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Paul Downey
Louis Gray
Identi.ca and the Power of Microbranded Communities - http://www.louisgray.com/live...
Lots of good points. I feel so schizo moving between all these sites. - Kevin Gamble
Kevin just remember that microblogging is a technology and not a service - whichever one of these services let you use that technology in the best way is probably your best choice IMO - Jesse Stay from twhirl
bump! - Jesse Stay
wow! - Chris Heath
Karl Dubost
surfrdf - Google Code - http://code.google.com/p...
Hi, Karl! My colleague Cosmin, who is the author of SuRF RDF, recently gave a presentation about it at EuroPython 2009. See http://www.slideshare.net/cosbas... - Uldis Bojars
Retrofitting Blade runner: Retrofitting Blade runner: issues in Ridley Scott's Blade runner and Philip K. Dick's Do androids dream of electric sheep? - http://books.google.com/books...
Retrofitting Blade runner: Retrofitting Blade runner: issues in Ridley Scott's Blade runner and Philip K. Dick's Do androids dream of electric sheep?
"This book of essays looks at the multitude of texts and influences which converge in Ridley Scott’s film Blade Runner, especially the film’s relationship to its source novel, Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Essays consider political, moral and technological issues raised by the film, as well as literary, filmic, technical and aesthetic questions. Contributors discuss the film’s psychological and mythic patterns, importance political issues and the roots of the film in Paradise Lost, Frankenstein, detective fiction, and previous science fiction cinema." - zeroinfluencer from Bookmarklet
an excellent book, I've read it on occasion and intend to purchase it one day in one of the Amazon binges - Michael Bravo
The part about moral discourse where it compares Tyrell Corporation to Nazi scientists, (and by dint of that replicants to Jews which would make Bladerunners SS officers) is chilling stuff. PKD said that the inspiration for Bladerunner came from an entry in a concentration camp guard's diary where the guard complained that he was having to play classical music loudly at night in order... more... - Graham Sergeant
more people should understand that inspiration for the story. then there would be less stupid arguments about whether Deckard is (or isn't) a replicant. PKD understood that the concentration camp guards were not *behaving* as humans, despite being human, and having human parts. - Karim
I thought the "Deckard is human" tribe was hunted to extinction in the late 90s - Graham Sergeant
maybe they were, but i've always been in the IT DOESN'T MATTER tribe. :-D it's like arguing about whether it should be spelled "Baty" or "Batty." once you understand that human beings can act like robots, and robots can act like human beings (by using the Empathy Box, by saving Deckard's life, etc.) then it doesn't matter who is "artificial" and who isn't: what matters is who *acts* like a human being. - Karim
the whole "is he or isn't he" argument is just so much tribalism, an attempt to reduce the story to us vs. them. - Karim
which, the story of gutted original script aside, is more or less the gist of the latest Terminator, eh? - Michael Bravo
Michael, yes, and similar ground was also covered in the remake of "Battlestar Galactica," as well as ages ago in the various "Ghost in the Shell" franchises. in the latter there are characters who are completely artificial except for their brains, and one of them has a lot of angst about whether she's still really human... - Karim
I'm an avid GITS fan, so... :) also liking BSG quite a lot, but I don't have a TV series habit, so I'm stuck somewhere halfway through the first season, fully intending to continue though. - Michael Bravo
It's an important distinction in that the "hero", who we have been following for the entire story, even glimpsing into his interior life at the mythical reverie implant, an emotional high point of the film, is the same as those he is hunting, and we are taught, by dint of Deckard's replicant status, that replicants have as rich an interior life as we do, yet are an enemy to be disposed... more... - Graham Sergeant
one man's "destabilization of built-in moral assumptions" is another man's cheesy plot twist. "And the guy persecuting the X's was an X himself!" distracts from the real point of the story, in my opinion. - Karim
PKD was happy to put the question in the novel as a kind of *doubt* -- something the protagonist questioned, something intended to cause cognitive dissonance in the reader. by resolving the doubt (and the cognitive dissonance), the story loses the ability to make the reader question his OWN humanity. - Karim
The revelation that we have been empathising with a replicant (in the sense that we empathise with the protagonist in classical storytelling) is precisely what brings the audience's humanity into focus and the apparatus the story uses to do this is that which makes Deckard most human to us; his emotional reverie inside his most private moment which is actually an implant externalised as... more... - Graham Sergeant
Also, I'm not sure I would call it a twist, it is more of a dramatic reversal in a sequence of reversals that starts with the revelation that Rachel is a replicant unknowingly, Baty killing his "father" and saving his persecutor, to reciting poetry and revealing more emotional richness than any other character in the film. A twist comes out of nowhere but a dramatic reversal is part of the build up to a story climax - Graham Sergeant
Bladerunner raises the distinction between human and replicant so that it can then erase that distinction. - Graham Sergeant
i choose to believe the same -- that the story of 'blade runner' is a story that gives us the opportunity to think about what truly makes us human, and i think any story that does that in an effective way is a good one. when i was in college, albeit a long time ago, thinking about that same question, i was thrilled at the idea that humans were so similar to our non-human primate relatives. - docrivs
if we examine critically the science fictions and current scientific and technological realities that make up our world we can now be thrilled at the idea that we can continue to alter our attitudes about what it means to be human. - docrivs
Docrivs, I'm sure Ray agrees with you."Ray Kurzweil's wildest dream is to be turned into a cyborg—a flesh-and-blood human enhanced with tiny embedded computers, a man-machine hybrid with billions of microscopic nanobots coursing through his bloodstream." http://www.newsweek.com/id... - Tom Himpe
@tom there was a speech William Gibson gave at some scifi writers' gathering (or some such, I can dig it out if you are interested), in which he said that we are all actually cyborgs for a long time now, we just don't realize it yet, meaning. for example, this - you are now digesting information that goes into your optic nerve via pixels on your screen and before that has traveled... more... - Michael Bravo
#cyborganthropology that's pretty damn cool, tom. thanks. the creator of some of the most widely-used electronic musical instruments in the world seems to me to be an appropriate visionary for that dream. i think he'd probably agree that it is fascinating to see a future ahead of us in which the lines between humanity and machine-ity (is there a word for that?) will be blurred even further. - docrivs
#cyborganthropology mike, that's exactly the kind of thinking that has fascinated me for a very long time -- probably when i first learned about computers and electronics, as a child. what is the difference between people and robots, was a question i asked a lot at school. the answers i received were never satisfactory -- all that talk about 'spirit' and 'soul' and 'humanity' and 'consciousness'... it never did it for me. i'm also fascinated with networks -- bits travelling through the air or wiring... - docrivs
Graham, i'm still not buying the idea that saying Deckard is a replicant "brings the audience's humanity into focus." if anything, it serves to turn Deckard into The Other. you can call it a "dramatic plot reversal" instead of a twist, but it amounts to the same thing -- a tired science fiction trope in which it is revealed that the man is really a machine. (e.g. the ending to Star Trek's "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and The Outer Limit's "Demon with a Glass Hand") - Karim
i agree that the story intends to blur the relationship between human and replicant, but PKD never really explains in the book that Deckard is a replicant. to the extent it doesn't matter, PKD ends the book by having Deckard find a real toad, thought to have been long extinct. Deckard really cares for the toad. but at the very end, his wife Iran finds out the toad isn't real. which *doesn't matter*, because she ends up ordering some artificial flies for it to eat. - Karim
karim: that's pretty cool about the toad. i haven't had read any of pkd's books yet, i don't think. he didn't write 'a scanner darkly' did he? i read that. it was strange, but had some cool ideas. you make me want to watch 'blade runner' again to see if i see what you see. i like stories when the android/cyborg/robot/replicant doesn't know that it is part-machine (or a human-simulated machine). i just saw that alien movie with winona ryder, and this conversation reminds me of her character similarities - docrivs
