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Piotr Byzia
Mobile apps for chemistry in the world of drug discovery http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed... Anybody? Please send to piotr.byzia (gmail)
On the way (if not the time difference Anthony or Rich would send it before me :) ). - Pawel Szczesny
I'm glad this room still works as it used to, thank you Pawel. - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
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Kol Tregaskes
What's your Google Wave account? Mine is kolint [at] googlewave [dot] com. Feel free to add me.
If you want an invite or have invites to give away check the 'Great Google Wave Invite' thread here: http://ff.im/91M9R EDIT: Or try this for invites: http://googlewaveinvites.com/ - Kol Tregaskes
mmastrac - Matt M (inactive)
127ajr I wish we didn't have to keep our gmail names. - Californian
roshan.ramachandran - Roshan Ramachandran
Added you all. Taylan, well you have at least one now. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Wait, Google Wave gives you an email address? Super awesome! - Nick Humphries
Nick, well it's your Gmail address but with @googlewave.com instead of @gmail.com (or @googlemail.com) - Kol Tregaskes
I'd like one. hmnunes@gmail.com - HN from iPhone
HN, post here instead: http://ff.im/91M9R - Kol Tregaskes
Kol: That's pretty neat. Wish it was shorter like wave.com or gwave.com (Google owns gwave.com anyway) or something. - Nick Humphries
@gwave.com doesn't seem to work. - Kol Tregaskes
any you give me an invite? - Dennis Chu
Goofy2, post here: http://ff.im/91M9R - Kol Tregaskes
andrewterry2.0@googlewave.com - Andrew Terry
please an invite =/ m.furkantunali [\at/] gmail.com - Furkan Tunalı
Furkan, post here instead: http://ff.im/91M9R - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, sorry. - Furkan Tunalı
if only you could bold an announcement in FF like you can in Wave :D [oh, and my username on Wave is the splendiforously original "adamlasnik"] - Adam Lasnik
selcuke@gmail.com .thx - Selcuk Ergin
Guys, please read the title and the first comment. This is not a request for invites. This is for users who already have an account and want to share their account name. For invites see this thread: http://ff.im/91M9R - Kol Tregaskes
My Wave ID is erier2003@googlewave.com. Feel free to add me and we can Wave! - Eric Geller
skitcherboy@googlewave.com - Ahmed
don.bonaddio@googlewave.com - Don Bonaddio
ismaileski@gmail.com - ieski
none of my 6 invitees received it .... 8 hrs & counting. Wats the avg time invites take to come thru..? - Roshan Ramachandran
Roshan, it seems completely random. - Kol Tregaskes
terry.donaghe - iTad
sscott@googlewave.com - Spencer
damondnollan@googlewave.com - Damond Nollan
farzaam.net@gmail.com - farzaam
Still don't really know what this is (Or Google Voice for that matter). This is like high school all over again. The cool kids are ignoring me! - James Ferguson
bjtitus@googlewave.com - Brandon Titus
i have no juice...consultfab@gmail.com - Bryan R. Adams
i'm with the google wave woudl be really cool, if i had people to wave at crowd. jviddy@googlewave.com - Jamie Vidamour
Everyone, read the title and first comment. This is NOT an invite thread! - Kol Tregaskes
Blimey. I must be going mad, is it not clear that this is NOT an invite thread. For invites see here: http://ff.im/91M9R - Kol Tregaskes
Not sure if anyone else woudl find it useful, i'm going to add a load of you as friends and create a wave just to try stuff out in. Feel free to remove yourself from the wave or use it as you feel. Also feel free to add anyone else you think might want to be in on it - Jamie Vidamour
Shockingly, I am robdiana@googlewave.com - Rob Diana
Gasp! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'm pavels.romanovskis@gmail or maybe pavels@googlewave.com please see which one works - в джазе только телочки
ajbatac@googlewave.com ;) - AJ Batac
bcl.lee@googlewave.com - BRҰANSAҰS
thehenrydandrea@googlewave.com - TheHenry
joshbegin - Josh Begin
bluecockatoo@googlewave.com - Lindsay
keith.kleverideas for me. - Keith Bennett
abrudtkuhl@googlewave.com - andy brudtkuhl
I don't have one. - Chris Charabaruk
yipwang@gmail.com if anybody wants to add me, perhaps someone can 'wave' me into a circle on wave? :P - Wang Yip
i'm: shaynorulz@gmail.com - the Kol rocks! - shayne catrett
Thanks everyone. - Kol Tregaskes
destek [at] afyonblog [dot] com - mustafa03
chrisofspades at googlewave.com - chrisofspades
I guess I'm kamilah.gill or kamilahgill. Where do I see it? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Add me to your google wave contacts and send me a wave hello jmnewhart@googlewave.com - Jesse Newhart
Woo hoo! - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
scobleizer@googlewave.com - Robert Scoble
monamail@googlewave.com :) - Mona Nomura
alexishope@googlewave.com - Alexis Hope
galtenbergs at same - Christopher Galtenberg
ksheppardson - Ken Sheppardson
faithx5@googlewave.com is me. :) - Jandy
zholmquist@googlewave.com - Zach Holmquist
Added, thanks. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kamilah, you are kamilah.gill. You can find this if you click on yourself in the Contacts sidebar. You address (like everyone) is shown there. - Kol Tregaskes
emirhanizmir at gmail dot com thank you :) - Nutella Ferrero (emirhan)
rmorrill@googlewave.com - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
The invite thread is here: http://ff.im/91M9R. - Kol Tregaskes
vezquex@googlewave.com - Vezquex
Ok got you all loaded in to google wave - nice list thanks Kol! r/d - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
No worries. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
gdearing@googlewave.com - George Dearing
I'd like to be invited : natoorenet@gmail.com - MeŤi
Meti: http://ff.im/91M9R .. invites are not in this thread - Wang Yip
libyano@gmail.com plz - Saeed Ashour
Afcontact@gmail.com with my eternal recognition! - Arnaud Fischer from iPhone
lardissone@googlewave.com - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
mikefruchter@googlewave.com - Mike Fruchter
trappermark@googlewave.com - Mark Traphagen
jeffisageek@googlewave.com - (jeff)isageek
donothaveanaccount@googlewave.com :( - Mo Kargas
This thread is now live in an embedbed public wave in Google Wave. - Kol Tregaskes
Patrick@googlewave.com - Patrick
fatihkurtoglu@gmail.com - mfatih
aksenova.katerina@gmail.com - Prometa
Have someone placed invites in places like inviteshare.com? - TrafficBug
impressive. :) - Miguel Wickert- Pineiro
chicagorachelbaker@googlewave.com - Rachel Baker
Thanks everyone. - Kol Tregaskes
lukather77@googlewave.com - Lorenzo Strambi
flexdaddy[at]googlewave.com - Eric Price
I am at empoprises at googlewave dot com. And no, I do not have any invites. - John E. Bredehoft
John, added you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
krynsky...on there. - Mark Krynsky
johnacraft.com@googlewave.com - John Craft
Ehi, I need an invitation... Feel free to mail me at napolux@gmail.com ;) - Napolux from twhirl
empty1 - Matt Thompson
ninthart at googlewave dot com - Brad Brooks
Great!! Add me as well....haroldcabezas@googlewave.com Look forward to connecting there, I think Google Wave is great. - Harold Cabezas
guilhermegom@googlewave.com - guilherme
Thank you all. - Kol Tregaskes
I need Wave invite :) - Naceron
zoolcar9@googlewave.com - Zulkarnain K.
canuckmackem@googlewave.com - Simon Tracey
kevin.j.gamble@googlewave.com - Kevin Gamble
commenting from the embedded thread - Mr. Gunn
fuk and i am still @gmail.com !!!! - viki saigal
sniffle - Karoli
I'm sniffling because I don't have a google wave nick. Despite two invites, there is still nothing in my inbox. I am not in with the in crowd. :( - Karoli
thanks, I will! - Karoli
hanten@googlewave.com - Ben Hanten
john.worthington.aac@googlewave.com - Johnny
I still don't have an invite :/ mattb4rd@gmail.com - Mattb4rd
finally got my wave! :-) qtbrowneyes☺googlewave - browneyes
YAY!!!! I'm wavin' at you! karoli.kuns@googlewave.com - Karoli
I am vimoh.writer - vimoh
<- Waves hello! :) I'm at holger.eilhard@googlewave.com - Holger Eilhard
hello holger, can you pls send me invite? fatihkurtoglu@gmail.com - mfatih
Invite came today! I'm jalada@googlewave.com. As part of the second/third 'Wave' of people getting invites looks like I don't get any to share out. - Jalada
M Fatih Kurtoglu: Sorry, I don't yet have any nominations to give out... - Holger Eilhard
I'm brominet at google, dot com. - Brome
jvjannotti@googlewave.com - Jim #teamFFrank
Hey, I'm in too ! :)) tagyboy@googlewave.com - fwed
Just got my invite this morning as well. FF embed seems to be working fine. I've tried the Wolfram Alpha robot but didn't get it to work yet. - François Dongier
Thanks, Kol. Nice list. - Wins Fern
librarysupporter@googlewave.com in my wave. :) - MLx
Glad to see more and more people getting in. What we're waiting for is proper group support (a few weeks hopefully) then let the games begin! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Anyone have a spare google wave invite to send to me? email me at zaldor at gmail ! TY! - Les Zaldor
that is a test from the wave that has this thread embedded. - Nathalie
Hey cool, Nathalie. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
how does one find that thread within wave? - Jim #teamFFrank
Search for the term "friendfeed", you might have to put "with:public friendfeed" - Kol Tregaskes
please send one! + strefrextor %& gmail /( com =? - Musa Avcı
If I had wave I would add you, but seeing as I don't, I won't :( - Simon Doyle from Nambu
woland783 - Alessandro
i'm francois.dongier in googlewave as in gmail - François Dongier
amyb1961@ - oh wait, that's right, I don't HAVE it yet! - Amy℠
avandos08@googlewave.com - Harold
jasonw22@googlewave.com - Jason Wehmhoener
tlhote@googlewave.com - Thierry Lhôte
jmortonscott - Jason
this is great! - Kenyth
rowlikeagirl{at}googlewave. com. Whew, I just added all the contacts here. That wasn't too tedious! - rowlikeagirl
ronin.ben@googlewave.com - rønin
susan.beebe@googlewave.com :) - Susan Beebe
svartling@googlewave.com Please add me? :) - Svartling
I'll have some juice as well yannrs@googlewave.com - Yann Ropars
I see there are lots or new people on Wave. Keep em coming. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
jimminyfuller@googlewave.com - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
sedairenguozmen@googlewave.com - seda irengü özmen
adrianculici@googlewave.com - Adrian
quackofdawn@googlewave.com - noname
Waving from GWave. - Wins Fern
brodiebeta@googlewave.com =) - Brodie Beta
pascal.sijen@googlewave.com - Pascal Sijen
ancyru8 [at] googlewave.com Finally got myself an account! - Andrew Trinh
krz9000 [@] googlewave.com - Chris Hofmann
Mine is mrfabbri@googlewave.com - Marco Fabbri
laura.botts [at] googlewave.com - LB needs a break.
