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Over the last couple of weeks (OK.. so more like months, I’m a bit of a slacker) I’ve written a few posts over at TheAppleBlog and I just wanted to include them here for sake of completeness. A few of these are on Google Quick Search Box which, while being a great little app, has [...] - BryanSchuetz
phonetography: knob mountain -
A couple weeks ago I managed to sneak away for a 24 hour loop hike that had me spending the night up on this hill (Knob Mountain) in the Northern section of Shenandoah. Really need to get back there. - BryanSchuetz
This is why we can’t have nice stuff. When Engadget originally posted the pics of the allegedly new iPhone HD/4g over the weekend I took it with a big grain of salt. Apple hardware hardly ever leaks. It looked real enough, even though those unsightly seams and that odd volume rocker screamed fake. Ultimately I [...] - BryanSchuetz
Holy Shit! It’s Mother Fucking Spring …bitches. Seriously, I’m so happy the snow is gone, can’t wait to get out and do some backpacking. - BryanSchuetz
This Cold Stone Creamery in my neighborhood stayed open right through all the major storms of 2010, hope springs eternal I suppose. - BryanSchuetz
phonetography: tilt-snow -
I grabbed this shot from my balcony during the second big storm of the 09/10 season, with Tilt-Shift Generator and Color Mill in full effect. - BryanSchuetz
phonetography: snowy lane -
I grabbed this shot during the first big storm of the 2009/2010 #snowpocalypse. Oddly enough that streetlight gave out just as I snapped it. I’ll admit to looking around for Dumbledore. - BryanSchuetz
Dave Winer
What the heck is going on in this picture?? (Angie everywhere!)
Hey Dave, what's going on with the .jpgs in the ap.xml feed from flickrfan? I can't seem to view them anymore. - BryanSchuetz
Just to be clear, I'm talking about the enclosures. the thumbnails still seem to be fine. - BryanSchuetz
on the trail in shenandoah -
I spent last weekend hiking around in Shenandoah National Park and despite having not been hiking for a long time had an absolute blast. The park runs roughly north south for over 100 miles along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains and encompasses nearly 200,000 acres 80,000 of which are protected [...] - BryanSchuetz
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written a few articles over at TheAppleBlog and wanted to include a roundup post to them all here for the sake of completeness: Convert Your DVD Collection with Fairmount: We’ve all had situations where we’ve needed to exercise our fair use rights and make perfectly legal copies of [...] - BryanSchuetz
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written a few articles over at TheAppleBlog and wanted to include a roundup post to them all here for the sake of completeness: Convert Your DVD Collection with Fairmount: We’ve all had situations where we’ve needed to exercise our fair use rights and make perfectly legal copies of [...] - BryanSchuetz
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written a few articles over at TheAppleBlog and wanted to include a roundup post to them all here for the sake of completeness: Convert Your DVD Collection with Fairmount: We’ve all had situations where we’ve needed to exercise our fair use rights and make perfectly legal copies of our [...] - BryanSchuetz
on the trail in shenandoah -
I spent last weekend hiking around in Shenandoah National Park and despite having not been hiking for a long time had an absolute blast. The park runs roughly north south for over 100 miles along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains and encompasses nearly 200,000 acres 80,000 of which are protected [...] - BryanSchuetz
Tamar Weinberg
What are your MUST HAVE iPod/iPhone games or apps? I want any and all. Even games/apps that are reasonably fun or useful but not must haves.
Sally's Spa, Scrabble, Peggle, Sims 3 - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Sally's Spa - now there's one I haven't ever heard of before. - Tamar Weinberg
Games: Strategery, flight control, - BryanSchuetz
Apps: tweetie, prowl, simplenote - BryanSchuetz
Flashlight and Evernote. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Things, Evernote, Groceries, Evernote, and Blocked. - Akiva
Things, Evernote,, Bento, Weatherbug, File Sharing, Kindle, Skype, (or Pandora, depending on which you use more) - Ryan Massie
Weather Channel, Stanza, Aji Annotate, Public Radio Player, Remote - Sara Q. Thompson
Strategy games: tap defense & uniwar - Todd Bouey from iPhone
zen bound, tiger woods, brick 3d, loopstastic (producer) - Cee Bee
Apps: Tweetie, Stanza, Evernote, Amazon, Yelp, Grocery IQ, Pixelpipe, Flixster. Games: Tap Tap Revenge, TanZen Lite. - Jandy
Shazaam, Sportstap, USA Today - Amani
Doodlebug, PixelPipe, Twitteriffic, Evernote, Wifi Finder - Keith - @tsudo
Tamar, Sally's Spa is crack as a game, honest. Sucks you right in. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
This is as good a starting point as any: – Go wild, Tamar! - ianf ⌘
I'm addicted to TapTap Revenge 2 - Yann Esposito
Papertoss! - Melly
Daylite, Evernote, Tweetie, Prowl. - Rubin Sfadj
Tap Tap Revenge 2 and Papertoss. haha! - Randy
Fikisha, if it's anything like Diner Dash or Cake Mania 3, I'm all for trying it. - Tamar Weinberg
Love Otis, Lexic, and twitterific. :) - Joshua Schnell
peggle, i can't stop. - felix
grocery IQ(the newest update rocks!), facebook, tweetdeck & big oven - Annie Anderson, y!music and shoutcast for online music. eBuddy and yahoo messenger for chat. Byline my favorite rss reader. VirtualPool for those sleepless nights. - Nik
Tamar, you're a time management game vet! You'll love Sally's Spa and the price is right. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Yeah - trying to get some games and apps to review. Would be nice of the guys from Price is Right would respond! - Tamar Weinberg
I Dig It, Field Runners, Light Bike, Tap Defense, The Creeps, Trivial Pursuit - Josh Wilkins
Bump for Saturday night crowd! - Tamar Weinberg
My wife is addicted to Peggle. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Tweetie, Buddyfeed for networking. Huffingtonpost app is really really solid. Games TopGolf and Stoneloops of Jurassica! - Carey Lumeng
Peggle fans: grab this - it's free for the PC (only, no Mac version available): - Tamar Weinberg
Bloomberg, Evernote, Skype, Photobucket, FreeMemory, Tweety, TweetMic,Orb, ABC News, SportsTap, TWC(The weather channel), NPR Addict.... - Ron Thompson
ihappydays, battery status, evernote, ebuddy and other social networks apps. - enginerkan
They need this on Blu-ray. - Akiva
Apparently, they're making a sequel? - Jered Hofker
Buying the DVD kinda ruined my childhood. I watched the "how they made it" and realized how all of the cool computerish effects I thought were there were just optical printing tricks and a lot of hand-painting.... although the computer effects that were there were still damn cool. - Wirehead
I've never seen it, but I just watched the trailer for the sequel and it made my pants tight. - Derrick
Akiva, I'm with you on that blu-ray situation. I just moved this baby to the top of my queue. - Derrick
Cool, a sci-fi great! - Kevin J Hatton
"Master Control here, put him to work on the game bridge" - BryanSchuetz from iPhone
Rochelle and my 'first date' was the infamous Tron night: when Tron finally came out on DVD, I invited apparently 50 people to come over and watch it. Rochelle just never left. - Akiva
Is Mr. Boxleitner in the sequel? If not- no deal. - Noah Belson
I know that Jeff Bridges is on. - Akiva
BTW if you guys decide to get a DVD version of Tron, get the 20th anniversary one. It's not much more expensive and they gave it the works, it's cleaned up, no jitter, effects pop more, everything. Plus they remastered the sound. - Phil Glockner
I'll admit to still having the laserdisc version of this movie. *sigh* - Phil Glockner
Robert Scoble
I've opened up my "secret" Twitter account: @notsecretscoble Why? Because who it is following is interesting, not who is following it.
