Cameron Neylon
The stupidity of SOPA in Scholarly Publishing -
It was Michael Kuhn who pointed out to me over the holiday break that both Elsevier and Macmillan (parent company of Nature Publishing Group) were listed as supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act. If you don't know about SOPA and why it is one of the most politically and legislatively incompetent actions of ... - Cameron Neylon
We should start collecting such instances right away - if SOPA comes, we'll take down all these sites and post the papers that we've secretly downloaded before in our libraries :-) - Björn Brembs
I am a bad, bad person. Trolling the big pigs for SOPA violations seems like an awful lot of fun. - RepoRat
This is why we need to be able to "like" comments, RepoRat, - Mr. Gunn
note, Macmillan US and Macmillan Ltd (our and NPG's parent company) are separate companies ... Macmillan US being the one listed, if I'm reading correctly ... - Kaitlin Thaney
I don't mean to poke you in the eye about this, Kaitlin. I think you're one of the good ones, but if Nintendo can reverse their support, so can Macmillan (US). I think people understand that SOPA is a US law, too, even though it would have widespread effects. - Mr. Gunn
Completely understand :) Just clarifying that this is not our parent company, nor Nature's. Still doesn't make it right, but just to make sure the 2 aren't conflated (common mistake often made). - Kaitlin Thaney
If you look at the publishers "supporting" SOPA through the Association of American Publishers it gets even more insane, a whole bunch of university presses and smaller societies that could be at real risk from this. I can't help but feel that a bunch of members telling the AAP to withdraw would be a good thing. - Cameron Neylon