sarper [at] googlewave.com - Sarper Sılaoğlu
al86shaw [at] googlewave.com - Alan (Giraffes)
ryan.hirsch [at] googlewave.com - Ryan
tosh54 [at] googlewave.com - Peter Hoffmann
laura.norvig@googlewave.com - Laura Norvig
I will as soon as I get one WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! - Martha
banane@googlewave.com <-- writing this from wave. neat! - anna sauce
marco.nunez@googlewave - FINALLY! like i said on twitter - i feel like the kid who got a nintendo 1 christmas too late when everyone had already beaten super mario bros! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
denise.straessler@googlewave - stupid me had no idea i wouldn't be able to select a different name ..... - denise
Thanks everyone! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
kendrak@googlewave.com - kendrak
rjccviii -at- gmail dawt com - Richard Lawler
mdfidler [at] googlewave [dot] com - Michael Fidler
Arnaud dot Fischer at gmail dot com if anybody is happy to share an invite with me... Thanks so much! - Arnaud Fischer from iPhone
mine is bansode@googlewave.com - Gaurav Bansode
I'm allanpartridge@googlewave.com ... feel free to add me too (boring talking to self) - Brandon
diegomorelli76@googlewave.com - diego morelli
m.furkantunali@googlewave.com - Furkan Tunalı
churchsg - Sally Church
subject.zero@googlewave.com - Danny F Santos
fredcy@googlewave.com - Fred Yankowski
Lots more, cool! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
tapiokulmala@googlewave.com - Tapio Kulmala
george.moga@googlewave.com - George Moga
activescott@googlewave.com - scott willeke
glemak (at) etc... - mike "glemak" dunn
bjmccormick [at] googlewave [dot] com - rotarychainsaw
quantum.yorkie@googlewave.com - Tony C (Unrated)
chacha102@googlewave.com - Tyler (Chacha)
I really don't feel like adding 200 people my my contacts... - Tyler (Chacha)
Well, there are quite a few people already! Mine is catalani.ryan [at googlewave dot com]. - Ryan - @magicofpi
s.velcam02@googlewave.com ;) - Sergio Vela Camacho
nothing@googlewave.com. To everybody: Can some one offer me Wave? - ThinkEzy
I want it too omikheev@gmail.com - Kaspar Minosiants
i am eugenemah@googlewave.com - Imabug
startoestudio@googlewave.com - Martha
omgplzstfukthx@googlewave.com :-D - April Russo (FForever!)
richij@googlewave.com - Richi Jennings
niguel.valley@googlewave.com - Valley
Is there a compiled list of search strings for GoogleWave? It will be very helpful as the number of waves increase in inbox - Wins Fern
gladstone@googlewave.com - Gladstone
@Wins Fern: some of them are presented here: http://smarterware.org/3729... - George Moga
solymos.gellert@googlewave.com bernadett.csajbi@googlewave.com - SoGo
Well, I finally got to surf the Wave experience. Currently drowning. bubbleofneon@googlewave.com - Mark H
Cool, Mark! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
ciropellegrino at gmail.com :) - Ciro Pellegrino
Yes, kevendones@googlewave.com :) - Keven
i'm suezanne at googlewave.com - Sue - Friendfeed is best
soner.gonul@googlewave.com - ★ Soner Gönül
In case there is still someone with spare invitations: piotr.byzia at gmail.com - Piotr Byzia
walt i tried to add you but it says your address is invalid :( - mike "glemak" dunn
Finally made it on to Wave, add me and say hello - azs.gmu@googlewave.com - Aram Zucker-Scharff
ivanfilios@googlewave.com - Iván Abrego
Terror@googlewave.com Add me! - Yiğit
andyzweb@googlewave.com - Andrew Euell
emrephalanx@googlewave.com - Emre BAHADIR
gardnerscot@googlewave.com - Scot Gardner - Scot Gardner
micahbear78@googlewave.com - MicahBear78
aleahey@gwave.com - Andrew Leahey
rss.ems@googlewave.com - Rıza Selçuk Saydam (RSS)
robertfreeze@googlewave.com - Robert Freeze
fatihkurtoglu@googlewave.com - mfatih
marybaumcreative@googlewave.com -- Thanks, Trish! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
nzbuu1 [at] googlewave [dot] com - James Myatt
I'm mightyfib(at)googlewave(dot)com Please feel free to add me.. :o) - Jeannette Høvring
Thanks, George. The list is getting longer. Wow. - Wins Fern
dannyrowley@googlewave.com - Daniel Rowley
ajkohn2006@googlewave.com - AJ Kohn
voxefx@googlewave.com - Vox
pengwen.not.penguin@googlewave.com - Parvez Halim
bansode AT googlewave DOT com - Gaurav Bansode
Might be worth bumping this post as it's now open to all. - Kol Tregaskes
michaelbernstein.com@googlewave.com - Michael R. Bernstein
Rajarshi Guha
my problem in life - I'm interested in too many things
Yup, same here. - Björn Brembs
In the absence of infinity, possibilities include: reduce sleep, give up on having a 'life', dream of superheroes spinning the world on its axis to make time go slower .... - Rajarshi Guha
Sounds too familiar ;-) Maybe aging research will help to make time go slower. - Josef Scheiber
"it's not a bug, it's a feature" ;) - Piotr Byzia from FreshFeed
Same here, talent is definitely overrated, unless I get speed-reading eyes, till then I just stick to ... working *a lot*. Or I could just ignore things and still claim making educated guesses... *shaking* ... horrible idea! - joergkurtwegner
+1 Piotr. And: your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. Or vice versa :) - Heather Piwowar
joergkurt: try running your finger under the words as you read, if you're reading on paper. It sounds nuts and it's about the first thing most people are told to stop doing when they first learn to read, but it's actually a really good idea. It helps maintain a constant pace, which you can speed up further than you think you can until you try this, mostly because it stops regression.... more... - Bill Hooker
@Bill - I will give it a go ... has anyone already created a "virtual finger" program for PDF documents ? ;-) - joergkurtwegner
@Rajarshi Same here, and being able to speed read does not solve it. - Ruchira S. Datta
Ruchira makes a good point. Although most people find that trick useful, curiosity is a fluid -- it expands to fill the available capacity. If you discover that now you can read more, you will find more things you want to read! - Bill Hooker
Pawel Szczesny
The Life Scientists Poll: how did you find this room? How did you get on FriendFeed?
