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Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: Instant FriendFeed - Notifications and Posting over IM - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2008...
FriendFeed Blog: Instant FriendFeed - Notifications and Posting over IM
"Now you can get notified whenever someone comments on one of your posts or when there are new posts in your feed. FriendFeed will send you an IM—and you can even talk back. Post to your feed and comment on entries directly from your IM window, using a simple set of commands." Get started at http://friendfeed.com/about/im - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
great feature - Christian Van Der Henst
do you think you guys could stop rolling out cool new features for like a day? my fingers are tired... - MG Siegler
I am reminded of an Onion "What do you think?": Apple recently introduced yet another new iPod, a wafer-thin, flash-based unit that marks the fifth product generation for the popular player. What do you think? "As a maker of custom iPod cases, sleeves, and belt clips, I'd just like to say: Goddammit! Slow the f*$% down!" (http://www.theonion.com/content...) - Ana
thank you - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Posting this comment via IM... So satisfying. Every time I posted before, I would refresh constantly to see if there were comments. I am digging this feature a lot. - Bret Taylor
Say goodbye to productivity. :) - Morton Fox
ff@chat.friendfeed.com - Joel
When you put your Gmail address in http://friendfeed.com/account..., we will send you a chat request, which should prompt you (even in Adium). If it doesn't work, the account is ff@chat.friendfeed.com. - Bret Taylor
Awesome, I was waiting for this.. Sorry to Enjit guys but that was something that would happen anytime.. - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
I saw the notice. it pops up behind my browser. - Outsanity
Another neat feature! However, I'm getting "Unknown command. Type "help" to see list of commands." when I type [recent]. Does it only list recently IMd messages? If so, that error is a bit misleading... - Tony Ruscoe
tony, you're right, it is only IMed messages. We should make that command clearer. - Bret Taylor
xmpp ftw! - Rob Schonberger
one word: WUNDERBAR! :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
Thanks Bret. BTW, [help] says the command is [recent] but the IM page says it's [list]. - Tony Ruscoe
And it would good if the shortcut URLs were preceded by http:// so that they were linked from Google Talk... - Tony Ruscoe
Tony, thank you for pointing out the help error. It will be fixed in the next push. - gburd
what a great feature - I actually activated only the comment-feature - Torsten Eckert
OMG this is amazing!! Yeah FF!! - Susan Beebe
I am so afraid to turn that on...LOL - Rahsheen
Gary, thanks for the responses! This IM feature is truly excellent! - Tony Ruscoe
Rahsheen: you can control it pretty well. You can just get IMs for comments on your items, or you can make a friend list with the two people you care about most and get notifications for that list. We tried to make it really easy to control IM volume. - Bret Taylor
OMG I get off FF for an hour and THIS is what I miss?!? AWESOME feature! - FFing Enigma from fftogo
does it have TRACK as an IM command?? I want it much more than my iTV :-) - Mindaugas Dagys
test - Hao Chen
bret - I love having the volume but @9 is definitely not enough for me, I need a-z also, would give me about a minute worth to respond. - mjc
click on it and send a message. It will oush though - EminiAddict
Haggis (Sean): Have you done this: http://www.google.com/support... ? - Tony Ruscoe
Haggis: have you tried this http://www.google.com/support.... Edit: Tony to the rescue! - Benjamin Golub
Haggis (Sean), You need to configure SRV records for your domain. See http://www.google.com/support... for more info. - gburd
http://www.enjit.com provides similar functionality. Launched three days ago. Let's see how this shakes out. - Ken Sheppardson
Why are posts so abbreviated? I mean, three words is kinda short... - abacab
very cool. My only complaint so far is that the chat icon looks kind of crappy (at least in Kopete in KDE 3.5). For some reason it is not square. - Robert Felty
Awesome-o. Seriously ;) - Mustafa K. Isik
I've found my new home away from home. - Ted Gilchrist
Is there an option to get updates on posts that I commented on? - Trevor
I have to agree with Michael J. Cohen (mjc); Louis Gray just went on a Google Reader sharing spree and it pretty much flooded GTalk and I lost my previous list. - Tony Ruscoe
You guys rock, which alas only really realised over this summer. Love the speed of new features at the moment, its like a bunch of candy surprises :D - Iphigenie
Friendfeed, glue of the internets? - Philipp Lenssen
Cool! - Kol Tregaskes
I agree Trevor, what about getting notifications on the posts I comment on? Now, I have to keep going back to ME and Comments to follow conversations. - Kelly Johns
This is fantastic,it blows my mind. - Steve Chou from IM
Yeah,that's what Friendfeed does actually,a lot of people like me are hanging aroud here all the days.It is too distracting,haha. - Steve Chou from IM
Danny Ayers
An Emacs major mode for Notation 3: n3-mode - http://larve.net/people...
