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bTT Users, discuss the tool here.. suggest improvements, share bugs and annoying experiences..
for bTT users, you may check the new public beta of sobees -
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Jigar Mehta
How would it be, if bTT provides functionality to "Hide" and "Delete" entries from within the client!!
I have to come to website right now for these features, if bTT provides it natively, I would love it!! :) - Jigar Mehta
Ive already contacted them by email and suggested that, they said they'll consider it in the next release - Photon
Jigar Mehta
What is the most annoying thing in bTT right now..
I think its SCROLLING!! They have programmed it in such a way that one item is counted one line.. Now, when I scroll with middle mouse wheel, system settings are such that it scrolls 3 lines.. So, bTT scrolls three stories (events).. Just imagine having one event with 57 comments (most prob scoble's one) and I want to see it in bTT, there is no way!! (Even if you click the scrollbar down arrow, it scrolls one entry at a time, and I just see 8 comments on my screen, how do I see rest of it, damn it!!) - Jigar Mehta
I fully agree with you. We had to deal with the following choices: virtualisation of the items and scrolling issue (it scrolls from one item to the next) or no virtualisation and better scrolling but limitation of the number of items displayed. We are currently investigating how we can make it better. By the way, thanks for the creation of the room. - Francois Bochatay
Francois, are you developer of bTT? If you are, many thanks for such a great tool development.. Way to go !! - Jigar Mehta
On which OS are you running bTT ?
Still having some issues running it. It's coming probably from my configuration, I have a plan to move from Windows XP to Mac OS X Leopard, the budget is under discussion ;-) - ZakMb
I am running it on Windows Vista.. and it works fine! - Jigar Mehta
Jigar Mehta
How would it be if, bTT gets capability to post to Rooms!!
Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider this in a future release. - Francois Bochatay
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