Robert Scoble
Every day I want to learn something new about the Now/New/2010/3.0 Web. Let's learn about microformats today here:
Who has a great example of using microformats? - Robert Scoble
Google search for Microformats: - Robert Scoble
So far the biggest problem with microformats is that most companies only offer 1 way support. They provide one for you, but don't take yours from elsewhere. Details: - Ryan Jones
I'd love to have someone on Building43 to explain them. Anyone game? - Robert Scoble
The Operator Firefox plugin was very useful for testing microformats. Hcard is useful when available. - jho
cork'd is a great example of hreview - we have building them into sites for about two years now - Pat Strader
I would nominate @kevinmarks for this assignment given his work on RichSnippets - Dilip Dand
FriendFeed uses the rel="me" microformat on the services page (e.g. to tag links to my other services. The Google Social Graph API uses these links to find you around the web. - Paul Buchheit
i wrote a recent introduction if anyone is interested i can share, but do not wish to link drop - Pat Strader
Pat: please do share! - Robert Scoble
I'm interested pat - courtney benson
Pat, thanks, it will help I'm sure. - courtney benson
Google Profiles also uses this to guess links that belong to you. - jho
we build in hcard primarily as we deal with a great deal of tourism "directory" type sites - Pat Strader
I'd love to have Tantek or Kevin on Building43 to explain microformats and show how to use them. - Robert Scoble
i made some moo stickers if anyone wants some, let me know, microformats stickers have been hard to find for me! - Pat Strader
Thanks Pat! Basic or not it is more than I knew 5 minutes ago! - Marshall Huwe
dan cederholm used them years ago with cork'd - hreview - Pat Strader
Pat - problem with that URL please resend tks - courtney benson
marshall no problem, im very excited about them, just needs more evangelists - Pat Strader
Scoble, besides Building43 ;) What is a great website to keep on top of the 2010 Web? Are there any web resources that you're particularly fond of? My favorites are Mashable, Read Write Web, and TechCrunch. - Sam Houston
courtney - try this - Pat Strader
tks, I'll try now - courtney benson
Sam: Stack Overflow, but that's more aimed at programmers. Hacker News. And then there's a ton of people I follow. I put the best ones at - Robert Scoble
Cool, thanks Robert! :) - Sam Houston
If someone wants to set up a local (SV) meetup, I'd be there. Trying to digest as much as I can since format adoption appears inevitable. - Rick Bucich
Calais 2.0 showing some potential ... Calais 2.0 unveiled by Thomson Reuters - Willi Schroll
here's something about iPhone you may not have thought of: - Patricia
i think with google now saying they will use them in some capacity will increase the adoption rate for developers - Pat Strader
Rick, Tantek had a #microformats meetup going for a while. Check out the microformats site. - jho
Brian Suda's book is a good read for those so inclined - Pat Strader
Pat, you've given me enough info to be dangerous. As a sales and mkt person that has a lot of potential for "true geektacular" - courtney benson
courtney great, glad you got something from it - Pat Strader
its pretty exciting stuff - Pat Strader
if you want a couple sheets of the moostickers, just let me know...i printed 900 for blogpotomac, but they didnt arrive in time to take them.... - Pat Strader
if only eventful etc crawled for hcalendar... - Pat Strader
Thanks Jauder! - Rick Bucich
The question I have about microformats is "how do you know you need them?" I know when I need to use DIV's or when I need some JavaScript but I'm still not along to the place where I know all the places I need microformats. - Robert Scoble
I'd rather see HTML change to be separated into a set of semantic elements and organizational elements, then CSS adapt to work better with that separation, way more than I'd like to see microformats try and do this same thing through hackery of CSS. - xero
robert i simply started wrapping any address, or review or event as a part of workflow - Pat Strader
I'd love to come and explain microformats for your audience, Robert - Kevin Marks
There's the 4th Birthday party this Friday - maybe Robert could do a video or 2 from there. - Debi Jones
Kevin, I see you're attending the July 18 event anything sooner? - Rick Bucich
the point of microformats is to give common ways for people to express things on the web that are used a lot, like addresses, reviews, tags and events. They do this using standard HTML. - Kevin Marks
that would be a great event - Pat Strader
Robert, we can chat about them at the SFAMA meetin on thursday - I think it fits into the panel's cope too. - Kevin Marks
Kevin: yeah, let's do that. I'd love to take advantage of your free time before you get totally crazy busy with some hot startup. - Robert Scoble
I loved melody piece on And I've been using it all day - Zachary Adam Cohen
How would someone find out who has adopted the format? i.e. review sites using hReview. I know of Yelp but also notice that Insiderpages is being pulled into Google & Yahoo Local. - Rick Bucich
rick thats a great question, i have tried to find out who might be looking for them myself - Pat Strader
Rick, Pat use the Operator plugin. - jho
yes, i have it use it quite a bit, i was trying to find places that might be going out and looking for them, not necessarily implementing - Pat Strader
i use both operator and tails plugins are there others? - Pat Strader
It doesn't appear that Operator supports hReview, am I correct? I'll check out Tails - Rick Bucich
What is something simple I can do to incorporate microformats into my blog? - Robert Scoble
start using them? - Tyler Gillies
This guy seems to be exceptionally authoritative on microformats or "microstructures" as he calls them: @luebken on Twitter and his blog,, has a great post on "Overview of microstructures in use". - Mike Elliott
the simplest thing to do, Robert, would be to make your contact info in the sidebar into an hCard; you're already mostly supporting hAtom from your template - Kevin Marks
Is this like one of those CGI voting scripts on a website? A widget? You could make it be reviews of each of your videos, Robert. Why put up contact info to the masses? Reviews makes sense. - Prokofy Neva
I have not looked much at hReview but this shows a hcard mockup (do view source) You should be able to use this right away after substituting your info. I did notice that Google does extract this into their excerpt for search results. - jho
another example site is linkedin using hresume and there is a wordpress plugin (not sure what platform is needed) - Mike Chelen
A List Apart blog just posted a good article about RDFa, which you could use for semantic markup when a microformat isn't necessary or doesn't exist: - Chip Ramsey
The future of microformats: the direction I think it should take: Ultra-minimal; minimum tag clutter. - Sean McBride
Robert, Kevin, please hook up with @marksilva before Thursday to discuss SFAMA panel. @scobleizer @kevinmarks - Mark Evans