Cameron Neylon
They. Just. Don’t. Get. It… -
...although some are perhaps starting to see the problems that are going to arise. Last week I spoke at a Question Time style event held at Oxford University and organised by Simon Benjamin and Victoria Watson called "The Scientific Evolution: Open Science and the Future of Publishing" featuring Tim Gowers (Cambridge), Victor Henning (Mendeley), Alison Mitchell ... - Cameron Neylon
The ebooks and libraries discussions have a lot of the same dimensions. The core is that publishers resist any kind of sharing culture because they see it as a threat to their business models. - John Dupuis
I love you, man. :) - RepoRat
I do think that another thing that the publishers are wrongheaded about is the idea that THEY will be building ALL THE SERVICES because that's the way it's always worked out. I've heard secondhand reports that Elsevier brass actually *know* the pay-for-content thing is gonna fall apart, but they think they're going to replace it with pay-for-services. The idea that the network is smarter and more industrious than they are just doesn't seem to have made their radar. - RepoRat
When will be the time when we stop talking to them and start trying to get our work back under our control? Let me know when that happens, I'll be doing experiments until then... - Björn Brembs
Yep, there's a definite process of trying to corner the services market as well. It's actually really interesting having a sense of what people within publishers are telling senior management and then seeing what SM thinks it means. I'm more and more inclined to view that its easier to let them drive themselves of the cliff. I get Bjoern's point about exhaustion but the question still remains how do we get the rest of the community off the addiction to journals and the existing publishers. It's not how do we get it back under our's how we persuade people to stop _giving up_ control. - Cameron Neylon