Robert Scoble
What five tools do you use to build 2010 websites (or would you recommend to businesses)? Answer here:
1. W3C Web Standards Compliant Code -- 2. Social Networking APIs / Social Media Integration (i.e. Twitter / FriendFeed / Facebook / etc) -- 3. Git / GitHub for Version Control -- 4. Open Source CMS Solutions (i.e. WordPress / Drupal / etc) -- 5. Open and Accessible Analytics systems (i.e. Google Analytics, Mint, or similar) - Michael Owens
err, often its not the tool but how you use the tool... I'm looking at you Flash! - Matt Searles
It would depend on each individual business - Patricia
WordPress, Analytics, Mint (, Facebook Connect, BLIP.TV OR Vimeo - Adam Jackson
Wordpress, Thesis Theme, Disqus Plugin, Friendfeed, Feedmingle... - Arne Krueger
WordPress & Thesis theme, Twitter, FriendFeed, Disqus, some OpenId provider(s) - Jeroen De Miranda
A knife. It's the most versatile tool there is. Allows you to cut right through the BS and cut chunks off of spit roasted meat. - Todd Hoff
I like Todd's answer. - Happy
Web 3.0 & cloud computing + my Leatherman multi-tool :D :D - Ronald
Again, it does depend on the customer's needs, but I think #1 Michael Owens gave a pretty accurate answer. - Happy
i like michael owens answer - this is it! - Arne Krueger
Depending on the business' needs, the best recommendation is to go with a platform that gives you all the features you need and none of those that will simply distract from your strategy. Suggest folks check out social collaboration via Groupsites @ - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Add some visual computing to the mix for more engaging content like real-time avatars and animation with CrazyTalk: - John Martin
I just got some PR email about Rackspace Cloud. Could that be it? :-) - Todd Hoff
I would go with Wave - Julian Hoffbauer
Maybe we should wait until 2010 to find out, and while we're waiting, build 2009 web sites. - Andy Bakun
It's still in private release, but Notable ( is becoming a real life saver for giving feedback on web sites/applications. - hunter
Specific tools should be dependent on the tech team (e.g., size, existing skills). More important are the business's attitude to engage and delight their stakeholders. - Bill L
Idk, I don't think its about the tools, I think its about what you want to do with your site, and then what tools you use depends on that and like.. your skill sets, and all that good stuff.. for my personal sorta business e I'm looking at C4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, and final cut studio.. seems like a code editor probably goes without saying? - Matt Searles
Depends on the business. Depends on their customers. It's all relative. - Andy McIlwain
Drupal 7, textmate, cssedit, mamp and git - Michael Harp
Andy: it's not... it's about a different, new way to communicate/work/live - for all the businesses! for me, it feels like we are in the middle of a revolution! - Arne Krueger
I never felt like this before! i was running my own software company with 30 people in 2000 and was just wondering!) i have now the same feeling, like i had maybe ;-) starting doing business with computers in 1988 at the cowfarm of my father in east germany! - Arne Krueger
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP & Wordpress - am I answering the question correctly Robert? or is this type of setup assumed? - Chris Heath
Robert: can't make your event tonight - Son's 8th grade graduation.. have a great event - John Furrier
the <marquee> tag - Jeremy Toeman
YouTube... have you seen how this agency used YouTUbe to build their site? Very Creative. - Chip McComb
Wordpress, Flip Mino, Vimeo, Friendfeed, RSS (it's not dead) - Chris Pugh
1. Google Analytics/Woopra. 2. Google's Social Gadgets (or Wave integration when it's out). 3. Version control (my choice is Git w/github) 4. Pushing the browser envelope, use HTML 5 & CSS 3 whenever possible, use standards compliant code. Do cool stuff that sets you apart. 5. Open up your data (if applicable) with some kind of data feeds or apis. - Brandon Titus
Definitely XML libraries to read/write feeds and APIs - Raj Advani
I do both: ASP.NET with Expression and some Flash, but we also use PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, mySql, and even some Coldfusion (yuck!) - Ric Johnson
For #web2010 1. Social Identity (Connect) 2. PaaS design (Cloud) 3. Activity Streams (Realtime) 4. Git 5. Open Analytics - Alberto Saavedra