;; ;; n3 mode ;; (add-to-list 'load-path "{path}/n3-mode.el") (autoload 'n3-mode "n3-mode""Major mode for OWL or N3 files" t) ;; Turn on font lock when in n3 mode (add-hook 'n3-mode-hook 'turn-on-font-lock) (setq auto-mode-alist (append (list '("\\.n3" . n3-mode) '("\\.owl" . n3-mode)) auto-mode-alist)) - Danny Ayers
Atul Arora
SnapShot of friendfeed.com (rank #3,324) - Compete - http://siteanalytics.compete.com/friendf...
SnapShot of friendfeed.com (rank #3,324) - Compete
FriendFeed Oct 2008 visitor numbers from compete.com - Atul Arora from Bookmarklet
I have been seeing lots of new FriendFeeders the past week or so. Welcome to everyone! - Robert Scoble
I blame Scoble ;-) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
We are old boys. Peh! : / - Erhan Erdoğan
@Cains - see, now you're going to spawn a Cat + Bacon meme.... - Jennifer Dittrich
I loved the article where Brett said the first growth spurt happened when they added like and comment. Wonder what is responsible for this :) - Fraser
Guy Kawasaki
Todd Hoff
32 Sci-Fi Novels You Should Read - http://howtosplitanatom.com/news...
I arrogantly expected to go 32/32, but I've missed a few: Accelerando - Charles Stross, The Giver - Lois Lowry, More Than Human - Theodore Sturgeon, Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom - Cory Doctorow, Altered Carbon - Richard Morgan. Maybe there's hope for me yet... - Todd Hoff
Joe Beda
iPhone/iPod touch browser trick: tap upper right corner of screen (battery icon) to go to to top of page/address bar. Is this common knowledge?
I think it is any part of the status bar. - Scott Ludwig
Starting with the 2.0 firmware, this gesture works in other apps too (Mail, iPod, Contacts, etc.) - Mihai Parparita
This has been around for awhile. Tapping anywhere on the status bar should get you there. @Mihai Didn't know that it would work in Mail/iPod/etc. though - Brandon Titus
Tyler Turnbull
Zulkarnain K.
[iPhone] Credit Card Terminal - http://www.innerfence.com/apps...
[iPhone] Credit Card Terminal
Turn your iPhone into a mobile virtual terminal for charging customers’ credit cards. Deal with declined cards on-site as services are rendered. No special hardware required, just your iPhone (or iPod Touch with the 2.0 firmware update). [via http://arstechnica.com/journal...] - Zulkarnain K.
Awesome! - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
Benjamin Golub
Despite trying all the great todo apps out there (Remember the Milk specifically) I always revert back to sending myself an email and starring things to keep track of my tasks.
