Robert Scoble
I'm talking to a bunch of marketers showing them Twitter and FriendFeed. Come here and tell them good examples of "now marketing:"
I'm showing them Zappos. Tiny Prints. Four Seasons. And a few others. - Robert Scoble
You'll be up on the screen, by the way. - Robert Scoble
Ah man. those guys don't need help. They already beat me half to death with direct mail. - Jason Nunnelley
Jason: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Zappos was on the Apprentice, weren't they? And on Oprah? After that, they need marketing? - RobinDotNet
Robin: Zappos has 400+ people on Twitter. They did a billion in sales last year for a reason. - Robert Scoble
And I'm very happy to have contributed to their success. :-) - RobinDotNet is a new restaurant near my house. I like their instinct to use Twitter and Facebook. - Robert Scoble
don't forget threadless - viv j
Most businesses around the world don't know how to use Twitter and Facebook. - Robert Scoble
isn't there a bakery somewhere that tweets when the fresh bread comes out of the oven? - Capn' One Eye - adrift
I like it when companies have people online tweeting. There are a lot of positive stories on the Consumerist web site about experiences using twitter to get help from businesses. - RobinDotNet
Viv: threadless is a great example, thanks for the reminder. - Robert Scoble
metageoff: URL? I'd love that example. - Robert Scoble
It is like searching for people using adwords and talking directly to that person NOW - Matthew Hillis
Advice, if you're on Twitter, and you are a brand Respond to your @ replies. It looks selfish and like you don't care if you don't. - Dan Harbison
A client, OrangeSoda uses it to track happy and unhappy customers and people that might buy their product. - Jonathan Bacon
Smithsonian Institution's FB page is awesome: - Vital Design
Just the fact that the Consumerist keeps printing the stories (I get their RSS feed) makes people think that's going to work, so I don't see how it can not benefit a company to be on twitter and/or FF. (Unless they're annoying, but don't get me started on the Lands' End e-mail overuse). - RobinDotNet
The same client uses Twitter to build credibility in the industry for recruiting. - Jonathan Bacon
The Tea Garden in New York always uses Twitter Finest Tea from the Master Dr. Tea - Randy Nacol
Sweet Leaf Tea is using Twitter/Facebook to provide customer service, let people know about discount promotions, notify certain areas of events they'll be giving product away. Now I'm helping them produce a slew of rich media content we'll be using to showcase their product, people & fans at events & we'll be using T/F to be the primary promotion point for it. - Lyn Graft
Sorry, but marketing people of "the old" don't belong in the new. Their tactics are unchanged, un-evolved, and will provide little to no value to Twitter, the now, or FriendFeed. Thankfully I don't have to pollute my timeline with their nonsense. Maybe that's short-minded, but my target subscription base is innovation, technology, and tomorrow. Rarely does it include "Marketers" - No Name
Yeah Zappos is the Golden Boy. - anna sauce
In PR I use it for keeping up on reporters (aka Robert Scoble) and finding out about opportunities for clients. Excellent tool. - Jonathan Bacon
Robin- I totally want to hear about Land's End email abuse! - anna sauce
bakery: I seem to have been mislead - don't see any "come and get it!" announcements in that twitter stream - Capn' One Eye - adrift
guess anything or any business that evokes some kind of emotion ought to be on FF, FB or Twitter - viv j
Enrique - but new or old Mkgt is about forming the relationship with the consumer - it's just faster now. - Jeff Bishop
anna -- I signed up to get marketing e-mails from Lands' End (rare for me), and I get like 10 a week. Every day all the time. My friends complain abou the same thing. But you hate to unsign up because they have those free-shipping offers all the time, and sometimes you DO want to order something. - RobinDotNet
The interesting thing is that "now" marketing is more about a long-term strategy than instant "bang for the buck". You've got to put yourself out there for a good long while and have unique and genuine interaction before anything "big" ever happens. Get involved, but with a long-term view. - Inside Alaska
I'm all for people trying to learn to do things differently. - metalerik
Being able to connect directly with your customer. Give invites to or announcing special events via twitter. Giving your business a "social face". Why just today I got an invite to Google Voice (well I'm still waiting), because I follow the Google Team on twitter, and they (out of the goodness of their heart) offered to invite all their followers. I think it strengthens your brand by interacting with potential customers. Not just about spamming with ads but actual, person-to-person (be it via digital medium) interaction. - Wilfredo Guerrero
You can follow the event on Twitter here: - Robert Scoble
If you want a lesson in how not to do it, check this. Habitat spammed Twitter with voucher offers etc that incorporated iran election # tags. Egregious. - Mark Littlewood
taco truck on twitter, tweets location - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Oh, and don't treat it like another marketing project. Just share things that are cool or interesting about your business. If you're genuine, and the things you share 'really are' cool or interesting, people will catch on and spread the message. - Inside Alaska
Dave- can I quote you on that? I will write a blog post- I do "adventures in email marketing" and always on the lookout for folks' experiences. - anna sauce
The great thing about the real-time web is that it makes people attention to what is going on with your account. Think "Blue Light Special", but instead of having to be IN your store, they just have to be on the internet..... - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Jeff, yes -it's all about connecting to the customer - but how the "old" will go about it will typically include legal filtering, PR loops, spin, etc, and lack the genuine interaction Social Media actually requires to make it work the way it should. Even when it is done the "right way" Marketers will just copy what's already been done in hopes to mimic results of the people who innovated. Creates a meaningless Twitter/FF existence. - No Name
