Countdown to October when I'm complete again and always.
This is the dance move that use to get me tossed from clubs.
My favorite color is Grey Goose.
My mobile office. Blucy burger and beer make for a good workplace. Life is great! #BlueDoorPub #SaintPaul #MN
The 2% mindset. Write that down.
An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. Especially when it is lakeside. Thoughts collected.
My favorite color is Grey Goose.
Reminiscing about the days when I'd order a Jack and Coke, and I'd get a hand-job and an 8-ball from the bartender. #GoodOldDays
I'm in agreement with this ad. Toughen up your skin 'merica. No pun intended.
I had no idea so many people knew Robin Williams so well. My condolences.
Smile at don't know what demons they may be battling and that smile might have just saved their life.
I hate it when I think I'm buying organic vegetables, but when I get home I discover they're just regular doughnuts.
I'm hooked on a feeling
I'm at the outlet mall when I began to wonder, when did Asians stop wearing fanny packs?
Beers and Da Bears. Football is back! #WorstBehavior
Baby Gizmo's Holiday Photo Contest Day 3... - The Baby Gizmo Company | Facebook -
Can you click on this link and like the picture of my sister's baby boy Nathan and help her win this contest? Can you also share the link and ask others to do the same? That would be super duper! - Carl H. Martens
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Show your support of our founder and make a donation to help fight childhood cancer!
Help fight childhood cancer and make a donation!
RT @uboutdoors: Ventana USA is now on twitter, follow them @ventanausa
RT @uboutdoors: Ventana USA is now on twitter, follow them @ventanausa
Why cant we save billions, create new jobs, and stop arresting over 850,000 nonviolent americans a year by legalizing marijuana? #WHchat @VP
#df11 I need to hire a consultant to create forms and integrate paypal. email me -
Check it out. I applied to host a House Party:
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