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Baltimore Police Arrest Photojournalist for Taking Pictures from Public Sidewalk -
Boston Police Accuse me of Witness Intimidation; Threaten to Charge PINAC Readers With Same (Updated II) -
Louisiana Cops, Firefighters Forced to Apologize After Threatening Woman for Video Recording (Updated) -
Hawaii Judge has Woman Arrested for Video Recording Foreclosure Hearing (Updated) -
Seattle Journalist Continues Exposing Cops who Threatened and Harassed him for Taking Pictures -
Atlantic City Cops Caught on Video Viciously Attacking, Siccing Dog on Non-Resisting Man -
Philly Transit Police Chief Surprised Witnesses did not call 911 to Report Cop getting Beat up -
Hialeah Mayor Claims We Were Breaking Law by Recording Students in City Hall that are Recorded Daily by Surveillance Cameras -
San Diego Cop Shoots Man in Incident Caught on Citizen Video as Cops Manage to Seize Control of the Video -
Video Proves Baltimore County Cop Lied in Arrest of Parent in School Board Meeting -
Hillary Clinton’s Security Snatch Camera From Man, Deleting Image of Presidential Hopeful -
Georgia Cop Caught on Camera Demanding Bribe Resigns, but Still Not Arrested -
Ohio Cop Caught on Camera Terrorizing Family in Bizarre Video (Updated) -
Miami Police Threaten to Arrest Man for Making Public Records Request at Miami City Hall -
We Were Detained by Hialeah Police for Making a Public Records Request at City Hall -
Texas Deputy Criminally Charged After Dash Cam Shows him Repeatedly Kicking Man -
Anti-Illegal Immigrant Activists Assault Videographer during Public Rally in Arizona -
Atlanta Cops Detain Man for Recording TSA Checkpoint -
Illinois Cops Threaten to Confiscate Man’s Camera for Recording Them -
Southern California Police Doing Damage Control After Horrific Youtube Video Shows Them Beating, Tasing Man -
Massachusetts Cop Threatens to Smash Camera into Man’s Face -
San Diego Photojournalist Handcuffed after Mother Falsely Accuses him of Perversion -
Georgia Deputies Arrest Man for Video Recording, then Harass him for Speaking to Media -
Nevada Cops Arrest Man for Criticizing their Parking before Seizing Cameras from Witnesses -
Judge Finds Cop Not Guilty of Assault after Refusing to Watch Video of Assault -
DEA Agent in Ohio tries to Snatch Camera from Man’s Hand, Claiming it was for Man’s Safety -
Philadelphia Cop Attacks and Arrests Man for Video Recording (Updated) -
Pittsburgh Cop Arrests Man Video Recording him Making Arrest -
WV Court Officials Trying to Silence Media in Quest to Convict Boy for NRA Shirt -
Camera-Snatching South Carolina Deputy Identified through Social Media -
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