I sorta do the same thing too, sometimes. - James Rishabh Mishra
me too, and I have a filter that automatically stars and applies appropriate labels to email sent to MyGmailUsername+todo@gmail.com - Tudor Bosman
Me too, or keep track by hand in my moleskine - Sally Church
No matter how great other tools are, the ones that work for you are always still the best. Although, now that I think about it, I email most of my tasks to RTM. - Rahsheen
Great idea Tudor; I'm probably going to steal the +todo approach. - Benjamin Golub
I had a more complex process for keeping track of things when I was at Google, loosely based on David Allen's "Getting Things Done"; I also had a small bash script called "todo" that would send email, so any time I had an open terminal window (which was, um, all the time) I could write "todo call Joe the Plumber" and it would be recorded. - Tudor Bosman
I keep meaning to experiment with what kind of cool things you could do with '+' thing in gmail. - Rahsheen
I've spent hours mucking around with RTM and bunches of other online apps- but I always go back to a cheap spiral notebook and a pen. Something about the act of physically writing things down helps me to remember it better. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Don't shoot me...but... I use Outlook for my corporate email. The TASK feature works great. I had to add a custom field "project" to sort tasks into distinct project. Then configure "grouping" my tasks. Then, I sort the tasks based on due date. In 1 glance I can see everything coming due; plus, it all synchs up on my Blackberry mobile. I also installed a GTD module which added a whole other higher level of task management - Susan Beebe
I've also tried RTM, Google docs (spreadsheet to do list idea). I do have to prioritize / jot stuff down on paper first... braindump, then input into computer... I guess I am old fashioned that way - Susan Beebe
call me old school: i have the classic folder set: 31 days, 12 months, 1 "next year" i drop futures into the folders. carry today's with me all day. i keep a 3in x 4.5in leather notebook in my pocket all day. gmail stars and g-cal round it all out. - MikeAmundsen
Tudor: I took your advice and made a small todo script to send myself an email which gets auto labeled and starred in gmail. - Benjamin Golub
Love the Tudor style. Will implement today. - Marko Bon
I use Vitalist (www.vitalist.com). I Twitter to-dos into my Vitalist inbox, and then later I sweep the inbox and create actions for those items. Unlike RTM and some of the other apps out there, Vitalist is strictly for GTD, so it was easy for me to get into it. Works great for me. - Michael Hocter
Same here, use gmail for reminders - Mike Reynolds
I was a big Remember the Milk fan... until I discovered Toodledo. Does everything I need it to do - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
I would love a gmail labs application for managing the TODO list.. Opening any "extra" interface for the list management is so impossible for me. I have tried out RTM, nozbe, igtd without much luck. - Karthick R
If you have a mac and an iphone, OmniFocus is where it's at. I've used plenty of other task management apps and OF simply dwarfs them all. - Brett Kelly
I should note that I almost always have a scratch pad file open in vim for jotting down notes. Its never been useful as a todo list because I have a new file on each machine but it's good for quickly writing something down (phone numbers, pizza delivery orders, etc) - Benjamin Golub
Paper doesn't work for me, never has. I've tried a ton of todo lists, the main requirement being syncing with iPhone: I Want Sandy was nice but bad iPhone support, Todoist was simple and clean, but bad syncing, RTM I just never liked the look of the thing. I am using Things now and really like it (http://www.culturedcode.com/things...) it syncs to a desktop client (I'd rather it was all web-based), but so far it's working very well. Ultimately I wish Google had some great Gmail/Docs list integration, though. - Steve Isaacs
For basic todos, I just create a daily event in gCal - which gets auto-synced to Intelliscreen on my iPhone using NemusSync. Looking at Vitalist, as they have an iCal feed that would auto-sync as well & email-in todos functionality. - Paul Arterburn
For work my to do list is basically my inbox, once it's done it's moved out to somewhere else. - Kol Tregaskes
I stick things in Gcal, which then get emailed to me..several times. And maybe a popup reminder. Or two. I hate it. - abacab
same here...working on getting into using RTM and Google Calendar more. - (jeff)isageek
After all this discussion, I moved everything from "Things" over to Tudor's Gmail solution (as seen above - comment #2). I set it up like this: 1) send mail to MyGmailUsername+todo@gmail.com 2) have it filter into labels: "Work" and "Personal", then 3) Then star items ONLY to be done TODAY. I love it! Thanks Tudor! - Steve Isaacs
slick! - Susan Beebe
Remember the Milk and OmniFocus have changed the ways I work and live, due largely in part to how well they integrate with existing systems. I can't even imagine keeping track of tasks in email anymore. I work mostly in RTM, and being able to select a group of tasks and postpone them to specific dates or complete them, look back on those tasks, create tasks via Twitter and task lists via email, share tasks with my wife—it's fantastic. - David Chartier
Have you tried Task2Gather? It is great for managing tasks online, sharing them with your friends, colleagues or family memebers. It has iPhone and WM app and works via browser on your Windows or Mac computer. - Olga
I'm either really anal or I have an insanely complex life (or both), but I use the software package "MyLifeOrganized" to handle the (literally) hundreds of tasks I have yet to do. Work, home, health, hobbies, social obligations... I would be so so so so lost without this software. And I tried various online tools (including RTM) but found them appallingly rudimentary. Re: RTM, for instance... no start dates? Really?!? - Adam Lasnik
Tom Stocky
Paul Buchheit
The new Concorde: Supersonic jet will get you from London to New York in just three hours | Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/science...