I'm trying to collect ways people have became members on this online community, to see if the principle "data find data, and then people find people" applies to making connections on FF. - Pawel Szczesny
In my case, I followed Deepak. So the connection was already present. - Pawel Szczesny
I found friendfeed through a techie I was following on twitter (about a year ago). Started finding science people (probably fooling around on a bored night) and got hooked - Kubke
Jcb said that I should join, circa 2008 - Rajarshi Guha from iPhone
I got on Friendfeed because I saw something from Euan and found it intriguing. I started the room - Deepak Singh
I don't remember exactly, probably May or June 2008 through the blogosphere. - Martin Fenner
got my invite from Deepak on May 23 2008 just like Neil and Pawel, it quickly turned out to be a better solution for in-depth bioinformatics/biology niche conversations than Twitter (no wonder) - Attila Csordas
found friendfeed while trying out various social network & bookmarking sites, enjoyed how it could tie together many sites (was using 20+ profiles around the web at the time). can't remember how TLS first came up, probably saw discussions that friends liked or commented on - Mike Chelen
I remember using FF to introduce the concept of Web2.0 in April08 at a talk - http://www.slideshare.net/jcbradl... I thought I was just highlighting a fun new toy - I didn't realize it would come to dominate my interaction with the web in just a few months - Jean-Claude Bradley
Late December 08 / Early January 09 for me ... I think came to FriendFeed due to recommendation from Maureen Hoatlin, and then found TLS via someone's feed. Is there an easy way to access my initial FF likes and comments? - Steve Koch
I am trying to espand my network also here in FF and I find your idea very original and creative.congrats FF is the best!ciao from Rome ;) - Nicola Codipietro
@Steve: no. I was using Google Reader to "archive" my likes and comments via the RSS feed, but GR is badly broken (won't resort, has lost months of items, I'm subscribed to weird shit by Buzz and that's flooded my feeds, etc etc). You can presumably get at your earliest FF items through the API but I have no idea how to go about that. - Bill Hooker
On topic: I was following Deepak before he created TLS, so that's how I got to this room. Best guess is that I saw FF mentioned on various blogs and decided to try it out, is how I got to FF. - Bill Hooker
@Bill yeah, I discovered same thing w/ GR. And I can't go back very far in regular FF web interface. Good reason to tinker with FF API, but I'll resist for now. - Steve Koch
I was regular reader of Deepak's blog, he mentioned about FriendFeed and TLS community somewhere in the post, I cant recall that where. - Abhishek Tiwari
I think for me it was quite a lot of science contacts seemed to be using Friendfeed + a lot of links popping up on Twitter that linked to Friendfeed. @pansapiens wandering around the office with a Friendfeed shirt may have helped things a little. ;p - Mark Bate
As many others, I decided to give FF a try after Deepak's blog post about creation of the LS room. Then, I also started using Twitter. - Piotr Byzia from FreshFeed
Consensus seems to be that data find data and then Deepak finds people. :-) - Bill Hooker
yes Deepak for me too :) - Pedro Beltrao
I can't really remember anymore but I think it was probably through searching for open science on the web, finding some blogs, and then seeing FF mentioned in those blogs. Shall we start a "six degrees of Deepak Singh"? :) - Shirley Wu
got my invitation from Deepak - Pierre Lindenbaum
I have no clue - just one day I was here and found y'all were already there :-) - Björn Brembs
I don't quite remember how I found this room--I think I liked some items on FF by either Neil or Pedro, subscribed to him, and then found the room. As for finding FF, I think there was some sort of news item about it going into private beta (it might even have been in my FB newsfeed), so I sent a message asking to join, and eventually got an account. I didn't realize FF existed outside of FB for months (until one of the FFers told me in person). - Ruchira S. Datta
Here's a really old blogpost about FF: http://minnibeach.blogspot.com/2007... and here's an ancient NYTimes article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007... Neither of these is the one I saw, but it was around the same time. - Ruchira S. Datta
Come to think of it, I haven't found any other Datta on FF. ;-) - Ruchira S. Datta
From a post of Michael Neilson's -- probably "Future of Science" - Mickey Schafer
Blogosphere to deepak to friendfeed - Nils Reinton
Shirley, are there six degrees of Deepak? Every graph of my contacts and FOAFs looks like a cartwheel with Deepak at the centre. On topic: I remember the day when it was just Deepak, me, and Neil. - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
I was looking for a place where scientists network, and someone on Twitter (@andrewspong) recommended this. Still need to figure out how to use it! - Fiona Godsman
Thanks! I don't know Deepak, but I'm willing to bet there are less than 6 degrees between us! BTW, how do you find out more about ppl on FF? Are profiles posted somewhere? - Fiona Godsman
No profiles per se, but if you click on names you go to a "home page", where you can see a list of the services that person pipes in here (the row of icons under the name and tagline at the top of the page). That will take you to LinkedIn profiles, blogs, etc etc. - Bill Hooker
From one of Shirley's blog posts, around late July 2008. - Daniel Mietchen
Pawel: you introduced me to ff. - Iddo Friedberg
I stumbled in from one of the bioinformatics blogs I was reading about a year ago. Might have been Neil's, might have been someone else's. - Chris Miller
I followed Iddo here. - Mickey Kosloff
I found FriendFeed on a tech blog, decided to search for science-related groups/members, and stumbled on this - Benjamin Tseng
Pawel Szczesny
Complex systems and biology – introduction - http://freelancingscience.com/2009...
There're so many nice people out there - 16 hours after this posting (I finished the post on Friday evening) I got email with two useful publications in pdf format, because someone (thanks Piotr!) thought they would be relevant to the topics I'm studying. - Pawel Szczesny
I'm glad I could help! - Piotr Byzia from FreshFeed
Also, that's an advantage of sharing your thoughts on a blog :) - Piotr Byzia from FreshFeed
More on CAS at Santa Fe Institute: http://www.santafe.edu - Salvatore Loguercio
Thanks Salvatore. If anybody's interested many publications from SFI are available as PDFs from their website: http://www.santafe.edu/researc... I like also Francis Heylinghen's work: http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/Papers... - Pawel Szczesny
Pawel Szczesny
Very creative and innovative step. Fingers crossed for you and let me know if there is anything I could help with in Wroclaw (I'm again in Poland for good). - Piotr Byzia
Thanks Piotr. People are quite skeptical about some of these steps, but as with other things: I need to try myself first ;). I'll let you know when first concrete things happen. - Pawel Szczesny
Pawel, good luck. Don't know anyone more capable of making this work - Deepak Singh
Best of luck Pawel, and keep us up to date - several of us have been dreaming of setting up a freelance research institute too ... - Anna Croft
Thanks a lot Neil, Deepak and Anna! When in the right mood, have a look at Hugh MacLeod's recent stories about EVIL PLAN: http://gapingvoid.com/2009... and http://gapingvoid.com/2009... Hugh has been inspiring me for a long time :) - Pawel Szczesny
Truly awesome Pawel! I very much look forward to seeing how this will advance Open Science - Jean-Claude Bradley
Paweł, good luck with the project and thanks for EVIL PLAN - Hugh MacLeod is great :) - Marcin Wojnarski
Kol Tregaskes
The Great Google Wave invite thread. Anyone who wants an invite post your Gmail address here and anyone who has invites available please use to invite the people on this list. There are also a bunch of requests in the Invites group here: http://friendfeed.com/invites
I have a few but holding them for a few people who have already asked me. I'm at kolint [at] googlewave [dot] com btw. A pain I know but if you can, could you update your comment when you have an account or just delete your comment. Ta! :-) EDIT: Try this site for invites: http://googlewaveinvites.com/ - Kol Tregaskes
ysabelegaspi at gmail dot com. thanks! - Ema Nymton
Kol, my man...I love you, you do know that right? :) jazzjeppeATgmail.com - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
I would like to have one => nessuno.no.luogo at gmail dot com <= :) thank you - GG...
crap, wrong email...:) jazzjeppeATgmail.com - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
havaslash att gmail dott com thanks :) - Jay
bryce@bryceroney.com if you have a spare :) - Bryce Roney
chaz2b2@gmail.com thank you, :) - chaz2b
lameei (at) gmail (dot) com - Mostafa Lameei
fanning[dot]steve(at)gmail[dot]com - DJ Stevie Steve
williswee@gmail.com :) - Willis Wee
manantsoa.david(at)gmail(dot)com - Thanx - Manantsoa
nikicostantini[at]gmail.com :) - Niki Costantini
gloriouslywired@gmail.com Thank you! - Tanya S
Hehe, Jesper. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
