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Paul J. Gorzkowski

Paul J. Gorzkowski

Writer/Author of children's books and adult novelist, writing, hiking, fishing, and the beach with my family. I am also known as the OUTSPOKEN BASTARD!
Florida DMV Tells Woman She Lives On "Eat Ass" Street - The Consumerist: via @addthis
GOD BLESS AMERICA!! 16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts
LOST: my mind, last seen when I laid down my pride - quit school & began my life as another statistic on the unemployment rate.
Followers that would like for me to follow them back? Plz let me know. Sorry I have lost track of who I am following & not following.
I wish we could get in touch with Ms. Lynn Redgrave 's family to give our personal condolences. She was a great role model for my family.
RIP Ms. Lynn Redgrave. We love U & will miss U. TY for being such a loving friend to my family & I. We will always cherish the moments.
If u had 3 people recommend you NOT eat at a particular restaurant, would you listen to them and not go or want experience it for yourself?
OK! Who farted?!!!
I have the story flowing freely through my mind but once I start to type it out, I lose all train of thought. What should I do? Give up?
I highly suggest you read "This Is Where I Leave You", by Jonathan Tropper @Jtropper. I promise you that you will laugh your ass off!!
I have written and deleted my novel 3 times. Do you think the 4th time will be the charm?
Wow! I am losing followers left and right. WTF? lol...
I really should be working on my novel but I am stuck on Twitter and FB. Yeah buddy - My life's literally in the @BillZucker
RT @joeygiggles: @Buggin80s #JGf = joeygiggles twitter family hashtag pls RT #JGf
Just saw this group on FB. Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the throat? I damn sure have.
I work with a bunch of butt muncher - asswiper - idiots.... How can I get my revenge?
I would say just about accurate. What about you?
I would say just about accurate. What about you?
I need a large bottle of Phugitol. Does anyone have any?
OK I think I just lost my mind. I just threw away my finished novel & decided to start over & rewrite it. 16 chapters DOWN THE TUBES!
@SparksNicholas Would you consider collaborating with an unpublished author on a novel?
Jack's Taboo by Paul J. Gorzkowski at #smashwords @SparksNicholas @markcoker Plz help get the word out.
Looking at Jack's Taboo by Paul J. Gorzkowski at #smashwords Anybody need a Wanga Doll? WTF!! ? lol...
Who's on Farmville on Facebook that would like to add me as a neighbor? I'm bored out of my mind. lol
The nastiest thing happened tonight while eating out. Someone blew their nose at the table next to us. DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY MORALS?
April Fools? I live in a tourist area. We have April Fools, May Fools, June Fools, July Fools and the all year-round fools.
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