Robert Scoble
I'm giving a talk to many of the world's best web builders at the New York Stock Exchange. Tell your favorite web site here:
You are live on the screen, a bunch of people from MTV, NBC, Ogilvy, and a bunch of agency folks are here (they build the best web sites). - Robert Scoble - K.D.
you mean other than friendfeed? - michael sean wright
nicefish: heheh. Yeah, other than friendfeed. - Robert Scoble - Dustin Hoffmann
GMail - Brome - Matt Ruiz
The moment of belief in Social Media was Mad V's Youtube collaboration "Remember" First time I saw people connect in a meaningful way bigger that themselves. - Deano @ Byron New Media
we haven't seen IT yet- mashups - using Feedly, Wave, Twazzup, JustSignal, Calais. But is a pretty smart design. - michael sean wright
Robert, take a look at all that tech on the floor of the exchange. Did you know that the exchange will go away and all trading will be done away from brick and mortar. The building will remain. - courtney benson
Hi Robert - one of mine is - Heidi Groshelle
I'm a big fan of sites with keyboard shortcuts -- I love Picasawebs over so many other photo sharing sites specifically because of them. - Mitch
Websites of the '90s were a lot like art projects; they were built for creativity. The great sites of today are productivity powerhouses (even if you define productivity as writing on lots of facebook walls or whatever). - Mitch
2006 - ?? wordpress 2007 RSS/Google Reader 2008 Twitter 2009 Friendfeed - Deano @ Byron New Media hello, i am from Shanghai, nice to meet you;) - K.D. - Robert DeBord
naturally my favorite is :) - Allen Stern :p - David Lloyd - lbAlphaFeed and it's spin offs, and To the point, informative yet entertaining. Also, they haven't lost focus on the one item, one day mantra of theirs. - That's So CAJ! - Kim Landwehr
Thank you so much. It is so cool having this kind of participation. This got a good discussion about Filtering going. - Robert Scoble
This is why I love FriendFeed, fabulous community of smart folks! This generated a great list - FAST :) - Susan Beebe
I love Friendfeed because if you type in a secret code you get a free Friendfeed beer sent to your room. - David Lloyd
Mark: free beer? Damn they keep all the good stuff secret from me. - Robert Scoble
The new site, which may go live this week -- sorry kinda biased on projects I've been involved in -- but I think everyone will like it. I also like and . - Jason Cronkhite
feedly + friendfeed - Edwin Khodabakchian
My favourite website? That information'll cost ya! - David Lloyd
TripAdvisor and Techmeme are two daily stops for me. - AllisonWagda
Sorry I had to take off so soon, guys (had to get back to work). I wish I was able to meet more of you tonight. You can find me here and on twitter - @dcap. Cheers! - dcap
Friendfeed beer oh no now we're in trouble. real time web and beer. LOL - Deano @ Byron New Media is one of my favorites as it has great content. For just design, I think has a pretty good one for a corporate site. For a small business a local restaurant in Half Moon Bay is good, but should start incorporating their twitter and other social media presences. - Luke Kilpatrick
Hulu rocks - my vote is for is definitely my favorite... wish I could spend more time there. - Robert Freeze
@Mark - what's that b33r c0d3? - Jason Cronkhite
It seems most people listed websites they found useful. Instead, I listed websites I find beautiful and simplistic - Angus Burton
+1 for - great community site, and a site that listens to its users. - Shivanand Velmurugan
good luck! - Calvin Ayre - beautiful and functional. - John McCullough