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Jason Toney
#SaveAPHistory "@owillis: perfect. perfect. perfect."
#SaveAPHistory "@owillis: perfect. perfect. perfect."
And so "birther" come full circle - WarLord
Downfall of a simulated celebrity: Brian Williams, Max Headroom and the performance of credibility via @Salon
THIS: ".. Williams’ ideological function, if we view it through the extreme long lens of cultural history, was to make the delivery of news as a succession of disposable McMemeNuggets that alternately alarm or delight us and carry no sense of past or future – Muslims, Ebola, blizzard, “American Sniper,” Kardashian, repeat – seem both natural and inevitable. “The spectacle presents itself as something enormously positive, indisputable and inaccessible,” writes Debord. It is “the existing order’s uninterrupted discourse about itself, its laudatory monologue.” The revelation that Williams is just some dude given to spinning tall tales, so insignificant in itself, hints at the further and deeper revelation that the news business itself is a human concoction shaped by a particular ideological context and a specific understanding of reality ..." - WarLord
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
At CostCo earlier, I was disturbed to find this. I'm sure someone must drink it or they wouldn't stock it, right?
same people who used to buy the white cans labelled "BEER" back in the day. - Big Joe Silence
I'm not a "light" beer fan, but their other house label stuff (like vodka, or whiskey) is actually pretty good. - Jennifer Dittrich
Joe, I immediately thought of those cans when I saw these. :-) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
Jennifer, you're right. They do have a lot of good house label items. This one caught me offguard for some reason. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
The gray is a bit off-putting. That's what reminds me so much of downmarket generics. - Jennifer Dittrich
Saw those the other day, too. Blew my mind - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Rates slightly higher than Natural Light at 2.07 - Joe
Embrace the macro-brew - WarLord
And, then I see this about Natural light. best of the worst! - Joe
Andy Bakun
• @mckeay first step in the machines making themselves. If we keep them distracted with self improvement long enough, they won't kill us.
2 words Player Piano - WarLord
I've been in love with Prince since like 1979. Back then he was rocking that fluffy blowout natural. Just adorable. These days, in middle age, I'm loving his afro, and I think he looks better than ever. Love seeing the pix from last nite. He's still so pretty!
You and my friend Robin could talk forever about Prince! =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
3 words Little Red Corvette - WarLord
God, my sister listened to his albums over and over and over and over and over and over again. - Todd Hoff
As did I. Memorized every note of every song. Posters and drawings of him were all over my room. I had a Levi's jacket I stuck about a dozen Prince pins on, every time the record store got a new pin in stock I snatched it up. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
What's not to love? My go to when I need cheering up. - Laura Norvig
"Will you accept my tears to pay the fare?" - MoTO Boychick Devil
Mayo Clinic today Follow up with my endocrinologists #travelingearly #Rochester
Improving numbers in my blood work make us optimistic. More news as they get back more reports - WarLord
Pope Francis Slams 'Prejudiced Mentality' Of Believers via @HuffPostRelig
THIS: But he also listed specific examples, saying the cardinals should see “the crucified Lord” in the hungry and the unemployed, those who are in prison and “even in those who have lost their faith, or declared themselves to be atheists, or turned away from the practice of the faith.” - WarLord
RT @drrachie: Kristen Bell Demands Friends Get Whooping Cough Vaccination Before Holding Her Baby via @thr #stopAVN
RT @drrachie: Kristen Bell Demands Friends Get Whooping Cough Vaccination Before Holding Her Baby via @thr #stopAVN
THIS Love her times infinity: , "It's a very simple logic: I believe in trusting doctors, not know-it-alls." - WarLord
Fell tonight coming home bringing Chow Mein. Armload of carry out, a patch of ice 3 feet from my door and down I went. Seems like sprained hell out of my ankle. The good news, I went down so fast that I never got a hand down, so NO hand arm damage. Oh well limping a bit (more than a bit) but able to walk after a fashion so life goes on
Ankle much improved after a nights sleep. War Lady may drive to infusion center this morning, since it's my RIGHT ankle naturally. Not so BTW, Marshmallow Vodka mixed with Orange juice is TEH bomb - WarLord
Ouch. Hope you recover quick. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
Yikes. ^ this. Glad no hand or arm damage, though. - Jennifer Dittrich