yikes, docrivs, i hope i didn't totally spoil the book for you? i figured everyone here would have read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. :-) yeah, i think PKD did write "A Scanner Darkly" -- the film being fairly faithful to the novel. a case could be made for Deckard not being a replicant in the movie: he feels bad about "shooting a woman in the back," and feels bad about telling... more... - Karim
i haven't seen the film yet, but i did look it up to see if pkd wrote it. i like books that blur the edges of reality/dream/hallucination. i need to read electric sheep. that's been one i've been hearing about all of my life. i was more into fantasy sci-fi, as a kid, and didn't get into the future stuff for awhile. no, you didn't give it away -- the book. i'm sure that my having seen the movie first will spoil it more than anything else. - docrivs
Blade Runner riddle solved http://news.bbc.co.uk/2... "the Director's Cut edition - although deliberately ambiguous - convinced many that the hero was indeed a replicant and in a Channel 4 documentary Scott at last reveals they are correct." - John Hardy
Karim, Bladerunner isn't cheesy... ok, the voice over was cheesy but that's gone now. There's no way any of those plot turns from science fiction shows come close to the subtletly of the now iconic origami unicorn. All plot devices and premises are old as the hills, it's how they're treated that matters. and the emotive richness of Bladerunner is unmatched in the science fiction genre.... more... - Graham Sergeant
Graham, i *partially* agree with your last comment. :-D i don't think the movie is cheesy. i think "revealing" that Deckard was really a replicant is a cheesy reveal :-D it's the ending to an M. Night Shyamalan film, not a Ridley Scott film. Mr. Scott obviously would disagree with me :-D as would you, but that's just the way i feel about it. the "Deckard = replicant" reveal answers a question that i think PKD deliberately *meant* to be ambiguous and unanswered. - Karim
J.J. Abrams gave a TED talk on the importance of mystery (http://www.ted.com/talks...) and it's something i agree with wholeheartedly: that it's important for some questions to remain unanswered, that the important thing is that the question *makes us think*, makes us wonder, *adds* to the story because it forces us to consider things instead of having all the answers handed to us on a platter. - Karim
first time I read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" i puzzled about whether Deckard was an andy -- which led me to wonder what one was, exactly: how many artificial parts could someone have before they were a machine. which reminded me of the love letter from Hamlet to Ophelia, where he pledges his love to her, for as long as "this machine is to him." (i.e. as long as Hamlet lives... more... - Karim
have you all seen the trailer and website for the surrogates? it looks frickn awesome!!! - docrivs
trailer for 'the surrogates' -- http://news.septagonstudios.com/... - docrivs
docrivs, that does look all kinds of awesome. mashup of The Matrix with Ghost in the Shell :-D - Karim
yup, that's what i was thinking... and 'true lies' (is that the one where arnold's dreaming the whole time?) and 'strange days'... i love this kinda stuff - docrivs
Bladerunner show us 3 characters (Deck, Rach, Baty) who it says are definitely replicant but all display empathy amongst other rich emotions, the one trait we are told, that should differentiate them by it's absence. Each one of these characters also commit murder as well. This is as much a hall of mirrors as the book as we still can't tell them apart even though the film gives us the... more... - Graham Sergeant
The deepest mystery that we'll never penetrate is what it means to be human. Both film and book complicate our thoughts on this. Compared to this, withholding Deckard's status is a bit flimsy. - Graham Sergeant
Thanks for the pointer to the TED talk, I'll watch it. Meanwhile, on the subject of mystery, let me list a quote from one of my favourite books, The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin (in a separate comment due to the lack of formatting in friendfeed comments) - Michael Bravo
"The unknown," said Faxe's soft voice in the forest, "the unforetold, the unproven, that is what life is based on. Ignorance is the ground of thought. Unproof is the ground of action. If it were proven that there is no God there would be no religion. No Handdara, no Yomesh, no hearthgods, nothing. But also if it were proven that there is a God, there would be no religion. ... Tell me,... more... - Michael Bravo
Good quote from a great writer. - Graham Sergeant
Not That Rochelle
Comparing friendfeed and Twitter. Anyone with strong opinions? Why one and not the other?
Yeah, I can see that making sense. I feel kind of badly that everything I do on twitter comes into FF, even when it's...kind of irrelevant. :/ - Not That Rochelle
It's all about the community. My local network is on Twitter, so I enjoy it more. I connect with librarians on friendfeed, though so that's my "mode" when I'm here. It's less about the interface for me, and more about the connections. (Primarily) - ɥsıuɐʎɹ
To me it feels like trying to compare apples to apple pie. Twitter is cool, and has its fans. Friendfeed combines the cool of twitter with a bunch of other ingredients to make something else. They're both awesome and tasty, but it depends a lot on what you want. - Jennifer Dittrich
Still learning about friendfeed - but like Twitter better currently due to apps that let me read twitter in my Gmail window. - celticlibrarian
I prefer the World Wide Web as a tool. It's got so many features - especially services like "Google," "twitter" and "friendfeed" that help me connect with so many people and ideas. :) - ɥsıuɐʎɹ
Twitter is simpler. They broke replies recently which can be a good reason to move to FriendFeed, but otherwise I find myself using Twitter more than FF. - Uldis Bojars
A part of the reason pro using Twitter is its great application ecosystem. For example, Twitterrific for iPhone/iPod touch provides very good user experience. Can anyone recommend an iPhone application for FriendFeed which provides the same level of functionality and aesthetics? - Uldis Bojars
FF does allow the option of hiding "types" of a friend's feeds, so you do have the option of hiding say, all of a person's delicious feeds but keeping the others available to you. I prefer Twitter to FF myself, largely b/c that's where my friends are. - copystar
Strong opinion? Maybe not. Twitter didn't work for me, but that was more than a year ago. FF currently does work for me. "For me" is a key here. (Maybe I'm verbose? 140 words is 500% more than 140 characters.) - walt crawford
Twitter vs. Friendfeed: 1. Friendfeed is good for conversations. 2. Friendfeed has a relatively small user base and its growth seems have been stalled for some time. 3. Many Friendfeed conversations tend to be shallow; most of the best minds out there in the real world aren't Friendfeed users. 3. Twitter feels more dynamically diverse than Friendfeed, and less ingrown and cliquish. 4.... more... - Sean McBride
Just noticed again: a page of Twitter blows away a page of Friendfeed for useful news. 20 really strong news items per page, easy to absorb almost instantly. 5 seconds of scanning, and I am much better informed about the world. If one wants to discuss a Twitter item, just push it over to Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
Given the, um, neutral nature of Sean's comments, it's worth pointing out that both of them far exceed Twitter's limits. ("Most of the best minds out there" may not be Twitter users either...) - walt crawford
Many very smart people, like Tim O'Reilly and Jack Welch, hang out on Twitter You need to know how to find them. Regarding the character limit: I often post my tweets from Friendfeed. :) Another feature in Friendfeed's favor. As I said: use them in tandem for best results. - Sean McBride
I agree with Sean as far as using them in tandem for best results. - Laura Norvig
Louis Gray
If we can't trust RSS because FeedBurner is flaky, and we can't trust Twitter, then what's left to get us the news fast?
E-mail - Jesse Stay
Twitter search has been down for 5-6 hours tonight, after being very broken. - Louis Gray
Full-circle - Jesse Stay
So the whole idea that RSS is dead and Twitter has replaced it makes that argument hard. - Louis Gray
But I can't say RSS is infallible because the company pushing much of it to Google Reader, in FeedBurner is a black hole at Google right now. - Louis Gray
Magazines - Josh Haley
Something has got to change or something new has got to take their place. Do we expect FeedBurner to be revamped and resume its leadership, or do we think Twitter Search will reach its full potential? - Louis Gray
Print is dead, Josh. See: Newspapers and magazines. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed - Jesse Stay
Funny how we forget the exact platform we're all communicating on :-) It shows it's working - Jesse Stay
but will friendfeed work when it has the amount of ppl that twitter has on it now? - Jason Pollock
Television and radio? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jason, that's a question many have asked. FriendFeed has grown quite a bit in the two years I've used it. The team that built FriendFeed also built Google Maps and GMail, so they have thought big. - Louis Gray
Just visit the sites in person, rather than rely on the automatisms. Might work too. - Richard A.
