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Anybody in #thatlondon interested in dinner around Kings Cross at about 1900? Drop me a line.
RT @irynakuchma: .@MikeTaylor's #ESOF2014 talk on "Should science be open?" now available as video, slides, and text transcription.
RT @AdasList: If you know any kids across the UK who'd enjoy @youngrewired's Festival of Code, or if you'd like to be a mentor:
RT @laurapasquini: European Commission endorses #CC licenses as best practice for public sector content and data - @CreativeCommons -
RT @jaggeree: Any significantly advanced piece of technology you consistently mutter "oh for fuck's sake" at is not significantly advanced (or not tested)
Here's one for the font geeks:
RT @egonwillighagen: for the people waking up at the other side of the ocean, here's the live #jcbms stream
RT @ChemConnector: Ok everyone...I STILL want to aggregate FAILED REACTIONS .. why the heck not. Flag as "don't do it". What is definition of failed? #jcbms
RT @egonwillighagen: +1 RT @ChemConnector Can we build a set of principles for [ONS] using Budapest Open Access Initiative type language as a basis #jcbms
The slides from @newromney's talk, 'The revelation of Jean-Claude Bradley' are here: #jcbms
Is the live stream for #jcbms working for folks outside? @McDawg @openscience
Going to be a few minutes late for #jcbms but getting closer to Cambridge now
. I want my software to be supple, with well-worn -
.@kaythaney I want my software to be supple, with well-worn corners & creases from being folded into new configurations. #BOSC2014 Tags: BOSC2014 - Cameron Neylon
Biomedical Research as an Open Digital Enterprise -
Great talk by @pebourne on how NIH needs to change the way it works with software community. #BOSC2014 Tags: BOSC2014 - Cameron Neylon
RT @aebudden: .@NCEAS is hosting an #openscience codefest in Santa Barbara Sep2-4. Free registration. #OSCodefest
RT @carlystrasser: Maybe DOIs should be considered "necessary but not sufficient" for ensuring quality data are shared and cited #allrdm14
Fekete at #webscimind More effective to use adjacency matrix to show dense and large graphs (more than 20 vertices)
Fekete: Showing a better visualisation "a lot of work to clean up and simplify". Choices are made about how to present data
At #webscimind workshop Jean-Daniel Fekete talking on visualising interactions: "My enemy is the hairball"
RT @maxfalkowitz: How to smoke your ice cream (and why you really, really should), with sage advice from @PastryChefTracy
.@kaythaney @ctitusbrown @pebourne Proper serious focus on UI/UX design so people actually use stuff? And it solves problems they have?
THIS. - RepoRat
RT @fperez_org: Amazing hands-on tutorial on reproducible research from the expert hand of @ananelson et al. at #scipy2014: http://reproducible-research.g...
RT @craiginwales: Help‼️ @AmieNLockwood’s campaign to challenge stereotypes in children’s books isn’t looking likely to get funded.
RT @egonwillighagen: I will be speaking about "How I failed to do Open Notebook Cheminformatics" in Cambridge. Register now!
.@friendlymicrobe So perhaps better, one tool in the ideally diverse toolkit that we use to counter weaknesses of all approaches @curtrice
.@friendlymicrobe Not quite. Expert review has serious issues as well (see Need multiple compl approaches @curtrice
.@easternblot Riken report said Science had rejected paper. One comment was abt fig manip. Info lost in multiple review cycles @iainh_z
Ouch - Christina Pikas from iPhone
.@benoitbruneau Image checks still largely manual which makes it expensive. Hence many do a proportion but not all @easternblot @iainh_z
.@easternblot Just knowing you'll be asked for original images is an encouragement to good practice IMO. Checking all can be $$ @iainh_z
.@easternblot Yeh again I'm surprised that Nature/Science don't do that as standard given past fraud and retraction issues @iainh_z
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