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Science Incomplete on 'Stealth' Solar Wildlife Deaths via @kcet
ICYMI: I write about summer rainstorms in the Mojave Desert at @BeaconReader
RT @Myrmecos: ...not enough self-professed online sci/nature nerds spend enough time outdoors to be able to recognize real animal behavior. (2/2)
Proposed Solar Plant Would Kill More Than Twice as Many Birds As Ivanpah via @kcet
RT @TetZoo: Note to self: GET INTO HABIT OF REGULARLY CHECKING THE CORVID BLOG It's REALLY good. #crows #blogs #birds #animals
RT @ReliveApollo11: "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." #Apollo11 #Apollo45
RT @SFriedScientist: I had tons of impractical conservation ideas when I was 19 and deeply valued my mentors telling me "No Andrew, that's really stupid."
RT @OwensValleyComm: Keep an eye on this one. Thanks KCET:...
RT @LAevolving: A little more detail on why I think the new science behind the effort to delist the CA gnatcatcher is second-rate
Leaked Federal Memo Orders Biologists to Abandon Wolverine Protection via @kcet
Does LADWP Want to Charge Solar Customers For Grid Access? via @kcet
Biologist: Petition to Remove Protection From Bird Based On Questionable Science via @kcet
My friend Jill is a USGS field biologist who lives out of her car. Or she did until a tree fell on it. Help her out?
RT @LakeMeadNRA: Storms producing heavy rains moving over Lake Mead. Those on the water should put on a lifejacket and move to shore.
Brilliant! Bad-faith justice: ethics of the call-out
Hilarious! My password is "M0ssadegh-A1lende"... got a joke for that? RT @CIA: No, we don’t know your password, so we can’t send it to you.
"The South, in the Civil War, was defending its own terrain and its own way of life." - a Chris Mooney WTF moment
PETA releases "Save California wildlife" alert... with photo of invasive red-eared sliders as "wildlife."
#slashficgoldmine MT: @neiltyson “Oh Myyyy! George, when I’m in LA, let's take a spin in the universe on my Ship”
RT @SaltonSeaWalk: Can you support us & spread the word about #SaltonSea ? Read, retweet, Like, follow, donate -> #crowdfunding
RT @noahWG: Here's a Fb post for you emotional contagion believers to analyze: "Good luck trying to cheer me up today." PNAS study scores this as happy.
RT @PaulRogersSJMN: U.S. Supreme Court turns down final appeal by oyster company in Pt. Reyes National Seashore #parks
Not seeing what the fuss is about. It's not like the Archduke Franz Ferdinand wouldn't have been dead by now anyway.
Never thought I'd be ashamed of my past work at UCSF, but unethical human experimentation by @jamieguillory did it.
A Sonnet For Dawkins
RT @gruntleme: He's one "drab" (my ass!) away from a bonk on the head. Otherwise @canislatrans is great on verdins. @sarasparagus
That's the truth. RT @HopeJahren: #FF @leafwarbler because he always injects an interesting viewpoint you didn't consider ...
.@RichardDawkins Give me a break. If Shakespeare were alive today he'd be speccing scripts for EastEnders. Ever hear of Neruda?
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