Much better tonight, ice pack most of TEH day, then a good tight wrap. Limping but mobile... Now I just have to work on a great story, slipped on ice is so pedestrian... - WarLord
I hope you'll recover completely soon, Warlord. I'm still limping from my tumble Dec. 14. - Stephan from iPhone
:( Hope you feel better soon! - Prairie & I Know It
The Chinese food was delish and they make Vietnamese egg roils and corn chowder Soup A#Allgood - WarLord
Well, that's the most important thing... :op - Melly
Nellie Oleson
RT @cnbc: Longstanding advice about avoiding cholesterol for heart health may be scrapped »
RT @cnbc: Longstanding advice about avoiding cholesterol for heart health may be scrapped »
Let's hope! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
You had me at bacon - WarLord
I( grew up in the 1950s surrounded by World War 2 and Korean war vets. I wish I had a dollar for very guy who spent HIS war driving a truck in Georgia who regaled me with epic tales of his D-Day exploits or his secret missions as a commando in Pacific Theatre... That's why I have mid feelings about Brian Williams it was just so common to want that
It was just THAT common to want that "smell of gunpowder" to cling to you. It does say something about us that we need that macho crap of stand ups in camouflage in the war zone from our anchors. OTOH he sold us an war based on lies but then so did our President #Iraq #brianwilliams - WarLord
.@fdwilkinson on Republicans conceding the moral argument of Obamacare via @BV
Five years of sustained Republican outrage over Obamacare has yielded no replacement because it would require conservatives to either publicly capitulate to the moral logic of Obamacare, or renounce it. Random policy forays aside, Republicans remain frozen between those poles, hoping the Supreme Court will settle the conflict without forcing them to make a choice between a morality they claim to embrace and the policies that suggest they don't. - WarLord
Given the current strength of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I can't think of any value Spiderman would bring except the novelty factor.
I see it as more of a consolidation move - they can't fully pry it away from Sony yet, but need to be able to be able to make use of one of their most recognizable properties in other areas without being constrained by whatever Sony is doing with their latest version. It allows them to plan for the future, without giving up the money of the present. - Jennifer Dittrich
I get that. I just don't see where a story about an emo kid with girl issues that's been told now 6 times fits in the jigsaw puzzle. I know they have Civil War coming up and Spidey was involved and he was pivotal but it could easily be subbed for another character. - Johnny
Having him just turn up and going "This is Spiderman. Having him reveal his identity is a big deal so just trust us and play along" isn't really the current MCU's style. - Johnny
Here is io9 take on this: It's Official! Spider-Man WILL Appear In The Marvel Movies - WarLord
That's exactly the problem. Because Marvel didn't have those properties, they forged their own path with groups like Guardians. Shoehorning in IP when a path has already been laid is fraught with danger. Unless they can make a solid piece that connects with all the other blocks in the MCU, it could get very sloppy. - Johnny
Well, I guess unlike Kitty Pryde, he's just too important. I'm assuming they'll do something like they did in the animated Avengers; he shows up in a support role, but is acknowledged as being famous in his own right, but has to earn their trust. He's not the focus of main story, but important to it. - Jennifer Dittrich
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
You know, I'm beginning to think Facebook will give rise to SkyNet... or maybe the Borg... I can't quite decide...
Google will be skynet Facebook is assimilation #borg - WarLord
You've got to be kidding: Ottawa daycare is promising a ‘vaccine-free environment’
And just think, those other daycares with vaccinated children are just easily-prevented-childhood-illness free. - Jennifer Dittrich
"Having the brakes removed from your car is a personal decision. Just like #vaccines." - Stephan from iPhone
I'm pretty sure this a real thing: Melanie's Marvelous Measles - A Book This Anti-vaxxer children’s book is getting destroyed in Amazon troll campaign via @Salon - WarLord
Yep, gotta keep your kids safe from those pesky, shedding, vaccinated kids. - Melly
Steven Perez
The majority of model-year 2014 cars offer network-connected features that provide driving directions, messaging, hands-free phone calls, safety monitoring, and entertainment. But a lack of security defenses makes it possible for those features to be remotely hijacked, potentially giving attackers the ability to control critical functions such as... -
Adding remoter kill switches to TEH stew: Car lenders use remote kill switch to disable vehicles when borrowers miss payments - WarLord
Prairie & I Know It
I bought a label maker the other day. I might be obsessed.