tibor.holoda@gmail.com Please! ;) - Tibor Holoda
http://scr.im/jaden Pretty please with a cherry on top :) - Dan Hersam
can i haz en invyte? boycaught-at-gmail.com - .LAG liked that
daemith@gmail.com - Лёва
Please pretty please - wishfully.thinking [at] gmail [dot] com - Harini Saladi
could you please send me an invite as well please email saysunnykapoor@gmail.com - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
If anyone has one to share - martin (dot) starfighterpilot (at) gmail.com :-) - Martin Bryant
tagyboy@gmail.com thanks - fwed
slayerboy [AT] gmail [DOT} com - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
pkhannah@gmail.com - Paul
krz9000[@)googlemail.com i can haz? - Chris Hofmann
yok2504 [at] gmail.com - Sinan İŞLER
mdoeff at gmail dot com - Mike Doeff
sadoyle AT gmail DOT com if anyone has a spare invite I would be thrilled. - Simon Doyle from BuddyFeed
rubin dot sfadj at gmail dot com - Rubin Sfadj
grant.bierman at gmail dot com - Grant Bierman
how do we track who got invited & who didnt? - Roshan Ramachandran
magicofpi at gmail dot com for me, please! - Ryan - @magicofpi
kim.landwehr@gmail.com - Kim Landwehr
Roshan, maybe those who got invited could put an X before their email... or delete their comment altogether. - Ryan - @magicofpi
amnesiak1978 [at] gmail.com - Andrea | amnesiak1978 from iPhone
Ryan, yep I've suggested something like that in the first comment above. - Kol Tregaskes
blackice912@gmail.com - thanks in advance. :) - Brad Butner
Ah, yeah, I might've missed that... at least we're on the same page. :) - Ryan - @magicofpi
flaimo [@] gmail.com - flaimo
i guess i am superiphi at gmail - Iphigenie
marco.marengo [at] gmail.com - gib
aucimen(at) gmail.com (thank youu) - Alper Umut Çimen
hugo.Miguel.Nunes@gmail.com. Thx - HN from iPhone
ceterelealtdileyt[at]gmail(dot)com --Thank you already now - Yunus YAMANER (CITRIL)
mguttler@gmail.com - thanks - Matt G
nicolaquinn@gmail.com :) - Nicola Quinn from Nambu
mahendrap[at]gmail.com - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
somebody who has it please send a message to me too thanks. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
petegilbert@gmail.com if anyone has any free! - Pete Gilbert
s8726319@gmail.com , thanks for your invite ! - nancy kao
libyano@gmail.com - Saeed Ashour
and hey, if you haven't already, please sign up here: https://services.google.com/fb.... Better to do it now than later... can't hurt :) - Adam Lasnik
photografr@gmail.com - Chris Nixon
zekaikiran@gmail.com - Zekai KIRAN
thomas.power@ecademy.com - Thomas Power
cristian {DOT} vidmar {AT} gmail {DOT} com - thanks in advance! - Cristian Vidmar
selcuke@gmail.com please .thx - Selcuk Ergin
geert.conard@gmail.com - Geert CONARD
scabrcom at gmail dot com - Igor Poltavskiy
Are people on this list getting invites or at least been told they have an invite on the way? You might have to be patient, it could take a long time for one to come through. - Kol Tregaskes
Adam, yep agree. Maybe because I did that (month ago though) helped me get mine through from Vijay so quickly! - Kol Tregaskes
junal53@gmail.com - Junal Rahman
lostmoya@gmail.com - David Young
gtpinfobox[at]gmail[dot]com... plzzz, can i hav one invite *makes puppy face* - Gtp19
matthias.debus [at] gmail [dot] com - Thanks! - Matthias Debus
pls send me an invite on dharmubaba[at}gmail{dot]com - Dharmesh
Have you got a Google Wave invite? Please send me one! selcuke@gmail.com :) - Selcuk Ergin
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (and please send me a Wave Invite) zacrabah@gmail.com - ZacRabah
docdemon at gmail.com. - Dennis Jernberg
keyboardbreaker at gmail.com - Iain Baker
sercanvirlan@gmail.com hey who invites me ? - Sercan
mfelat at gmail dot com - mesut felat
dajdavies at gmail.com - Andy Davies
bahaid at gmail.com - Kilian
arwengrim@gmail.com i'd love an invite! - Patrik Arwengrim
niman24atgmail.com - Stian Torgersen
i'm waiting for months please an #invite m.furkantunali [\at/] gmail.com - Furkan Tunalı
matteocampofiorito@gmail.com - Matteo Campofiorito
yunust at gmail please.. thanks.. - Yunus Tunak
could you send invitation to koraym /@/ gmail .com address please ? =) Thank You! - siniradam
veovix [at] gmail [dot] com - I'll be your best friend!! :) - veo
jmatalon - Jacque
paulasimoes [at] gmail [dot] com - paula simoes ☃
inkoola#gmail.com - qibo
a7med.magdy[at]gmail[DOT]com - Ahmed Magdy
chrisloft@chrisloft.com - great idea Kol, fingers crossed -/ - Chris Loft
pamirg@gmail.com - Pamir Gündüz
angelo.mariano@gmail.com please invite me - Angelo Mariano
melamerito@gmail.com :D - Andrea.i.Norrköping
Thanks and i want one ,my mail is: bao3.cn[at]gmail.com - 黑莓极至
ibgeronimo[at]gmail[dot]com - jan geronimo
soulruins[at]gmail[dot]com THX!!! - Philip from BuddyFeed
cristianconti -at- gmail.com - Cristian Conti
hndrk.nmnn@gmail.com - Thank you! - Hendrik Neumann
piotto [@] gmail.com thank you a lot!! - Matte
wilka.hudson@gmail.com - cheers muchly! - Wilka Hudson
newelvin [at] gmail.com - Thank you! - Elvin
This isn't working...over in the UK we have decided it's all a late April Fool's joke. - Pete Gilbert
buckflow@gmail.com please ;-) - Alistair (alpinefolk)
I want one. (.==@, @==^) siva@rs^gmail.com - siva s
yassersouri@gmail.com - یاسر
@Kol, the invitation process seems to be based on nominations. For example, everytime someone nominates/invites you, you get bumped up the queue for an account until you're at the top and you get sent an invite by the team - Ema Nymton
mdfidler[@]gmail.com Thanks Kol! - Michael Fidler
Ysabel, ah I see, So lots of people must have nominated me. Darn, so a few users I have nominated could be waiting a looooong time. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
kicha1978{@}gmail.com. Thx :) - Krishnamoorthy
Please nominate me? petegilbert@gmail.com :) - Pete Gilbert
soxgal@gmail.com - gracias! - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
mdduru > gmail dot com - thanks in advance. - Durukan Duru
anil(at)anileren.com - Anıl Eren
cjj1019 [at] gmail.com thanks - telefan
itslebigz_at_g mail com thank you!! - Le Big Z
emailforhelp.thomson@gmail.com please please and thank you - Richard Thomson
vince.degeorge AT gmail.com - Thank you! - Vince DeGeorge
emailforhelp.thomson@gmail.com please - Richard Thomson
gdalziel@gmail.com - Glenn Slaven
need invite:) selcuke@gmail.com - Selcuk Ergin
rfavini[at]gmail[dot]com, thanks in advance :D - Roberto
chiara.silvestri@gmail.com - candy
saghee1@gmail.com - I need an invite too, tanx - Saghee
oskarnrk@gmail.com - thanks! :D - Oskar NRK
ronin.ben@gmail.com - rønin from iPhone
tosh54 at gmail.com Thanks! - Peter Hoffmann
if that voting system is right I'm very annoyed. I asked for an invite months ago, now all the numpties are all over it I'm not going to get a look in. It's like I've been sat at the front of a shop queue and everyone's just walking right past me into the shop. I am British but I detest both queuing and waiting, so this is pretty tough going - Toby Graham
koukopoulos at gmail.com - Kostantinos Koukopoulos
librarysupporter@gmail.com pretty please? - MLx
Oooo yes please jon.pittock@gmail.com - Jon
Pretty please with sugar on top? OneLuvGurl@gmail.com - April May
i'd like an invite if anyone has one to spar. i'm wardseward(you know the rest). thanks! - Ward Seward
any generous soul: afcontact@gmail.com THANKS!!! - Arnaud Fischer
deniz.gurbuz@gmail.com thanks mate!! - Deniz Gürbüz
possible248@gmail.com :D - James Rishabh Mishra
Can I play too, please? nzbuu1 [at] gmail.com - James Myatt
alessandro.minin gmail and all the other stuff - scriptabanane
greg.smithsa@gmail.com - thanks ! - Greg Smith
vinod1980 at gmail dot com please send me one. - vinod
please send me inv. : mustafayasinhalici@gmail.com - Mustafa Y. Halici
Not yet. Im still waiting. - Robert from email
same :( - Jay
bobonline at gmail.com - Bob Wilson
Like most other people, yesterday I wasn't aware of that I «needed» a Google Wave invitation this badly...but now I am!!! quackofdawn at gmail dot com - noname
Pleaaaase.... Hmgn@sapo.pt thx - HN from iPhone
mertheper@gmail.com thanks ! - mert
.... danielsoar at gmail.com - Dnl
Please invite me: marklayton at gmail.com - Mark Layton
marco.bonomo@gmail.com thanks! - Marco <radel>
alideemir(@)hotmail.co.uk - Ali Demirci
I would love an invite. barryowens(@)gmail.com - Barry Owens from iPhone
Invite tehKenny, plz parkingstones(@)gmail.com. - tehKenny
jokin.lacalle (at) jakintza.net - Jokin Lacalle
Anyone have an invite to share? whumesatgmaildotcom Thanks. - Friar Will
If there's any left: christopher.owen at gmail.com - Christopher Owen
Memememememe!!! hedwyg at gmail dot com - Ordinarybug Heather
I'd really love one - Wave is the coolest! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
invite please. zlatko.zivlak@gmail.com - zlatko zivlak
link2future (@) gmail.com - Sahandram
jordanpw at gmail - Patrick Jordan
aloneart@gmail.com - yakoo
peace.apple@gmail.com Thanks! Arigato!! - Shoichi from iPhone
andrea DOT romoli AT gmail DOT com - Andrea Romoli
farzaam.net@gmail.com - farzaam
rmorrill@gmail.com thanks, although probably too late. - Comics Forge
weaver423@gmail.com - Tony Miller
butriga at gmail dot com - Angelo
norba1@gmail.com - TheNorba
If you have any left, please can I have one? (tyson.key@gmail.com). Thanks. - Tyson Key
would love an invite - liechti@gmail.com - Martin Liechti