you don't need to open it up for us to see that... - Mike White
Why not do that with your normal Twitter? I don't understand the philosophy of courtesy re-follows at all. - Trent Hamm
Trent: you can't DM me if I don't follow you. - Robert Scoble
Zachary: no. I will only follow people I know and can tell a story about (that I've met face-to-face). - Robert Scoble
And even then I'm not going to follow everyone. I want to keep the numbers of people I'm following with that account way down. - Robert Scoble
@notsecretscoble's bio says "...but he's not going to be very picky...". I think thats a typo, should be "...but he's going to be very picky..." - DGentry
DGentry: yeah, what you said! :-) - Robert Scoble
I think that is interesting about any account and how I end up following a lot of the time. - David Gross
Courtesy refollows allows someone who follows you to DM you if they need to - Its just courtious - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Robert: Yeah, you should keep the numbers low our else you will be getting a lot of the junky tweets. Keep it to a minimum so you can get all the good stuff. - wiredgnome
I'm sure Robert will follow as many as he wants or doesn't want.. I do similar, but for me it is facebook where I have the few friends I know better. - David Gross
Why not just follow the people you want on FF? the twitter integration works very well, now, IMO - adam garrett
now Scoble its no longer a secret lol - polou/indigo_bow
Adam: because not everyone I want to follow is on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Hey, aren't you that guy who follows the whole internet? =) - Jered Hofker
Glad @SecretScoble is following me, I made the "interesting" cut - Yay! - Susan Beebe
Jered - Scoble does NOT follow trolls, jerks or assholes, just to be clear ;P - Susan Beebe
Jorge: there are a few exceptions to that rule. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: So are you saying that tools like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop are not good enough filters? - Mike Bracco
Mike: right. Who you follow decides your inbound. If you follow 100,000 you still can't filter it down enough. There is value to following 100,000, though. Serendipity, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Gotcha. I wrote a blog post a little while back calling for a group twitter framework to be developed ( which could solve some of the filtering issues. - Mike Bracco
Mike: groups are going to be invaluable in the future for searching. - Robert Scoble
Groups is EVERYTHING for listening, engaging and building your network - Susan Beebe
There are lots of startups working on mass follow/unfollow frameworks and spam blocking. Filters, indeed. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Yes - groups are really valuable to if easily created and then disposed of after they are needed. (IE a conference for example). Imagine if when you signed up for a conference your twitter handle was added to the conference group (which you could subscribe to and then unsubscribe after the conference was over). That would be cool. - Mike Bracco
Your own suggested users list. Cool. - Jason Nunnelley
Hey -- what Twitter grouping/filtering services do people find most interesting? - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Steve: none. I'm waiting for Twitter to do it. Jason: yeah, imagine that those 500 people were at a conference together. What a conference! - Robert Scoble
robert would you add notsecretscoble to your FF account so we don't have to create YAIF - Steve Gillmor
Steve: sure! - Robert Scoble
This is the real scoble graph. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Bah! like Groucho Marx said: "I'd never follow anyone who'd be willing to follow me". Or something like that. - BryanSchuetz
Christian: I don't think even this is the real Scoble graph. The real Scoble graph, the people whose judgements he trusts and is willing to depend upon, has to be even smaller than @notsecretscoble. The human brain just doesn't work that way, 500 people is an entire village not a circle of close friends. @notsecretscoble is a certainly a group of people to whom he feels a closer... more... - DGentry
So are you going to follow anyone you have met and hung out with? And is if I ask to be followed by you does that mean that I am disqualified :) - Christian Burns from iPhone
You should probably still grab @secretscoble given that it was linked from a few blogs and sites before someone else abuses it. - Tony Ruscoe
Christian: nope. But people I've met face-to-face definitely are in a different group than people I haven't met yet. - Robert Scoble
But just because I've met you doesn't mean I'll follow you on this Twitter account. - Robert Scoble
Robert: one twitter question please. Best twitter application for the Jesus Phone ? - Mark
Mark: Safari. - Robert Scoble
thank you my dear - Mark
So, if I ever get to buy Robert a beer, he'll follow me? It's good to know the rules, lol. (And I will buy you one Robert, if you're ever in my neighborhood.) - Kathy Fitch
Kathy: maybe. :-) - Robert Scoble
I was Following Secretscoble, what ever happened to him? - paul mooney
I changed Secretscoble to notscretscoble - Robert Scoble
Oh, so it has to be something *better* than beer. Picky, picky. Still, I'd think about it. My husband is about the world's best party bartender. He knows how to put some wrist into the thing. A few of those, and I'd be in, fer shure . . .<grin> (Also, I'm a fabulously engaging and enlightening conversationalist, plus just self-effacing enough to be charming. Just ask me . . .) - Kathy Fitch
Thank you for this, more signal to the noise - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Wow, It would be nice to meet more people from here face to face, but so far I‘ve only met a dozen in person.. It would be nice to meet you in person some time as well. I followed your new account by mistake, so don't take it the wrong way if I unfollow you now. I didn't understand what you were doing with the account initially. It's a great idea for you though and I hope you enjoy it.. I'll have to check the comments and see if there's a feed I can follow here. - Michael Fidler
Michael: it's not important who follows you. It's important who you are following. You should only follow me if I'm providing value to you, no other reason. If you're following me because you think I'll be nice to you, or follow you back, or include you in some sort of list or group, you're following for the wrong reason. - Robert Scoble
On the other side, I will follow people for lots of different reasons and I have lots of different ways of following people. On some accounts I follow everyone. On others I have stupid, lame, reasons for following who I am following. The best account to follow me on, though, is my Likes Feed here on FriendFeed. -- it shows ONLY OTHER PEOPLE that I like. - Robert Scoble
Robert, if I could "like" that last comment, I would. Wish folks would get that. - Karoli
Yeah, Karoli, too many people follow for stupid reasons and try to make it into a contest. It's interesting that following fewer people is actually far better than following more. But you have to pick the right people for that to be the case. - Robert Scoble
I agree with your last comment Robert but of course if there were folders in Twitter, I could follow people in a much more organized way like in FF. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Manielse: yeah, I agree. I just run two different Twitter accounts on two different computers. - Robert Scoble
I was just hoping to be able to do it from here. I follow a ton of people who don't follow back; because I find their feeds valuable. Honestly, I could care less who follows me back. I didn't see a feed here, so it will stay as is. - Michael Fidler