The new Concorde: Supersonic jet will get you from London to New York in just three hours | Mail Online
The new Concorde: Supersonic jet will get you from London to New York in just three hours | Mail Online
"The Aerion aircraft can successfully fly at nearly the speed of sound without any significant noise impact and more amazingly has the ability to fly at mach 1.15 without emanating a sonic boom. ‘This is due to the patented supersonic natural laminar flow (SNLF) technology that substantially reduces drag at supersonic as well as high-subsonic cruise speeds,’ says Jeff Miller." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
wow. - Zee.
No sonic boom? awesome! - Mathieu Ayel
Paul have you ordered one? ;-) - Jason
that jets look awesome, and only 3 hours...fast!! - Susan Beebe
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... ... Aerion Corporation is an American aerospace firm founded by Robert Bass and based in Reno, Nevada. Aerion is working on the Aerion SBJ, a concept for a supersonic business jet, which advertises a boomless design. [1] The firm is headed by several veterans of the aerospace and financial industries. The firm's name is a play on Aerion, a horse borne... more... - jfayel
FriendFly! Heck, if Virgin can diversify... ;-) - Kevin Fox
That would be a great one to put in the log book. - Cyrus Lendvay
3h from London to NYC, but still 1h from JFK to Manhattan. - Gregor J. Rothfuss
They should throw in a ticket on one of these as part of the fare: http://www.flyush.com/ - Kevin Fox
How about San Francisco to London? - Sarah Leary
Hutch Carpenter
Enterprises Don’t Care about Network Effects - http://bhc3.wordpress.com/2008...
Interesting thoughts. I think we will start to see those same vendors we hear from today start to pitch tools in the cloud. - Sean Brady
Sean - I agree. There will be cloud pitches. But the specific phenomenon of network effects...I don't think that will sell with enterprises. Other factors will drive decisions about cloud computing in the enterprise market. - Hutch Carpenter
Interesting continuation on Tim's post. There is another issue for entreprise to put data on the cloud: legislation. - Mathieu Ayel
http://bhc3.wordpress.com/2008... "Utility Computing: this is pure computing plumbing stuff - “virtual machine instances, storage, and computation” Platform as a Service: APIs are provided for the platform, such as on Google AppEngine and Salesforce’s force.com Cloud-Based End-User Applications: web services are cloud-based, but people... more... - jfayel
"something for the consumer and the small business markets. Cloud computing will give them access to information and an ecosystem that they currently do not enjoy. We see this all the time with Web 2.0 sites - eBay, Google Search, Facebook, etc. - jfayel
State of the Semantic Web, Part 1 - Sociology, Business, and Messaging (update 2) - http://www.openlinksw.com/weblog...
Sean McBride
Computer modeling of belief systems, ideologies, religions, political systems, political movements, economic systems, global power elites, organizations, persons.
Sean: This isn't even a sentence; what are you trying to say? - eggsy
I'm defining a frame for a certain line of research with a topic cluster. Some folks will get it. - Sean McBride
The thought behind the thought: the Semantic Web will provide a unified framework for conducting computer modeling and data mining for all these activities and many more. - Sean McBride
And: possibly a simple binary system of pluses and minuses will get us 90% of the way towards the goal of modeling these social and psychological systems. - Sean McBride
What if we are a computer model? - eggsy
We might well be. Or an experiment in genetic engineering. I don't know. - Sean McBride
A list of nouns is ok, tho i prefer a single gerund. - j1m
Steven - what are your reservations about the Semantic Web? I think it may be possible to model any degree of complexity with simple triples. - Sean McBride
Models will make sense if they allow for evolutionary breakthroughs. Things like adaptation and survival of the fittest. Would genetic algorithms with a shifting fitness function work? - Mike Reynolds
Mike - I'm not sure I understand you. Can you elaborate? What I do think is that computer models of the world -- and THE computer model of the world -- a global superintelligence which integrates all computer models, ontologies, data sets, data mining algorithms, etc. -- could track and often predict in real time any changes in the real world of any kind, evolutionary, devolutionary or... more... - Sean McBride
Great pointer, Mel - and, yes, this is an important facet of this emerging and rapidly self-evolving global superintelligence I have mentioned. The potential of automated and AI-based social network analysis to map in excruciating detail the social behavior of the entire human race is unlimited. The dangers for totalitarian abuse are also unlimited. It is important for the general... more... - Sean McBride