For marketing, it is just like all the basic social media laws: be honest, be transparent, be interesting, be creative - anna sauce
show them this: and activate the graph button - twitscoop
I hope they've taken a bath today. Suggest the book Groundswell. - Benjamin Taylor
check out dell's latest twitter announcement: (our client fyi) - amanda
One of the biggest issues I've seen with marketers embracing social media: losing the control of message they had with broadcast media. - anna sauce
You can't forward the twitter to PR and wait a week for htem to get back to you, regarding an issue with the product. That just doesn't play well. And like Motrin, you can't create an anonymous "mom" (see: transparency) - anna sauce
Murphy-Goode Winery hit the right note with their combined HR/PR/SMMarketing stunt - Ben Robbins
Show them the comcastcares and Bank of America on twitter. Helping people causes great word of mouth advertising. - Karl Evard
Realizing that SM is not like any other channel you've used for mkgt before. If you're not going to have dedicated people to staff it (and not once a week) don't get into it. If you don't do it right - don't bother. - Jeff Bishop
Example: A cool paper was published, and I share it on FF through a link. Then people see it, maybe follow the link to read it; I can then track the number of follow-ups through - Jason Miller
@Karl - New media channels make these companies appear much smaller than they really are. A sense of intimacy is a huge benefit to any conversation. - Benson Miller
Agree with J.D., you have to show them how not to market on social media. - Dilip Dand
Jeff Barr of Amazon uses products like Tweetdeck to observe real-time conversations about each of the AWS offerings in a separate stream. This has changed the way I consume activity streams. - Benson Miller
I might add: Keep it simple and creative. Don't SPAM your potential customers (followers); That's the fastest way to have them UNFollow you. - Sean E Brown
If you're a company and you're on twitter, you need to answer your tweets. I tweeted Tweetdeck to ask a question, and they didn't answer. That's just annoying. I think they use it to post new info about Tweetdeck and do marketing. :-P - RobinDotNet
South Food and Wine Bar (@SouthFWB) letting locals know about new dishes, new wines. Symantec (@netbackup, @enterprisevault, @nortononline, @backupexec, and so on) connecting with customers both happy and unhappy, helping to resolve complaints and letting users know of new articles, releases, and more. I could go on. - Nick Wade
Illustrate good examples with bad examples, Feedly, as recently as Tuesday provided a direct response, even though I was about to uninstall their product. Once I sort out my mess of an RSS feed list I'll go back to their product. It was a simple @reply that made the difference even though I wasn't an active user. Marketers don't like hearing that people don't like the product they represent, but once they start listening, it changes the dynamic. - Benjamin Taylor
It was said above, its about relationships. Social media provides another channel to connect and make an impression with people... its part of the communications engine that needs to stay well oiled and tuned. - Jeff Fishburn
Provide a service AND market a product, if the MTA can do it - NYC subway system now has Twitter alerts by line: @NYC_F_trains, @NYC_2_trains, etc.. - Benjamin Taylor
I'm tired of the famous quote tweets. If someone starts tweeting famous quotes, I unfollow them. - RobinDotNet
If they want to talk about the famous quotes and discuss ideas around them, that's a different matter. Like Jeff Fishburn said above, it's about relationships. - RobinDotNet
Hmmmmm - Study: Twitter Drives a Lot of Traffic to Media Sites, but Doesn't Bring a Lot of Customers to Online Retailers - ReadWriteWeb - PXLated
A few twitter opportunities include, listening to your customer base- polls, announcements of discounts, new products, giveaways, asking for help and helping others, generally broadening your horizons. - Donna Boley
I agree that companies need to answer their tweets! And, it's okay to use humor. A local retailer in my town gets a lot of traffic by making silly offers like, "Make me laugh and get 10% off." It makes me want to visit their shop even though I wouldn't ordinarily think to go there. - Coyote
the simply elegant way for a bizz to get started on twitter is to stream the comments customers are making. Trader Joe's let's their shoppers speak for them. I like how Vetrazzo suggests home and design conferences as events on Facebook. - Lane Rapp
Remember this is all about turning business models on their heads. Do all your aftersales first , be helpful, be an ally, be useful first and then hope you've done enough for someone to come and purchase. - Crispin Heath's a pretty good example in the FS space - Crispin Heath
Great Mashable article, how to twit for brands: - anna sauce
Please ask them not to respond to every mention of their brand on Twitter. I don't always want to be asked "Can I help?" when I moan about something's poor performance. You can't own the conversation like that. - Ian Betteridge
Brilliant post. This is a huge problem, how can a company engage people without using robots? Ultimately, they need a transparent culture (eg. Quicken Loans.) That way the employees can respond on behalf of the company. - Greg
I'm from Chicago, I found Leo on a podcast and have been following him since! - Mark Williamson from BuddyFeed
I meet people online that I find interesting and follow them like Robert Scoble. - Randy Allen Bishop
Show them @habitatUK as a counter example - 77Agency
Thanks for the Tiny Prints plug @scobleizer! somehow I missed the conversation yesterday. Threads like this are very useful to us to help mature our social media strategy. Lots of great examples. - Rick Bucich of course. I hope to demo it for you someday soon in half moon bay over some beers at the fire pit ;) - Andy A.
my involvement with #areallygoodejob has brought some great opportunities for me all the way off in Germany--surprising for me is that twitter has been the key driver for traffic and leads for me (for employment options in Germany). - Andrea Schmitz