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Bryan Jowers

Bryan Jowers

CTO, giftiki. Just a dotcom startup guy looking to learn from the best. Currently living in Cincinnati at @gobrandery
RT @Kosmatos: DocuSign is experimenting with using the blockchain as an improved form of proving documents were signed. There's a company that will last.
AppDirect Acquires Data Visualization & YC alum Leftronic. For the data nerds, free TVs & tablets for everyone :)
Our Product team is excited to welcome Leftronic // AppDirect Acquires Leftronic To Deliver Insights To Its Customers
My unlimited mobile data plan just got much more valuable.
.@SenTedCruz you are very wrong my fellow Texas man. Come to Silicon Valley and learn why the facts point to a dark future without this.
RT @isaach: accidental venn diagram?
I just bought bitcoin instantly on @Coinbase!
RT @Percival: Day 7 no email august: Some coworkers are noticeably annoyed at this point. Mostly the ones that send too many email.
RT @adaugelli: Love it when @bryanjowers pays me back via @coinbase
RT @dbtindall: My son pointed out to me today that Mars is the only planet in the solar system solely inhabited by functioning robots. #fb
Big July - added 17 new teammates at @AppDirect this month. Makes total of 69 new since Jan 1 alone. Come join me:
Gifting still can't be cracked even by FB who has 1.3b users & spent $100m trying // Facebook Is Shutting Down Gifts
Just learned how many uber rides I have now. @Uber needs a loyalty program.
After using iOS 8 for a while, I think people are going to freak out on new autocomplete feature. Worse than before so far for me.
RT @uberdata: Average ride arrival time in SF was <3 min in June ‘14. Just over half of rides arrived in <10 min in June ‘11. #UberData #progress
RT @stephpalmeri: .@uber's surge pricing during peak times, esp plenty of cars are available, makes a reliable service exceedingly unreliable one
Microsoft is doing a lot of interesting things and most people in SV aren't paying attention.
Virgin flight #1.
RT @NielsHoven: SpaceX Just Got Permission to Build a Spaceport in Texas
Couldn't have been a better outcome. Congrats @AdamDraper & @TimDraper - innovation > opportunistic selfishness
US Marshals: One Auction Bidder Claimed All 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoins via @coindesk
Great to watch @MITDelian build this meaningful product which has the opportunity to make positive impacts on lives
RT @drew: Uber and Lyft won't have to worry about lobbying for much longer. They're going to put taxis out of business.
Thanks to my friend Surge Pricing... I'm stuck at the office for past 45 min. 2x more productive now.
RT @gerstenzang: Craigslist's design from 1999 to 2012, presented without commentary.
Remember when Uber dumped AT&T pretty publicly?
My @Uber_SF kicked me out of car bc uber network down. Couldn't get paid-wouldn't go 1.5 miles home. Bad driver training.
RT @balajis: Many people considering B-school could learn much more by taking that $100k+ and starting a co. Be a CEO vs reading about them. #CEOnotMBA
RT @aguynamedben: If I had a sun dress, I'd be wearing it.
And today I wear shorts.
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