Giving it up Friends...Remember..don't tweet and drive
I need chocolate STAT! fading fast!
Heard about the fat vampire going on a diet? He ordered Blood Lite
#starrssoundadvice If you see a turtle crossing the road, take a moment, pull over and help him to the other side. Brake for nature.
I need Reviews on my books..can you help? Here's the downloads..they are free, just do me a flavor..if you read - please post reviews
I'm still in Twitter Jail unfortanetly..need 540 to get out..this sucks..there are so many rocking friends I'd love to follow back..;( (putting tail between legs and curling up in fetal position)
You are all invited to Starr Gazing Mag's Halloween Bash at my 108 yr old house. Lots of fun, mayhem and rocking chaos!
our house.bmp
Help PublishAmerica writers get published by reputable publishers for their next books. They have been scammed and slammed. Starr Gazing Mag is setting up a help fund. Details @catstarrcarr
If there are any Film Directors/Producers/Actors interested in a great Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action Movie it is..Realm Of Hope..Help me see my dream come true
"Knowledge is power and magic can't fix everything!" The Illusionist Realm Of Hope
Congrats to David Ragan! Great race up and we'll see you tomorrow night..#NASCAR
Giving it up for the night...Remember...Even though you don't continue to follow your dreams if you have achieved them..never forget them.
Friends! I need some reviewers for my two novels...any takers? After reading, post review on or or thanks and hugs..
Here it please? My dream is to see my books become a movie and see my name on the big screen.
Film Directors/Producers...looking for fresh new ideas for Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies? Check out Realm Of Hope screenplay...
Attn: Artists and Musicians! You could be Band or Artist of The Month on Starr Gazing Mag. Simply fill out form and send with press kit...
Oh..I wish I was at Comic-Con!;( I'm also going through @SteveIsaacs withdrawals..hope he's not too overwhelmed.
Pinball Wizard Camp Freddy Webster Hall 5/28/08 - ch @SteveIsaacs...great stuff!
The Who "Tommy" - Playing Complete Rock Opera now live version. Great stuff!
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