @kyranpittman: Conversations With @sarabethjones: the title of my next book.
RT @bpmore: “@theMOLITOR: I don't even know what they're saying and this is still SO bad ass...” @bryanjones #extrawesome
This was filmed two weeks ago, y’all. Let’s Get Social: /fnd @mattowenmatt
This was filmed two weeks ago, y’all. Let’s Get Social: /fnd @mattowenmatt
Let’s get social!
Thank you, Internets, you made my day:
I love that if you leave @jw alone in the wild, things like this happen: Very excited about @lastguide.
Dammit, I read it again Niagra falls.
I hadn’t planned on starting today with a good cry… then I read this @wrightthompson ode to his daddy & The Masters
Gater D. Wrestleheimer “@HollyAnderson: here’s that fake football names list, a glorious relic of 2009”
RT @amybhole: My "k" is sticking. And I'm writing lots of copy about Arkansas this afternoon. I'm fuced.
I can't believe there was ever a time that I thought this would be a good idea:
.@faris just as promising, not as profitable
Two years ago today, Facebook bought that little social network called Instagram.
RT @FastCoExist: An app to track the nasty chemicals in the beauty products you put on your face.
RT @KatieDowd: Matt Cain and #BatKid and oh my heart, this is the cutest photo ever. (Thanks, Michael Macor!)
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