Yetenek Sizsiniiiiiiz :D
RT @TheCodySimpson: Rollercoasters!!!
Year without rain <3
Twitter da cok moda oldu
@DavidArchie I luv german food
Im watchn disneeeey
Harper >>> Harriet :D
Wake up in the mornin feelin like STUDENT :|
Phineas & Ferb <3
Facebook + twitter + tv daha ne istiym :D
@HeyItsAndreeaT Byeeee good night :)
@twitaga Hangi dedigimden bahsediosun :D
RT @DemiMileyJonas: RT @MeetCyrus: how can people be so heartless to take the life of an innocent person who never did anything to you?
Drinkin honey milk sooo delicious
RT @ilNeverLetYouGo: Children are crying, soldiers are dying, some people don't have a home. But I know there's sunshine behind that rain ♥
RT @selenagomez: "Oh na, na. What's my name?" Rihanna rocks
RT @minacevk: @drewseeley Do you think coming to Turkey? :))) please answer <<< we want u here plzz come :)
@minacevk Yeeeaaah we luv him
RT @Eceerkenn: Asla alakam olmaz diyenden kor-ka-cak-sin ....
Happy teachers daaaay :D I luv all of my teacher <3
@furkankizilay Aynen ya ne ayak :D
@rrdream - my friend has got the same one :D :D
@rrdream - my friend has got the same one :D :D
Usin blackberry :)))
@rrdream - oooow its great can i use it ?
@rrdream - oooow its great can i use it ?
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