Robert Scoble
We’re shipping today: the road to Building43. Please come and join us during launch party today. -
We’re shipping today: the road to Building43. Please come and join us during launch party today.
We'll be launching Building43 from TechCrunch's headquarters today. We can't fit more people in, but we'll have live video streaming starting at about 4 p.m. Pacific Time today at -- lots of special guests. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Site goes like at 4pm PT? - Jason Miller
Friendfeed plays a huge part in the site, by the way (thanks to Paul Buchheit for all of his help over the weekend). Jason: I think we are actually launching it at 5 p.m. - Robert Scoble
very cool! can't wait - andy brudtkuhl
^^ yo very (!) interested in how 'things work' for you today - wish you all the best!! :) - Ronald
Good luck today, I hope everything goes well. Sorry I couldn't make the party! - Buzz Bruggeman
Buzz and others, thanks! Make sure you join the Building43 room here. -- you'll get on the home page if you post there. - Robert Scoble
we'll always support you and love ya rob x - David Lloyd
Congrats. Just commented on the blog post. I think it's a great movement and I'm looking forward to contributing to it if I can! - Alexander van Elsas
Can't wait! Here's a good intro video on all this from a local news station who got to interview Robert this week in Blacksburg, VA -- - Cameron
^^ yeppers, pretty nice intro video, already seen :) :) - I WANT MORE, please :)))) - Ronald
good luck today, can't wait to read (and see video) of more from B43 - erik yuzwa
Well done Robert & Rob L!!! Very excited for all that you guys are doing. Sooooo much potential and ground breaking & practical stuff that is being offered. - Lyn Graft
Scoble on my question how does Building43 make money: @vedi: we're a cost center right now. I have been on Twitter for more than 900 days and they haven't figured out how to monetize so you gotta give me 900 days to figure it out too. :-) - Vedran Rudelj
The feed to Google Reader is very slow these days. I always find your posts here first. - Louis Gray
Congrats Robert, looking forward... - Nir Ben Yona
Louis: that's on purpose. I manually refresh my feed here on friendfeed manually as soon as I post. Why? Because the real time web is important. Google Reader seems old, I find I don't like visiting it anymore. - Robert Scoble
I consume GReader via Feedly now - if I dont see it on FF first - andy brudtkuhl
andy: yeah, feedly is doing weird things, though. It keeps posting stuff to Twitter and I can't figure out why or how. Plus I just am addicted to friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
eeewww. Just noticed 4 p.m. Pacific Time, is actually 2 a.m my time. Can't we make it 2 hours earlier, LOL. - Nir Ben Yona
That's true, but getting your post in Google Reader helps me share it. - Louis Gray
Can't wait! You guys are doing some great things---look forward to seeing it! Want to share what we're doing with - Jeff Slobotski
Congratulation Robert, already have a reminder for 7 PM EST tonight to watching the streaming, wish I could be there. - Kim Landwehr
1st off Thank You Robert Scoble you helped me stay ahead of the curve over the years in what's in the technology pipeline. I am really interested in you latest project because I am that small business that would like to have the 2010 website but have yet to get it past say around 1999 level website. looking forward to the future... - Jim Beall
Excited! I think this idea is really cool and I'm ready to see some more great interviews and demos similar to what you've been doing in the past. I'll be watching the launch. Good luck! - Brandon Titus
I know I for one will be *extremely* excited to see this puppy launch :) - Michelle McGinnis
Congratulation to all the Rackers involved and especially to you, Robert!!! I am sooo looking forward and i am already a big fan! - Arne Krueger
Robert - YAY, CONGRATS!! woo hoooooo! - Susan Beebe
Susan, save your applause for when we ship it. You might not like it! - Robert Scoble
Good luck Robert - Charlie Anzman
Congradulations Robert. Keep doing the great work. I'll be watching.... - Alex Marrow
rockmanusa needs a new website - David Lloyd
Sounds cool and fun. Looking forward to your launch. - Michael Williams
Getting closer... very excited for you guys! :) I love Go Live Launchs !!!! - Susan Beebe
Congrats Robert to you and Rocky! So if i come by the TechCrunch offices without an RSVP can't I just say I'm heard about it on FriendFeed? :) - Elliott Ng
Ditto what Matthew said... WTF, where's my building? - Arleen Boyd
Website is Live :) - Nir Ben Yona
So is Chrome your default browser? - Mats
Nice Job Robert ! Looking forward to hooking up with you in the near future to pursue some paradigm-shifting applications for B23 and RS... - Mike Schmidt
Congrats, Robert! - Bret Taylor
Congratulations on the launch, looks great! - Raj Advani
Congratulations! Looking forward to learning from this site! - Entreprini
Congratulations! (Now you can sleep!) - Kay Designer
Congratulations! Even though the sites new, it still looks great. I can’t wait to see where you go from here. BTW. I loved the way Loic took over the show at the TechCrunch party. lol - Michael Fidler
Reading and commenting on this from the Building43 site. Cool. - Hutch Carpenter
Got a bunch of stuff to do for a huge Friday ahead, but am very excited about guiding our startup alongside the Bldg43 community - starting out with no bad habits and no pre-conceived notions except embracing the new and the best frees us. Looking forward to learning, teaching and sharing. Keep up the great work! - Matt Weeks
congrats!! - Patricia
Congratulations, Robert! Can't imagine amount of work you did for site launch. Interview with Zuckerberg was really great. - denis
Congrats on the launch, Robert. - George Hall (Australia)
Congrats Robert, the site is looking good. I'm gonna spent the next two hours watching those video interviews. - Diego Sana
Just took the the feed with Google reader. Interesting Concept. - Brent - Yes I am
"All building43 content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial " ~ nice touch. - Peter Renshaw
I spotted a Rackspace logo and put together some other impressions here: still trying to wrap my head around it all though. Good luck with it! - C. K. Sample III