I am vmnayyar@googlewave.com - Mike Nayyar from iPhone
brian.j.krueger@gmail.com - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
me too? ctaloi@gmail.com - Christopher Aloi
jagrap at gmail.com - RAPatton
jordanbrock@gmail.com - Jordan Brock
i don't think there is anymore left but theaob[@]gmail.com - Onur Baykal
Let's try this too: ilmondodieta (at) gmail (.) com - Eta from FreshFeed
Beau at liening . us - Beau Liening from iPhone
neternity@gmail.com and i promise to send a wave of 100,901 twitter followers to your doorstep each of whom will have averaged 1 tweet in their existence - this might not get me an invite but surely it will get some notice - must have that something special - my google wave invite special sauce ingredient is twitter juice PS Not to be construed as an offer, not valid in any of the 53 US states, do not try this at home, caution: contents are hot. - Ross Button
Purdy Please! (expecting [dot] rain) - Jeremy Kunz
ueritemarg@gmail.com - Marg Uerite
andrew@leahey.org if you please, will give back to this list - Andrew Leahey
Please, and thanks in advance.. mightyfib@gmail.com... - Jeannette Høvring
please send me one...thanks! http://scr.im/webgirltj - Terry Johnson
jasonw22 at gmail - Jason Wehmhoener
ahrob19[at]gmail.com ... here is to dreaming of a wave!! - Amani
Thanks zsafwan at gmail dot com - zsafwan 
Thanks pengwen [dot] not [dot] penguin [at] gmail [dot] com - Parvez Halim
If there's any left! kahlanmnel at gmail dot com - Hookuh Tinypants
griffith.pt@gmail.com thank you in advance! - Marco Jardim
prosman@gmail.com - Osman Erdoğan
semihmasat ( at ) gmail.com - Semih Masat™
rkshinobi@gmail.com Thanks :D - RK
ageor7 at gmail dot com, thanks :) - Alexandros Georgiadis
juanpg at gmail dot com, thanks as well! - Juan Pablo González
citro06 at gmail.com, thanks! - Citronella still FFing
batduccio at gmail dot com - thanks - batduccio
braden.douglass [at] gmail [dot] com - Braden Douglass
charbax@gmail.com Thanks!! Wave is revolution! - Charbax
kreg.steppe (at) gmail dot com .. Please? - Kreg Steppe
jianyuan [at] gmail - thank you! - Jyuan
francois dot granger at gmail dot com - François Granger
Anyone have already a wave invite?. I'm a developers anxious to take a look at wave. jmiguel.rodriguez at gmail.com . Thank you very much in advanced! - jmiguel rodriguez
trentono gmail com...thanks in advance, mysterious stranger... - Trent Olson
Russellreno at Gmail.com - Russellreno
stevebryson@gmail.com - Karma will bless you abundantly. Thanks! - eEditor
slowfinger at quidtum.it, please. - Slow
bob.morris@googlewave.com. Have a few invites, also, please add me as contact - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Hey bob morris, can you invite me ? tagyboy at gmail dot com ! - fwed
apleyden (at) gmail.com - Andrew Leyden
myturkey AltGr + Q gmail.com - Varol AKSOY
@Bob Morris please! (above) - Slow
what a long list! steve at sharpers dot com please! - Steve
this list seems hopeless, but I'm firstname.lastname@gmail.com - Laura Norvig
WTB: Google wave invites, will trade for 200 gmail invites :) chatman31@gmail.com - Man Of Chat
manielse[at]gmail[dot]com thanks! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Plz. Invite me on Google Wave. Am i on a HIGH? - ThinkEzy
bizsumpark182@gmail.com; I still don't know what to think about it, but I really want to test it out. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Welcome an invite at jackstone3643@googlemail.com. Thanks. - Jack Stone
Hey! sappho at gmail, thanks in advance to anyone who send it out. - Priscila Zanuzzo
vincentxcode@gmail.com - Vincent X
tamara.weinstein@gmail.com Thanks for the thread Kol! - Tamara, #TeamMarina
paulwhit@gmail.com - prz? :) - Paul Whitaker
lol at this point i gotta think that by the time an invite makes it this far down the list i may already be at the top of the official invite list but doesn't hurt to try right? marco [dot] nunez @ gmail - thanks! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
I'm also trying. As Marco said, it doesn't hurt :) iamclem at gmail. thanks! - Clément Simon
Hello, I would love to have a google wave invite too. ilteris@gmail.com thanks! - ilteris
hell, why not: jamiesmind@gmail.com - Jamie Mack
Please!! jrblazespam at gmail dot com - Jeff
Oops! You said gmail address: marybaumcreative (at) gmail. Although I run marybaum@marybaum.com through gmail servers too. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from email
mrtbzkrt at gmail.com thanks - Aquacultural
alan.le at gmail.com - Alan Le
ibrahimuzun /// gmail.com - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
robynahawk - you know the rest! ;-b this is me - always late to the party! - Robyn Hawk
Here I am super duper late. sound [dot] of [dot] dust [at] gmail [dot] com. I know the email is a pain. - Faraz Mullick
Looking for wave invite to use in Vegan centered site hook a vegge brother up, jtwilkins *AT* gmail *DOT* com - Josh Wilkins
gah, I'm so late but I need one. kmward (at) gmail (dot) com - Kate
I'm at jwilliams [at] live [dot] com but with the length of this thread I'm not holding my breath. Lol - Jason Williams from iPhone
jacopo.paoletti@gmail.com - Jacopo Paoletti
payne.lucius@gmail.com please? C-: - Lucius Payne
gattoo at gmail dot com - ThinkEzy
brallsplp@gmail.com much appreciated - Brian
amitnangare@gmail.com thanks.... - Amit Nangare
demircancelebi@gmail.com - Demircan Celebi
onur[et]sharebus.com - onurc
adolfo at nerdstlaker .com please - adolfo foronda
barijaona ... gmail ... com - Barijaona Ramaholimihaso
mike.hellers at gmail.com thanks. - Mike Hellers
Wow, with all the people here, the chances of getting one is slim. Still, there's no hurt in trying... phoenix713[at]gmail[dot]com - Eduardo Ruiz
wordsforliving@gmail.com - DRAT! I'm last in line! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
niguel[dot]valley@gmail[dot]com - Valley
LOL, One could build a good spam email list from this post!!!! - Brian
stan.thieman at gmail.com - Rodzilla
can you send me invite for google wave to i.igors (at) gmail (dot) com - Igor Krstev
Looking for one myself at alexscrivener (at) gmail (dot) com - Alex Scrivener
sopmac21379@gmail.com - Ivan Campos
erdem.g ⓐ gmail - Erdëm GULTEKIN
lara.ak@gmail.com - oldiesbutuglies
looking for an invite - ritup2@gmail.com - Ritu
axin.on [att] googlemail [dott] com - Achim Brueck
Wow, thanks in advance! ryanpc@gmail.com - Ryan Christensen
I would love an invite: xiatwo[at]gmail.com - Dongzhi
christopher.hewlett@gmail.com Thanks! - Chris
tom@thomashawk.com - Thomas Hawk
Thank you very much! tkpglobal@gmail.com - Leslie Carothers
wow.... even Thomas Hawk doesn't have an invite yet or atleast seems like it... I feel better now :) - Amit Nangare
I would definitely appreciate an invite, if you have one to spare... bette.cooper@gmail.com - Bette Cooper
etoelle@gmail.com - Please and thank you!!! - Erica Toelle
I'd love one but I can't even get subscribers on here so I anticipate failure. :-( scurran24@gmail.com - Simon Curran
silverhage@gmail.com - Thanks everyone, really looking forward to trying google wave. - Silver Hage
To everyone thanks from PR, waiting for the wave richietj77@gmail.com - Juan R Perez
/me is tired to see this post at the top of his home :) - fwed
giving out my invites -> http://brudtkuhl.com/want-a-... - andy brudtkuhl
I'd love an invite. I was sort of expecting to get one from Google, as I have been in all of their other betas, but to no avail :( carlton.prest@gmail.com - Carlton Prest
jamesrhull {at} gmail - James Hull
prguy85 at gmail - Manuel Mas
If anyone has a Google Wave invite to share I would like one. ampptt (at) gmail - Robert Anderson
I so want one... drusoicy <at> gmail.com - Andru Edwards
I'd like one, too. ha3rvey at gmail - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
sd11208 at gmail thanks. - Stalyn☂
d.patti (at) email.it thanks! - Davide Patti
mithandir at gmail dot com - Mithandir
Pretty please. richardlusk at gmail - Richard
like it,allwell at gmail dot com - coze
Plesae send an invite! jwatson820@gmail.com - Jonna Watson
damn, the pretty please guy will get one for sure, that steve guy @hotmail.com is likely last on the list - but we all will get one if that scobilizer guy notices that we are all here and asking and so cul cuz we are all on friendfeed - maybe if we twitter too it might help - hello google !!!! - Ross Button
how do we know which ones are sent? I'm just doing my own thread. - Vezquex
teekotkl [at] gmail.com thank's! - Teeko
Yes please.... cherkoff at gmail ;-) - James Cherkoff
joe.azzara@gmail.com - Joe Azzara
all good now - metalerik
tukonx@gmail.com thanks! - Chris Reichow
lifeofjim@gmail.com thanks in advance! - James Campbell from iPhone
I've been in wave for a while, I don't need any more invites, thanks. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
tateblaze @ gmail dot com - Tate
christophe.ceccon AT gmail.com thanks a lot! - Christophe Ceccon
who have wave invite ? - Sinan İŞLER
right everbody write self mail but who have ?! :D come on google !!!!!! see the ff :D - Sinan İŞLER
joe.dawsons@gmail.com x - Joe Dawson
If someone can send an invite to azuckerscharff@gmail.com I'd be much obliged. I'd really love to check out Wave. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
plzzz libyano@gmail.com - Saeed Ashour
ggelardi at gmail dot com, thanks in advance - esorciccio a.d.
