5 Ways Corporate Execs Can Thrive At a Start-up -
5 Ways Corporate Execs Can Thrive At a Start-up
Thinking of making the leap from a big corporate executive to a start-up? Do it. Here's why. I’ve recently transitioned from one of the world's largest established brands and Fortune 50 company, Caterpillar, to working with a growing start-up business, Indianapolis-based Slingshot SEO. Leading a team of more than 300 globally, with a budget of up to $120 million, while overseeing dozens of projects and expectations, is quite different from my new role: leading an in-office team of five with an average age of 24, in a day-to-day marketing plan to create sales-ready leads and add measurable value every day. If you're a big company exec thinking of making the leap–do it. Martin Zwilling, a contributor to Forbes online notes, "The job of a big-company executive is very different from the job of a small-company executive." I agree. Sure there are growing pains, but I’ve found the joys far outweigh the challenges. Here’s why: 1. Add value from Day One Start-ups know how hard it is to...