When you label the label maker with a label that says label maker we'll send intervention tam - WarLord
Don't think I haven't been tempted! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
How can people live without one? - Stephan
According to my wife, one of the best gifts I've ever bought her. - Micah from FFHound!
I have my old Dymo one from back in the day. Need to order new tape for it. - Corinne L
1st things to do with a new label maker.. is make the label of This Label Maker is the Property of .... well at least thats the 1st thing I do. - Me
i still have my vintage chromed metal Dymo labeller from the 1960s. - Big Joe Silence
I still really want one!!! I should just break down and buy one. What did you get? - The Other Yvonne
Joe, is it like this? Because now I want one too! :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Fun size! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Worst #fortunecookie fortune ever. @ Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet
Worst #fortunecookie fortune ever. @ Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet
"If you are still hungry, eat another fortune cookie" - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
I see stopping at McDonald's on way home in your future.... - WarLord
Pope Emphasizes Right to Food in Address to 500 Experts - ABC News via @ABC
"...Francis gave his blessing to the delegates, and some guidelines, urging them to focus on resolving "the structural causes of poverty," not just address emergencies, and to maintain the dignity of the individual at the heart of economic policy. .." - WarLord
"... He also urged them to show courage in protecting the planet "the mother of everything that asks respect and not violence." ..." - WarLord
Andrew C (✔)
Is Chris Christie's scandal response plan to become President so he can pardon himself?
As long as the wheels of justice turn slowly enough. - John (bird whisperer)
I mean, if I were him I probably wouldn't waste time on running, but he's acting like everything's all good. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
I've been more wondering if he's stockpiling favors elsewhere in order to give himself a buffer. - Jennifer Dittrich
Christies has to act cool, Feds are slowly flipping their way up the chain of command with immunity for testimony from little fish to bigger fish to biggest fish to whale ;) . Christie flinches and those biggest fish closest to him jump into arms of nearest FEEB offering immunity and it's game over - WarLord
I think Rick Perry is running the same playbook. - Greg GuitarBuster
WarLord - yeah, that makes sense. - Andrew C (✔)
Can't you go blind from pardoning yourself? That's what my pastor said... - Spidra Webster
John Boehner has invited Pope Francis to speak to a joint session of Congress . That will be fascinating. The Republicans will squirm when he talks about money as evil and income equality and Democrats will squirm as he talks about life. The problem for Boehner, he doesn't seem to realize this isn't reliable Republican Pope Benedict
"Democrats will squirm as he talks about life"? Some group of Democrats opposed to life? Oh, wait, you mean "a woman's right to control her own body," don't you? - Walt Crawford
The interesting thing fpo me will be how Francis balances his message of welcoming faith with his stilt very conservative views of contraception and abortion. - WarLord
My own views are quite different from his except in areas of economic equality but then I've also been accused of being a "Cafeteria Catholic" - WarLord
No More, The NFL's Domestic Violence Partner, Is A Sham
THIS: "...This is how low our standards are. Gesture toward a good cause and you're practically unassailable. No More gave Goodell and the NFL a cheap and perfect way out of a public relations disaster and we shouldn't be surprised. We do the exact same thing every day when we throw on our Toms, our pink baseball hats, and our latest rubber bracelet of choice, shopping our way into another day with pure hearts and clean consciences. ..." - WarLord
Victor Ganata
"The anti-vax and climate ‘skeptic’ strains of science denial have been with us for more than a decade. Until now, however, it's all seemed a bit theoretical ... But now along comes an outbreak of a once-beaten disease and — surprise — we suddenly see that science denial has actual real-world consequences, because it’s about the actual real world…"
—Adam Frank, commentator and astrophysicist professor via NPR - Victor Ganata
Science Denialism Has Consequences - NPR - Victor Ganata
"The anti-vax movement, like climate change denialism, rests on the assumption that if you disagree with certain established scientific results you can just ignore them. You call the science lies — or claim the scientists have a political bias." - Victor Ganata
I think publics distrust of scientists and a lack of understanding about the science ie vacinations doesn't help. People read sensationlist news and believe it! - Halil