From the Guardian article linked to by Mel: "The iLink system had several goals, including real-time learning by matching queries and communities users; adapting to user demands and directions, providing accuracy in message targeting and routing and, finally, dynamic user profile correction based on community behaviours and identification of community experts. The learning in iLink... more... - Sean McBride
Whatever is useful in the ILink system should be folded into Friendfeed. I wonder if Bret Taylor and Paul Bucheit are tracking this research. - Sean McBride
Sean - Thanks for your response. My POV is that there can't be one 100% correct global super intelligence. Just as there is subjectivity in our daily lives, a computer model would likely also involve some subjectivity. Regarding my specific comments, I was referring to a much narrower simulation. - Mike Reynolds
Mike - a global superintelligence would integrate all human subjective models and treat them as theories to be empirically tested, intensively and relentlessly. It would learn which subjective models seem to be most closely correlated with the real world, which are most objective. It would never be "perfect" -- but its understanding of the real world would continue to grow without... more... - Sean McBride
Gregory - graphing the cosmic grid -- it's doable. The universe is a network of entities and relations. (I am not trying to say that any model, no matter how sophisticated, can contain reality in its entirety -- it almost certainly can't. But some models are better than others.) - Sean McBride
Essentially this global superintelligence is a meta-intelligence machine. - Mike Reynolds
Mike - a global superintelligence would integrate all the best artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms in the world, all the documents, all the databases, all the sensors, etc. This thing is coming together as we speak, and very quickly. - Sean McBride
Steven - there is no denying that strong AI was overhyped over several decades, that the Semantic Web movement has very much the flavor of the AI movement, and that the current state of the art of modeling economic (and weather) systems is woefully inadequate. Your skepticism is well-warranted. And yet despite all that we do seem to be making some progress in developing interesting and... more... - Sean McBride
Gregory - I can't think of any semantic assertion in Chinese that can't be expressed as a conceptual triple (object, property, value) in English or any other major natural language. Can you think of any? - Sean McBride
Whatever conceptual complexity is embodied in combinations of Chinese characters can be represented in other natural and artificial language systems, I think. If you can translate it to English, you can represent it in an English-based semantic markup system. - Sean McBride
Anything that can be said in any natural language can be mapped to any other natural language with simple semantic markup. - Sean McBride
At the basic conceptual level, everything is probably translatable. Certainly enough to do a great deal of useful processing and inferencing. Literary nuances are problematic. - Sean McBride
@Sean "everything is probably translatable" -- Take Hebrew and try that one again: not everything is translatable. Of course, this all begs the question of what language "means", and how one determines if two particular linguistic "meanings" are equivalent. http://enfranchisedmind.com/blog... - Robert Fischer
Robert and Gregory: do you have any examples of any items in any language that can't be mapped to a universal semantic grid? There are billions or trillions of entity relations that can be easily mapped with precision and exactitude, for instance: the set of all human social relations. What can be mapped with ease provides enough material for incredibly complex and sophisticated inferencing about human behavior. - Sean McBride
Gregory - anyone, not just the feds or governments, will be able to make powerful inferences from all the public data in the world -- this software will be ubiquitous. That's the brave new world we are heading into. Regarding effective semantic markup conventions: they are not language dependent; they can be expressed in any natural language. It is as easy to say {.Gregory Lent... more... - Sean McBride
Let me emphasize that we should all be worried about potential abuses of data mining systems by both governments and private interests. Most Americans are completely clueless about how intensively they are already being data mined by a wide variety of players. - Sean McBride
steve clayton
Adewale Oshineye
Michael Nielsen » Suppress innovation, but claim the credit - http://michaelnielsen.org/blog...
"Berners-Lee didn’t succeed because CERN was doing fundamental research. He succeeded in spite of it. There’s a point to this, aside from correcting an often-repeated and erroneous claim. Large institutions, even those that believe they are dedicated to innovation, often systematically suppress the best ideas of the people working in them. The unpredictable nature of innovation, especially many of the most important innovations, means that the institutional mission is often mis-aligned with the innovation." - Adewale Oshineye
Adewale Oshineye
1-800-MAGIC: Interviewing for fun and profit - http://1-800-magic.blogspot.com/2008...
