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A: What should we be for Halloween? B: I don't care, just don't be a Native American.
My dad with the late night phone counseling FTW.
I'm tired of people showing me examples of products/UX that are not successful & asking me to make a product like it. #whut #juststop
7-year-old's letter changes LEGO toys <-- lil girl wondering why all the girl legos are weaksauce.
It took my mom 33 years: today she finally told me she will be ready for grandchildren soon.
she had to ease into it - Steve C Team Marina
RT @thejournalista: I really miss @calinative.
RT @rmward: Seems like white people are more focused on dumping ice on themselves than the atrocities happening in #Ferguson. All for charity but #wtf
RT @thatboyJercarr: Needed that deep talk with @calinative I was going nuts. Glad to have wise older friends in the body of Christ I can get understanding from.
The dreams I've been having lately....
Things I've done today: 2 hour meeting reviewing data, write up reports about data, lunch, review more data, write up more data reports.
I didn't NEED the radio on nor did I ask for it. But now you wanna sang over the tracks too? I can't.
It was silent in this Uber. Driver turns on a hip hop station (obv cuz I'm black) but insists on singing his middle eastern songs loudly.
I do like the "new" look Spotify has though...
The fact that Rdio and Spotify do not have "The Bonnie and Clyde Theme" proves exactly why I don't want to pay for or use their services lol
Not even remotely surprised by #Ferguson. My visit to STL last year made me feel some type of way about race relations in that area.
The Lie of Black on Black Crime | The More You Know (About Black People) | Episode 7 - YouTube
Not hungry right now. Know I'll be starving in the middle of my next meeting. Decisions...
My lil sis has 14 colleges she wants to apply to this year. That's like 4 times the amount I wanted to apply to when I was 17 lol.
Cool new Uber feature with directions sync and ETA estimation. Kinda love.
questlove's photo <-- best Robin Williams story
Rise of the dinosaurs <-- Earliest dinosaurs in North America were obviously Navajo lolll
RT @GarnerStyle: Even in his death..he still makes me laugh RIP Robin Williams (but Mrs. Doubtfire did wear it better)
Good Will Hunting was always my fave. #RIPRobinWilliams :(
New hotness. Except it doesn't feel any lighter than my third gen iPad.
The shelves in my office are finally the same color. My OCD can fall back now lol
I'm listening to Be Grateful by The Love Center Choir / Walter Hawkins on Pandora #pandora
RT @thejournalista: No justice, no peace.
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