Jesse, I know FriendFeed works. I trust it. But we also need the infrastructure from RSS and Twitter to still work as part of a complement to FriendFeed. It also doesn't make sense for me to scream FriendFeed from the rooftops all the time. We should look at where there are weaknesses and figure them out. - Louis Gray
CW, right now I assume RSS pushes FriendFeed to other places, but that's not through FeedBurner. Also, the FriendFeed team is working on SUP. (Simple Update Protocol) Launched here: http://blog.friendfeed.com/2008... - Louis Gray
Louis, while maybe a set-back, I don't see RSS as a weakness to FriendFeed. FF has created PUB-SUP to conquer this problem, which is also a much more real-time solution than RSS or even Twitter. My blog updates FriendFeed via PUB-SUP, not RSS. - Jesse Stay
And in regards to solving the FeedBurner problem, I always know how many people are seeing my posts on FriendFeed. Not only that but I know who they are and I can talk to them. I can't do that via FeedBurner, so in that regard FriendFeed is making FeedBurner less important to me than before (although it still has its uses) - Jesse Stay
That said, I'd love to have FriendFeed also provide a summary of my articles through PUB-SUP, rather than just the title and image - Jesse Stay
To be clear: I believe RSS is critical. I also believe FeedBurner has been doing well of late. But I can't criticize Twitter as being worse than RSS when there have been so many problems there already. - Louis Gray
With search technologies, RSS is becoming much less critical for me these days. Same with any Twitter client. - Jesse Stay
I think the issue comes now down to how we should improve the process to enable search technologies to have much more real-time access to the content. Is RSS sufficient for that? I'm not sure it is. - Jesse Stay
Lucy, for me, Google blog search, FriendFeed, BackType :-) - Jesse Stay
I've got to get these next 2 blog posts out on how I use Gmail to manage all that - Jesse Stay
Shouting on busy street corners? - Adam Pieniazek
Funny thing - I just realized I haven't checked my Google Reader in over 2 days - Jesse Stay
Jesse: What are you blogging on? Sudar http://friendfeed.com/sudar is working on a plugin for Wordpress that perhaps does just what you want. http://friendfeed.com/blogger... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Lucy: FeedBlitz is a new alternative to FeedBurner; Louis has been kind enough to mention us in the past. www.feedblitz.com/rssfaq.asp - we're up to thousands of feeds since launch. Just because FeedBurner has its issues doesn't mean that RSS is broken; just means that there's insufficient choice in the market (something we are trying to change :-) ). We believe that RSS will be at the core of many online marketing and social services for a long time to come. - Phil Hollows
Jyri Engestrom
Formalizing the activitystreams spec at #iiw http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Danny Ayers
"Two weeks of SIOC wishes" - go add! http://wiki.sioc-project.org/index...
Paul Buchheit
PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/SHELLING on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
""Get up, boy, get up" cried the weeping father, who lost a total of 13 close relatives when an Israeli shell hit his house east of Gaza City. "Please get up. I am your dad and I need you," he implored helplessly. The oldest was 4 years old. Their mother was killed too."" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Insane. - Paul Buchheit
Just a little Hamas cause and effect - Bob Sonin
Bob, do you have children? Siblings? A family? Your blaming game shows no sorrow to the death of innocent children and entire families. - mj
I'm not going to let such imagery be used to smear Israel, which is the insinuation of Paul's post; of course i have compassion for the palestinians; but there's one group of animals at the root of all this - Bob Sonin
There was no compassion in that flippant, callous comment. - Mo Kargas
"group of animals" -- that says it all about the toxic hatred at the root of these Mideast ethnic and religious holy wars. Please keep this insanity from infecting the United States. - Sean McBride
tell me, how are hamas / hezbollah not animals? - Bob Sonin
Here's the story (3rd excerpt) - http://bit.ly/yLGI - and video (50 seconds in) - http://www.youtube.com/watch... - mj
It's easier to kill a dehumanized people, hence why there's only hateful comments when viewing dead kids. - Mo Kargas
"The international Red Cross accused Israeli forces Thursday of failing to assist wounded Palestinians and of "unacceptable" delays in letting rescue workers reach a Gaza home where four small children were found alive next to their mothers' bodies. Rescuers had been refused permission by the Israeli army to reach the site in the Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza City for days, the... more... - Sean McBride
The Nazis set up Jews for genocide by first describing them as subhuman. This is usually how genocide starts -- with dehumanizing rhetoric. - Sean McBride
Comparing supporters of Israel to Nazi's, nice... is that straight out of Mein Kampf? - Bob Sonin
@Bob, one thing is for sure: animals or not, those who lost their families will NEVER forgive - what is happening in Gaza at the moment is only fueling a future war - Yann Abraham
Actually I hate it but there is no button for that - Yann Abraham
Bob: No different from Israel supporters calling people anti-semites and terrorist supporters for expressing sorrow over the Palestinian death toll. Extreme dialog and name-calling hinders everything, is childish, and puerile. The war will continue forever till one side or both sides are eliminated, because both are hard hearted, and both seek revenge in one way or another for those lost. - Mo Kargas
@Sean your requests to stay away from the conflict turns to be a fake. you're intentionally involved from top to bottom.You incite the mob with lies and defamation, leaning on terrorists info. The Hamas hijacked all Red Cross ambulances, damaging their effort to evacuate casualties in order to increase the Palestinian toll. Let me make it clear, mendacity won't help you, it is damaging yourself ONLY. I have no doubts about your affiliation to those fascist groups who destabilizing the US. - Nir Ben Yona
My comment from a previous thread: "Can we at least agree that you can be against the technique that Israel is using, and Hamas too, without having to automatically be against the reason behind it. Just because I ask Israel to stop bombing the hell out of Gaza DOES NOT mean I supoprt bombs on Israeli towns... nor if I ask Hamas to stop launching missiles, it DOES NOT mean I support the current 'situation' the Palestinian Territorys are subject to..." - Johnny
@bob - you wrote about bad act of hamas but do you know that Israelis starved 1.5 million people in gaza for 18 months ? their rocket lunching is a response to their siege. and everybody know that Israelis response is disproportionate. Israel claimed that they are target hamas militant accurately but more than 30 percent of casualties are women and children. i saw few minute ago in al... more... - امیرعباس
Every Palestinian and Lebanese knows that Israel is doing them a favor by fighting Hezbolla and Hamas terror organizations who've hijacked them with fear and force. In fact, we might be their only chance in the region. - Nir Ben Yona
Nir Ben... If the above picture is a demonstration of 'doing them a favor', I certainly won't be asking for your help... - Johnny
Johnny, I see the macro not the micro. No one likes to see those images but my advice to you would be to speak with local civilians UNOFFICIALLY and get their references. I'm doing so, they won't say it on TV because they will be killed immediately but under the table they crave for the Hamas to be defeated. As bad as it may sound, they are willing to sacrifice their victim in order to get peaceful life. - Nir Ben Yona
Nir Ben Yona your ignorance is astounding. Would you like me to forward you some unofficial comments from local civilians? My goodness. BLOCKED. - Jim #teamFFrank
@Nir Ben Yone- are you sure buddy ? hamas elected by people in Gaza in a democratic election. you can read about it here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2... . actually hamas is a political party but it has a military wing - امیرعباس
You are not alone Nir Ben, and I would not be so quick to judge others and assume they aren't either. But you must agree that this picture will not do anything to calm the passions of any reasonable person. This picture kills me because not more than 30 mintues ago I was reading to my 2 year old daughter as she went to sleep. I did not see this as a one side or the other death, I pain because the innocence of children have been destroyed by stubborn men on both sides... You want a solution, mine is below: - Johnny
Get Palestine's young men jobs... Allow infrastructure and trade to florish so those who have something to do and pride in something will not be easy fodder for men offering nationalism and adventure. When the young men have pride, it will flow onto the community. Israel will have to be partners in this. Killing the leaders of Hamas does nothing, you don't choke a man by popping a pimple on his head. Bombing the crap out of Gaza just fuels the fire. Take the fuel away and the flame will extingush - Johnny
Oh... and Bob... Fuck you buddy. A father lost his kids... - Johnny
Children of any religion / background are inherently innocent which makes this truly heartbreaking. Violence begets more violence and the cycle will continue. No one on either side is innocent except for those who are merely bystanders in this horrible conflict. I can only wish for peace for both sides and the end to such horrible images. - Vince DeGeorge
@Johnny everything you've mentioned was already done, we've tried our best, but as long as the region is been controlled by fanatic terrorists there is no hope. 8 years we suffer from those missiles, have you seen the affliction on Israeli children? have you considered missiles lobbed on your children while in school? We have the same images. Regretfully the coming cease fire will be temporary. @Jim your stupidity pops up from your reactions Asta La Vista.@Savage Hitler was elected in a democratic election - Nir Ben Yona
+Billion Vince... - Johnny
@nir ben yona - have you ever thought about starving people ? do you know that first Israelis break the Ceasefire ? http://www.youtube.com/watch... have you ever thought that Palestinians are human and have right to live ? you are justifying your Israelis' massacre - امیرعباس
