Cameron Neylon
And I may as well make the document live as I write it so here is the live response. Anyone is free to comment:
Cameron, nice job. I like how you've pushed back on the framing of the questions. I really like this bit and the arguments that lead up to it: "Once the misleading focus on intellectual property is discarded in favour of a service based analysis it is clear that there is no justification for any length of embargo" - Heather Piwowar
Same theme now developed further here: - Cameron Neylon
oh, excellent post, Cameron! - RepoRat
I was pretty happy with that post - not getting much traction tho, probably needs a repost tomorrow I suspect when people are in/awake etc. - Cameron Neylon
Yep, a lot of stuff will need RTing for the weekday crowd. - RepoRat
Will put in on my list of things to do tomorrow morning :-) - Cameron Neylon
*bump* for the Monday am crowd, US West Coast. - Bill Hooker