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Bryan Jowers

Bryan Jowers

CTO, giftiki. Just a dotcom startup guy looking to learn from the best. Currently living in Cincinnati at @gobrandery
RT @uberdata: Average ride arrival time in SF was <3 min in June ‘14. Just over half of rides arrived in <10 min in June ‘11. #UberData #progress
RT @stephpalmeri: .@uber's surge pricing during peak times, esp plenty of cars are available, makes a reliable service exceedingly unreliable one
Microsoft is doing a lot of interesting things and most people in SV aren't paying attention.
Virgin flight #1.
RT @NielsHoven: SpaceX Just Got Permission to Build a Spaceport in Texas
Couldn't have been a better outcome. Congrats @AdamDraper & @TimDraper - innovation > opportunistic selfishness
US Marshals: One Auction Bidder Claimed All 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoins via @coindesk
Great to watch @MITDelian build this meaningful product which has the opportunity to make positive impacts on lives
RT @drew: Uber and Lyft won't have to worry about lobbying for much longer. They're going to put taxis out of business.
Thanks to my friend Surge Pricing... I'm stuck at the office for past 45 min. 2x more productive now.
RT @gerstenzang: Craigslist's design from 1999 to 2012, presented without commentary.
Remember when Uber dumped AT&T pretty publicly?
My @Uber_SF kicked me out of car bc uber network down. Couldn't get paid-wouldn't go 1.5 miles home. Bad driver training.
RT @balajis: Many people considering B-school could learn much more by taking that $100k+ and starting a co. Be a CEO vs reading about them. #CEOnotMBA
RT @aguynamedben: If I had a sun dress, I'd be wearing it.
And today I wear shorts.
RT @abatalion: Your code, with tests written first or last, only matters if it helps your business. Build products, not software. #priorities #KPIs
RT @dcurtis: Over the past year, Twitter has lost $750,659,000. That's about 24 cents in losses every month for each of its 255 million active users.
I just signed up for @Humin early access - now give me access @ariezuckerberg :) looks pretty cool
RT @Percival: Someone sent me these internal plans for the LinkedIn building in SF. Seems about right.
RT @hunterwalk: Wow, @LinkedIn supposedly just signed lease in a 26 floor building in SF. For all 26 floors.
Betting tomorrow is not the highest morale day in the square office.
Betting tomorrow is not the highest moral day in the square office.
RT @bfeld: San Francisco-based AppDirect raises $35M, ups hiring plans in Boulder - Boulder Daily Camera via @dailycamera
RT @brandery: Still debating on whether or not to apply to #Brandery2014?
RT @hunterwalk: Theory: UberX Safe Ride surcharge results in more low driver ratings. B4 willing to tolerate bad directions, etc now I'm paying for quality.
Airbnb has now raised exactly what Facebook raised in total ($826MM) before FB raised last PrivEq $1.5B from Goldman. Nobody noticing this?
RT @chamath: Disappointing to see lazy Wall St analysis of $GOOG. Here is a more nuanced way to understand their long term oppty.
RT @dcurtis: Uber's new price increase reminds me of TicketMaster's "convenience fee" and Verizon's "9/11 compliance fee."
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