Nir Ben, again, please don't insult my intelligence by framing me as a one eyed Israeli-hater. I HAVE seen those images and I too felt the great pains I did when I see this photo. I have taken time to research this issue over many years and has been the subject of great discussion amongst many of my colleagues.. You do not have sole authority on the subject and wish you would stop assuming that everyone else is beneath you... - Johnny
That being said. If you read my comments again (read them, just don't read what you want them to say) you will find I am critical of both sides equally. Both sides have got themselves into a death spiral that stretchs so far back no one really knows who started it (and this goes back waaaaay before the end of World War II) But missiles are ultimatley not the answer. - Johnny
Nir Ben - you have not tried 'everything' - you have not talked to Hamas. You have not drawn the elected government into a peace process. You have not opened the borders. You have not freed the airspace or sea borders. You have not stopped assasinating leaders. You have not released detainees. You have not released 40 kidnapped elected Hamas politicians. You have not stopped developing... more... - Ivan Pope from twhirl
Hamas won the election becuase the provided infrastucture, hospitals and schools. They sold hope to the people, a thin diguse for thier true desires. The solution will only come when the people who want to destroy Israel are overthrown by the people, who just want to live in peace. But it is hard to rise up for peace when your life is ruled by war. Young men seek revenege, thier hands need tasks... It might have failed but that is not a reason to abondon another attempt. - Johnny
Everyone has to blink at the same time. - Johnny
I doubt you'll get much correspondence from the Palestinian civilians of whats happening, because their media stations are gone, and journalists would need to be directly in harms way. - Mo Kargas
@Savage, I care for every human being. Trust me when i say that more people are starving for food in Africa rather than in Gaza. The starving you refer to comes from the poverty that has been brought to the Palestinians by the Hamas. I reject the allegations that Israel was the one to break the cease fire. On the contrary, Hamas and its proxies thought they could drip missiles during the appeasement time. Everyone has the right to live, I'm not dealing with justifications but survival ! - Nir Ben Yona
@Nir Ben Yona http://tinyurl.com/74azr - thanks for ending this conversation as far as I am concerned - however much I respect Israel's right to peace, there is no excuse for what 'you' ( as in "we've tried our best" ) are doing in Gaza - were 'you' trying your best when you built the wall? Did 'you' offer palestinians a job to build their prison? - Yann Abraham
@Nir Ben Yona - they starved because Israel closed all borders . they did't have electricity for several months. actually i want to say that military operation will not help. they will retaliate and you will encounter with more suicidal attacks. instead of this massive attack Israelis can find a better solution for this problem. this incursion just can worsen the situation. - امیرعباس
@Johnny don't put words in my mouth, I haven't said you're biased nor beneath me. Fact is that i hang around those places and you don't and that's a HUGE difference. I don't need to research this issue because i'm involved. Who said i have sole authority, the fact I bring the Israeli side doesn't have to empower me as the only one who controls the material. - Nir Ben Yona
@Johnny, as for your allegations, the Hamas was elected on the basis of fighting the corruption, that the PLO authority was afflicted with. The trick of distinguishing the political wing from the armed wing is a well known terrorist method to play with "human rights" seekers. There isn't enough place to talk about this doctrine but many books are avail. Literally, they attack on 1 hand and "speak" on the other one. As for hospitals and schools, this is a well known Hezbolla method to BUY the population. - Nir Ben Yona
@Johnny they provide their needs and get their votes in the elections. This is how you get support, not by Independent vote but by giving the poor a viable supply. Talking with Hamas would be considered as speaking with Bin Laden - No 1 to talk with, specially when they undermine Israel's right for existence. You can't completely open the borders when the only things that get inside are missiles and weaponry that threat your stabilization. Same goes for airspace or sea borders. - Nir Ben Yona
@Johnny US, Russia and many other countries use the assassination tool against terrorists all over the world. You can argue about it but Israel guides many of them how to do it precisely. Clearly the terrorists are using this on daily basis, you can find how the Hamas is doing it in this essay http://bit.ly/3cY23e. - Nir Ben Yona
@Johnny Haven't released detainees? That is a complete lie. we're doing to many gestures to Abu Mazen when we release Palestinian prisoners every second month. On the other hand, we have a kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, who's been kept in caves without the ability to get basic rights, nor meeting with his family or any Red Cross representative. In our jails, Palestinians can complete their educations and get family visits every month. Did you know that the infamous Samir Kuntar gained weight in Israel? - Nir Ben Yona
Nir Ben at this time borders are closed but they are able to lunch rockets. you know and everybody knows that they can smuggle weapons and nobody can stop them but put 1.5 people under siege is not justifiable in any way. see this pictures http://www.asriran.com/fa... they are making rocket in their homes and they smuggle material not from Egypt but from Israel. i say it again that military incursion will not solve any problem and killing innocent children is not moral - امیرعباس
@Johnny, go stand with your Hamas bretheren and swallow a missile - Bob Sonin
another thing is that Israelis claim that their target is Hamas militant but they are using mass destruction weapons. you know that a bomb can not distinguish between hamas militant and civilians. if they want to fight against Hamas they must find a better way. this sort of invasion to civilians that are living in a densely populated place is against Geneva conventions - امیرعباس
@Johnny As for settlements, the issue is too complicated to deal with in short. As for the West Bank, Israel has managed to defeat the terror in this region and many Palestinians live there in prosperity, thanks to our generous aid. You dare to talk about the wall? everyone knows that this wall saved thousands of Israeli life, preventing the terrorists from getting into Israel in order to commit suicide attacks. If the wall saves my life i have no regrets. - Nir Ben Yona
@johnny If you've researched on the region you should have known the Palestinians have rejected every peace process and every initiative that was raised by the Israeli side, even when Barak promised Arafat unprecedented offers. Regretfully it won't end since both sides will never reach an agreement in refer to Jerusalem and the refugees problem. - Nir Ben Yona
did not the German Nazis have children when we bombed them in Dresden? Does your worst and most vile enemy not have the capability to have children and is not population growth a war in itself? - NoahDavidSimon
@Savage if the smuggling won't stop, this war will continue forever. this is a crucial element in any foreseeable cease fire. The IDF calls any family that is involved with missiles attack before demolishing their house - No1 else does it. We try to target the Hamas and fight them but they are bunch of cowards, running back and hiding within civilians because they know they are safe there. I think I've answered almost any issue been raised. I rest my case ! - Nir Ben Yona
time will show you everything. military operation will fuel the fire :( - امیرعباس
Nir, on the West Bank - how many roadblocks are there? How many building permits for Palestinians do you grant? How many Israeli only roads? You have a useful administration that does your bidding, but even then you don't stop building settlements, becuase that is the real aim. Sure, a chopped up divided populace is currently quiet, but don't tell us they are happy. Or that they have a... more... - Ivan Pope from twhirl
Damn, i thought this is a tech place, where all those activists are coming from. @Ivan i hope you're not blaming me personally. West bank barely has roadblocks and the Palestinians have their own authorities to decide about building matters. Settlements issue will be solved in the third stage of the process, don't jump ahead. No one is happy in the region nowadays, but the west bank Palestinians do live in a reasonable welfare (have you ever been there?). - Nir Ben Yona
Accusations about stealing water and lands are vicious lies but you're entitled to think whatever you want back there in the UK. The wall was built on the 67 line, you are invited to walk along the route. Recently i've heard a Muslim Londoner (a lawyer) claiming that British lands belong to Allah and not to the UK regime. If you're asking me, you will face the same problems in a few years. I bet Ken Livingstone doesn't feel this way. - Nir Ben Yona
http://digg.com/politic... Justice may not be deliberately blind. Gittin 58 form Talmud. If you think you can prove a crime based on a photograph, then you are mistaken. What is the context of the photo? who is firing rockets in a repeated pattern? the Nazis had children too. Democracy isn't that you vote to kill your neighbor as the context for a new nation. Hamas is to blame. Even Egypt sees this. Abbas sees this. why don't the people in this thread? - NoahDavidSimon
@Bob, If Hamas / Hezbollah are animals (which I totally disagree with) you should start wondering about what turned them to animals. These groups didn't exist 50 years ago. Just as this war is a cause and effect for the actions of Hamas (by the way, I don't agree with their actions). Hamas and Hezbollah are cause and effect for your army's actions over the past 50 years. Killing of children, women and old men. If these people are insane, you turned them insane. - Moustafa Zaza
=( - Shevonne
OMG...this makes me sick and want to cry... dead children...simply terrible! poor families! - Susan Beebe
The people who Flamed the harassment are just as guilty as the harassers. The ones that stood on the land and did nothing are guilty for letting this harassments take place. If they really cared about their community, they should have said something. Jewish people been persecuted for 4,000 years, now the Palestinians. When will the world wake up and help Israel and Palestian to make peace? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
