Bwana ☠
Firefox 3 Direct download links
Wow! Thanks! That worked! - iTad from fftogo
This worked for me. Thanks. (I wonder if this counts towards the record). - Ben
That's how I managed to get it. Working great! - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
Works for me too, thanks. I am all for setting the record but if those dorks make it hard for me, then I won't bother - Bob Ngu
w00t! - dgw
Thanks a lot! - Wictor Wilén
You da man, Bwana - Rahsheen
Well done! - Rich
Careful with the overseas mirrors. They will not enable auto-update! - Charlie Anzman
Release candidate 3? I thought this was a final version? - Brian Sullivan
@Brian Sullivan: RC3 and Final are identical. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
Thanks Bwana! I'm downloading right now :) oh it's finished. see you then. - Kenichi Matsumoto
Yep what the heck, RC3? - Bob Ngu from twhirl
I went directly to the source -> - Mike Marusin
Shit it forces FF as the default browser -- no option to modify during install it seems. - Brian Sullivan
I guess no one in the tread is participating in the record :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Well done - Jican - Will M
Hmmm..custom installation wants Fx in ..Mozilla Firefox Beta 5 folder, is the link really the final release? - Wictor Wilén
Do we know that the FTP links count? - dgw
I would hope so: FTP and direct HTTP downloads are trivial to track. - Mark Trapp
shit - no firebug for rtm yet...B-(. scrambling to remember how to set "ignore compat" switch... - Shawn L. Morrissey
Will, is that RC3 link also? - Bob Ngu from twhirl
@Voyagerfan5761: Mozilla said they don't earlier. If you do get it from FTP, download it from the main site later. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
It just installs on top of the existing version. - Rich
What's the md5? My file (windows) has MD5 = c971bb2273d24d62dd15dcdbd6030ea3 - Rich
Dynamite! thanks bwana!!! - Noah Carter
Is really the final version identical to the RC3 and so the version we are downloading is just a set up for the firefox down(load) day - Stéphane Guérin
I've only downloaded the Mac version, but the md5 matches on both FTP and the link I provided above. Mac OS X md5: 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283 - Bwana ☠
I cant spot much differences between RC3 and the final version - Palin Ningthoujam
There shouldn't be many differences. But so far so good on my system. Seems a little snappier and uses less RAM than earlier betas. - Robert Scoble
excelent - Ruben Llibre
Did it. Can I go home now? :) - Naor Mark
is there somewhere (or some tool) to check compatibility with your addons? I don't want to have to go to each individual addons page and read the fine print. - Tim Hoeck
Palin, the final release of FF3 is identical to RC3. No code changes whatsoever; it's the same package. - Gregory Pittman from twhirl
Linked to this from RWW - awesome! :) - Sarah Perez
The welcome page says "Release Candidate 3" after I install from the Mac OS X dmg with an MD5 of 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283. However, the about page says just "version 3.0". - Fred Yankowski from twhirl
The "about" page has said just "Version 3.0" for a while (or at least it does previous in RCs). I can haz actual release and not RC? - Karim
Shawn, go to Under releases you can download beta 12. It works with 3. I'm not sure how stable it is, so, as with all betas, installer beware! They claim it to be stable. - Joel Gray
...getting off topic here, but I've been using Firebug on FF3 for weeks and it's very stable. - Daniel Shaw
Watch them live on Mogulus...they just said downloading from counts. - Bwana ☠
thank you, I can finally download FF3 - Rajiv Doshi
Thank you very much. - Kevin Porter
thanks for providing the link - Moksh Juneja
Wow, that link made it much todo about nothing. - Russellreno
My Mac OS version also has MD5 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283 - can someone confirm whether it's really final or RC3 (or provide an official confirmation that final == RC3)? - Chester
For those wondering, the md5 of the Mac OS X download from and the one I provided above match. Both are 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283 Those are the official versions - Bwana ☠
Dude. You're awesome! :) - Flora