"Unfortunately, most software development jobs, with very rare exceptions, do not provide on-the-job training for algorithmic skills. A colleague of mine says that there are two types of developers - people who can call APIs, and people who can build APIs. Vast majority of the jobs in this industry are about calling APIs. The most highly paid jobs, however, are about building them. Most teams at Microsoft, Google, and the like are looking for people of the second kind. If you are not already working in the team that builds APIs, you need to learn to love computer science as science. Get interested in algorithms design. Learn about computer architecture. Start paying attention to how the functions you're calling are implemented." This is reminescent of Dig Deeper pattern from the book - Adewale Oshineye
Tuukka Hastrup
Python extension for Firefox - http://news.ycombinator.com/item...
"I would personally much rather hack up a Firefox extension in Python than to try to do it in Firefox's standard plugin architecture thingamajig (Javascript/CSS/voodoo/???). You'll still need to do "CSS/voodoo/???" to integrate your extension to the Firefox UI. What you get to do is to use Python instead of JavaScript (a matter of taste), and you get access to Python libraries, which cover desktop-side computing much better than JS." - Tuukka Hastrup
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed dips its toe in the enterprise 2.0 pool | Feeds | ZDNet.com - http://blogs.zdnet.com/feeds...
"# Can’t afford a white label social network for your corporate intranet? Leverage FriendFeed’s real-time option in the same way you would use a Facebook group. Create a room, invite your employees to that room, and create the content you wish. Foster communication with your staff and let them join the conversations on the feed itself — which can be embedded in on the intranet site. # Create a room that would attract, or to which you could invite, your ideal customer or prospect. Create conversations in which they can interact and embed this on your corporate Web site. Monitor the conversation (note: monitor not control) and welcome other visitors to your Web site to engage in these conversations." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Paul - I created a couple rooms to prep for election coverage in the US with colleagues abroad/foreign journalists; seemed like a great way to track story dvlpt, and share ideas...however, the pagination link at the bottom of the page is missing so that older posts cannot be accessed from my rooms, effectively shutting down the usefulness. Sent feedback to FF wks ago; Ana replied that it would be fixed...Abandoned the rooms concept for this project, but I see the potential for media collabs. - Maryam
Maryam, the paging problem should be fixed now. Please let me know if you spot any more problems. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, I've created the room for our company and educated the folks. Another login id was the major blocker though. Did I say openID? Anyway, we use FF more and more instead of these mail lists. Add ssl support and we may eventually shift even more discussions from trac and email to FF. - eugenio
Fantastic-thank you, Paul. I'm excited to bring co-producers on here; FF's great for developing content and sharing the thought process in dvlpt w/partners - Maryam
I created a room for Nelnet a few months ago and couldn't get folks to nibble...too fearful of the socnets; even though was created as a private room. I can barely get collaboration on our internal private Atlassian Confluence Wiki and Sharepoint sites sometimes... augh! - Susan Beebe
This is how I am using FriendFeed with our PR firm. It lets people collaborate and share info with our internal employees without forcing e-mail threads. We're also pulling in RSS feeds. - Louis Gray
Louis - awesome, especially the RSS part! - Susan Beebe
Tom Raftery
For anyone who missed the link earlier, here is my slide deck on SlideShare - http://www.slideshare.net/TomRaft...
Alex Cristache
How to Write a Good Link Bait Blog Post - http://blogsessive.com/bloggin...
"In this article you’ll find out what is a link bait, what types of link baits are there and how to plan and write the perfect link bait blog post" - Alex Cristache
dekay, I answered you in the comments section. - Alex Cristache
7 reasons why I got tired of collection linkbait posts... - Iphigenie
Joelle: that's a nice one! :) also getting tired of all those "43 Mistakes ...", "10 ... you must have", ... collection posts. - Uldis Bojars
Atul Arora
Geek And Poke: Twitter Business Plan - http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekand...
Geek And Poke: Twitter Business Plan
Hahaha, great one. I was awaiting for Samuel L. Jackson to do a little twitter tour. ;p - Zu from AOD
Louis Gray
Today’s Social Media A-Listers: The Archetype of Tomorrow’s Company Leaders - http://bhc3.wordpress.com/2008...