:( that's really sad :( - AJ Batac
i've never seen such disrespect occur here on ff. i don't know where some of these cretins came from, but just ignore these apologists, johnny. no sense in trying to deal with sociopaths. they live in their own hell already. there's a big difference between those with well-intentioned cultural/emotional identifications and those who belittle rage by blaming the victims or even cheering on the atrocities carried out on civilians in this case. - Cee Bee
isn't it ironic how those who call others animals are the ones cheering on the murders of children here? you're just as bad as any terrorist who sees the ending of life as a mere casualty of war, collateral damage or even a means to an end. - Cee Bee
No one has cold heart. The propaganda war hurts everyone. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
It appears that there is blindness in all sides of this conflict. - Mattb4rd
Even blind can feel. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
What you see above is just a small taste of the argument between a people who were relocated from other places after world war 2 and the people who were displaced. (if you want to argue this, send me a history lesson that contradicts it). Either side is guilty and innocent all at the same time. Europe itself is a bit to blame, because of its anti-semitism at the time. people should have been given their homes and property back after WW2, instead they were shipped off to a 'promised/ holy land'. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
So how holy does it feel now? Neither side deserves the conflict, but neither side is willing to let the other side make peace or in some cases isn't willing to make peace themselves. Its nothing but sadness and my heart goes out to those who do not deserve the suffering, on any side. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
We should all stop looking for blame and pray for the dead children. Amein - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
How many Americans, Europeans Canadians, etc. at this point have been attacked, abused, bullied and threatened by pro-Israel activists and militants who couldn't care less about Western democratic interests and values? Check out the social dynamic in this thread -- it's a microcosm of a fateful process that is going on all around the world. Did you notice the total absence of concern or... more... - Sean McBride
The New York Times today: Gaza Children Found With Mothers’ Corpses http://www.nytimes.com/2009... "The International Committee of the Red Cross said Thursday it had discovered “shocking” scenes — including small children next to their mothers’ corpses — when its representatives gained access for the first time to parts of Gaza battered by Israeli shelling. It accused Israel of failing to meet obligations to care for the wounded in areas of combat." - Sean McBride
Alejandro: that's because I articulate the events as they occur. On the other hand we have Mr. righteous gentile, Sean McBride who spreads lies and defamation all other the place, wondering why is he getting attacked by those who daily suffering from terror while the fascist seats in a tranquil area, sipping his early morning coffee, lecturing us what to do and how to handle our survival wars. He attacks us, he tries to bully us, he outlaws us and then this sociopath expects no answer back. - Nir Ben Yona
Instead of discussing the issues and the horrible images from this war he tries his best to attack Jews only because of their religion and just because they have received the right to live in their own state, while the fascist thinks differently. He won't succeed with his vituperation. - Nir Ben Yona
Nir: I posted articles from The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune regarding Gaza developments. Are you accusing those newspapers of spreading "lies and defamation"? You haven't cited a single fact regarding this controversy yet. All you've done is spray hate-filled abuse at FF members. - Sean McBride
Nir: my position is that Americans should avoid getting sucked into vicious ethnic and religious wars of any variety. Modern Western democracies prize ethnic and religious toleration and cooperation. Are you an American citizen? On what grounds are you attacking Americans over Mideast politics? - Sean McBride
Paul, thank you for showing compassion to the families suffering in Gaza - Shakeel Mahate
Sean - for some murky reasons you tend to think you represent the entire world, including Americans, Europeans, Russians, Arabs and also FriendFeeders - YOU DON'T - the only one you represent is YOURSELF and what you're trying to do is to undermine Israel's right for existence. I read very well between the lines. I ain't attacking anyone except those who deliberately try to spread poisonous propaganda against others. In fact, the only one who "won" my criticism is just SEAN McBride and not anyone else. - Nir Ben Yona
Nir: you haven't yet engaged with any of the content of my posts. You keep replying with personal attacks and verbal abuse. 1. Is the New York Times guilty of spreading "lies and defamation" about Israeli operations in Gaza? 2. Do modern Western democracies prize ethnic and religious tolerance and cooperation? Is it in their interest to get sucked into vicious ethnic and religious wars anywhere in the world? - Sean McBride
"Vatican-Israel ties tense over cardinal's camp comment" http://www.reuters.com/article... "Relations between the Vatican and Israel grew tense on Thursday when the Jewish state condemned an aide to Pope Benedict for calling Gaza "a big concentration camp".... On Wednesday, Martino, president of the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace, delivered the Vatican's... more... - Sean McBride
It is in the interests of the whole world to help solve the Israeli Palestine problem. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Generally in conflict there is a side with power and a side without power. Sometimes they are more evenly matched. It is imcumbent on the power side to create a political solution. Now, in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, you couldn't say the power was matched. The Palestinians can't really create a political solution, as they don't control very much. They can only accept what is... more... - Ivan Pope from twhirl
Sean - I have, it was you who decided to take every single issue concerning the Gaza raid into ethnic and religious wars, without even trying to engage with the subject. You keep saying that Americans should avoid getting sucked into our story but you continue replying to every post that deals with the matter. You suck yourself into the business, no one else, otherwise you would have stopped talking in here long time ago. When I say "lies and defamation" I refer to your words and not to newspapers quotes. - Nir Ben Yona
When you talk about leaders, I can assure you that the vast majority of the world support the Israeli cause (there are disputes about the way) and understand our rights to fight the terrorists. Different from yourself, I hear those opinions from first-hand, not from the papers. - Nir Ben Yona
Nir: the war between Israel and its neighbors is a classical ethno-religious conflict, and is perhaps turning into the most notorious ethno-religious conflict in world history. These are precisely the kinds of nasty and primitive affairs that modern Western democracies are usually interested in avoiding, for every rational reason that you can think of. What is the American interest in getting sucked into this train wreck? We've already dropped close to a trillion dollars in Iraq, with no benefits. - Sean McBride
Nir: you claim to know more about the thinking of world leaders than the information we can glean from Google News and Google Blog Search? The harsh condemnations coming from the Vatican, Turkey, India, etc. are all false? - Sean McBride
Sean I am beginning to think you are a Cyborg. You can only see the Star of David in front of your nose! I am honored, even though we cannot take the credit! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
The "harsh" thing you're talking about is VERY limited, while most of the time we're talking about local ethnic immigrant groups at most, incited by sleeky rhetoricians. Nothing will stop me from protecting my home, not even 1 billion protesting. You can keep mumbling as long as you want (i thought you don't want to be involved), this discussion becomes useless. PEACE - OUT - Nir Ben Yona
For many of us, our homes are in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, France and many other nations. Most of us have chosen to promote political and cultural values that discourage ethnic and religious conflict like that we see in the Middle East. Our nations are the lands and polities of their individual citizens, not of particular ethnic groups or religions. The last time Europe promoted ethnic nationalism, it produced Nazi Germany. - Sean McBride
@Nir, I totally agree that nothing should stop someone from protecting his home, not even 1 billion protesting. And that's the Palestinians right. They are fighting for the land which has been occupied by the British then the Israeli. They are fighting for the children who get killed everyday. - Moustafa Zaza
Yes the Jews are fighting for the land that was given to them by God 4,000 years ago. Everyone been chasing the Jews around the world. Now the Jews decided to fight instead of run. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Two models: 1. groups become militantly ethnocentric because they experience social friction. 2. groups experience social friction because they are militantly ethnocentric. 2 makes more sense to me than 1. Ethnic militants are the generators of their own social conflicts. - Sean McBride
Susan Beebe
» Share your life » tarpipe makes it easy to share content across different social media applications - http://tarpipe.com/
I simply can't seem to come up with a realisitc reason to use this personally. It looks really interesting though. - Nate Pilling from twhirl
I was trying to think of how I could use the graphics library. Nicely done. - Todd Hoff
This looks like quite a good endpoint for Yahoo Pipes. I'll try attaching a pipe to the REST decoder but I wish tarpipe had better documentation. - Andy Murdoch
I haven't tested it yet, but what makes this different from Yahoo pipes? - Flavio
One example : With this you can directly post to Evernote from your desktop (with pictures, only on Mac) though windows users can use the email feature to post to evernnote. I still cant find out how its is useful for me when i have the evernote app installed :P - Keshav Khera
bumping due to duplicate - Zee.