It's just a shame you need to do that. Live multiple lives in Twitter for a simple feature missing... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Michael: if you hang out here for even 20 seconds you'll know I spend most of my time here, so following me here is far better than following my Twitter accounts. Anyway, I see you're following me, and I'm following you, so no worries! - Robert Scoble
Exactly! - Michael Fidler
I'm happy you've done this, I've long thought your main Twitter account must be impossible to read because of how many people you've followed on it. - Colin
I find it so interesting that this now means you have a 'stance' on DMs or other SM phenomena. I see this as a human trying to navigate the insanity that technology is affording us. How can you NOT experiment. Scoble does it in front of us, but I feel as if everyone should be trying to make this stuff more useful and rewarding. - Derek Shanahan
Good point Derek, for example I use PowerTwitter in Firefox "Top Friends" feature to do the same thing without needing multiple accounts. We all tackle the "make stuff more useful" in different ways... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Great point. I've always found Scoble's dedication to FriendFeed a bit mysterious, although I also see him using it for more personal interaction than he could ever use the main twitter account for. A second twitter account, to me, isn't a statement of fact as to "How To Use Twitter"; it's a representation of the drive to figure out how these tools actually make all of our unique lives better. Plenty...PLENTY...of people only need one tool. Many of us are building our perfect buffets. - Derek Shanahan
I think it's only a matter of time before Twitter has to add server side support for 'groups' as a feature. - Alex Knight
@alex - I kind of thought the hacked twitter docs would reveal more in the way of group functionality, but it seems they have more pressing issues. - Derek Shanahan
I'm wary of notions like "the right people." That can become quite the echo chamber. It's very fun and edifying to discover a new voice with a unique angle. Of course, it's a matter of taste. One person's "right people" list is another person's poison. - Kathy Fitch
@kathy I agree...and I don't think Scoble finding a way to make a 'wanted list' makes it anyone's wanted list other than his own. - Derek Shanahan
Kathy: echo chambers can be quite good. Why? There's a reason you're listening to those people: they have something to say that's interesting to you. - Robert Scoble
Possibly, Derek. Of course, his sharing it makes it public, and gives it weight in the public domain. - Kathy Fitch
If you're only following people you've met face to face, Scoble, then I will have to arrange a beer the next time you are in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Bring that brother of yours along, too. - Mike Nayyar
@kathy but that's only when you choose to decide that RS's list means more than your own! And I'll admit that I think at time RS thinks his list means more than anyone elses, but I also think he's mostly interested in making all this stuff useful. Making the best list isn't useful. Making a tool make more sense is useful. - Derek Shanahan
Robert, I don't agree, or at least not entirely. Anyone's "wanted" list is of course valuable to them personally, but when I say "echo chamber" I mean that the ultimate effect is often like the RT phenomenon writ even larger. It's the same weakness that the old "blog roll" notion brought into play. If I'm seeing the same darned roll everywhere, after awhile it gets to be a bit inbred, and that's not useful. Nothing fresh there. See what I mean? Echo, echo, echo. - Kathy Fitch
Derek: actually that's not true. I've discovered that some people are 100x times more able to get you tech news than others. Some are even 10,000x more able (like Mashable or GigaOm or TechCrunch). So, if you have a list of the right people who have proven expertise in a certain area that list itself will have huge value. At least to me. - Robert Scoble
I was just checking out your likes feed, and there’s a lot of great stuff there. It’s amazing how you’ve been able to find all that great content from this: Although I’m following many of the same people, I just noticed how much I’ve been missing here. Thanks for sharing it. I realize now that it’s time for me to start separating my feed into... more... - Michael Fidler
Derek--oh, please. As far as reach and weight go, his *does* mean more than mine, and way more. I don't feel at all bad about that, but it does seem inescapably so. Just a fact of life, and one he's worked hard on making a fact. That doesn't make my little collection of favorites less valuable to me, it just makes it something quite entirely different. - Kathy Fitch
michael, i bet robert uses lists more than anyone else - and for good reason too! i have a few lists, but spend most of my time in the home feed - Chris Heath
Kathy: after looking through 100,000 people I've learned there's a reason that certain people get paid attention to. Most are not providing value. - Robert Scoble
Michael, yeah, my likes feed at is fun to compare to my inbound feed, which you posted. That's a good example of how few people provide what I'm looking for. I need to do the Kyte video over again because the UI has changed so much on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Can't disagree with you there, Robert. There's a whole lotta fluff going on. Then again, there's a great deal of insight that goes untapped. I will always follow some of the a-list folks that I find truly valuable, but some part of me (big slice) will forever be in "go west" mode, too--looking for the new twist, the fresh insight, the uncharted territory, the bold disagreement with the in crowd. It's the academic in me, I suppose. - Kathy Fitch
Chris, I have varied interest, and I think I might benefit from creating a few of them. For example; I would like to have one for the people I like to check in on daily. It would be more organized then trying to remember them every day. Robert, it was a great video. I think It would help a lot of people out if you did it again. - Michael Fidler
@kathy I don't mean to underweight the value of the insight that someone like RS can afford us. @RS, you are right in pushing the idea that certain 'likes' matter than others...I've seen your position that further evolution of these mediums will place more value on the attention of the people who actually have authority or value in a space. I don't dispute that, and I guess I've... more... - Derek Shanahan
re: friendfeed lists - I have one for reading blogs, one for locals to me (carolinas counts), one for devs, one for my ego, one for the ff-team, one for ff centric groups (spam, feedback), one for funny pics and videos type groups, one for netcasts, one for 'back home' people, one for all the groups i've sub'd to, one for all the people subd to me, one for my twitter imports, and one... more... - Chris Heath
those are all lists btw, if that's not clear (i've edited to make sure it is) - Chris Heath
Chris you are incredibly organized! Wow! - Kathy Fitch
Thrill the world, make it a better place, for you and for me & the entire Twitterverse... - Majento
Kathy: that's why I still follow 100,000 too, just to make sure I'm seeing a broad range of people, not just the ones who did something cool yesterday. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you think the tool (Twitter) requires both tactics to be optimally useful? How does FriendFeed equate to your desire to follow the conversation in the way you want to follow it? - Derek Shanahan
Derek: yes. FriendFeed lets you choose a variety of models due to lists built in (and you can use lists to filter your searches!!!) - Robert Scoble
Yes, it's the constant push-me, pull-you thing. I want to reach, explore, fly high, discover new things, but not make things so dilute that they're worthless, or so vast that they're impossible to absorb in any meaningful way. - Kathy Fitch
