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the man, the mortal, the sex-object, the hero... (hyper)streaming with passion and compassion... ~
RT @aantonop: My statement on Neo & Bee:
two of favorite topics — #Bitcoin and philosophy — mashed up. epicness! E101 – The Why of Bitcoin ~
AWESOME! well- deserved! Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations ~
RT @coindesk: WIRED - Photographer Dives Into the Strange, Subversive World of Bitcoin by @jakobschiller
FU @amazon. there i said it. you will regret this. ~ #Bitcoin
RT @coindesk: Re/Code - Amazon Says No to Accepting Bitcoin, Maybe to Building an Amex or Visa Competitor by @DelRey
RT @SamHarrisOrg: Your sabbath reading: "Taming the Mind" -- an in-depth conversation about meditation with @danbharris:
RT @adam3us: @VitalikButerin @ethereumproject less analogies version of "why I think alts are bad for the crypto-currency system"
i’m following a new career path. data scientist -> data ninja -> data Jedi -> Darth Data #Splunk #Tableau
RT @coindesk: "If there were 21m checks in the world and that was all ... checks would be very, very valuable." - @billmiller_lmm
RT @cinnamon_carter: RT @Cryptomeorg: Video: Polk Award for National Security Reporting: Greenwald, Poitras, MacAskill, Gellman:
RT @cinnamon_carter: RT @Cryptomeorg: Video: Polk Award for National Security Reporting: Greenwald, Poitras, MacAskill, Gellman:
RT @bcrco: @Splunk is the Google for the Internet of Things (or...Google is the Splunk for the Internet :P)
just wanna say that @Splunk + @Tableau = match made in data ninja heaven. i’m gonna change the culture at work with these badass tools!
.@RobertDowneyJr @Jon_Favreau welcome to Twitter. do you #bitcoin?
RT @coindesk: Why Bitcoin is Fated for Boom and Bust
RT @conradhackett: Where the extreme poor live (@WorldBank) India 33% China 13 Nigeria 7 Bangladesh 6 DR Congo 5 Indonesia 4 Pakistan 3
RT @ethereumproject: Hacking madness at the In crypto we Trust hackathon! @decentralca #bitcoinexpo #ethereum
Adam Back (@adam3us) on 2-way pegging. #Bitcoiin ~
2013 taxes, DONE! too bad i can’t deduct my #bitcoin losses. i’m in it for the long haul. crash and burn, b*tches! crash and burn!
RT @DATAuthority: Andolfatto: protocols like #Bitcoin could encourage responsible monetary policy globally #DATAuthority
a person’s suffering is exacerbated by not realizing that his identity is always already decentralized. #openpractice #geekydharma
RT @dimitrimckay: Vint Cerf wanted to make internet secure from the start, but secrecy prevented it: Explains to Google Ha... #news
RT @twobitidiot: My #bitcoin tax guide is live on @Investopedia! 4500 words of detailed tax analysis for Joe Consumer.
RT @brian_armstrong: @TinaHui and @MattPRD nice job! and thanks for the shout out!
hello #Splunk rabbit hole! looking forward to meeting more Splunkers at the 2014 .conf ~
RT @LetsTalkBitcoin: Episode 98 of Let's Talk Bitcoin is out! #Johnstons #Law "Anything that can be decentralized, will be decentralized"
amen! “in the physical reality, relationship is primary. anything that exists is an irreducible multiplicity.” via @Bardissimo
How to Play a #Bitcoin BrainWallet Scavenger Game | John Ratcliff’s Code Suppository ~
there are Philosopher-kings and there are Philosopher-geeks. @bardissimo is my kind of ph-geek. via @BuddhistGeeks
RT @tuurdemeester: Bitcoin volatility is dropping: in march 2013 the 1-hour volatility was +2.3%, in march 2014 it was 1%. Analysis:
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