Thanks Krazy! john dot mcgeehan at gmail dot com - John McGeehan
gobozov@gmail.com Thank you - Kaspar Minosiants
timepilot68 at gmail dot com, thx!! - timepilot
1jsr86@gmail.com .. Thanks! - Yourmagz
Shmoetheho [at] gmail dot com -- much appreciated! Will reciprocate. - Shmoe from iPhone
If anybody still has one, I'd be happy to have one if you wouldn't mind. zach @ zachflauaus.com - Zach Flauaus
cargun [at] gmail dot com, please wave me... - Cem ARGUN
thattalldude [at] gmail [dot] com - Shawn Kirsch
sd11208 at gmail dot come - Stalyn☂
marcojperez@gmail.com - Marco
brnwatkins at gmail dot com - Brian Watkins
vizpix at g mail dot com TIA! - daveeza
nixnet [at] gmail [dot] com - Paul Nixon
plz send me too - kanidor [at] gmail [dot] com - thx - Rydhold
proglot at gmail dot com - Vadim Smelyansky
ourhomeplanet@gmail.com - Nick Soden
I would love an invite if anyone has an extra! startoestudio@gmail.com - Martha from BuddyFeed
Would like one if there's one to spare. :) rowlikeagirl [@] gmail.com. - rowlikeagirl
billgiltner at gmail.com - bill giltner
kr.doyle@gmail.com - Many Thanks! - Kevin Doyle
blogbloke@gmail.com Please send the Blog Bloke an invite. Thanks muchly! - BLOGBloke
I would love one sweyn3 [at] gmail [dot] com - Sweyn Venderbush
jlarche [at] who else? [dot] com. Thanks!!! - Jeff Larche
jason.charnov@gmail.com THX!!! - Jason
scottph at gmail.com - Scott Phillips
boqing@gmail.com |Thx! - shallop
rpa4email@gmail.com - Robert Couture
I'll take one if you can give it...desktopsbyduck@gmail.com - RICHARD E. MOORE
id love an invite - allen074 - at - gmail.com - thank you - Allen Stern
I've been too busy to get on FF the last few days....figures something important happening and I missed it! I knew about Google Wave but didn't know there would be a thread to post a request. In any case, better late than never, I'd love an invite at madeliene2007 at gmail.com. :) - Bonnie Foster
re.renus@gmail.com somebody please send me a invitation... ^_^ : ) - ‎‎Emad
johnsr4@gmail.com PLEASE! - John Rath
wimmulder@gmail.com. Am really excited to try this out for a collaborative research project I'm working on. Hoping someone has an invite to spare! - Wim Mulder
giuliocc@gmail.com . Keen to see if we can shake M$'s cage about messaging and collaboration. - Giulio Campobassi
Would love an invite - jonathonc at gmail.com - Jonathon
cygnion at gmail.com woah mate. - Nick Martin
ericsizemore at geeeemaill - thank you! - Eric Sizemore
john.kitchen@ Thanks in anticipation!! - John Kitchen
Ryan.Singer@gmail.com Thanks! - Ryan Singer
ebruerdem@gmail.com please invite me:) - Ebru ERDEM
Adding to the list -- john.spyers at gmail.com - John Spyers
mishef [@] gmail dot com -- Thanks! - techWALL
Would realy like to get an invite: mithandir at gmail.com - Mithandir
legrand at gmail.com — Thanks! - Mathieu
sajidahinakhan at gmail - Sajida Hina Khan
fatihkurtoglu@gmail.com - mfatih
thailunn (at) gmail.com thanx ! - Taylan Kılıç
VitaArdiyana (at) gmail (dot) com, Thanks before Kol. I will delete my comment when i have my google wave account. - Vimala Vita
Google Wave : Could anyone invite me ? : jean.charles.blondeau[at]gmail.com Thanks - Jean-Charles
Would appreciate an invite. joe@joeperrin.com (Thanks!) - Joe Perrin
selyay@gmail.com thanx - olmayanaergi
can anyone please invite me? I'd love to have a play with wave! ian@ianrathbone.com - Ian Rathbone
Would LOVE an invite. bizservicesbroker at gmail dot com - Wazza T
gladstone at gmail.com - Gladstone
takuhito.sotome (at) gmail.com - takuhito from iPhone
killahkrew (at) gmail (dot) com - Sebastian
cornelius<DOT>toole<AT>gmail<DOT>com - Cornelius Toole
Please pretty please....jazzjeppe AT gmail.com - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
Please... luthiano [at] gmail [dot] com - Luthiano Vasconcelos
nico[dot]morgan[at]gmail.com - many thanks! - Nico
imran3000(at)gmail.com......thanks - imran
An invite would be much appreciated: daveholmesprojects (at) gmail.com Thanks. - David Holmes
System Messages Invite Status: 17559 invite requests in the system. 7 invites confirmed as received by requester. 199 invites claimed as sent from giver. - oliv21
andyzweb@gmail.com - Andrew Euell
laetSgo{at}gmail{dot}com... can't wait !!! have to :-( - laetSgo
Me me me ... sam@lavacoms.com - Sam Stone
lhasa(dot)jack(at)gmail(dot)com !! Thanks!! - Jack Lhasa
sd11208 at gmail dot come - Stalyn☂
mifajunior@hotmail.com - Michel from iPhone
mehrdad_network@hotmail.com :( thanks - Mehrdxd
ozcelik@gmail.com - gökhan özçelik
khawro@gmail.com - Konrad
jazzjeppeATgmail.com - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
reza.ahmadi.co[AT]gmail.com - سینه سرخ
hurstel[AT]gmail.com - hurstel
srikyada at gmail dot com - Srikanth
How does anyone know if someone has already been invited? You could go back and edit your comment when you receive an invitation, but since that takes days, it could be ages before you know. - marziah
siavash [dot] tehrani [at] Gmail.com ... thanks - خان دایی سیا
@marziah If you receive a second invite you could fwd the invite link to another person here :) - Franc, a rememberer
ali.aliakbary@ (Gmail.com) tnx - Conformist
ayoubi [at] gmail [.dot.] com - Soroush Ayoubi
alex.kh58@gmail.com if I get an invitation I'll... - Amin
karmacomincAT gmail dot com Thanks !! - Karma Martell
Hello I would like a google wave invite. my email is philliptombs@gmail.com - ZOD
much appreciate a kind invite: foistudy@gmail.com - reedman
doauto [@] gmail.com - neswell
MR.foolish @ gmail.com PLEASE - Joe
ace0cc AT gmail.com <3 - Colby
got an invite today, so I deleted my comment above. Thks anyway. - François Dongier
I'd really appreciate an invite. 4 phlebas at google mail dot com - Sung W. Lim
praveenvasudevis at gmail dot com. thanks! - Praveen Vasudev
I've had three nominations already and still no invite :( What's up with that Google? :( - RK
zerdale @ gmail.com - Ayhan Kocak
vdoria92@gmail.com - Vincent D'Oria
I've not even had a nomination, RK. At google dot com I'm suezanne , in the event anyone wants to make a nomination. I've asked before on friendfeed. It's kind of humiliating to beg. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
i have decided that if i do indeed get an invite, i will decline, forward my gmail account to windows live and put ie back as my default browser and i will bing it - Ross Button
@Ross: why punish yourself for something you didn't do? :) - François Dongier
I just want some google love; just like the rest of us do; but n,o they wave at us as they have their private, invite only party; thumb to nose, fingers a waving - that's the google wave; we need a tshirt - Ross Button
al86shaw@gmail.com :) Not expecting anything, but thanks anyway! - Alan (Giraffes)
kosmoh@gmail.com - Константин
vixted at gmail.com Thank you. - Vic Ted from iPhone
mattb4rd@gmail.com - Mattb4rd
time2die4u@gmail.com - thanks a lot - time2die
stefigno @ gmail . com -thanks. - Stefigno
fabiocurzi @ gmail . com - Fabio Curzi
silaoglu@gmail.com - Sarper Sılaoğlu
hossini.h@gmail.com - حسینی
salah201085@gmail.com can i have an invitation plz - salah
refugee_an@Hotmail.com Thanks!!! - China Internet Rumors
Send to me plz ,,, mxina.com {a} gmail {dot} com - Mohammad Sharifi
I'd love an invite to Google Wave pls. non-geeky bf got one before me! that's just not cricket.. hehe :) icetigerza (at) gmail - Kim
Hello, if there's any invite left, you'll make me more than happy ;-) matthieu.beauval [at] gmail [dot] com, thank you ! - matthieu beauval
Of all the people posting here the chances of me getting an invite are slim but I'm still willing to try. If someone wants to shoot an invite over to jcallahan126@gmail.com I'd REALLY appreciate it. - John from iPhone
khawro at gmail.com - Konrad
It looks like it, although you might be able to use the hyperlink on the front of the Wave homepage to request an invitation, if it's still available. - Tyson Key
dsenior at the gmail - Dave Senior
I'll give this a try: j.linkola at gmail - anyone have invites left? - Jussi Linkola
Anyone can provide a Google Wave invite? bmtrocks@gmail.com - Brian
firatdemirel at gmail.com just needs an invite for Gwave. Thanks. - Fırat Demirel
Does anyone have an invite to share? Can you send it to v9y.rec at gmail.com please? Thanks. - Vinay | विनय
Can somebody send an ivitation to terror@gmail.com . Thanks in advance. - Yiğit
Please send an invitation to me at trivedi.knz@gmail.com. I got tired waiting. - Kandarp Trivedi
I'll be glad to invite others on this thread once I get mine. Thanks in advance.. Keep the thread alive. - Kandarp Trivedi
really need one, would be so grateful thacker90184@gmail.com - brandon
I want Google Wave invite too, please sent it to: ric4p5 {at} gmail [dot] com Thanks - jose manuel
If anyone has invites, could I have one please? tekked - gmail.com - TechKid
Thanks in advance mgkbull(at)gmail.com - Bull
In case there is still someone with spare invitations: piotr.byzia at gmail.com - Piotr Byzia
teeeya@gmail.com - Anyone with a sparee invite and feeling generous! (thank you thank you thank you in advance!!!) :D - Simply Teeeya