And I think RS feels that FriendFeed gives you the ability to segregate your stream so that a vast reach is possible and dilution isn't necessary. I won't argue with that. - Derek Shanahan
Robert; I found, "20 things". It wasn't easy with the ambiguous title. If the update turns out as good as the original, (but hopefully it will be better), it should be posted on the sign up page for all new users to see. But, that's just my opinion:) - Michael Fidler
When did you meet Tom Hanks? What was he like? - Shari Weiss
Michael, I think I'm biased in favor of beginnings. In those moments, most of those we are keeping company with are still unknown quantities, drawn together only by a shared interest in beginnings. "Beta-fishers" is how I think of them, but not in the anxious, over-the-top, I-must-win-the-race twitterville way--just a genuine and shared love of exploration. I've met some of the people I love best that way, and have yet to meet most of them in person. Harder to do, now? Hmm. - Kathy Fitch
I met you face-to-face last Christmas, did you go back to that restaurant with the Travelling Geeks? - Joe Dawson
I thought there was an embargo on this ?? - Charlie Anzman
Scoble has a secret account, huh? You know you want to follow me. C'mon, you can't deny it, I'm geektastic too. You know you love crazy redheads who can't behave like civilized Tweeple. You're an outlier too. MMMMWAH! - Sheree Motiska
Wikipedia is evil, yeah that’s right evil. The other day I was tooling around in the o’le RSS river of news when I stumbled upon a random tweet from apparent computing legend Daniel Bernstein. Who, though I confess I’d never heard of him before (please don’t make me turn in my geek card), was [...] - BryanSchuetz
Wikipedia is evil, yeah that’s right evil. The other day I was tooling around in the o’le RSS river of news when I stumbled upon a random tweet from apparent computing legend Daniel Bernstein. Who, though I confess I’d never heard of him before (please don’t make me turn in my geek card), was [...] - BryanSchuetz
[TITLE ADD] "Burn After Reading" is now burning for your ranking at Flickchart -
[TITLE ADD] "Burn After Reading" is now burning for your ranking at Flickchart
We have had this from Netflix for over a month now and have yet to watch it. Probably time to just send it back. - Akiva
I actually just watched this the other night. Normally love the Coen brothers but this was not their best effort - BryanSchuetz
That's what I've heard which I guess is part of the reason why I'm not jumping on it. I need to send it back so I can get Generation Kill up in here. - Akiva
That movie blew. But ya might find a few parts ya like, good theory poor execution me thinks. - Steve C, Team Marina
This was a bad movie. - AJ Kohn
I'll take the contrary position and say I loved this movie. Far from my favorite Coen Brothers, but I thought the acting was terrific and there were many amusing scenes. - Stephen Mack
I quite liked it - not the Coen's best, but it's still enjoyable. More like their earlier cartoonish stuff - Raising Arizona or The Hudsucker Proxy. - Jandy
Loved this movie! Thanks for adding it. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Dave Winer
There's a hole somewhere in between FriendFeed and Twitter for *some* users. Damned if I know what it is. Really touched a nerve.
Facebook has holes too! - Doug Vos
Dave I apologize for the "vastly overstating" bit. I tend to get a bit loose with the hyperbole from time to time. I didn't intend for it to be as harsh as it sounded. - BryanSchuetz
No problem. Long forgotten. I'm sitting in the airport now drinking a beer thinking about other stuff. Peace. - Dave Winer
This is about to get awesome...
You like a good fight like the rest of us, eh? - Josh Haley
I enjoy watching them. - Veronica
i think we all know she a geek, and geeks love Geek battles :) - Fee501st
What's that saying? Don't pick fights with someone who .. has as many twitter followers as Xeni Jardin. - BryanSchuetz
I'd say she's right, there is a big difference between the two. - Benjamin F. Klahn
Bryan i think they are talking Techcrunch posting the stolen Twitter infomation - Fee501st
Brian has a funny hat. - John Wang
i don't know if legal issue, but to me its more of ethical issue. If a tech site got a hold of stolen copy of Steve Job's health information and post it, would that be illegal? It be highly unethical - Fee501st
Glen, a copyright violation is not the same as being an accessory to a felony. - Michael R. Bernstein
or what about leaks from the government? What if the stolen documents from a company prove it is breaking the law itself? - alphaxion
Oh, Noes. Where is the "hide your head under the pillow there is going to be a fight" button! - Martha
Depending on the felony, you might wish all you had to deal with was a fine. The point is, they aren't the same. Even if you only consider this from an IP perspective, it is still copyrights vs. trade secrets. - Michael R. Bernstein
So, here is the law on theft of trade secrets: - Michael R. Bernstein
So 1997. Yawn. - Dave Friedel
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed on a Saturday afternoon isn't the same without @stevegillmor's gang.
Do your own on TinyChat - Chris Saad
Really? - Jim Connolly
Scoble Gang - Mark
You really should go back to doing it audio only, easier and better. - Mason Lee
Yeah - what about a 'Scoble's gang?' You know everyone worth talking to. - Jim Connolly
But yeah, I agree-- I miss that podcast, especially when it went somewhat deeper into things like "track" and the future of communications - Mason Lee
Scoble's Gang reporting sir! - Özgür D. Cyric
Darren: Loved that! :-) - Jim Connolly
Heh. Thanks everyone! Gives me something to think about. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I'll help you folks out. Steve: "If we can just get track back, then the gesture economy will finally take hold" Arrington: "Mufflers again, let's talk sports cars." Doc: "Is VRM a muffler or sports car?" Jason: "This show was sponsored by Building 43." Scoble: "Heehee." - Matt Terenzio
Matt: add some drama and that is pretty close. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Wow. Only a little? Can't wait for Scoble Gang - Steve Gillmor
Steve: I can't wait either but I already have Scoble Gang. It is called FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I thought we were a mob... now i'm confused - Chris Heath
HAHAhahahaha yea! =] It's called FF! - Özgür D. Cyric
C'mon Robert. The yearning mob awaits - Steve Gillmor
Chris: gang, mob, what's the difference? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
but steve, the mob awaits you too! - Chris Heath
semantics - Chris Heath
and spelling - Chris Heath
the mob can [redacted] itself - Steve Gillmor
that's funny steve, cuz i just [redacted] myself moments ago... and plan to [redact] later tonight as well :-P - Chris Heath
may cause blindness - Steve Gillmor
FriendFeed is a gateway drug to Gillmor Gang. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
"can't we all just get along?" - Chris Heath
I've listened to several back episodes of Gillmor Gang over the last few days. They were surprisingly good. Steve comes across as cranky, yes, but underneath he is usually making valid points. - Laura Norvig
I miss Gilmore Gang :( - Robert Burgin
I agree Laura, and I also miss the GG - Chris Heath
How far back did you go Laura? - Chris Heath
Agree with Laura, I miss the gang, steve tells it like he sees it and doesn't just jump onto the newest thing just because its new .. Bring back the Gang ! - Aaron Dyer
Best part of GG were the inevitable meltdowns every few weeks - Mark
Give the order Scoble Sir! I'll have their... well... keyboards!! :P - Özgür D. Cyric
Sometimes meltdowns need to happen to re-focus us all, strong and differing opinions are a GOOD thing - Aaron Dyer
Chris, I listened to 3 episodes from March. I'm just going through all the ones that happen to be on my iPod that I never had a chance to listen to. - Laura Norvig
