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RT @kkaufmann: Yes, I'm leaving The Desert Sun, off to DC for job with SEPA @UtilitySolar. Want a job covering energy in the desert?
A look back at what was once California's most controversial solar project, finally killed this week.
Giant Kern County Solar Project Officially Dead via @kcet
Northwest Water Users Want Exemption from Salmon Protection via @kcet
Now That it's Over, Here's Why I'm Not Earth Day's Biggest Fan via @kcet
No, I've eaten at least 3 species of snail. H. aspersa, 2 meals w/ genus Haliotis, and a Strombus I couldn't ID to species due to sauce.
Riverside Undergrads Can Now Use Solar Power to Surf Web Instead of Studying via @kcet
Navy Working to Rescue Abalone from Extinction via @kcet
Finally Klout offers me some marginal utility. #MOOPerk
Kevin Drum writes a screed without learning about the topic? Unpossible! (rebuttal: )
If you think the goal is "saving civilization," you don't get how serious the problem is.
Feds Evaluating Another Wind Project in Condor Country via @kcet
ICYMI: The ecological reality behind grazing in the Mojave, by me at @BeaconReader
What Happens When You Take Cattle Off The Desert? by @canislatrans via @BeaconReader
Because who can resist a crowd-pleasing animated GIF?
War of Words Mounts in Race to Protect Desert Snail via @kcet
If I'd been willing to violate an embargo like the @latimes, I could have broken this story yesterday too.
Griffith Park Mountain Lion Suffering From Rat Poison, Scientists Say via @kcet
RT @DTCouncil: Additional backstory on the Cliven Bundy situation that also debunks current misinformation:
Ut-oh! Looks like Harry Reid's enforcers got to Snopes!
Hundreds of Environmental Activists Killed Worldwide Over Past Decade via @kcet
I like @carolynlochhead's work, but the phrase "Dire straits" WRT salmon and drought pushes my pun tolerance.
A millionaire's welfare cattle are the real human rights issue here. Pay no attention to these 900 enviros killed.
Millionaire Mormon Ranchers Always Get Their Way, Indians Get Off Of Your Land!
The 2016 Republican White House ticket revealed.
San Joaquin is Most Endangered River in U.S., Says Group via @kcet
Any of you other writer types have a handy name for someone who argues over one of your pieces when they clearly haven't read it?
Ever more relevant: An open letter to the right wing
#1: Halitosis RT @HuffingtonPost: 7 ancient contraceptives that will make you VERY glad you live in the 21st century
I have health insurance for the first time in four years. I spent those years being a stressed fat guy in his 50s. LIVING ON THE EDGE BABY
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