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Stephan Planken
Hotel room tests uncover high levels of contamination - Canada - CBC News -
Hotel room tests uncover high levels of contamination - Canada - CBC News
"A CBC Marketplace investigation has uncovered potentially dangerous levels of filth and contamination in hotel rooms across the country. In the largest-ever survey of Canadian hotel cleanliness, Marketplace tested thousands of individual spots inside hotel rooms at a wide spectrum of chains in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. More than 800 "high-touch" spots were tested in 54 rooms at six hotel chains, including budget hotels EconoLodge and Super 8, mid-range hotels Best Western and Holiday Inn and the luxurious Fairmont and Sheraton." - Stephan Planken from Bookmarklet
"Marketplace’s test found that bed comforters, bathroom faucets and TV remotes were the top three dirtiest spots in hotel rooms." - Stephan Planken
“If you're going to pay the extra money for a top-end hotel, don't expect to have better sanitation.” - Stephan Planken
We want cheaper hotel rooms but it comes at a cost. I am contemplating bringing my own sleeping bag on the next trip. :-) - Stephan Planken
Can we all just agree hotel rooms are disgusting and stop testing them already? - Ken Morley
When I was traveling a lot, it seemed that I was always getting to my hotel late after a long day of working and a dinner-meeting, then hurrying into the shower and crashing ON the bed while I vegged out and watched tv. My state of dress at such times varied depending on ambient temperatures, but it was seldom 'complete.' (I didn't travel with a robe, and never stayed in one of those fancy-schmancy chains that provides them.) Anyway, one day as I'm lying there in my boxers, it occurs to me that I had no idea whether they actually change out the bed comforters between guests. I certainly *hoped* that they did, but I was uncertain. From that moment on I have viewed bed comforters in the same manner as I view toilet seats. Anything that might have had a naked ass sitting on it at any point in recent history is NOT where I want to be, unless I'm in a Haz-Mat suit! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
HazMat suits should be standard hotel room attire. - Stephan Planken from iPhone