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RT @fperez_org: Amazing hands-on tutorial on reproducible research from the expert hand of @ananelson et al. at #scipy2014: http://reproducible-research.g...
RT @craiginwales: Help‼️ @AmieNLockwood’s campaign to challenge stereotypes in children’s books isn’t looking likely to get funded.
RT @egonwillighagen: I will be speaking about "How I failed to do Open Notebook Cheminformatics" in Cambridge. Register now!
.@friendlymicrobe So perhaps better, one tool in the ideally diverse toolkit that we use to counter weaknesses of all approaches @curtrice
.@friendlymicrobe Not quite. Expert review has serious issues as well (see Need multiple compl approaches @curtrice
.@easternblot Riken report said Science had rejected paper. One comment was abt fig manip. Info lost in multiple review cycles @iainh_z
Ouch - Christina Pikas from iPhone
.@benoitbruneau Image checks still largely manual which makes it expensive. Hence many do a proportion but not all @easternblot @iainh_z
.@easternblot Just knowing you'll be asked for original images is an encouragement to good practice IMO. Checking all can be $$ @iainh_z
.@easternblot Yeh again I'm surprised that Nature/Science don't do that as standard given past fraud and retraction issues @iainh_z
.@iainh_z Interesting to me that EMBOJ see a chance to differentiate by saying (and showing to be fair) "our checks would have spotted it"
.@iainh_z You'll never hear me argue that any review process even near 100% Just interesting that pre-pr checks starting to surface as issue
More transparency/competition on pre-review checks can only be good thing. Lots of impt checks better done with tech validation b4 peer rev
So its good that Science now doing stat review but honestly I'm surprised they weren't years ago. Lots of journals doing this for ages...
Librarians Concerned Digital Content Licences Overriding Exceptions, Limitations | Intellectual Property Watch -
Librarians Concerned Digital Content Licences Overriding Exceptions/Limitations via @ipwatch - Cameron Neylon
RT @lenovere: Anyone wants to lead @emblebi? Janet Thornton will be a tough act to follow
RT @BibianaCampos: Scientific leader, evangelist for open science and wonderful man. Memorial symposium for JC Bradley by @ChemConnector
RT @ChrisBanks: @RLUK_David applauded for promoting #CreativeCommons #CC licenses over newly announced more restrictive STM license #liber2014
.@RLUK_David I'd even say we could agree to disagree on CC BY as long as authors retain rights to relicense in future @petermurrayrust
A requirement, yes MT @RLUK_David: Perhaps HEFCE and RCUK should make a recommendation that authors retain their rights? #openaccess
RT @simonhodson99: The @datadryad digital repository is seeking an energetic and enthusiastic Executive Director #datadryad #codata
Aaaargh! Mac Outlook clearly uses spotlight to search email. I don't want to search email when looking for files, I do want to in Outlook...
You can turn off Spotlight email searching (in Lion, the menu item is "Messages and Chats") in the Spotlight system-preferences pane. I don't know if that will break Outlook, though. - RepoRat
Yep. It does...stops the search function in Outlook working. - Cameron Neylon
bleagh. - RepoRat
Lazyweb q: If I wanted to create a linguistically and geographically representative list of ~200 journals where should I start?
Oh and the source needs to be free to use and ideally open... - Cameron Neylon
there goes ulrich's! - Christina Pikas
does topic have to be diverse, too? - Christina Pikas
Yep, thought I better add that caveat for this group :-) - Cameron Neylon
Ideally yes. What I want is a 'representative' set of journals that I can use to complement a boring set of the usual suspects. Going to use the top 800 from Scimago and add in 200 extras. - Cameron Neylon
so probably not from NLM. I'm thinking worldcat, but you'd have to do some playing around to get things that are current .... also how to know representative? like should you have 1 chinese journal or 3 out of 200 hmm - Christina Pikas
Not entirely sure to be honest. Diverse probably more important than truly representative. - Cameron Neylon
Wikipedia looks kind of promising actually... - Cameron Neylon
british library also has a ton of subscriptions.. i wonder if searching there? - Christina Pikas
oh sure, pick the easy answer :) - Christina Pikas
Not so easy...I can get a bunch of articles but now I'd have to iterate over them and hope the info boxes are consistent...dbpedia may be... - Cameron Neylon
search british library for journal in title, then use facets on the left to pick off languages and topics and even publishers - Christina Pikas
Oh cool, that works. Better than trying to write SPARQL queries... - Cameron Neylon
or you could search for any random word anywhere and limit to journals... I tried to leave the boxes blank to get all journals but it needs some term. 113 periodicals in Norwegian, for example. - Christina Pikas
An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments -
Awesome @NalediSaul! I also really like: Cast political "discourse" in a whole new light. cc:@alialmossawi - Cameron Neylon
Tempted to go back to Apple Mail for email management and keep using Outlook for calendar. Gah! (yes we have an exchange server...)
Good lord. Just conceived of a need/wish for a small paper notebook. I have a feeling I purged them all because I never used them...
..and we've also belatedly put up our response to the Canadian Tri-Councils #openaccess RFI as well:
The @PLOS Submission to @HEFCE enquiry on metrics in research assessment: Summary: Full text:
RT @kaythaney: "I have a real issue with [data] 'quality'. It's like beauty - in the eye of the beholder." - @bnlawrence #openscience #eresearchnz
Frame Clashes, or: Why the Facebook Emotion Experiment Stirs Such Emotion | Tumbling Conduct -
A must read - Frame Clashes, or: Why the Facebook Emotion Experiment Stirs Such Emotion @kashhill - Cameron Neylon
An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie -
RT @TandFOpen: What are authors’ views on #openaccess? Released today #oasurvey2014 #oa Tags: openaccess oasurvey2014 oa - Cameron Neylon
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