Cameron Neylon
Friendfeed for Research? First impressions of ScienceFeed -
I have long been an advocate of Friendfeed as a great tool for researchers. Here I discuss the new Friendfeed clone built for researchers, ScienceFeed, suggest what it is good for and what its weaknesses are. - Cameron Neylon
Thanks for the post. ScienceFeed has potential, and being focused on science can be an advantage. It is for example probably easier than with FriendFeed to make ScienceFeed work closely with CiteULike, Connotea, Mendeley, Nature Network, etc. ScienceFeed will not work if it is simply the microblogging part of ResearchGate. - Martin Fenner
Nice post, Cameron. Agree with Martin - if Sciencefeed integrates services well it could work very well. - Sally Church
Definitely agree Martin, there is potential here, particularly if we can build an effort that really takes our best current knowledge and pushes the potential of federation. Maybe this also solves the business model problem? Less sure of that. I am going to try and follow up with some design suggestions. But the social issues are a biggy as well.. - Cameron Neylon
Sciencefeed interface is an exact clone of friendfeed down to the "my discussion", "best of the day". Surprising it doesn't allow you to add RSS feeds. - aaron
I like your take, Cameron--even without seeing ScienceFeed. As a nonscientist/"library person" interested in *some* issues related to science, I'd never think to approach ScienceFeed...and that may be a good thing for some scientists who'd just as soon avoid the great unwashed. Not so great for those (like you) seeking broader discussions. - walt crawford
Just played with Sciencefeed for half an hour... good to see the usual suspects there :>}. It's much clunkier than Friendfeed, you can only connect up Twitter, FB and FF that I can see, no RSS so that would force aggregation to FF and then import it to ScienceFeed. Fine if FF is still alive but no rooms as yet that I can find. For now, I think FF has more utility but am wondering who the owners/developers of ScienceFeed are? - Sally Church
Sally -- SF is from the same people who run ResearchGate. I don't care for ResearchGate and I particularly dislike this hamstrung FF knockoff with its "scientists only" gatekeeping. Science is insular enough, let's not make it worse. - Bill Hooker
ScienceFeed wants to add special features to support conference microblogging. For now they only automatically import using the conference hashtag. - Martin Fenner
Hi guys,thanks for discussing sciencefeed. From now on I will participate on this discussion. Thanks for your initial feedback. When we created sciencefeed, it was pretty clear that it is not smart to build something which is completely new. Friendfeed proved to be a place for referencing easy and fast to scientific content and to discuss it. We want to add features to sciencefeed based on your feedback. I am looking forward to your new ideas, how we can improve sciencefeed in the future. Best Ijad - Sciencefeed
Ijad - It sounds like the consensus is 1st - change the name. 2nd - add services 3rd - clarify if this is intended to be a replacement for friendfeed or the microblogging part of ResearchGate - Mr. Gunn
I'm with Mr Gunn, I think positioning is really important. There is a balance between not scaring off the non-professionals and encouraging the professionals but that the core issue is finding that balance. - Cameron Neylon
Hello Mr. Gunn, and Cameron, our intention is that it should be at one point a replacement for friendfeed and it should connect the various Science 2.0 platforms as mendeley, academia, researchgate in a dynamic way. We will add features, but I do not want to do that without communicating with the community. That's why we launched it early and with just small additions (compared to friendfeed). I hope that you Mr. Gunn and Cameron can help us thinking of new ideas and applications and building it up to a platform which we as scientists can use on a daily basis. However, this needs some time. I am looking forward to more concrete ideas. Best Ijad - Sciencefeed
Ijad, after having touched the service, I agree with many others that by itself sciencefeed is not so compelling (you know my usual arguments). I think as part of something else, where this kind of information sharing is part of the offering, it becomes more compelling, especially if the right services are supported. I think Mr. Gunn is on the right track. - Deepak Singh
Ijad, am working on a post looking at what I think such a service should include. Don't know when I will get to post it though. Hopefully by the end of the weekend. - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
Deepak, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I think also that this is a good idea and I hope that we can specify together what these "right services" are. Cameron, cool. I am looking forward to it. - Sciencefeed
@Ijad: I've sent a couple of messages via the ScienceFeed contact form regarding features and issues. Hope they're getting through to you. - Walter Jessen
We are using a ScienceFeed group for a workshop today and tomorrow. Some observations: messages can't be edited after posting, can't link to messages, COinS support is a great addition (but only finds the first reference), a bookmarklet to import content (including references) would be great. And of course automatic importing of RSS feeds into groups and personal accounts. - Martin Fenner from iPhone
@Walter yes, thank you. I replied to you. Did you get my message? They are all on our To Do List. Martin thank you for testing and you are absolutely right with your ideas. We will work on that. Good feedback. Thanks again. - Sciencefeed
@Ijad: No, I never received your message. - Walter Jessen
Added a few comments (most of them minor software glitches) at the ScienceFeed feedback group - Martin Fenner from iPhone
Anyone figured out if a post can be pointed to/opened in its individual page (as in I find that feature good to point to comments on a conference session. - Kubke
Some more suggestions have been collected at . - Daniel Mietchen
@neil, If you click on the time stamp it takes you to the twitter or the friendfeed individual post. But if you want to link to a post plus comments that live inside sciencefeed, I cannot see a way of pointing to an individual SF post (and the embedded comments) - Kubke
@neil indeed... - Kubke
A huge update with lots of bugfixes and updates is on its way. I hope we can review then together, what we changed. A lot of your feedback was included. THanks for your ideas. Best Ijad - Sciencefeed
here we go: today an update was launched at sciencefeed. In groups you can now define hash tags, which then automatically getting imported from twitter. More is on its way. Several bugfixes went online as well, like friendfeed webpages etc. Thanks for your feedback. - Sciencefeed