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Saw a new Michaels opened in the city and made @TheJMLife walk up and down every aisle with me just because!!
Listened to Pandora's "Hipster Cocktail Party" genre station to find out what hipsters listen to. Apparently we listen to the same music :/
Oprah's Master Class with Cicely Tyson - Oprah Winfrey Network - YouTube
RT @BeeReminded: Planning to see #GetOnUp this weekend? It's already getting great reviews via @calinative @jrocc @thr
Chicago this weekend!
Time for some blue-eyed gay man soul.
Now my innanets don't wanna ack rite....
Saw #GetOnUp tonight and loooved it. I cried like 8 times girl so you know it was good!
OOOooh when you find that Sephora gift card you thought you lost but then discover it's been at the bottom of your purse for months.
The police came for me this morning. What a great way to start the week!
If only I could get #NoFlexZone out of my head.
I'm also going to sharpie out these mail barcodes and Return to Sender like a #bawse. SO TIRED OF ALL THIS MAIL THAT IS NOT FOR ME.
Hoping @PaperKarma can help me get rid of the mail I get for a bunch of ppl who never lived here, or haven't lived here for over 6 yrs.
#SayYesToTheDress marathon on TV is stressing me out. But I can't stop watching...
Looking at #EscapingAlaska commercials when you know actual Alaskan Natives.... 😏👀
Every day is a struggle to be a responsible adult.
Everybody on this plane is ready to fight. Three arguments so far and we still at the gate.
Sandra Bullock is turning 50? Where did the time go...
Just had a ping pong tournament with my FLL team. I am tired. Back to this laptop tho...
Happy Birthday @thejournalista!!!!!
Waiting for my yacht to pull around and pick me up.
#tbt That time I wore green lipstick and was painted on a wall at work.
The welcoming committee in our Florida office says hello. #mmg #fll
Trying out @hipchat with my dev team today and I am totally in love so far.
Doing the Right Thing for Eric Garner via @newyorker
So who forgot to tell TIME we don't use 'bae' with possessive pronouns?
Bruh. This humidity. I can't breave.
Every Black person in Miami is at this Lime Mexican Grill I'm at right now.
I can't live my life like that lol. I only have 147 unreads and it's driving me crazy! “@DavidDTSS: @calinative”
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