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Good observation Mark. My personal view is that conversations will happen in places you never imagined or can control It would be nice to know about it (trackbacks or anything). But as a B (or maybe C-) list blogger I am not concerned about pageview. I'm interested in conversations. I'd rather have 5 comments of people that are willing to invest time and react, than 1000 anonymous surfers that don't add anything to the post. But hey, I don't have or want ads on my blog so pageviews aren't a concern for my income anyways ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
I think you're definitely onto something - a service that tracks all the places where conversations about your content are happening - perhaps a social aggregator for social aggregators or something like that. :) And I'm with you when it comes to comments - traffic is nice but it's more satisfying when something you write prompts people to make a comment. - Mark Evans
I'd made this comment in last night's story. I expect my RSS feed views eclipsed my page views, and I'm 100% okay with that. We need to be flexible and not cling to the old ways of communicating and measuring. - Louis Gray
Unique visitors and page views are still relevant. Traffic to a domain will continue to be relevant. If blogs are losing traffic by losing comments or losing the conversation to new services than that could become a problem for blog publishers in terms of lost revenues. Of course, Friendfeed, Twitter, news readers, etc. can also drive traffic to blogs. I've never had comments at so it's fine with me if the conversation takes place elsewhere. - Greg K.
I bleleive traffic is overrated, but then again, I don't have to make a living out of it. I can fully understand that bloggers that create an income out of traffic have a different opinion. But in my opinion, getting traffic is easier to do than writing original or good posts. - Alexander van Elsas
Alexander - great post you made on Shyftr that is relevant to this topic. - Greg K.
@greg thank you ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
yeah this is a problem i've talked with a lot of bloggers about. rss and social aggregators driving down pageviews...driving down revenue. cool technology may provide more readers but less revenue to keep the train moving. i'm waiting for a real rss/social ad network to pop up - Marco
I think we can try to have a standard for comments, so that the comments are interoperable, like opensocial for comments. That way, it will be easy to aggregate all the comments at one place - Varun Mahajan
@Steven -- so despite all your blog posts saying it isn't about the money, it IS about the money. This is why Louis will fare better than you. And I'll add, the commenting traffic is BS. If you need the page views that your comments generate for revenue, Blogging is NOT the way to go. - Robert Seidman
For those who haven't found the discussion sparked by this thread yet: - dgw