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Mark Evans

Mark Evans

I'm a digital marketing and social media strategist who helps companies create and tell their stories to a variety of audiences.
Re: Elements of a successful demo day pitch -
"Lots of good advice. After watching a dozen demo pitches earlier this week, here's a list of 10 tips for entrepreneurs to succeed on-stage:" - Mark Evans
Re: 3 Ways the Startup Demo Will Expand your Business -
"For startup entrepreneurs looking to perform well on stage, here are 10 tips:" - Mark Evans
Re: About Pages Shouldn't Be Basic or Boring -
"Good post, and thanks for the comment!" - Mark Evans
Re: Do More Marketers Mean Smaller Development Teams? -
"I guess the question is whether it is possible to scale back a development team (aka fewer people) so that marketing has the fuel to accelerate its activity. Does that still give a startup the development firepower it needs to keep its product vibrant?" - Mark Evans
Re: 8 proven techniques that build trust in your website -
"I'm a big believer in the effectiveness of About pages - something too many companies treat as a second-class citizen rather than a marketing and sales opportunity. Here are my thoughts on a better approach -" - Mark Evans
Re: The importance of consistent messaging -
"Messaging is the foundation for everything that a startup does from a marketing and sales perspective. It's surprising that so many startups don't have clear and coherent messaging/stories given they operate in competitive markets battling for the attention of customers. For many of my startup clients, messaging is job one because it is difficult, if not impossible, to effectively doing marketing and sales without having a super-clear idea of what a startup does, the value it delivers, and who it serves." - Mark Evans
Re: Stop Putting User Personas in Your Desk Draw -
"Lots of good information. The creation of buyer personas make selling so much easier because you have in-depth knowledge of someone's interests, needs, purchase behaviour, etc. They are, in many ways, a no-brainer." - Mark Evans
Re: Pricing Page Design – Factors to Take Into Consideration -
"Great post given many pricing pages are boring and uninspiring. Here are my thoughts -" - Mark Evans
Re: How to Design + Develop a Good About Page for Your Website -
"Always good to see the focus on the importance of the About page. Here are my thoughts on the key elements:" - Mark Evans
Your Website's pricing page needs to have some sizzle. Here's how to do it #pricing #websites
RT @TechvibesTO: Kobo Co-founder Raises $4 Million for new Digital Health and Wellness Platform, LEAGUE
Getting a GMail error message: You have saved a message in a trashed conversation. Any fixes? #gmail
Dear Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works #netneutrality
RT @ruffoloj: Fred nails it! @fredwilson Internet Freedom”
Pricing Pages Are Sweet Marketing Opportunities
Too many apps? Follow this 5-step app audit via @zapier #apps #productivity
The Mark Evans Daily is out!
Toronto Life puts the spotlight on @wattpad, the writing platform loved by teenage girls #toronto #startup
No reason to work alone or have an office in the basement. Cool #coworking space at BrightLane in downtown #toronto
11 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015 ---> The winners will embrace agility marketing #marketing
RT @kswan: So now even Coca Cola has launched an incubator. Have we jumped the shark yet?
Thanks to @wisestamp customer support for getting me up & running. Really like my new email signature.
Re: 5 Steps for Making a B2B Blog Run Smoothly -
"Good advice. I'm in the process of helping a client embrace blogging so this is a good resource to give them some perspective on how to make it work." - Mark Evans
Re: 3 E-mail Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity -
"Good advice. I often find that I'm a slave to email, which can be a productivity-killer. I'm going to start to gain control by closing email - hopefully, that will give me more discipline!" - Mark Evans
Check out BrightLane, a new co-working space in downtown Toronto #toronto #coworking
. @OMERSVentures leads $25M investment in DogVacay (aka Airbnb for dogs) #vc #dogs
18 startups that were headscratchers, & then made it big --> top item in this week's startup newsletter
Ted Cruz's Net Neutrality Take Isn't Just Dumb, It's Dangerous
Was playing around w/ a link sharing tool that added an annoying splash page by default to all my tweets. My apologies.
How Slack has made itself an indispensable business tool - Quartz
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