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Thomas Ward
i've seen similar headlines before... the article mentions that $3 million is a drop in the bucket for Dell, but i'm not sure it's that big :-D a decent quarter for Dell is $15 billion in sales. $15 billion / 90 days = ~ $166.666 million /day. divided by 24 hours in a day, Dell has sales of almost $7 million *per hour.* :-D so total (cumulative) sales through Twitter over the last couple of years (since 2007) is maybe 30 minutes of a single typical day on their web site - Karim
You know what? Given that it's money just sitting there on the table, and given that they're proving that Twitter can be a channel for revenue, I'm all for it. Good on ya, Dell. - Chris Brogan
yeah my point was "perspective," not "twitter sucks." Dell has a lot of sales & marketing -- web ads, print ads, mailed brochures, etc. i have no idea whether Twitter is a more or less efficient medium for sales as compared to, say, the email messages i get from our Dell sales rep. that's actually a more interesting question to me: given that Dell can email or tweet 600,000 people with nearly the same amount of effort, which results in more sales? - Karim