Anyone with a spare would be my hero! Someone bought out my buddy who was going to give me one. robert@idealfusion.com - Robert Coombs
Heh :d Majid.aligol@live.com Heh :D - majid
Please send invitation to me: aminsabeti@ Gmail. Com - Amin Sabeti from iPhone
If anyone has a spare invite - please send me one: crystaleagle@gmail.com -- many thxs :) - Frank Da Silva
Hooman.Moeen [at] Gmail [dot] com - Hooman Moeen
omega_fire2004 [ at] yahoo [dot ] com - alirz
I have Google Wave invites available anyone interested let me know - Kim Landwehr
Still waiting for an invite. :-( - MicahBear78
amir60@gmail.com - amir farahani
vickywoozy@gmail.com Thanks a lot~ - vickywoo
hozhabr.s@gmail.com - Hozhabr
gabelerner@gmail.com thanks! - gabegabe
Can I Get one keroque@gmail.com Thank You !! - The Stig
crying.loser@gmail.com - random person
karmacomincATgmailDOTcom Muchas Gracias - Karma Martell
simoneau.louis@gmail.com Much thanks if anyone has any! - Louis Simoneau
seaverq@gmail.com - Mr.Seaver
maxphoto85 [at] gmail [dot] com, thanks. - Max Batsyn
leonid.vladimir [@] g m a i l . c o m Thanks a lot - Leonid Vladimir
jdblaich[@]gmail dot com -- much appreciated. - jimbo99
Got one from Trish a couple days ago. Now, looking for folks to wave with: marybaumcreative (at) googlewave (dotcom). - Mary B: #TeamMonique
scott.j.emerson[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks - Scott Emerson
If you have any more invites, I would love one. - Wayne Ramlogan
pantra2006 (att) gmail (dott) com pleaseeeeeeeeeee - ــــرMEHRمـهــــ
hii can you send me one google wave invit...thanks in adv. ....47.abhishek@gmail.com - abhishek
khengolak@gmail.com - احــــســـــان
If anyone has some, happehwalrus@live.com. Thanks a lot! - Happehwalrus
mohsenweb{[ A T ]} g m a i l {DOT}com , Thanks! - Phoenix
I have 7 invites to Google Wave, if someone is interested, please DM with e-mail address. Ciao, Andrea - Andrea Romoli
I also have invites - James Myatt
allanbesselink<at>gmail<dot>com ... please! - Allan Besselink
I'll wager that some of the folks on this list have received their invite by now, or no longer want one - I have 16 invitations at this instant. It's probably easier for me if you DM. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
fifiquimbo(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love one, thanks! - Fifi Quimbo
I have 8 invites to Google Wave, if someone is interested, please DM with e-mail address. Ciao, Andrea - Andrea Romoli
Jan Aerts
Could we have a list of google wave names somewhere so that I can figure out what Life-Scientists are on there?
toddwharris@googlewave.com - Todd Harris
just added you to Life Scientists wave - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
A Google Wave might be appropriate for tracking such a group. - Shiran Pasternak
shiranpasternak at the same domain. - Shiran Pasternak
yann.abraham@googlewave.com - Yann Abraham
Searching Google Wave with "tag:the-life-scientists" will get you to "Research collaborations in Wave", a good starting point for life scientists. - Martin Fenner
b.brembs@googlewave.com - Björn Brembs
mndoci - Deepak Singh
I also missed out on the invites .. if anyone knows someone .. :) - Pedro Beltrao
I'm firstname.lastname - Ruchira S. Datta
firstname.lastname here too - Andrew Clegg
I don't get how you search in public waves. I've tried searching for tag:the-life-scientists and it gets no hits -- I think it's just searching my own waves - Andrew Clegg
Aha -- with:public . They really should include a button for that - Andrew Clegg
anna.k.croft - Anna Croft
attilacsordas - Attila Csordas
I never got invited to the party :( - Lars Juhl Jensen
AndrewJamesPerry - Andrew Perry
avijitguharoy@googlewave.com - A Roy
allyson.lurena@googlewave.com - Allyson Lister
@Endre: You can link to waves, eg: https://wave.google.com/wave... - Nick Lothian
mbembee@googlewave.com - embee
cassjohnston - Cass Johnston
plindenbaum - Pierre Lindenbaum
firstname.lastname också - Egon Willighagen
diegomorelli76@googlevave.com - diego morelli
abhishek.twr@googlevave.com - Abhishek Tiwari
Would like to be added to life scientists wave, please! david.rothman@googlewave.com - David Rothman (☤)
@David: done - Pierre Lindenbaum
Many thanks, Pierre. :) - David Rothman (☤)
churchsg - Sally Church
life scientists wave: me too, thx - Attila Csordas
Don't know if I actually put myself here :-) jan.aerts@googlewave.com - Jan Aerts from email
Count me in: matt.j.wood - Matt Wood
jeanclaude.bradley at googlewave dot com - Jean-Claude Bradley
chrisamiller@googlewave.com - Chris Miller
Matt: added. - Jan Aerts from email
inspiring2designllc@googlewave.com - Justin H. Johnson
somebody please add me too attilacsordasat... - Attila Csordas
Attila: can't seem to find attilacsordas@googlewave.com. - Shiran Pasternak
it does exist I can tell ya :) - Attila Csordas
@Attila: tried a different way... yer in. - Shiran Pasternak
Done. - Jan Aerts from email
An undergraduate student in our lab, Caleb, just got his wave invite. I told him to look at this thread for possible people to connect with. - Steve Koch
+1 skhadar@googlewave.com - Khader Shameer
got it, thanks - Attila Csordas
murvine - thanks! - Christopher Murvine
Am now Waving as ben.blackburne. - Ben Blackburne
Now waving as lars.juhl.jensen - Lars Juhl Jensen
waving too: sciphu@googlewave.com - Nils Reinton
aemonten@googlewave.com. How can I get started with the life scientists wave? - Alejandro Montenegro
my wave ID: macmanes@googlewave.com - Matthew MacManes
dan.swan@googlewave.com searching is sloooooow trying to find the life scientists wave right now! - Daniel Swan
chris.lasher@googlewave.com - Chris Lasher
sjcockell@googlewave.com - Simon Cockell
jwhabig@googlewave.com - Jeff Habig - Jeff Habig
comprendia[at]googlewave[dot]com Mary Canady - Mary Canady
rebeldad@googlewave.com Brian Reid (PR guy for life science types ... I promise to behave) - Brian Reid
bronxman - Jack H. Pincus
I'm trying to get a Solexa/Illumina Sequencing Wave going. Search "with:public Illumina" or add me macmanes@googlewave.com - Matthew MacManes
waving as georgkam - george
For some reason, I'm stevekoch3 but glad to finally have a preview account! - Steve Koch
And I found the research collaborations wave by the following search: "with:public tag:the-life-scientists" - Steve Koch
mine is pedrobeltrao@googlewave.com (thanks to Mr Gunn) - Pedro Beltrao
In case there is still someone with spare invitations: piotr.byzia at gmail.com - Piotr Byzia
sametstalker@gmail.com - Samet Güngören
michael.kuhn - Michael Kuhn
Requesting for life scientists wave, abhishek.twr@googlevave.com thanks in advance - Abhishek Tiwari
now that I am finally on board: danjurczak@googlewave.com - Daniel Jurczak
i'm mightyfib(at)gogglewave(dot)com Your most welcome to add me...:O) - Jeannette Høvring
mine is dave.lunt - Dave Lunt
michael.chelen@googlewave.com - seems to use the google contacts system like gmail - Mike Chelen
pengwen.not.penguin@googlewave.com - Parvez Halim
mstalnos@googlewave.com - TRsdr
I'm on (thanks to Steve Koch!): tom.tullius@googlewave.com - Tom Tullius
Deepak Singh
@shwu there is this python front end to excel. I forget the name, but @harijay will know. No comments on 13K row xls file :)
Apache POI provides Java libs for Excel files. R is also an option - Rajarshi Guha
@shwu I've used xlrd in the past to read Excel data from collaborators, and xlwt to write it again - Michael Kuhn
Piotr, that's the one - Deepak Singh
Here's another one (never tried it myself tho): http://www.lexicon.net/sjmachi... - Bosco Ho
Cameron Neylon
User guide for molecular modelling tool kit Python library - Cameron Neylon
Oh, finally the site is up. - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
http://www.springerlink.com/content... Cutting-plane training of structural SVMs @ Springer Netherlands my mail: piotr.byzia at gmail, thank you! BTW, as of tomorrow I'm losing my access to paid journals due to graduation :), so I won't be able to help anymore :( Thanks to everyone who sent me PDFs during the last couple of months!
sent! - Björn Brembs
Wow, Colby, that's the same pdf... open access, it's a pity that only a fraction of paid papers is available like that... Björn, thank you for sending this. :) - Piotr Byzia
Google Scholar is also a great place to start. I often do a title search in quotes. - Joe
@Graham as Joe wrote, I also usually run things through google scholar which had archived the link to this one. - Colby from email
Jan Aerts
Does anyone know of a #LaTeX editor that lives in the cloud? Google Docs is nice and very useful, but need LaTeX.
I like the idea, although, it might be a bit hard to satisfy all needs with different packages, etc. - Piotr Byzia
I might start using scribtex and see how it goes. - Jan Aerts
Piotr Byzia
via feedproxy.google.com Permalink | Leave a comment  » - Piotr Byzia
Cameron Neylon
Short screencast showing two robots interacting - http://www.viddler.com/explore...
