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Damnit. Found a recording of the choruses from Death of Klinghoffer - that's going to be a bad earworm...never seen a video of a performance tho which always surprises me...
Ok, I stand corrected. DVD of the (UK) Channel 4 film is available - Cameron Neylon
RT @hubmum: Need an android dev urgently for some remote help at Festival of Code #YRS2014 some1 w skills in google play services >Wearable MessageAPI
.@ImpactFactor Why do you have larger numbers than Scimago? They report eg 104k cites for Nature over three years - & from a larger corpus?
Ok *that* makes more sense RT @ImpactFactor: @CameronNeylon Apologies, you are correct. We accidentally left out the "K" so it is 500 K.
Re: A Prison Dilemma -
"That would work for Danah's book but not for Foucault. It only exists online as scanned copies and pretty ropey OCR'd version that I could find." - Cameron Neylon
.@fluorogrol @CharlesOppenh @dbkell Its true, I found more once I started searching but even then well leavened with anti-comments #progress
Ummm a zero missing surely? RT @ImpactFactor: Only 3 journals were cited over 500 times in 2013: Nature, PNAS and Science
Hoping someone will do a graph of all the 'predicted' #impactfactor versus official numbers as well #reproducibility #whatreproducibility
Rhetorical question :-) RT @BioMedCentral: Are Impact Factors helping or hindering the developing world? Our blog:
I have only seen one tweet today of the form 'My journal #impactfactor has gone up by 0.1283!' Maybe we are actually learning?
RT @RickyPo: The meaning of ‘impact’: prestige or relevance for developing world research? - Open Access in the Developing World
.@trished would also be nice if a few more publishers showed leadership by not using IF for marketing
RT @trished: It's that day of the year when journals say "but, of course, #impactfactor is flawed" unless their IF has gone up
...I'm going to take a bet on the notion that nothing gets published on Jan 1st and just start January date ranges from the 2nd...
RT @tpoi: Computing: your job runs in a week. High performance computing: your job is queued for 6 days, and runs in one.
...took me about an hour to figure that out working through options. And around 30s to find scans and or OCRd epubs of both books online
Ostrom's Governing the Commons seems only available from Amazon, Foucault's Discipline & Punish not available in UK at all far as I can tell
You know, I'd actually probably *buy* quite a lot of scholarly monographs if they were legally available as (non-DRMed) ebooks in the UK...
RT @RickyPo: Stephen Curry reviews the book Beyond Bibliometrics. MIT Press $70:
Some half formed thoughts from yesterday - Researcher as Teenager: Parsing @zephoria's It's Complicated -
Researcher as Teenager: Parsing Danah Boyd’s It’s Complicated -
I have a distinct tendency to see everything through the lens of what it means for research communities. I have just finally read Danah Boyd’s It’s Complicated a book that focuses on how and why U.S. teenagers interact with and through social media. The book is well worth reading for the study itself, but I would argue it is more worth reading for the way it challenges many of the assumptions we make about how social interactions online and how they are mediated by technology. The main thrust of Boyd’s argument is ... - Cameron Neylon
now, now, Cameron, didn't anybody tell you you're not supposed to point out that academics jockey for social position like high-schoolers?! ;) - RepoRat
I'm allowed now, I'm not an academic any more :-) - Cameron Neylon
hahahahahaha FTW - RepoRat
[swearing]Why doesn't this date work? Why doesn't the ******** code give a valid date? ... Oh, because paper was accepted on 30 Feb 2011...
Anybody in #thatlondon interested in dinner around Kings Cross at about 1900? Drop me a line.
Discussion w Knowledge Integration about the merit -
Discussion w Knowledge Integration about the merits of 'culture-specific' harvest (ie OAI PHM) vs web harvest (eg. microformat) vs data push - Cameron Neylon
RT @irynakuchma: .@MikeTaylor's #ESOF2014 talk on "Should science be open?" now available as video, slides, and text transcription.
RT @AdasList: If you know any kids across the UK who'd enjoy @youngrewired's Festival of Code, or if you'd like to be a mentor:
RT @laurapasquini: European Commission endorses #CC licenses as best practice for public sector content and data - @CreativeCommons -
RT @jaggeree: Any significantly advanced piece of technology you consistently mutter "oh for fuck's sake" at is not significantly advanced (or not tested)
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