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Notes from @psigrist on @daveowhite's excellent #wikimania2014 talk. We need a pedagogy of qns, not answer seeking
RT @catmacOA: "I'm hoping they’ll go the way of other unnecessary academic complications to perfectly functioning systems" @mweller
Great. Had missed that! RT @mweller: @CameronNeylon I blogged about it too, following our twitter discussion
From last week if you missed it - Bringing scholarly publishing into the mainstream:
RT @mridley: "We need to learn not just to accept the public domain, but to celebrate it" @Klsmith4906 About That Simian Selfie
RT @Benjis89: .@tieguy "Some cultural institutions have forgotten that their mission is to share knowledge" #wikimania2014
We will be there! MT @IanMulvany: We are having a session today at #wikimania2014 on creating an open publishing tool chain.
RT @LouWoodley: "The most important quality of research is its use - we should maximise that use" - @CameronNeylon #wikimania2014
RT @lawsonstu: 'open access & wikipedia' panel now at #wikimania2014
RT @mhbeals: .@jimmy_wales "Only small proportion of community has ready access to academic research. Better access = better content" #wikimania2014
For those in the #openaccess session at #wikimania2014 The Open Access irony award at Flickr
Oh exciting...first pull request I've received! RT @IanMulvany: just sent a pull request to pyalm
RT @OA_Button: Just hear about the Button at #wikimania2014? You can get your button at and learn more at
Setting up for #wikimania session with @IanMulvany on Wikipedia as front matter for the world's research
A new post on PLOS Opens: Wikimania - we need to choose the main stream over our small pool -
#wikimania2014 ...are very similar to the challenges of moving from content focussed rsrch publication to data focussed schol comms [2/2]
#Wikimania2014 Data Panel. Strikes me that challenges of translating success of Wikipedia to Wikidata (content is different to data) [1/2]
RT @catmacOA: In the scientific arena, we also need to enhance data , add to it and integrate it - @PLOS Elizabeth Marincola #Wikimania2014
.@dullhunk @villavelius @arfon Exactly the point. Research should be seen a piece of the puzzle of human knowledge, not something separate
Great storify from @anneliesvrede: of a tweetchat from Early Career Researchers chat on open access?
RT @DorothyR_Howard: Join + contribute to the OA-signaling project + conversation at github @EvoMRI @notconfusing @wrought #Wikimania2014
#wikimania2014 is all about what can be done when data, info & knowledge is accessible. Schol Comms can learn a lot here (and vice versa)
RT @LouWoodley: What about critical mass for WikiProjects? Is adding editors or adding contributions more important for community growth? #wikimania2014
As at @cgutteridge reminds us, there are some good reasons to have #NoNewLicenses
.@ElliotHarmon I agree! Take a look at #WebWeWantFest for an example of what we should be focussing on! cc @ernestopriego
RT @mweller: @CameronNeylon I'd missed this, it's such an academic response "let's create a slightly different version", like attempts at twitter for HE
The idea "CC licenses were not designed with scholarly literature in mind" is just plain wrong. [1/2] #NoNewLicenses
Here is @STMAssoc response - - There's a core problem with this statement in that it propagates a myth #NoNewLicenses
...and relevant to @WikimaniaLondon #wikimania2014 from the Wikimedia Foundation #NoNewLicenses
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