Short screencast showing two robots interacting
Cameron, where can I download your Wave's video from? Viddler has no link to hi-res, or should I sign up? - Piotr Byzia
Should be a download button just at the bottom right of the video. You might need an account before you can download though (which would suck). Try the following:http://dl.getdropbox.com/u... (give it maybe 5-10 minutes to upload) if you can't get it from Viddler... - Cameron Neylon
Piotr Byzia
OTL: Pushing The Limits - ESPN Video - ESPN - http://piotrbyzia.posterous.com/otl-pus...
via espn.go.com Some people need more adrenaline. I like watching those disciplines, but I could live without that... Apparently, not all of them can say the same... Permalink | Leave a comment  » - Piotr Byzia
Pierre Lindenbaum
Pornic?? - Egon Willighagen
Yes, that's the name, sorry :-) - Pierre Lindenbaum
No, no... I meant, where is it? ;) - Egon Willighagen
ah :-) , West of France, not far from my new home : - Pierre Lindenbaum
There is a map when you click on that photo :P - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
http://stackoverflow.com/ is truly excellent idea, community is v.helpful, even more than on IRC.
I'm telling you, this is highlight of the week at least, all those badges, tags, comments, reputation! Imagine the same system on FF :-) - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
I really like stackoverflow, but not sure you want a reputation system on FF. I kinda like the informal aspect of the whole thing. - Deepak Singh
Hmm, you're probably right, I'm just keen to see any system reducing information noise, 'hide' is not enough IMHO. - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
@Piotr You mean something like this? http://tinyurl.com/89a5qu Also, I think Stack Overflow is awesome, though I'm a bit perplexed at why it works. http://tinyurl.com/c7n9bc - Chris Lasher
The other difference is that on FF, your karma is contextual to an individual. In other words you control whom you hide, etc. The stack overflow system is global. - Deepak Singh
@Chris Yes, I'm pretty sure tagging is a high priority on the FF developer's TODO and it will be convenient ones it's here. What I like about SO are suggestions (when writing your question) and community editing (tags, comments, questions, answers, pretty everything) so that there is endless improvements in content. - Piotr Byzia
@Deepak Karma is no harm to anybody, ideally, you would be able to filter content by a particular karma level (i.e. 'show me comments from people with karma >1.5k) Add to this tags (... with tags: R;motifs) and create an RSS feed based on that... - Piotr Byzia
@Chris Great post about SO! I agree on all points you made there, especially on "psychological carrot" in getting karma. But I would say that programmers active on SO are just aficionados of their tools (AKA geeks ;) ). Quite similar to who you can find on FF in some of their rooms ;-) - Piotr Byzia
Dont like reputation based groups. Instead I prefer the old fashioned email based newsgroup. When I see a two page reply that is the perfect solution ..thats sheer altruism with no strings attached. I still turn to comp.lang.python or some googlegroup before SO - Hari
I can't use mail based groups any more, even small internal groups. Too insular, and too much noise since email is such a bad medium here. Plus there is very limited google juice. The day of going to a site are going way. - Deepak Singh
Wow, Hari, you dig deep in archive, this thread is from March ;-) I follow c.l.p. but only through RSS, for getting quick answers SO is the best, and quality is good enough to get things done. - Piotr Byzia
I agree with Deepak, if mailing lists -- only digest version. - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
via youtube.com Fascinating and creative, like++ ;-) Permalink | Leave a comment  » - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
While this room has already more than 1k subscribers, I was thinking if we could run a survey to collect some info about us. This might be useful when deciding which other site we could use after FB's acquisition. I prepared questions at: http://docs.google.com/Doc... Feel free to discuss and edit :)
Also, do you know any platform that might be used to run a pool and easily collect raw results? - Piotr Byzia
The aim is a bit different than in a survey M.Barton organized: http://openwetware.org/wiki... , Michael, any tips to perform this one? - Piotr Byzia
Hi Piotr. The most difficult thing I found was dealing with free form text data after the survey had been collected. If you use multiple choice questions with drop down list as much as possible this will make it much easier for you to computationally analyse the answers afterwards. - Michael Barton
Getting a feel of the important issues people would like to see the survey answer is a good idea too. This could help you phrase the questions as multiple choice, rather than open questions requiring a text field answer. - Michael Barton
I'm a little confused about question number 7; what is it getting at? I agree with Michael, though; structure the possible answers ahead of time as much as possible to be able to analyze the results afterward. - Heather
I like surveygizmo. - Ruchira S. Datta
The first two questions (gender and age) make me wonder if we're talking about setting up a discussion site or a dating site? - Eric Jain
did you tried surveymonkey ? - Khader Shameer
Also you may add few questions about the meeting of "The Life Scientists" that discussed earlier. - Khader Shameer
I added the proposed option "like/comment on items in my home feed but rarely check the room directly" to Q.10, since this reflects my most common use of the room (I do check it directly maybe once a week, but more often end up interacting with posts in room when they turn up in my home feed via individual people I follow). - Andrew Perry
You could just use a GDocs spreadsheet Form to collect answers. Then you have all data in a spreadsheet to play around with. - Colby
Michael, thanks for your tip, that's one of the main reason I wanted that survey to be a collective initiative:) - Piotr Byzia
Heather, IT related question is to get some idea about what people are using as tools/languages in LS, this might help in possible "new FF" creation suggested by Deepak :-) - Piotr Byzia
Ruchira, Khader -- thanks for your suggestions, I'll take a look at those once the survey questions are completed. - Piotr Byzia
Eric, right, they might be too general and not entirely relevant... - Piotr Byzia
Khader, meeting related questions will be included, thanks for reminding it! BTW, I guess Pawel is too busy these days, I remember him talking about this a few months ago. - Piotr Byzia
Andrew, thanks for new use case :) - Piotr Byzia
Colby, that's interesting, I must just check whether or not one needs an google account in order to complete the survey... - Piotr Byzia
Getting this kind of feedback is a great idea. I have added a question about whether people like to use the LS room to discuss their data and research, following a discussion on Cameron's blog about possible 'friendfeed version 2' models and in particular whether there would be interest in a friendfeed version 2 for discussing research in progress, in contrast to the general discussion... more... - Rory Macneil
Piotr Byzia
Hmmmm, so this is a new way of blogging? :) - http://piotrbyzia.posterous.com/hmmmm-s...
Hmmmm, so this is a new way of blogging? :)
And I can even attach some photo? What about links?   http://lucene.grantingersoll.com/2009...   and PDF?? Download now or preview on posterous 1752-0509-3-34.pdf (344 KB) Permalink | Leave a comment  » - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
Google Reader Send to #Evernote: http://blog.evernote.com/2009... (via @evernote) + #Instapaper -- everything seems to be GReader-centric, I like it :)
my three fave services all rolled into one :) - Kenneth Reitz
oh, do you subscribe to your unread feed w/ reader? - Kenneth Reitz
You mean "Read later" in Instapaper? I sync and read it on my iPhone. - Piotr Byzia
it's great, isn't it ? :P - Kenneth Reitz
Ricardo Vidal
I'm looking for a copy of http://dx.doi.org/10... My email is rvidal [at] gmail .dot. com Thanks in advance
sent - Piotr Byzia
Thanks. :-) - Ricardo Vidal
Piotr Byzia
If anyone has access to Nature Biotechnology http://www.nature.com/nbt..., piotr.byzia at gmail, TIA!
sent :) - Simon Cockell
Laura, you were late by no more than 10 seconds ;-) Thanks Simon! - Piotr Byzia
Piotr Byzia
I'm going to wrap a medium-size Python package with the cross-platform (+py2exe) GUI (probably QT(LGPL) + PyQT(GPL)) in Python. I need to embed some molecular viewer and I was wondering what would you recommend? I came across the list on http://www.vrplumber.com/py3d..., there is also promising code in BallView (GPL) and PMV.
PyMOL is superb but their license... Functionality I'm targeting at is sth like SwissPDBViewer. - Piotr Byzia
I looked at http://pymmlib.sourceforge.net/ - which uses GTK (also cross platform) and openGL. It is very basic and needs a lot of work, though. - Anders Norgaard
Have you looked at http://www.vtk.org/ ? - Khader Shameer
Piotr Byzia
I just created The Life Scientists group in Streamy, far from intending to use it anytime soon...
link? - Bora Zivkovic
http://new.streamy.com/#stream... and that's exactly what I was talking about... what kind of URI is this?? And I needed to use "search" to find a link to this group... - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
Piotr Byzia
BALLView: An object-oriented molecular visualization and modeling framework, Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, Springer Netherlands; http://www.springerlink.com/content...
piotr dot byzia at gmail.com - Piotr Byzia
Sent. - Torfinn Nome
Thanks a lot, Torfinn! - Piotr Byzia
Benjamin Golub
Dzień dobry!
Practicing for Poland. - Megen Vo
Dzień dobry :-) Why in Polish? :) - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
Megen is going to be teaching in Krakow (http://friendfeed.com/megen...) and I plan on visiting for a week - Benjamin Golub
Deepak Singh
Been there year ago, beautiful glacier. - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
Simon Cockell
Fabric is a simple pythonic remote deployment tool. It is designed to upload files to, and run shell commands on, a number of servers in parallel or serially. These commands are grouped in tasks (regular python functions) and specified in a 'fabfile.' - Simon Cockell
And how is it different from Paver? Anybody compared those 2 Makefile-like tools? - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
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