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# Thank you Edge ..love you
# team teddy
Worst game ever 49ers made so many dumb mistakes
Hope it rains, not enough to delay flights, but enough to cool it off.
It's too hot, can't wait for winter. Unless I was at the beach!
Good Morning.. I won a chance to preview the new Star Tours at Disneyland. So excited!!!
Nice day today. Not too hot or windy. Backs hurting though. Can't wait for vacation!!
Hungry gotta get something to eat...where to go??
Thank you Edge. I wished you didn't have to retire but I'd rather see you walk out of the ring!!
Accident on 15n before Barstow
Disneyland yesterday the beach today. Do I really have to go back to Vegas?
Makes me want to go on a Disneycruise that much more
So glad I'm off today tired of delays and cancelled flights, luckily people over all pretty nice and paient
RT @DrJimSears: Q: RT @TheDoctors: My 5 y/o is still terrified of the vacuum cleaner. She always cries & covers ears. Should I be concerned? -- sanoraiah
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