Scoble -- Do it. The Scoble Mob. - Dave Winer
The Gillmor Gang was the best show on the internet in my opinion. I miss it tremendously. Scoble Gang wouldn't be the same even though he still could make a good show. You need Steve at the helm to set the tone. - Wo
so wheres the link to "The Scoble Mob"? Who's going to be on today? - BryanSchuetz
I'm sure Leo would let you put it on the TWIT Robert - BryanSchuetz
Yeah I agree GG was great, and I miss it alot. Scoble is great and was great addition to the gang. But not many can do what Steve did so well. Cut into the bone of the conversation with just one "cranky" rant. I'm pretty sure I would subscribe to a scobleshow also though. I wasn't fond of the change over to Twit, it kinda changed the dynamics of the show. Nothing bad about Leo, the show just wasn't the same with him co holding the reins. - Rasmus Lauridsen
I for one, would love to see Leo [redacted] arrington in the mouth with his mighty "mob", over and over again - Michael Thomas
Indeed, bring back The Gang... - Richard Eckel
In a few days I think Arrington is going to announce he worked with twitter and the police to track the hacker down. - Mark
Steve's a sweet teddybear with strong opinions...just not a great fit on TWiT. I'm sure a new iteration will appear when the time is right. - Web Pixie
I guess nature does not abhor a vacuum. - Jim Posner
FriendFeed on a Sunday morning, very early, so early in fact my ass is still in bed and not listening to a podcast isn't the same without @stevegillmor's gang :P - Johnny
What does Gillmor do for a day job? I mean, he posts maybe 1 article a week, a couple of tweets. What does he *do* ? - Mark
He comes up with ideas for the schmuck with the puppets - Dave Winer
Hahaha - Mark
lol - Aaron Thorn
I wonder sometimes how Tech people make their living. I mean, your financial past Dave is known (you made some nice bucks back in the day), Leo Laporte has his network, Scoble has his paying gigs with rackspace, but the likes of Feldman and Gillmor and a bunch of others make me wonder what pays the bills! - Mark
Heck, Shel Isreal has a new book coming out! baby needs a new pair of shoes - Mark
Mark: Steve Gillmor's RealTIme Crunchup had 500 people at it. You don't think he figured out how to get paid for that? And why do you need to get paid to talk on the Internet? I did this before I got paid for it. I'm just very fortunate to have found a way to do it all the time. - Robert Scoble
anybody know how blocking works on friendfeed? Is it bidirectional or does it merely silence the idiots? - Steve Gillmor
Steve: if you block someone you no longer can see their stuff and they can no longer see your stuff. The rest of us are unaffected. - Robert Scoble
600, Robert. - Steve Gillmor
Actually, that's not completely true, because the folks you block can't see you anymore they can't comment on your stuff, so we'll notice that over time your items have fewer and fewer idiots commenting on them. That will increase your personal brand. On the other hand, if you block someone who has a lot of engagement (an idiot like me, for instance) then you'll see the artifacts of their interactions with other people. - Robert Scoble
... I do miss it as well. - Johnny from iPhone
I'm sure that if you did a Gillmor Gang, you would all say that Chrome OS is in fact Android 2.0 and it's going to kill Microsoft, Intel and Apple. - Charbax
Charbax: whenever a blogger says something kills something else that just means it's more interesting than something else. Nothing more. So, if that's true, you'd be right. - Robert Scoble
ok, but isn't new tech supposed to sometimes really cannibalize established tech. If Google OS powers $100 laptops with ARM processors all of a sudden, then who's going to buy Windows/OSX stuff anymore. And how can the old Silicon Valley giants then still make money. - Charbax
Charbax: it's pretty rare that new stuff actually "kills" old stuff and when it does it takes years to happen. Heck, the Web has been killing AOL now for about a decade and AOL still is around. I don't think Google Chrome will get me to stop buying OSX or Windows but it could change my behavior and that is interesting. - Robert Scoble
All major laptop OEMs showed 50 sub-$200 ARM netbook designs at Computex last month, I filmed them all (my Computex videos were on Engadget a dozen times in that week). I think Chrome OS is actually just Google optimizing the browser for all these new cheaper embedded Linux laptops. - Charbax
scoble's definition may work for him, but when I say something's dead, it has a specific meaning -- and it's not that is no longer interesting. RSS has always been and continues to be interesting. But it's still dead. - Steve Gillmor
Charbax: right. Hi Steve. Someday I'll get the Gillmor translation guide figured all out. - Robert Scoble
I miss the Gillmor Gang! The industry is very dull without it... - Michael Pinto
start with Saturday Night Live first 2 seasons - Steve Gillmor
Diego: I figure Gillmor Gang will come back right around the same time we stop talking about it. :-) - Robert Scoble
I disagree, Arrington's a tool and the perfect foil on Gillmor Gang. Renew it, intact. Saturdays on FF, TC & Twitter are a bore now... - Thom Kennon
They will be back Just will take time - Aaron Thorn
That's worth elaborating. Respectively, I hear the same broad sweeping, provocative statements that don't include anything in support of that statement as to why. I understand it's the only way to make a point effectively in a short window of time but I've heard too many people say "RSS is Dead" without much to support that claim/point of view. It's like someone trying to drive fashion. - Benjamin Taylor
The iphone represents less than 1% of the global mobile phone market, yet Apple amasses $20 Billion treasury, so I guess you are right. it'll probably take them at least a few years to burn up all that money unless they quickly fire most of their 85 thousand employees. - Charbax
Diego, yep. It keeps things interesting and makes the less toolish look (and act) more brill. - Thom Kennon
Is there any way to listen to the old shows? - Robert D'Alesio
I miss Gillmour gang - calacanis and winers new weekly shows are good but I'd pay to hear Steve and his crew again weekly - andrew from iPhone
RSS is Dead. RSS is live. RSS lives. - Matt Terenzio
It's alive. Alive! - Matt Terenzio
Like others have said, definitely miss it. My podcast lineup's not the same with iTunes showing my GG feed broken. - Micah
I agree - Robert Burgin
i want GillmorGang back in real-time - HansVanRock
FFing Enigma
As expected, my right hamstring is tight this morning, and a little tender. I'm going to try to take it easy on it at practice; maybe the fundraising aspect will earn me a bit of a bye today...
I say you try to flip another 300lb guy today. That which does not tear your hamstring only serves to make you stronger, or, sore the next day. ;) - Eban Crawford
Well, I got the "sore the next day" down pat. We'll see about the "stronger" bit... And no, I'm not flipping another 300 lb guy today. - FFing Enigma
Just rub some dirt on it and "man up" - BryanSchuetz
In my family the phrase is "put on your big girl panties and get over it". Which I did: stretched at home and made it through an hour of practice until I fell and popped said hammy. My weekend will be full of compression bandages, ibuprofen, ice, and epsom salt baths. Should've just laid out of practice and stretched all day. - FFing Enigma
Matt Haughey
Idea for an iPhone app I'd use often to eliminate embarassment: Proper Pronounciation of Menu Items app.
Because stopping in the middle of ordering to fire up your iPhone to check out an items proper pronunciation is so not embarrassing?? - BryanSchuetz
Robert Scoble
Why isn't there a good iPhone application conference/expo yet? I want to do one, there's too much cool stuff happening here.
