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RT @tpoi: Computing: your job runs in a week. High performance computing: your job is queued for 6 days, and runs in one.
...took me about an hour to figure that out working through options. And around 30s to find scans and or OCRd epubs of both books online
Ostrom's Governing the Commons seems only available from Amazon, Foucault's Discipline & Punish not available in UK at all far as I can tell
You know, I'd actually probably *buy* quite a lot of scholarly monographs if they were legally available as (non-DRMed) ebooks in the UK...
RT @RickyPo: Stephen Curry reviews the book Beyond Bibliometrics. MIT Press $70:
Some half formed thoughts from yesterday - Researcher as Teenager: Parsing @zephoria's It's Complicated -
Researcher as Teenager: Parsing Danah Boyd’s It’s Complicated -
I have a distinct tendency to see everything through the lens of what it means for research communities. I have just finally read Danah Boyd’s It’s Complicated a book that focuses on how and why U.S. teenagers interact with and through social media. The book is well worth reading for the study itself, but I would argue it is more worth reading for the way it challenges many of the assumptions we make about how social interactions online and how they are mediated by technology. The main thrust of Boyd’s argument is ... - Cameron Neylon
now, now, Cameron, didn't anybody tell you you're not supposed to point out that academics jockey for social position like high-schoolers?! ;) - RepoRat
I'm allowed now, I'm not an academic any more :-) - Cameron Neylon
hahahahahaha FTW - RepoRat
[swearing]Why doesn't this date work? Why doesn't the ******** code give a valid date? ... Oh, because paper was accepted on 30 Feb 2011...
Anybody in #thatlondon interested in dinner around Kings Cross at about 1900? Drop me a line.
Discussion w Knowledge Integration about the merit -
Discussion w Knowledge Integration about the merits of 'culture-specific' harvest (ie OAI PHM) vs web harvest (eg. microformat) vs data push - Cameron Neylon
RT @irynakuchma: .@MikeTaylor's #ESOF2014 talk on "Should science be open?" now available as video, slides, and text transcription.
RT @AdasList: If you know any kids across the UK who'd enjoy @youngrewired's Festival of Code, or if you'd like to be a mentor:
RT @laurapasquini: European Commission endorses #CC licenses as best practice for public sector content and data - @CreativeCommons -
RT @jaggeree: Any significantly advanced piece of technology you consistently mutter "oh for fuck's sake" at is not significantly advanced (or not tested)
Here's one for the font geeks:
RT @egonwillighagen: for the people waking up at the other side of the ocean, here's the live #jcbms stream
RT @ChemConnector: Ok everyone...I STILL want to aggregate FAILED REACTIONS .. why the heck not. Flag as "don't do it". What is definition of failed? #jcbms
RT @egonwillighagen: +1 RT @ChemConnector Can we build a set of principles for [ONS] using Budapest Open Access Initiative type language as a basis #jcbms
The slides from @newromney's talk, 'The revelation of Jean-Claude Bradley' are here: #jcbms
Is the live stream for #jcbms working for folks outside? @McDawg @openscience
Going to be a few minutes late for #jcbms but getting closer to Cambridge now
. I want my software to be supple, with well-worn -
.@kaythaney I want my software to be supple, with well-worn corners & creases from being folded into new configurations. #BOSC2014 Tags: BOSC2014 - Cameron Neylon
Biomedical Research as an Open Digital Enterprise -
Great talk by @pebourne on how NIH needs to change the way it works with software community. #BOSC2014 Tags: BOSC2014 - Cameron Neylon
RT @aebudden: .@NCEAS is hosting an #openscience codefest in Santa Barbara Sep2-4. Free registration. #OSCodefest
RT @carlystrasser: Maybe DOIs should be considered "necessary but not sufficient" for ensuring quality data are shared and cited #allrdm14
Fekete at #webscimind More effective to use adjacency matrix to show dense and large graphs (more than 20 vertices)
Fekete: Showing a better visualisation "a lot of work to clean up and simplify". Choices are made about how to present data
At #webscimind workshop Jean-Daniel Fekete talking on visualising interactions: "My enemy is the hairball"
RT @maxfalkowitz: How to smoke your ice cream (and why you really, really should), with sage advice from @PastryChefTracy
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