Well to paraphrase Barbie, "Science is hard." Seriously, people struggle with ambiguity and numbers in general ("AHA! So because there is a 1 in 10,000 chance [made up stat] that my child *might* get a /experience rash/have convulsions/whatever-unnamed-negative-reaction, THIS VACCINE IS DANGEROUS"). "Besides, my *grandma* never had got vaccinated and she lived to be 110." (which means absolutely nothing) - MoTO Boychick Devil
When we decided that we should seek medical and scientific knowledge from a Playboy Centerfold instead of actual doctors we went deep into the rabbit hole until now we have Republicans unsure if food workers "really" need to wash their hands after they take a shit.... We are doomed because worshiping celebrity makes us terminally stupid. I blame the Kardashians - WarLord
The fact that she was a playboy centerfold has absolutely nothing to do with her ability to comment intelligently on science or medicine. The fact that she completely uneducated in those fields and refuses to accept the evidence presented to her does. - DJF
She has some very smart girl glasses she wears for interviews that is like a doctors degree and yeah it IS relevant because her celebrity her "playboyness" has EVERYTHING to do with why she has the big megaphone she does in this vaccine debate. - WarLord
It's why she has a megaphone, but that doesn't mean you can disparage "seeking medical and scientific knowledge from a Playboy Centerfold". Being a playboy centerfold gave her the visibility; it did not make her stupid. Or should we ignore all of Gloria Steinem's scholarship too? - DJF
Gloria never got a pictorial, she had a waitress job that required wearing some ears. And no I emphatically disagree, we are indeed taking medical advice from someone whose qualification for celebrity was an ability to look lovely while naked. - WarLord
Well, thank god she didn't get naked. I mean, everyone knows flashing your tits in public kills brain cells every time you do it and means you should never be respected for any opinion you have afterwards. - Jennifer Dittrich
Fox News throws Paul and Christie overboard: On vaccines, GOP nuts go too far even for the propagandists via @Salon
Then suddenly, out of the blue, Paul and Christie find themselves on the outside looking in. On Tuesday, Republican House Speaker John Boehner said every child should be vaccinated. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who once contracted polio, said he was grateful for vaccinations. And Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said, with no small amount of passion, that vaccinations should be federally mandated: “Some things do require Big Brother.” - WarLord
When we decided that we should seek medical and scientific knowledge from a Playboy Centerfold instead of actual doctors we went deep into the rabbit hole until now we have Republicans unsure if food workers "really" need to wash their hands after they take a shit.... We are doomed because worshiping celebrity makes us terminally stupid. I blame...
I blame the Kardashians - WarLord
Maybe it's not true of Jenny McCarthy, but surely some nude models know a lot about viral infections. - Greg GuitarBuster
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Pot becomes legal in Portland in July. At that point it will be considered uncool and stop being the biggest thing in the world, right?
It is going to steal some of the Colorado pot tourism. - Joe
I don't need no new tourists! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
They can go to Washington. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Hipsters will need to smoke tobacco to be cool and cutting edge - WarLord
I mean, they already do. I can tell because I can see the cigarette packs through their skinny jeans. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Hey! I love Portland and would like to return. *shakes fist* *wears Hawaiian shirt and Nike sandals with white socks* - Spidra Webster
You get a pass. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
If Libertarian Republicans are pro-life supporting intrusive medical rules interfering with personal freedom, how can they be #AntiVaxxer
Once you're born, you're on your own. - Johnny
ohh, pro-fetus then.... - WarLord
They're "pro-the chance of a Libertarian Republican voter being born and we'll let diseases kill off the poor ones which will likely not vote for us anyway". - Johnny
The Republicans ALWAYS had a 2 step plan for replacing ACA: step 1) rich people get healthy, step 2) poor people die #hypocrites #Obamacare
Some of them also think Measles vaccination causes autism; just learned today from FB. - Sir Vali
New step 2) nobody gets vaccinated 3) poor people (and everybody else) die - WarLord
The Other Yvonne
It's Groundhog Day!
It's 78° here today! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Snowing here and about 25 - WarLord
It's Groundhog Day! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Another article by Emery and Stone. I wonder if this will really rock the scholarly community.
ahhh i see what you did there. maybe peoples humor has eroded - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Though it might umm rub them wrong... - WarLord
Thanks guys. You have restored my faith in the FF community. - Joe
What is this "humor" thing, LotL? - Walt Crawford
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