Sorry about that:) - Anthony Farrior
Jeremiah Owyang
Gartner Survey shows that "Consumers Predominantly Using the Internet for E-Mail and Search" http://www.gartner.com/it...
This really should not be a surprise to people though. Consumers do not need to use anything else yet. - Rob Diana
Gartner sounds a bit stupid because I'm sure people do not stop at the search results without clicking on to a new service. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Gartner come through on the bleeding obvious yet again. I don't think (speaking with my CISSP hat on) that I've ever read a Gartner Analysis that was worth the money. - Sean
Susan Beebe
Peoplebrowsr.com - social browser with contact management / lists for twitter, friendfeed, etc. - http://www.peoplebrowsr.com/#launch
Thanks to Robert Scoble for this amazing app find! http://friendfeed.com/e... - Susan Beebe
Scoble's video on this app --> http://www.kyte.tv/ch... - Susan Beebe
need someone to explain the friendfeed integration.... - Zee.
It's an Alpha app which looks great, but needs more go-go juice on the back-end! (slow) - Susan Beebe
Let me know when it works with Chrome :) - Christian Burns
doesn't seem to work.... - Tim
hmm looks nice - k00pa
It's not working properly for me either (based in the UK). - Daniel Rowley
I think FriendFeed broke it. - Daniel Rowley
Sebastian Küpers
Comment-Aggregation with OpenID and Two-Way-Discovery - http://pixelsebi.com/2008-11...
"I blogged about my thoughts to have a more holistic solution approach to solve the comment-aggregation issue based on OpenID. Would love to get your feedback on my thoughts! - You (edit | delete)" - Sebastian Küpers
i run openid.org - always interested in potential applications and i like this - ben thinking about openid and commenting for a while. - Steven Livingstone-Pérez from twhirl
Dion Almaer
JSCocoa — A bridge from JavascriptCore to Cocoa - http://inexdo.com/JSCocoa
"Write Cocoa apps in Javascript ! JSCocoa bridges Cocoa to JavascriptCore (WebKit's JS engine). It allows you to call C code, ObjC code, use C structs, and build Javascript classes inheriting from ObjC classes." - Dion Almaer
Adewale Oshineye
Stuff at conferences you might be used to, but which has actually made you WEAK - Ruby Manor | Google Groups - http://groups.google.com/group...
It's nice to see people rediscovering the credo of the low-cost Perl conferences, eight years later. Also: this is what unconferences should really be about. From what I can tell (I've never managed to get into one), Barcamps have way too much baggage to qualify. - Paul Mison
@Paul I'll have a blog post you'll want to read in a few days time - Adewale Oshineye
Deepak Singh
Presentation Zen: The "Lessig Method" of presentation - http://www.presentationzen.com/present...
Saw him present at UW last year. One word ... wow - Deepak Singh
I recently watched the Web2.0 summit one which was good but not astounding. I got the impression it would be much more involving in person? - Cameron Neylon
But its a great post discussing how and whether to use that kind of many slides approach. Andy Powell of EduServ does this very well as well. - Cameron Neylon
I've seen others pick up on it as well. I've seen many of the greats now, some in person (Jobs, Lessig, Kawasaki, Godin, etc) and they're all fascinating in their own right, but Lessig is just so unique and his delivery is just so brilliant, it changed the way I thought about presentations. - Deepak Singh
So I need to look at a few more Lessig ones obviously - the Hardt one mentioned in the piece sounds interesting as well. Maybe for later today if I have time. Priority 1 - send a bunch of emails. Priority 2 - install Python... - Cameron Neylon
Hardt's presentation was the one that inspired me to change my presentation style completely a couple of years ago :) - Lars Juhl Jensen
Cameron, look at the TED talk - Deepak Singh
Lars, I've completely changed mine as well. I used to take the Kawasaki approach, but find Lessig's more compelling - Deepak Singh
Wow - the TED talk is...yeh, I get the point now... :-) http://www.ted.com/index... - Cameron Neylon
The one I saw in person was very similar to the TED talk (similar conversation space). - Deepak Singh
This is more like story telling with powerpoint. It connects better with people and it is great to put a strong novel idea. It is great for the introduction and discussion but not very good for the results section of a scientific talk. I have been thinking about trying something like "The Word" section of the Colbert Report. I wonder if that would work in a meeting :) - Pedro Beltrao
Exactly what I thought Pedro, it's more storytelling than anything else. I don't know about the "The Word", it might work. - pn
All good scientific talks also tell a story, at least the ones that engage me, or at least present a context to the discussion at hand. I agree for results the Lessig approach probably won't work. I actually think the Kawasaki way of doing things (illustrative, minimalist and to the point) would be the better approach there. - Deepak Singh
I'm trying to be as minimalist as I can in preparing presentations. No background annoyances, short bullet points when needed or just an illustrative image. - pn
thanks for the TED link, I'd never seen Lessig speak, only seen his flash presentations - mikepk
Chris Messina
Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (2nd Edition) - http://www.amazon.com/dp...
Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (2nd Edition)
FYI, the third edition has been rewritten to work with the latest version of Xcode and Interface Builder (the user interfaces are very different from what they used to be). Having screen shots in the book matching what's on your computer screen can be VERY helpful for a beginner. :) (Also, the third edition covers some of the newer technologies in Leopard, though that's less essential, I think). - James (@willia4)
Thomas Hawk
Flickr Censors Popular Flickr API Developer, Developer Threatens to Kill Flickr Application FlickrLeech This Week - http://thomashawk.com/2008...
