Cameron Neylon
Faculty of 1000 strikes a blow against the Ingelfinger Rule -
Maybe we need a run of "Give the finger to Ingelfinger" t-shirts? - Cameron Neylon from Android
With a list of journals to name and shame on the back? - Cameron Neylon
agreed, awesome :) - Heather Piwowar
It has always bugged me that JAMIA follows the Ingelfinger rule. You have Informatics in title! Be about maximizing use of information! - Heather Piwowar
@Graham: I get 403 errors... - Björn Brembs
hahahahaha, these are great - Meg VMeg
Love it, looking forward to seeing these on Camden Market. Actually, it's not just an issue with posters/abstracts, as some of the journals seem to have very similar policies regarding pre-publication release of data and pdb structures. Policies regarding data doi's are not clear yet, but Cell (Elsevier) recently told us if data released in this way represents a significant contribution to the importance of a related article, then access to it should be embargoed until the article is published. - Scott Edmunds
re: zazzle, I won't use a commercial site that *requires* me to sign in just to see their products. - Bill Hooker
And the flickr picture is Ingelfinger giving the viewer the finger. The hand should be the other way around, surely? - Bill Hooker