New acquisition in the living room
Yesterday at Whitewater
RT @NIH_Bear: How about urban revitalization so fewer of you crap-jackets build McMansion in my fucking habitat? How about that.
Starting to wonder whether I can really spend the rest of my life watching the desert be killed off piece by piece.
'Dead' Solar Plant May Rise From Grave via @kcet
When buildings orgasm
Fuck. Just... fuck.
Associated Press only lags a year behind on reporting solar flux bird mortality.
One more ICYMI for the weekend crowd. Burning The Desert’s Library by
ICYMI: My latest on Beacon | Burning The Desert's Library
RT @michaelarria: There are Americans who think a black teenager reached for a cop's gun, from 35 feet away, but demand further proof for global warming.
Has The Rice Solar Project Been Abandoned? via @kcet
Can we stop telling people with depression to "just cheer up" now?
Chris reading in Joshua Tree: Save The Date
A 3-block slip and slide in LA during an extreme drought? I don't think so. Sign the petition. ...
Study: It's Possible to Power All of California With Clean Energy, But... via @kcet
RT @Ichnologist: Finally seeing #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy later. Interested in distinguishing #RocketRaccoon's bipedal trackways from those of typical raccoons.
RT @GavinHeffernan: @canislatrans See our new astro meteor timelapse from King's Canyon/Sequoia and bts doc here!
Invasive Species Week: The Bullfrog via @kcet
RT @TheCorvidBlog: And The Corvid Blog lands on twitter. #natureblog #birds
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