I'm planning to use Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and Visual Studio 2010. - Jeff Weber
Pen, Paper, Photoshop, Text Editor, and a browser. - Andrew Smith
Drupal, Wordpress, Twitter,, RSS - Chris Wills
I use Wordpress, Friend Feed, Disqus, YouTube, and Google Friend Connect on the web pages and then to supplement the pages and features - I use FaceBook, Twitter, Linked-In, Digg, and Delicious. The first 5 are key to connecting the web page/blog socially; the supplements are to enhance those features. - Robert Freeze
If your budget doesn't include an accomplished developer (send more work to those guys!), to get started effectively on the cheap: Squarespace, Twitter, Friendfeed, the Google suite (analytics, apps for your domain, connect, adwords, et al.), and probably Facebook (which seems to be working a lot better for business). - Brian Hill
If you have a developer, or are a developer, what David Cann has done with using the cappuccino framework looks very interesting... - Brian Hill
The mention of cappuccino reminded me: GWT (google web toolkit) for building scalable AJAX applications without cross-browser worries - Raj Advani
I use everything Eric Logan listed plus seesmic desktop to see your brands progress in realtime. Throw in disqus plus any smart phone to provide instant feedback to comments, questions/concerns - Anthony Farrior
Whatever tools a small company would use, it should be funded in this economy leveraging - Eran Even-Kesef
A great tool everyone has is the ability to tell a story. I would suggest that rather than build just a marketing site, or online community, or social network, that you take the tool of storytelling and use it to build a 2010 website. - Brendan Cosgrove
In no particular order: CMS: drupal (for industrial strength) or joomla (for ease of use)... sorry, but wordpress is brain-dead... round it out with some groovy core technologies: Wave/XMPP, RSS/Atom, and Ajax. - Fred Davis
Same as Jeff Weber looking at a .NET blogging platform instead of WordPress - been using GraffitiCMS. - Kevin Tunis
WP self-hosted, DIY Thesis Theme, FriendFeed (widget and embedded for real-time convo), Disqus w/ Facebook Connect and twitter connect, - my new blog has some of these elements now (so is yours Robert!) :) - Susan Beebe
I honestly don't care what the tools are, but whatever you build, make sure you have a mobile version of it and I don't mean iPhone only. Build the site and ensure it works well on the main 4 mobile browsers iPhone, android, S60, Palm and maybe Win mobile. - Keith Bennett
Adobe Dreamweaver, The Drupal Dream Theme Utility Suite Dreamweaver Extension, MyXoopsExtensions, Adobe Photoshop, and Flash - Chelsea Belle Goodell
Lots of good tech suggestions. I'll add HTML Canvas. But the key to success is understanding the value you are adding for your customers. Of course social networks are the latest example of this, but remind yourself again and again WHY you are here - to understand what value you add now, and how you can improve that over time. You need to find tools and design patterns that allow you to collect as much feedback, as quickly and easily as possible. - David Sky
less is more - Tyler Gillies from email
WordPress, Thesis Theme, Twitter, Youtube, Google FriendConnect - HowToMakeMyBlog
Second Life, Metaplace, Typepad, Twitter - Prokofy Neva
Video!!! - Morgan
Only one mention of Silverlight. Too much bing-bing? - Nick Wade
I like Alberto Saavedra's answer. It's about the building block elements rather than the branded tool. He nailed it. - Neill Adamson
Imagination and then what ever tool gets the job done. Drupal and Wordpress allow businesses to get online quickly without the need for technical knowledge. - Darren Rollett
Darren - that may be a little exaggeration regarding Drupal's ease. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Agree w/ Michael Owens list. - Jason Cronkhite
Google wave - Amir
LPH - Agreed. Joomla is probably better for the none technical and a little easier to use. Although as Building43 shows you can acheive most things in Wordpress. - Darren Rollett for using your mobile phone to seamlessly talk to to a webpage. - Paul Kinlan
I am surprised nobody mentioned SMF (I have seen some amazing things done with it) - April Russo (FForever!)
I would also bet on Google Wave. - Martin Seibert