MrRooni: New blog post: Quick and Easy Debugging of unrecognized selector sent to instance
gaminghorror: new cocos2d podcast: we had the pleasure to interview kickstarting indie devs (Gladiators of Eden)
merowing_: So I just installed @crashlytics, best installation UIX I’ve seen for a framework. Ever.
stuartcarnie: Oh sweet, OpenGL ES 3.0 specification is now officially out (via @rje) • look forward to browsing through this
bradlarson: @ralf The Wahoo Blue HR was my choice for $80, and is the first LE hardware I’ve worked with. Not a lot of LE devices out there yet.
bradlarson: Picked up a Bluetooth 4.0 LE heart rate monitor over the weekend so that I could play with Core Bluetooth. Impressed with 4.0 LE so far.
kevinhoctor: Let the paperless office begin.
kevinhoctor: Let the paperless office begin.
klmr: Is LaTeX used outside of academia? Hell yes! – Beautiful examples of commercial use of TeX /cc @StackTeX @TeXtip
softfacade: What apps/services can you recommend for building an interactive prototype of an iOS app from the images?
secboffin: Imagine that someone in our community was going to write something like Code Complete, but for Cocoa. Who should that be? I’ll vote later.
davedelong: Lots of votes for the Adonit Jot, with the Cosmonaut coming in second. Thanks everyone! :)
bwebster: @danielpunkass codesign -dvvv --entitlements - /path/to/app
mattgemmell: iOS text editors crowd-sourced comparison spreadsheet by @ttscoff: (via @reentim)
drewmccormack: Good tip for iCloud Core Data testing from @dlpasco: Use launch args 3 to debug.
siracusa: @codinghorror Get a PS3, you heathen. Then buy and play three games: Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Journey. Then burn it if you want.
boredzo: Looking for iPad apps to make my stylus more awesome. Here's what I've tried so far:
iDeveloperTV: Forgot to mention on last weeks show you can get 20% off @hockeyapp for life using coupon code iDEVELOPER
mekentosj: Thanks to @mz2 who showed it could be done in 2 days of going through 600 files... Awesome job!
Hilarious: Siri’s temperament after a year of nonsensical questions [Comic] -
Hilarious: Siri’s temperament after a year of nonsensical questions [Comic]
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An analysis of Steve Jobs tribute messages displayed by Apple -
How the R-project is taking over statistical analysis software -
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★ Universe Dented, Grass Underfoot -
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Quora iPhone app released - with new Nearby feature -
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