Cameron Neylon
Social Networks For Scientists -
Social Networks For Scientists
Oh, nice. Thank you. And got sent a link to biomedsexchange or whatever it was today. *sigh*. I don't think you're right about scientists not being 'social', though; but not being at the talk I don't know exactly what you meant. - Richard P Grant
It was a rhetorical flourish really. It's not so much that scientists are anti-social, but that that being social is not a central part of being a scientist. The point is that scientists don't interact directly with each other but through research objects; papers, ideas, data. That some scientists like being social is an entirely separate issue - Cameron Neylon
I think you mead biomeds-exchange, don't you? The hyphen is important. - Mr. Gunn
No Mr Gunn, it was deliberate ;) I don't know, Cameron. We meet at conferences *because* of the research objects, sure: but a lot of stuff happens outside the formal confines. I think we do interact directly with each other, and good stuff comes out of that. - Richard P Grant
True, but my feeling is that those interactions are driven by the common interest. Facebook helps you find people you know, twitter helps you contact people you don't know. But Friendfeed helps you find people who find the same objects as you interesting. We make contact /through/ the objects. "Data finds Data, then people find people" - Cameron Neylon