But God in Jesus became matter; incarnation dignified matter forever. —L' Engle
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Thanks be to God that 35yrs later after becoming a Christian, I still have a desire for God and His word.
All set and looking forward to shooting "Music for the City" video this morning. #musicforthecity
Ps 25 Look God in the face and learn to trust Him for every step of the way—N.T.Wright
Ps 25-He is trustworthy, his ways are truth, He provides salvation, rescue, He is merciful and constant in his love, He is good and upright.
'Turn back' from doing things your way. If God is becoming king, abandon your own little hopes and schemes and let God be God in your life.
Mk 1:15 Jesus leading through water into new world, goes in desert for 40 days, comes back announcing—it's time! God is becoming king, now!
Ex 15:18—Exodus and God's kingdom: God delivers from slavery, through Red Sea, into desert, and then through Jordan into the promise land.
...So stick with your calling, remain within the limits of God's Word, and use whatever resources and wisdom God has given you. —Luther
God's plan includes his secret wisdom. We can't understand it. God doesn't want you to know the future... —Luther
It's foolish to search for something that God has intentionally hidden from you —Luther
Confession without transformation leads to exhaustion
Hanging with my daughter, waiting for an evening with Chandler #explicitgospel http://twitter.com/cafeavi...
After years of attending conferences as a planter, today get to enjoy and hear anew just as a disciple. #verge12
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RIP Dave Wilkerson. I remember first watching "The Cross and the Switchblade" in a movie theatre in Del Rio, Texas in 1974.
Interaction Designers: observe humanity, balance complex ideas, think in opposites and help shape behavior (J. Kolko).
The cost for damages must be paid by someone, debt doesn't just disappear.forgiveness is taking the hit for the debt.
Are both Adams hearts beating in your chest?
Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself, less
If you underestimate the power of simplicity, you'll underestimate the weakness of complexity.
Were conditioned for bad design, it's non-threatning, familiar, and therefore reassuring.
Non-creative—make the simple complicated. Creative— make the complicated simple.
less is more, and easier to organize.
Sin = the servant putting himself as king. Salvation = the King putting himself as servant.
If you invoke Jesus' name but are not enjoying him or obeying him—He is not your king, your just looking for magic.
Hosanna in the highest! Looking forward to worshipping together on this Palm Sunday at Eastside Arthouse.
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