It is interesting to see how Flickr applies its standards. - Robert Owens
What a disgrace. - Chris Nixon
looks like it's back up now, will try to get more of the story from Houser. Good thing Houser had the weight of his application behind him to get Flickr to uncensor his account. Imagine if he'd only been a regular old user with no recourse, like the thousands of other users that Flickr censors every year. - Thomas Hawk
actually the censorship issue's not resolved at all. Houser just had a change of heart about witholding the app. - Thomas Hawk
from Houser: "I've decided to put FlickrLeech back online. I've received too much support over the few years it's run to, in good conscious, pull it from people who use it. There have been enough infractions this week on what we can and can't see, so I won't add to it. I just will ask that you consider the censorship issues Flickr has to deal with - which, granted, are numerous and not easy to manage the traffic of - and urge Flickr to spend some time and money making the system better." - Thomas Hawk
Point very well made TreJack - Chris Nixon
This is one of the primary reasons that I keep my Photos at Smugmug. If I had sign up for another online photo account it would be with Zoomr rather than Flickr - Roberto Bonini
Houser's suggestions are very well thought out as well. An automatic system would help tremendously and help reduce this kind of crap. - Juan Pablo González
Here is a post about Flickr deleting photos. (Edit NSFW )http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Russellreno
note, Russell's link is NSFW. - Thomas Hawk
Paul, I believe that artistic expression ought to preserved. I don't want a Flickr where people can't make political statements with their art. I want people to be able to have a wide latitude to express themselves creatively. I think that's important. It's discouraging to me to see instance after instance of censorship take place on Flickr. If you don't want to hear the political statements of course no one is forcing you to look at any particular user's photos. - Thomas Hawk
As for me though I'll continue to rail against censorship at Flickr where I see it, and hope that it has some effect at reducing the censorship there going forward. Flickr is perhaps the single most important resource for the new art to be presented to the world. This is very important to me personally and philosophically. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas -- art in your mind is anything that anybody wants to display? No limits, no boundaries? - Brian Sullivan
Censoring 100% of someone's photos, even ones that are clearly in no way offensive is not a good policy for Yahoo to maintain. I hope that the political pressure put to bear on them encourages them to change this policy and the way that they let low level employees at Flickr subjectively decide by fiat what should be seen and what should not be seen. - Thomas Hawk
Brian, I do believe in limits and boundaries. And I have no problem with Flickr marking something that contains nudity as an unsafe photo. I do have a problem though with low level Yahoo employees marking 100% of a user's photos unsafe when many, many of those photos are very much G rated and perfectly fine for everyone and anyone to consume. - Thomas Hawk
I also have a problem with Flickr deleting entirely people's photos when they get into disagreements with them over whatever the case irreversibly. Flickr threatens to delete people's accounts if too many people are blocking them on Flickr. I think that's idiotic. Flickr's community manager Heather Champ is currently blocking me on the site. Does that mean that I should be at risk of having all of my photos deleted. These sorts of policies need to be reviewed and changed in my opinion. - Thomas Hawk
So much of Flickr's censorship policies are just not thought out and are wrong. Why for instance should Germans not be able to see a nipple in a fine art photograph even when they confirm that they are over 18, an adult and want to see such content? Commercials on German TV show breasts. It's ludicrous that Flickr goes to such extents to try and prohibit what everyone in Germany, for instance, can see. - Thomas Hawk
So what you want are better censorship policies and procedures. What for instance is different at Zooomr - Brian Sullivan
Brian, at Zooomr we don't censor. We just let everyone post whatever they want as long as it's not illegal (child porn for instance). If you don't want to see someone's photos then you can choose not to go to their photostream. But yes, I'd like to see better censorship policies at Flickr. I think as the most significant steward of the new art that they owe this to culture. - Thomas Hawk
What laws apply? Ones at the viewer's and/or poster's location? If for instance child pornography is not illegal in the poster's location can they post and view images depicting it? What about DCMA -- isn't that a US only law? - Brian Sullivan
Brian, U.S. laws -- as a U.S. company Zooomr falls under the DMCA and honors it. Likewise with regards to child porn. US law precludes that and as such we will not host or allow users to host that sort of content irrespective of the laws where they live and we don't. - Thomas Hawk
So Zoomr hosts and displays "legal porn" (legality as defined in the US)? Are displays of nipples illegal in the US? Your comment on Germany earlier was just a red herring? - Brian Sullivan
yes, Zooomr hosts and displays "legal porn." Users can upload whatever they want to their accounts as long as it's legal in the U.S. Displays of nipples are not illegal in the U.S. My comment on Germany is not a red herring. If Flickr deems a photo as "not safe," including, for example, a nipple, then German users are not allowed access to those photos. - Thomas Hawk
I think getting into the business of determining what is fine art vs. what is porn is a slippery slope. One person's artistic nude is another person's porn. Nobody is forcing anyone to look at someone else's photos at Zooomr. it's a choice. It's easy enough not to follow someone's stream at Zooomr if you object to their content. - Thomas Hawk
Does Zoomr enforce age restrictions on viewing "legal porn"? Isn't there some US law requiring that? - Brian Sullivan
Definition of porn - http://tinyurl.com/6oed6k. For me "models" with no clothes on in itself is not porn as it does not stimulate me in a sexual way though it is subjective. - Rob Brammeld
Brian, there is no law that I'm aware of that requires us to force age restrictions for people accessing Zooomr. - Thomas Hawk
Back when there was the uproar about introducing video to Flickr (which *still* has me pissed off), the Flickr people made it very clear that they don't see it as an art/photography site, but rather a site that primarily serves people who want to upload bad snapshots of their kids. Which, I think, explains their antipathy towards art and artists as exemplified by their censorship policies. They really need to get their heads out of their asses when it comes to that. - Eric P
This is what I mean about the German thing. http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Thomas Hawk
I have to say I agree with Ole here - this is no more censorship than the MPAA rating system for movies. Anyone who is willing to click on the "show me anyway" button gets to see whatever they want (just as giving a movie an R rating doesn't prevent an adult from seeing it). The German case is different entirely - and presumably a response to local laws - though I'd be interested if anyone has any more insight into that. - Jan Dawson
Laurian Gridinoc
Change the font in Notes (iPhone/iPod Touch) to Helvetica! http://uk.youtube.com/watch...
Change the font in Notes (iPhone/iPod Touch) to Helvetica! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu1o8QME-g8
Tom Raftery
A 1C increase in sea-surface temperatures would result in a 31% increase in the global frequency of category 4 and 5 storms per year
FF's "Like" is not an appropriate term for information such as this. Let's just say in this case it means bumping this up as an important topic. - Uldis Bojars
Thanks - Tom Raftery from twhirl
Phil Glockner
My new favorite iPhone free e-book reader: Stanza - http://www.lexcycle.com/
My new favorite iPhone free e-book reader: Stanza
My new favorite iPhone free e-book reader: Stanza
It's still a bit crashy, but I am guessing that will improve with time. Overall, its features make the app well worth it. It supports most major e-book web sites directly plus shared books via a login on the Stanza web site. - Phil Glockner
That is a good one - for iPod Touch offline reading, too! - Sarah Perez
Stanza is great. Haven't had it crash on me though... - Brad Brooks
@Brad I was messing around with the fonts and other settings when it crashed a couple of times. - Phil Glockner
sometimes I wonder if I should get an iPod touch - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
@Marshall did you read Fred Wilson's entry on Sonos? http://www.avc.com/a_vc... Good stuff. - Phil Glockner
@phil, have you tried it with the kindle? my kindle is coming in the mail tomorrow. i have heard that stanza works well with it. but would love confirmation...and i know, i know...the iphone is a good ebook reader too but i read so much that i think the backlit screen would make me go blind in the long run. - mike
@mike, I don't have a kindle, sorry. Actually, I still prefer my Nokia 770 for e-book reading because of its higher resolution and longer battery life, but the iPhone wins due to it being constantly in my pocket. I've entertained the idea of getting a Kindle, but I think I'm waiting for v.2 at this point. - Phil Glockner
How does the iphone battery do running Stanza, it keeps the backlight on all the time, right? - Kevin Goldsmith from twhirl
@Jason - I'm with you on that. But for people who would normally tote a hardback with them, the Kindle makes sense.. say business travelers that constantly flying somewhere. @Kevin I installed the app this morning so the jury's still out on battery life. - Phil Glockner
try ereader - you can buy books as well... - don loeb
I like Stanza! - Rochelle
@kevin - that's exactly my worry. also that i like to read a lot. i fear if i had to read on the tiny screen a lot, i would read less because of the eyestraing and a lack of comfort. i am hoping the kindle encourages me to read more, not less. i would love to hear about someone reading infinite jest or a neal stephenson book on the iphone. - mike
I read two Neal Stephenson novels on a Samsung Blackjack, whose screen is quite smaller than the iPhone's, with absolutely no eyestrain and with superior comfort to a hardcopy book (one-handed operation with a device that is light as a feather). I'm not sure why people believe they need large facing pages of text to read books, articles and other kinds of documents comfortably. Actually, a smaller window on the text improves my concentration. - Sean McBride
Marcos Marado
EU Council refuses to release secret ACTA documents - http://press.ffii.org/Press_r...