With 40,000 apps it's amazing to me that there isn't a good expo yet. MacWorld should have rebranded itself to "iPhone World" and gone for this. This is a HUGE opportunity being left around for a conference planner to take advantage of. - Robert Scoble
I'll be there! - Colin
Colin: we should do one as a community. Maybe this would be a good thing for Building43 to do. - Robert Scoble
Robert - I'd love your opinion on - its the basis and framework for our thinking that produced Echo - would love to do a conf on it - Chris Saad
I bet FF apps are coming for mobile, but I don't get why Safari isn't a great way to use FriendFeed. Maybe if you could answer that you'd get a developer interested. - Robert Scoble
You're right that there's a massive opportunity there, a big problem with iPhone developers is that we aren't allowed/don't have excellent places to communicate with each other, this would be cool! - Colin
The cross section of applications may be too broad.. who is the target? - Pogmohoin
That's because 30,000 of those are just fart apps and flashlights. I think WWDC and Macworld do a fine job of highlighting the iPhone apps - BryanSchuetz from iPhone
Have one! Im there! - Jeremy Lane
Bryan: no way. WWDC is NDAd for most things and Macworld is totally lame. - Robert Scoble
I'd love an expo where I could meet tons of the best iPhone developers and see the coolest new apps face-to-face. Discovering new apps is too hard and there's too much innovation. I bet someone does an expo soon anyway. But this would be something fun, me thinks. - Robert Scoble
Well go out there and use your magical scoble power to make it happen! - Jeremy Lane
Why not? I think it's a fine idea. We should have it in Denver. - John Fiala from iPod
How can I help??? I wanna! :) - Sheryl
John: I'm thinking of pulling an Arrington and doing it during MacWorld. :-) - Robert Scoble
maybe you just build a virtual Expo site to rival the App Store..Interact with the developers..leave comments..developers pay for the space.. you are right.. 50 thousand apps and visibility to the top 100! - Pogmohoin
Pogmohoin: no, I don't want to compete with Apple. I want to do a physical event where you can walk booth-to-booth and meet lots of great developers and see their cool apps. - Robert Scoble
I here ya.. But we are not all USA savvy.. Internationalise fella's - Pogmohoin
Pogmohoin: yes, well, we have to start somewhere and since MacWorld is in SF, I say we should do it at the same time. That way developers will already be in town. - Robert Scoble
+1 more for physical event. - Colin
So the Audience is developers meeting developers? I am not knocking just really trying to nut out the advantages..btw < we are developers.. - Pogmohoin
Robert, is the kind of thing you had in mind? - Rachel Luxemburg
WWDC was in June. That would be a better target for iPhone Devs is you wanted to gather some. Less so, with Mac World. There are a number of events that attract developers. There's really no shortage. The other problem you mention is an interesting one in it's own right. - Debi Jones isn't good enough? It's not specific for the iPhone tho - - barl0w
It's a good idea. Not every developer can make it into WWDC. Need more outlets for developers to get notice. - Bess Ho
Wow, very surprised no one has started one of these up yet! - Arnold Aranez
wow - was just talking to someone about starting a london iphone developer meetup - anyone interested (other than Robert ;-) ) - ping me on ff or twitter @robocallaghan - Robert O'Callaghan
barl0w: nope, I want something JUST for seeing cool iPhone apps. Not discussing strategy, or any of that. Sort of like a "Demo" for iPhone apps. - Robert Scoble
I'm currently using something developed by Boopsie for our conference in Chicago. We have about 23k attendees over the course of six days. American Library Association. It works pretty decently but is primarily a schedule tool. - Kenley Neufeld
Find 10000 FART applications, available from 0.00 to $.$$. - ThinkEzy
add Microsoft to your Web 2010 cloud. - ThinkEzy
Mark: I don't want a conference. I want an expo. Where you walk around and see tons of great apps and meet the developers. These guys are rock stars. I want to meet them all in one hall. Maybe get the best ones to give a demo in front of an audience, like at Demo. - Robert Scoble
I like this idea. I run an iPhone (apps focused) site and spend lots of time looking at and reviewing good/bad/mediocre/great apps - and still feel as if there are lots that pass me by. - Patrick Jordan
Why limit the expo to iPhone developers? - Debi Jones
Live4Emma (L4S)
I hate poets, too. - Akiva
Singles OR couples prefered? What, got a problem with triplets? - BryanSchuetz from iPhone
Ya gotta watch out for those poets, some of 'em turn into musicians.....there goes the neighborhood. - Manitou Garden
cappuccino and jazz all night long...and all that finger snapping - Live4Emma (L4S)
Landlady//Was it Quincy, Springfield,/ Decatur or cheeky Champaign? // I try to remember./ Alas, in vain. // I left her all alone / with a broken lease; // ran off with her younger/ and prettier niece. - Phil Boiarski
Bret Taylor
Today, Google engineers announced a technology called PubSubHubbub that makes RSS/Atom more real-time, and they deployed the technology on FeedBurner. FriendFeed also added support for the technology, so if you have a FeedBurner feed, your updates should show up in FriendFeed within seconds rather than minutes after the feed updates.
To enable it for your FeedBurner feed: go to Feedburner, click on the "Publicize" tab, and then click on "PingShot" and enable the PingShot service. That will enable PubSubHubbub and send your feed to a number of ping services. - Bret Taylor
what, right now? i mean immediately? From today? - Zee.
Zee: yes, right now! - Benjamin Golub
Zee: yes, from today, though the technology is very much "in beta," so I am sure there will be hiccups. - Bret Taylor
Excellent, thank you Bret and FF, will switch this on now. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
WOW. - Zee.
Nice - thanks Bret! - Jim Connolly
RSS is back in the game... then - Yann Ropars
This is very cool - Edwin Khodabakchian
Once step closer to being able to build an open distributed twitter like system! - Edwin Khodabakchian
this has been done already by - google's behind the game on this one, but def takes it mainstream. - Scott Magdalein
Peter: most blogging platforms ping Feedburner when you post a new entry, Feedburner pulls down the feed, Feedburner then pings the hub, then the hub notifies FriendFeed :) - Benjamin Golub
We're still working out kinks so if you have any issues please send me a message! - Brett Slatkin
You lost me at "Today" I shall now just smile and nod politely - Steve C, Team Marina
Where's the spec? - Dave Winer
Dave: Edit: Brett beat me by nanoseconds! - Benjamin Golub
If I understand correctly this essentially turns any site with a feedburner feed into a real time publisher? But to read it in real time you need what? - BryanSchuetz
Since this is a Google thingie, does it work on Google Reader already? - Tarmo Aidantausta
FriendFeed can receive the pings *RIGHT NOW* - Brett Slatkin
guys, how long are we really talking before it should appear here? Seconds or minutes? - Zee.
The Reader integration is a prototype; more to come soon! - Brett Slatkin
no way, so Google Reader could technically go real time?? - Zee.
That would be cool, wouldn't it? =) - Brett Slatkin
I stopped reading here: "RSS isn't supported for simplicity." Laughing. Out. Loud. - Dave Winer
I better make sure i get post titles right the first time round..... - Zee.
Brett - any chance i could ask you a couple of questions via email or dm? - Zee.
