Cameron Neylon
The Panton Principles: Finding agreement on the public domain for published scientific data -
I had the great pleasure and privilege of announcing the launch of the Panton Principles at the Science Commons Symposium - Pacific Northwest on Saturday. The Panton Principles aim to articulate a view of what best practice should be with respect to data publication for science. Where we found agreement was that for science, and for scientific data, and particularly science funded by public investment, that the public domain was the best approach and that we would all recommend it. - Cameron Neylon
Does that mean CC0 ? - Michael Barton
Michael, the principles specifically list CCZero and the PDDL. - Bill Hooker
Sorry, only read the post. - Michael Barton
No worries -- I didn't mean to be all RTFPrinciples! :-) - Bill Hooker
No problem. :-) - Michael Barton