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It's not enough that a 15lb cat is laying on me. She is grooming so vigorously that my whole body is shaking.
Did everyone just stop watching #DoctorWho, or are we just OK with how awful it's become?
RT @Marvel: “Hail Hydra’s” how I answer all my phone calls. #AgentsofSHIELD
RT @Bmoushey: On the heels of an appearance on PBS News Hour Sunday, I'll be doing a #newshourchats q &a @newshour from 1-2 p.m. Nov. 13.
Ok #assassinscreed #Unity, this concept of the second screen (tablet app) is BRILLIANT. Completely changes the gameplay. #gaming
Ok @assassinscreed #Unity, this concept of the second screen (tablet app) is BRILLIANT. Completely changes the gameplay. #gaming
Five minutes into @assassinscreed #Unity and it's jitter-jitter-jitter-jitter-jitter! ARGH! But gorgeous...
Apple: Your Right To Receive Texts Is A “Subjective Belief” (so is your ability to get me to buy one)
RT @frankiemoreno: So much fun RT @CameraMarty: Final piano parts added by @frankiemoreno during wknd session at Palms Studio in Vegas.
It's glorious! #bringtherain RT @Kel_inthecube: Just walked outside. Cloudy?! What is this madness?
RT @TheEllenShow: I asked President @BillClinton about his wife-ya know, being a grandma, running for president, the usual stuff.
RT @KVIEPBS: In honor of #VeteransDay, discover the untold story of the Navy SEALs tonight 9PM #NavySEALsPBS
#LOL: Chick-fil-A manager made a list of words his employees were no longer allowed to say. via @happyplace
Please let this work! Spacecraft Will Try to Land on a Comet for the First
Can't wait to play this tonight! --> @assassinscreed #Unity review: A tale of two games via @joystiq
"Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think." - Longfellow #philanthropy
RT @MatthewKeysLive: There are more than 10 million unemployed veterans in America. We need to honor them year-round with jobs. -
RT @bryanrhoads: From Ted Cruz to Tim Wu: What the web is saying about Obama’s net neutrality plan
RT @ForbesTech: Are video games becoming too focused on multiplayer?
RT @cnnbrk: McDonald's recalls 2.3 million Hello Kitty toys that came with Happy Meals because of choking risk.
RT @priscillacgo: Pls RT! @buckmasterflash @KVIEPBS @KVIERob "Nonprofits! Only 2 dates left to attend #BIGDOG2015 orientation! Do it.”
Preloading @assassinscreed #Unity. 37.7GB. Not even kidding. Taking the rest of the month off work. #gaming
Story of my life. And the answer to the question is yes.
RT @BabyAnimalPics: Baby orangutans and tigers play together
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