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#NewsHourChats: The current level of militarized #socialnews makes me worry that we're already in WWIII.
#NewsHourChats: Today's chat makes me skeptical of anything I read anymore ;-).
RT @gatesfoundation: "That gives me so much optimism that the efforts of the Ethiopian government are saving lives." - CEO @SueDHellmann:
#NewsHourChats: The thing is, how many average twitter users take the time required to verify what they read?
RT @El_Skeptico: It's the Internet, anyone, anywhere can become an expert/analyst with a few keystrokes. People need to vet their sources. #NewsHourChats
#NewsHourChats: And with twitter, you shouldn't generally go backwards in the stream, so that makes news management even harder.
#NewsHourChats: Verification is hard even in traditional news. Even harder in #socialnews. Don't believe everything you read :-).
RT @SPI_PBS: Missed yesterday's #PBSinterns Twitter chat? Check out the recap right here:
#NewsHourChats: I'd prefer more curating and less restricting / regulating.
RT @NewsHour: Q8a: Do social media channels have a responsibility to regulate & restrict users' promotion of military actions? #NewsHourChats
RT @afreedma: California has set more drought records, with 58% of state in the worst-possible category
RT @HP: And you thought parental controls were just for kids. You're on vacation. #Unplug already!
#NewsHourChats: It's like, War Coverage by Hollywood. Sometimes it's hard to believe that what we're seeing isn't CGI. Too Real.
RT @BlogsofWar: Social video is massively important to them. You could see this trend developing as early as the mid 90s in Chechnya. #NewsHourChats
#NewsHourChats: If I say I'm the official social media diplomat for XYZ, is there anyone to challenge that? Instant Authority.
#NewsHourChats: We have to be careful not to let #socialnews tell us WHAT or HOW to think. We still need to evaluate and THINK.
RT @BlogsofWar: Twitter is overflowing with diplomats, ambassadors, and officials of all kinds and from every corner of the globe. #NewsHourChats
Wow we've got a lot of participation in today's #NewsHourChats. If you have time, follow the hashtag and participate! Social+War
Does air-dropping propaganda letters? RT @NewsHour: Q6:Does social media have potential as a tool for diplomacy? #NewsHourChats
#NewsHourChats: And remember, #socialnews also tells us whether to believe Orlando Bloom or Justin Bieber as well ;-).
#NewsHourChats: @liliholl I think we as the people have to be careful not to LET exposure = credibility as well.
RT @EFF: Free speech online is a right, not a crime. Ethiopia's Zone 9 Bloggers deserve a fair trial. #FreeZone9Bloggers
RT @SecretsPBS: Dick Cavett's Watergate premieres next Friday, August 8 on PBS: #WatergatePBS
RT @SlimMissile: @NewsHour For better or worse, social media exposes us to images of war we usually don't see until years later. #NewsHourChats
#NewsHourChats: @Liliholl great point. Exposure <> Credibility.
No diff than a media station being partisan in coverage. RT @NewsHour: Q5:Is this strategy ethical? Is it effective? #NewsHourChats
RT @NewsHour: Newsweek reported @IsraeliPM purchased sponsored tweets supporting Israel's military actions in Gaza: #NewsHourChats
#NewsHourChats: If you market a product well enough, people will buy it even if they don't need it. Social makes that easier.
#NewsHourChats: Can #socialnews sway public opinion? Heck yes. We're followers by nature ;-).
RT @NewsHour: Q4:What is the potential of social media to sway public opinion in a war or conflict? Could it affect outcome? #NewsHourChats
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