Hey Dave that's my mistake. We support RSS! I need to update the spec. - Brett Slatkin
is that SUP's role take up by those rss accelerator? or SUP is losing a chance to propagate in this field? - huixing
Huixing: we plan to support all widely adopted real-time standards to make FriendFeed better. We are not tied to SUP only. - Bret Taylor from iPhone
Brett, why didn't you use the ping protocol? Your comment there about RSS, right up front, really captures the whole philosophy -- right? Let's just reinvent stuff that already works, so... Why? To break everything that already works? It won't happen that way. It'll only make your adoption curve steeper. - Dave Winer
Is this working for anyone else? Anyone getting near real time publishing to Friendfeed with feedburner? - Zee. from iPhone
Would you ping me (dave dot winer at gmail dot com) when I can use RSS with this system. I'll be happy to evaluate it and provide feedback if necessary, and endorse it if it works. Thanks in advance. - Dave Winer
Alright we've fixed in the spec Dave. Sorry for the mistake. Followed up. - Brett Slatkin
Dave you can use rss feeds - Darren Stuart
I agree why didn't ff just implement a ping server and just let people add it to their blogs? - Darren Stuart
Darren: you can use our public SUP in that way: - Benjamin Golub
Zee- there are some debugging tools at the bottom of, which I think is the hub you're using. For example, I don't see anything here: - Casey Muller
Ping this, ping there. What's so great about it? - Burcu Dogan
Benjamin: thanks that just saved me a little work. Should be linked on the api page I think. ;) - Darren Stuart
Just enabled this myself, glad to be on the bleeding edge for once ! - Justin Long
Awesome. Just enabled it. Thanks for the details Brett. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, can you let me know if it works for ya? - Zee.
@Casey i can't seem to get it working - Zee.
Darren: it's linked from but yeah we should do a better job of exposing it. - Benjamin Golub
can someone please let me know if they've managed to get this working? - Zee.
There's also a WP plugin I wrote that does the same thing. This might be a good option for anyone who's not using feedburner. - Josh Fraser
Zee, I set this up for my Empoprise-BI blog, wrote a blog post (using Blogger), and six minutes after posting I haven't seen anything in Google Reader or FriendFeed yet. So if you're not getting advertised response, you're not the only one. I'll test again at a later time. - John E. Bredehoft
cool...just want to be sure it isn't me alone - Zee.
Update - seven minutes after posting, the post showed up on FriendFeed (both in my feed, and in a group that receives the blog feed). Nothing in Google Reader yet. - John E. Bredehoft
Josh Fraser - nice! - Micah
John: The Reader integration we demo'ed was a prototype; more to come in the future! - Brett Slatkin
yeah, it seems 7 minutes is about how long its taking me for too (to arrive in friendfeed) - Zee.
Could you DM me the feed URL? I'll look into the details and figure out the issue. Like I said before, we're still working out a few kinks (the FeedBurner integration is initial support right now). So thanks in advance for your help in making it super fast! - Brett Slatkin
Brett, the one i'm testing it on is and the feedburner url is - Zee.
Looking into it now, thanks! - Brett Slatkin
Cheers Brett - i'm itching here... :) - Zee.
If you're looking for another implementation of PubSubHubbub, I'd suggest you give a look to our ;) Thanks for your time and feedback! - Julien
Heh, what's the idea behind the crazy name? ;) - Tyson Key
does self hosted wordpress natively ping feedburner? - Tyler Gillies
Nice to see XMPP more and more used on the web! It's a nice environment, also for cloud computing! - Egon Willighagen
Nice tech, strange name though. Wonder if Google has a projectname generator, feeds it some foundation words, and then watches it spew out 1,835391 suggestions in 20-sized chunks? Too bad they didn't pick up PubSubBuzz instead, rhymes better. Also, what was EVER WRONG with PubSubHubris? (fresh and full of promise). - ianf ⌘
This tech has been around for ages. It's getting much needed promotion right now, but it's not new. The name comes from XMPP's pubsub mechanism, with hubbub on the end. The option for PingShot has also been in Feedburner for months. - Marlin Forbes
I think that unless you have installed the pubsubhubbub plugin for wordpress, that feedburner still polls your content. It pushes your content out to other interested parties using the new mechanism, but it will still poll your feed. Correct? - Marlin Forbes
you can have wordpress ping feedburner under settings->writing add - Tyler Gillies
great to see you talk today bret, thanks - sean percival
appreciate that - Hans Kainz
My feedburner feed updated in real-time but the blog post is still not published here on friendfeed? - Svartling
didn't work for me on last post....and i have the ping shot on - Bob DeMarco
Great! - Brett Slatkin
Robert Scoble
Realtime crunchup! #crunchup -- I'm watching in Cambridge, UK now.
You're going to have to tell us when this new thing that will bring us back to blogging is about to happen. - Ryan Massie
Ryan: this afternoon, after I'm on stage with Arrington. - Robert Scoble
Bring us BACK to blogging? Did all the serious bloggers actually stop? - Jim Connolly
Well, no but certainly the attention has been elsewhere. - Ryan Massie
Afternoon in what time zone Robert? - Tom Landini
Really? I see the 'off blog' properties like FaceBook, Twitter (and FriendFeed) as adding to the value of blogs. - Jim Connolly
Tom: Pacific Time zone. - Robert Scoble
Jim: bloggers didn't stop, but I definitely slowed down. - Robert Scoble
Robert: To be fair, you are not the 'typical' blogger - Most of us sleep, eat and stuff :) - Jim Connolly
Great to see Scobleizer in Cambridge, UK again. Got the picture! - Philip Baddeley
Wow, a serious amount of naval gazing going on up on that stage - BryanSchuetz
Aline Ohannessian
Poll: Limewire OR Frostwire - which do You prefer?? if any? or both?