I have a hard time believing this one (no offense Hutch!). The ADHD-like personality requirements to be a "social media a-lister" are almost mutually exclusive with the focus it takes to effectively run big companies (obviously a generalization, so don't apply it to everyone/company!). - Jeremy Toeman
I'm with Jeremy. - abacab
++ to Jeremy's comment - Uldis Bojars
Fair enough Jeremy. But I don't think you need the always-on element. What information workers do regularly is create, brainstorm and research. ALL of that represents ingredients for what will make the internal collaboration work. Right now, all that good info work is made available inside companies where...? - Hutch Carpenter
i'm responding on Hutch's originally shared item here: http://friendfeed.com/e... - Jeremy Toeman
I would suggest that many of the people Hutch cites are already making an impact in the companies they are at today. - Louis Gray
Aren't corporate and industry leaders renowned for being big thinkers with unusually long attention spans and large fields of vision? And don't they tend to obsess on particular long-range projects? - Sean McBride
Here's a chance to check out the PollDaddy integration too. (Man, not enough time in a day!) Nice job Hutch - Charlie Anzman
The other side of the argument: when technology and culture are changing at a very rapid pace, a short attention span and an ability to turn on a dime in the face of new ideas and innovation can provide a competitive advantage. But executing ideas successfully requires patience, concentration and focus -- the ability to bear down hard on a single idea. Social media can be more a distraction than a help, depending on who is using the medium. - Sean McBride
But you don't turn on a dime based on how you feel at that moment. You turn on a dime taking -everything- into consideration. That big-picture view is what makes such a turn effective. - abacab
Louis Gray
Quote: "According to the user numbers shared by Yammer, there are about an average of 20 users/company, which means that either only smaller companies are signing up or the adoption in the larger companies is very low or both. At the companies who have signed up, it sounds like the early adopters have jumped on the bandwagon and have embraced Yammer wholeheartedly, while the majority still remain reluctant to join." - Daniel J. Pritchett
We use Yammer where I work. The adoption is definitely low as indicated. Adoption seems to be with people who invariably have heard of and or have used Twitter. So awareness is a big factor influencing adoption but even bigger is the lack of clarity around policies surrounding internal conversations residing on external servers. - Mahesh CR
Q&A: Twine CEO Nova Spivack discusses Twine 1.0 and monetizing in a down market - http://www.thestandard.com/news...
It's good to see someone is coming up with revenue models beyond banner ads. - Jason Carreira
I've said for ages that with the right user data, marketing online could be a much less annoying experience for the user. Amazon, unfortunately, FUBARs it, even though they probably have some of the best user data out there. - Cyndy
I agree -- Amazon's recommendations are really impressive if you're paid attention to them lately. - Josh Dilworth
Until Amazon can sort my gifts from my own purchases, it's a massive fail. - Cyndy
Gah... Twine is annoying in that I can't seem to search for and join Twines... WTF? The stuff I want is not in the 100 most popular Twines, dammit! - Jason Carreira
Honey... do I need to walk you through it? - Cyndy
No, I got it... big usability fail in intermixing Twines and articles in search results without much visual distinction between the two. - Jason Carreira
Danica Radovanovic
Anyone selling "old" black MacBook? Sponsoring PhD students maybe? (: My computer collapsed the other day ( http://www.danicar.org) , I need to write PhD research and i need new one. Suggestions?
Why would you want to buy an entire macbook if the problem is a dead hdd? - Andre
Anyway, answering your question, keep an eye on the apple store, in the "refurbished" section from time to time a black macbook pops up (there was one yesterday --- but on the Italian localized apple store) - Andre
1. it was very old laptop, 2. there is no "refurbished" stores in my part of the Europe :( thats why i posted on blog what i want and don't but i'm afraid that i have not much choices, and i need machine for my phd - Danica Radovanovic
well, I'll stick a "like" for your request, hopefully someone will be able to help you :) ... already tried the obvious ebay and craiglist? - Andre
@leziondistile: come on:) craiglist in serbia? this is good joke:) no such thing. i wouldn't ask people here if i'd solve the issue via eBay or craiglist. but, thanks anyway - Danica Radovanovic
any other suggestions? thoughts? - Danica Radovanovic
Why not the ebay route Danica? Just out of curiosity... - Zee.
i think i wrote above. for ebay and craiglists - Danica Radovanovic
you mentioned because of location...But ebay sellers will post to Serbia - Zee.
didn't find any seller who would ship from usa/uk here yet, plus i'd prefer if i buy- to buy it from someone i *know* - Danica Radovanovic
ok, well the only help i can offer is to say i can help buy it from someone here & send it out to you...but i'm guessing you want to know them - so that wont be much help. - Zee.
no under must to know your friend. you as 'mediator' is ok. anyway, point is if i buy it from someone on web - i prefer from everyday contacts than from unknown person - Danica Radovanovic
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Danica Radovanovic
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Doug Hellmann
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