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RT @nniiicc: Scrapin’ Scrapin’ Scrapin’ Keep them crawlers scrapin’ Serve it up as JSON A PEE EYE! Wrap it up, parse it out, ship it now! A PEE EYE!
Don't try to understand it / Encode it, clean it, SAN it / Soon we'll be linkin' far and wiiiiiiiiiide... - RepoRat
(also I would watch the HELL out of this show. Li'l Clint Eastwood as the brash skunkworks developer...) - RepoRat
("My name is Gil Favor. I'm the scrum master.") - RepoRat
RT @Write4Research: Don't want to redo all your citations? Learn how to modernize scholarly referencing for digital and open access.
...with Chapter 4 of report strongly showing that very few people are reading (p52, remember distributions are *very* left skewed)
Is there a sense in AHSS that publn in a venue "truly" validates work? My STM exp is that ppl believe need it for career but its not "real"
..1/2 lives suggest maths 'like' AHSS but LMS study & continued existence of maths jrnls after 20 yrs of ArXiv not mentioned? [3/3]
Much data worth digging into in British Academy #openaccess Report but odd logical leap at heart [1/2]
Whole chapter on usage/citation half life followed by chapter saying this is least impt factor in library subscription decisions. [2/3]
Trying not to construct a strawman but finding it hard to not read BA report as "the work only matters if published places no-one reads"...
Check Ian Bogost on "vampire publishing." - RepoRat
.@jenniferlin15 And I don't believe that "the market" can sort it. Customers != community. If financing cld be structured so it was phaps...
.@jenniferlin15 My answer thus far has been no. You can be lucky in motivated founders but the system doesn't drive that [1/2]
RT @RickyPo: Elsevier Takedown Notices: A Q&A with Peter Suber
Some thoughts on funding the growth and development of scholarly comms infrastructure and services:
Debt, Pensions and Capitalisation: Funding schol comms innovation -
One of the things that has been bothering me for some time is the question of finding the right governance and finance models for supporting both a core set of scholarly communications infrastructures and shared innovation spaces. In this post I wanted to think about how we bridge the funding gap from promising pilot to community infrastructure and how debt financing might play a role. - Cameron Neylon
Sorry not to be at #uksglive but really needed to get some work done this week. Of course now I am watching the tweets to procrastinate...
RT @PLOSLabs: congrats to the @Wikimedia #OpenAccess media bot on reaching 16,000 uploads @EvoMRI
RT @phatmattbaker: DIY centrifuge from hacked HD #HLab14
Speeding up now! RT @MLBrook: I love that Queens Belfast [] next insitution to open up APC data: #openaccess
Anybody know a quiet bar in Cambridge with good wifi?
RT @EvoMRI: Please share your thoughts on making research proposals public, via proposal or Hangout Thx
RT @DanielPaulOD: Millennials just don't get it! How the Muppets created Generation X via @Salon
“I will Jim Henson you into apologizing.” What does that mean? - Betsy
.@MLBrook @petermurrayrust @smithsam Then we've got a benchmark & an unseen data set, so we can see how we improve as new ones released
.@MLBrook @petermurrayrust @smithsam I am going to not look at Cambridge data till I've had a go with our automated tools on WT set [1/2]
Following @wellcometrust APC dataset @Cambridge_Uni have now released their own data! That's my weekend then
...extensive close argument of issues coming to a provocative conclusion. Need to reassess what "copying" is WRT (c)
The EC Expert Group report on Text and Data Mining should be required reading for anyone interested in TDM. Lots of important detail [1/2]
EC releases expert group report on Text and Data Mining for research. Only skimmed so far but looks very interesting
Lets try again: I'm *interested* because WB do a pretty good job on expressing licenses and I'd like to see some NC/NC-ND examples
I'm actually interesting because Wiley do a pretty good job of expressing licenses so am interesting in how that looks on NC/NC-ND articles
Would it be possible for someone from Wiley-Blackwell to punt me some DOIs for hybrid articles? Ideally with different licenses? @lfliz
.@wellcometrust And thank *you* for releasing data. You have really raised the bar on transparency in APC market cc @robertkiley @MLBrook
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