Show all
I prefer no P2P ;) - Mike Bracco
I've been using Frostwire - a few years back i wanted to get Limewire, it wasn't free then...but i'm wondering about Limewire's free version...any good? - Aline Ohannessian
Aline: What do you use it for? I just don't see the need to use it in my workflow/life? - Mike Bracco
@Mike i hardly use it, and when i do i only use it to download music :) - Aline Ohannessian
I'm all about using it for Music downloads - i guess my question would be which is better for Audio :) - Aline Ohannessian
Neither. Rather use torrents. - nef 919 from Nambu
Limewire - María A. from twhirl
Frostwire looks better than Limewire, I have seen Limewire before, but fristwire seems more exciting. - TrafficBug
neither. - samantha
though it has got a nice interface, don't show up much users as Ares Galaxy - Srikanth AD
I prefer bittorrent - BryanSchuetz
OMG, I haven't used LimeWire/FrostWire in forever. Songbird for music and Vuze for everything else. - Fleagle
I use FrostWire because it's open source AND you get a Turbocharged connection for free, as opposed to having to pay for LimeWire Pro to get the same in Limewire - LANjackal
FrostWire FTW - @BryanSchuetz FrostWire downloads and shares bittorrent files. - Gubatron
Me too - LANjackal from IM
I didn't know that any used the old gnutella networks anymore - bittorrent is so much faster and better quality. - Rich from iPod
It's still one of the best when you only want a single track as opposed to an entire album. Since I'm MUCH more into the former than the latter, I use it a lot. My favorite client overall is Cabos, though - LANjackal from IM
You can just select one track on bt as well. - Rich from iPod
Yes, but torrents don't show you the metadata, length or quality of what you're downloading *by default* - LANjackal from IM
Unless you're on a private tracker, you can be easily disappointed by downloading a music torrent, only to find that the file's a shit rip, a bogus copy (wrong length), poor quality, etc. I'm not saying that's *always* the case, but it's a LOT easier to find a single track I'm looking for by searching directly for it on Gnutella than sifting through torrents - LANjackal from IM
LOL I listen to way too much music and demand too much flexibility for 100% paid download or subscription services to meet my needs. That said, I *do* buy some of my music - LANjackal from IM
Limewire is good if you like viruses - Outsanity
Neither. P2P is virus central. - Bill Sodeman
@Outsanity @Bill: Obviously you guys don't know what you're doing. I've been using P2P & Gnutella for 8 years now and I've never gotten a virus from it. Fake/infected files in search results are easily spotted and avoided. - LANjackal
@LANJackal - as a matter of fact, I do know what I'm doing - but most users DON'T. I've seen too many people end up with malware and trojans because they downloaded "something for free". - Bill Sodeman
+1 Tsega - Bill Sodeman
I used Frostwire a long time ago and loved it. BitTorrent now though. I might get back on Frostwire...we'll see. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Robert Scoble
I was wrong about #hashtags dying. Here is why:
Why? - Rami Taibah
FriendFeed added support in comments and links to realtime search. Wow. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Notice how the two hashtags are handled differently. One goes to Twitter search. The other goes to Friendfeed. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
So, you're back from your blogging only for a week? Hope so! - John Wang
John: I can't escape when FriendFeed ships three killer features in one day. Sigh. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You've been wrong about a lot of things lately Robert. Hashtags are the best feature of Twitter - David Jacobs
David: and the worst. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
#squarespace ... oh wait. - BryanSchuetz
Unrelated to this: Robert you are so amazing. You handle a complicated conversation via IPHONE. XD - ming yeow
Ming: with Milan on my lap too! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@BryanSchuetz - maybe these? - Tim Tyler
Has Winer commented on hashtags or real time search features today? - Mark
@mark lets have a look: #winerwatch - BryanSchuetz
Earlier he tweeted "when I have nothing to say I don't say anything" that might be a reference. I thought he would have been all over these new features. - Mark
this is a big win for FF #rockandroll - τorƍue
Dave is traveling in Europe so probable is missing much of today's news. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Dave is back in the good old U S of A - Mark
Robert - which iPhone app do you use for Friend Feed? - Monte Huebsch
He landed back on American soil earlier today - Mark
So you're saying hashtags aren't dead now because FriendFeed implemented a new feature? That reasoning is a bit off as they weren't dead for Twitter in the first place IMO. - Sonny Gill
I am out of my mind livid at the #moonfruit stunt - James Watters
Monte: I don't use an app. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Why James? - Mark
Because of the future it portents, tons and tons of paid hash swarms for contests - James Watters
"portends" - James Watters
Now you're just making up big words that don't exist. - Mark
...btw sorry for interupting you at the cisco blog happy hour Robert :) - James Watters
Sorry Mark, so mad I'm typing faster than normal - James Watters
My theory is that Dave Winer is watching real time search for his name so maybe this will get him to comment #DaveWiner #DavidWiner #Dave - Mark
I know Seth Godin definately watches for his name #SethGodin #Bald - James Watters
I would love for someone to tell me that I"m just being touchy about paid # blizzards - James Watters
James: I will delete and block spam - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Even CNN has gotten into *liberal* use of hashtags :) - Andrew Smith
With search and track, why does one need hashtags? They'll find the reference no matter if it has a # - PXLated
PXLated: to make it easy to link to a search. For instance #PXLated links to a search for your name. - Robert Scoble
Don't understand the need for a hashtag to do that. I can search Scoble and get the same result. all the hashtag does is make it clickable. - Karoli
Karoli: it also adds explicit metadata to make this easier to search for in the future. For instance #wackyweirdsearch15 will now pull this item up. - Robert Scoble
I have known hash tags are alive and well all along. How? I frequent #hashtags HQ at - Garin Kilpatrick
I'd rather just have the ability to tag my messages with normal tags like you do on a blog so we're not polluting our messages - Jesse Stay
@JesseStay - why can't we have both? - Tim Tyler
Well, clicking on the #PXLated link didn't bring up squat. Hashtags just seem to take up space. - PXLated
PXLated: It picked up this item. - Robert Scoble
Tim, that's fine, but I want the ability to not pollute my content regardless. - Jesse Stay
Yes, it lists this thread but not my actual comments. Shouldn't it bring up any FF comment I've made? Or am I misunderstanding? - PXLated
And here I thought that Robert had given up on this cliche. :( - Scoble, Alex Scoble
cool we love #hashtags - rob
#Hashtags are not dead, but despite this enough people try to kill them by using them wrong, see this rant: - Garin Kilpatrick
Great way to tag threads you like. Slip that #hashtag into your comment. - Hutch Carpenter
also a great way to alienate newbies, Hutch. - Laura Norvig
@Monte I tried MotherFeed but it ended up being less convinient than the web site, which is, to date, the best FF app I saw - Jean-Charles VERDIE
James: the beauty of friendfeed is that searches can be limited to your friends, so bots that post spam will be excluded - Mike Chelen
Jesse: information encoded with a hashtag is part of the material produced by the author, and of similar stature and value to the rest of the content - Mike Chelen
I don't know if hashtags will alienate newbies Laura. Do they alienate newbies on Twitter? - Hutch Carpenter
Yes. I introduce social media to n00bs and they are intimidated by RT @ and #. I mean, it only takes a few minutes to teach people, but initially they are turned off by all the symbols and feel lost. - Laura Norvig
Twitter's only for those really comitted to Twittaddiction. - Murli Nagasundaram
Remember when you wanted to include information about what you were talking about so you'd put that information in what you were talking about by actually talking about it? hash tags are just another namespace where you need to duplicate your content to front load the service's search capability so that it works right (assuming it doesn't work right to begin with, or doesn't have enough... more... - Andy Bakun
Real-time is dying because of #Hashtag linking in friendfeed and twitter. #Real-time is dead. Say hello to #Realtime. - Garin Kilpatrick
Co-starring Jason Huebel! - Derrick
how small did you get the install down to? - BryanSchuetz
that notebook is dwarfed by your hand! - BEX
That is the only thing I had trouble with on my Lenovo. I couldn't get it working satisfactorily. I need to give it another go. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Do all of the OSX features work? Every time I've read about someone getting OSX running on <insert hardware here>, there are always a string of "Well, such-and-such doesn't work..." - Joey Gibson
Look at you then! - Kate Foy
Flawless... - Johnny from iPhone
Please send this to me as an attachment, Johnny. I believe you have my e-mail? - Louis Gray
Very nice..... - Mark Nassal
Sweet! How did it go, Johnny? Any particular hurdles or gotchas that tripped you up? (And, does wifi work correctly?) - Andrew Terry
Oops; never mind; I just scrolled further down your stream... :-) - Andrew Terry
Andrew... seriously, rock solid. Better wifi than my $1,800 HP. Installation went so smoothly... - Johnny
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