"The EU Council of Ministers refuses to release secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) documents. The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) had requested these documents to make public and parliamentary scrutiny possible. After the Council's refusal, the FFII sent in a confirmatory application, for the EU Council to review its position, as allowed by Article 7(2) of the regulation dealing with public access to such documents." - Marcos Marado from Bookmarklet
The FFII's confirmatory application letter questions ACTA's secrecy in no uncertain terms: "The argument that public transparency regarding 'trade negotiations' can be ignored if it would weaken the EU's negotiation position is particularly painful. At which point exactly do negotiations over trade issues become more important than democratic law making? At 200 million euro? At 500 million euro? At 1 billion euro? What is the price of our democracy?" - Marcos Marado
so, "European business" is now more important than european citizens? - Marcos Marado
I'm not sure whether I share your opinion -- many businesses (especially those which bring a lot of workplaces, ahuh) had been built with secrecy as turn-key point. Making them vulnerable after that raising questions -- who will pay back lost profit? who will take care of unemployed? who will re-pay lost tax revenue? democracy-in-raw-form as such does not pay bills... - A. T.
silpo: we're not talking about a "business" here, and the vulnerabilities of Europe are the vulnerabilities of every European. *That* is what I am afraid, *that* is what I want to avoid. It isn't *good* or *acceptable* to have the European Union and the US making laws and having decisions that will affect every European without telling us so. They *work* for us, not the contrary. There shouldn't be nothing *secret* on ACTA: after all ACTA is where they decide how will our "copyright relations" be. - Marcos Marado
The reason why ACTA is being covered with secrecy, one might infer, is that ACTA is *bad* for citizens in general, and only "good" (or at least they think it as good) for "copyright owners". - Marcos Marado
Joi Ito
Sell him for a charity, they get a donation and his help for the day. I'm not making any bets with you Joi. ^_^ - Lindsey
Todd Hoff
Jill Bolte Taylor: I learned that I had the power to choose whether to hook into a feeling and prolong its presence in my body, or just let it quickly flow right out of me. I made my decisions based upon how things felt inside.
"There were certain emotions like anger, frustration or fear that felt uncomfortable when they surged through my body. So I told my brain that I didn't like that feeling and didn't want to hook into those neural loops. I learned that I could use my left mind, through language, to talk directly to my brain and tell it what I wanted and what I didn't want. Upon this realization, I knew I would never return to the personality I had been before. I suddenly had much more say about how I felt and for how long, and I was adamantly opposed to reactivitating old painful emotional circuits." - Todd Hoff
Interesting. - Rahsheen
"but she was observing from a more subtle place" Which is? - Todd Hoff
Doug Hellmann
IT Conversations | O'Reilly Media Where 2.0 Conference | Adrian Holovaty (Free Podcast) - http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows...
In this presentation from the 2008 O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference, Adrian Holovaty shares how his site. EveryBlock.com, aggregates data from a variety of sources to provide a feed for the news, events, and civic goings-on that have happened, or will happen, in your city. Thus, mEveryBlock makes it simple to keep track of news for a very specific area. EveryBlock builds their feed by including data about crimes, property transactions, zoning changes, construction permits, movie filming, business reviews, pictures and more. - Doug Hellmann
Riccardo Cambiassi
watching a really inspiring documentary about the london tube map http://tinyurl.com/66rzax
Riccardo Cambiassi
marilink: Prolonged twittering may lead to an increased risk... - http://bru.tumblr.com/post...
Danica Radovanovic
Web 3.0 Will Be About Reducing the Noise—And Twhirl Isn’t Helping - http://www.techcrunch.com/2008...
Louis Gray
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: Instant FriendFeed - Notifications and Posting over IM - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2008...
FriendFeed Blog: Instant FriendFeed - Notifications and Posting over IM
"Now you can get notified whenever someone comments on one of your posts or when there are new posts in your feed. FriendFeed will send you an IM—and you can even talk back. Post to your feed and comment on entries directly from your IM window, using a simple set of commands." Get started at http://friendfeed.com/about/im - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
great feature - Christian Van Der Henst
do you think you guys could stop rolling out cool new features for like a day? my fingers are tired... - MG Siegler
I am reminded of an Onion "What do you think?": Apple recently introduced yet another new iPod, a wafer-thin, flash-based unit that marks the fifth product generation for the popular player. What do you think? "As a maker of custom iPod cases, sleeves, and belt clips, I'd just like to say: Goddammit! Slow the f*$% down!" (http://www.theonion.com/content...) - Ana
thank you - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Posting this comment via IM... So satisfying. Every time I posted before, I would refresh constantly to see if there were comments. I am digging this feature a lot. - Bret Taylor
Say goodbye to productivity. :) - Morton Fox
ff@chat.friendfeed.com - Joel
When you put your Gmail address in http://friendfeed.com/account..., we will send you a chat request, which should prompt you (even in Adium). If it doesn't work, the account is ff@chat.friendfeed.com. - Bret Taylor
Awesome, I was waiting for this.. Sorry to Enjit guys but that was something that would happen anytime.. - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
I saw the notice. it pops up behind my browser. - Outsanity
Another neat feature! However, I'm getting "Unknown command. Type "help" to see list of commands." when I type [recent]. Does it only list recently IMd messages? If so, that error is a bit misleading... - Tony Ruscoe
tony, you're right, it is only IMed messages. We should make that command clearer. - Bret Taylor
xmpp ftw! - Rob Schonberger
one word: WUNDERBAR! :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
Thanks Bret. BTW, [help] says the command is [recent] but the IM page says it's [list]. - Tony Ruscoe
And it would good if the shortcut URLs were preceded by http:// so that they were linked from Google Talk... - Tony Ruscoe
Tony, thank you for pointing out the help error. It will be fixed in the next push. - gburd
what a great feature - I actually activated only the comment-feature - Torsten Eckert
OMG this is amazing!! Yeah FF!! - Susan Beebe
I am so afraid to turn that on...LOL - Rahsheen
Gary, thanks for the responses! This IM feature is truly excellent! - Tony Ruscoe
Rahsheen: you can control it pretty well. You can just get IMs for comments on your items, or you can make a friend list with the two people you care about most and get notifications for that list. We tried to make it really easy to control IM volume. - Bret Taylor
OMG I get off FF for an hour and THIS is what I miss?!? AWESOME feature! - FFing Enigma from fftogo
does it have TRACK as an IM command?? I want it much more than my iTV :-) - Mindaugas Dagys
test - Hao Chen
bret - I love having the volume but @9 is definitely not enough for me, I need a-z also, would give me about a minute worth to respond. - mjc
click on it and send a message. It will oush though - EminiAddict
Haggis (Sean): Have you done this: http://www.google.com/support... ? - Tony Ruscoe
Haggis: have you tried this http://www.google.com/support.... Edit: Tony to the rescue! - Benjamin Golub
Haggis (Sean), You need to configure SRV records for your domain. See http://www.google.com/support... for more info. - gburd
http://www.enjit.com provides similar functionality. Launched three days ago. Let's see how this shakes out. - Ken Sheppardson
Why are posts so abbreviated? I mean, three words is kinda short... - abacab
very cool. My only complaint so far is that the chat icon looks kind of crappy (at least in Kopete in KDE 3.5). For some reason it is not square. - Robert Felty
Awesome-o. Seriously ;) - Mustafa K. Isik
I've found my new home away from home. - Ted Gilchrist
Is there an option to get updates on posts that I commented on? - Trevor
I have to agree with Michael J. Cohen (mjc); Louis Gray just went on a Google Reader sharing spree and it pretty much flooded GTalk and I lost my previous list. - Tony Ruscoe
You guys rock, which alas only really realised over this summer. Love the speed of new features at the moment, its like a bunch of candy surprises :D - Iphigenie
Friendfeed, glue of the internets? - Philipp Lenssen
Cool! - Kol Tregaskes
I agree Trevor, what about getting notifications on the posts I comment on? Now, I have to keep going back to ME and Comments to follow conversations. - Kelly Johns
This is fantastic,it blows my mind. - Steve Chou from IM
Yeah,that's what Friendfeed does actually,a lot of people like me are hanging aroud here all the days.It is too distracting,haha. - Steve Chou from IM
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