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Working in an #ipython notebook, using crowdsourced data to hammer well constructed APIs. What's not to like? #yakshaving
Oh nice...this is going to be cool: cc @MLBrook @emanuil_tolev
Huh. As is generally the case "how do I do X?" oh someone has already written a module for that...and I discover via Stack Exchange #python
RT @Stephen_Curry: Open Access - reasons to be cheerful: a reply to Agrawal (#OA version of my piece in TIPS)
RT @zephoria: Brilliant post by @taliesan re: Mozilla. "Our conversation is about [tension between] rights: Equality & Free Speech"
Hmmm. Anyone from NIHR able to comment on disparity between news release and #openaccess policy it links to? Delay in new policy going live?
.@franknorman Has actual policy for NIHR not been updated? Looks like 'deposit in EuropePMC within 6 months & budget for APCs'? Anyone know?
RT @DrDanielSwan: Having avoided Twitter/RSS for the entire day and having grokked it all very quickly PairedEnds is my winner:
Thoughts on the @HEFCE public access policy on the @plosblogs PLOS Opens blog
Detailed narrative on #openaccess from a less privileged perspective. Much info to consider
PeerJ really setting the pace on easy to use manuscript submission systems with new NSA collaboration (see last para)
nice one. - RepoRat
RT @IanMulvany: Wikimania proposal: a whirlwind tour of Open Scholarship tools (hopefully with @mfenner)
RT @IanMulvany: Wikimania proposal: make wikipedia the front matter for all research:
RT @martin_eve: HEFCE's Post-2014 Open Access Policy: the short "what you need to know" version #OAREF
thank you; bookmarked for my summer students - RepoRat
Stronger IP rights may slow down innovation. An NBER working paper that is behind a paywall...
.@a_walker I don't think institutions will game. But publishers might be tempted, altho some serious warnings in there if they do
Overall looks a thoughtful and practical policy that will radically change the game in terms of free-to-read access to UK outputs #oaref
...oh and monographs not included. But the regular mention inclusion of things not covered in "research environment" is strong signal #oaref
Not so good: 1. Weak on textmining (but Hargreaves prob overrules anyway) 2. Some weak exceptions ("..if publisher doesn't allow..") #oaref
On good side: 1. Deposit on acceptance required. 2. 100% compliance required with specific exceptions 3. Metadata must be available #oaref
Reading through the #hefce #openaccess policy. Much that is good but need to think more about the loopholes #oaref
Every time I accept an invite on LinkedIn I get suggestion to connect to @ldirks. Nice to still feel a bit connected but also sad...
I went through a process to let LinkedIn know that someone I know had passed away so they could modify their account status. One does have to jump through some hoops. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I get that suggestion too, Cameron. it always makes me pause. - jambina
...although I suspect Lee would be amused that he was so good at networking that he still reaches out from beyond the grave
Sometimes I get overly confident that NPG are heading in right direction...and then they pull something like this...
...but requiring authors to waive moral rights while telling them they 'retain copyright' undermines basic scholarly integrity
It's a shame bcs there is much to like about NPG work on data, review, reproducibility. Even if I disagree on bits direction of travel is gd
Only allows mining for non commercial purposes bit it is still am important step forward. Hopefully Europe will follow
Text miners start your engines! IPO releases guidance and draft instruments for UK copyright reform
RT @IanMulvany: I still miss google wave.
RT @pampel: DataCite (@datacite), (@re3data), and Databib (@Databib) announce Collaboration: #RDAplenary
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