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John Carman

John Carman

Principal of Avenue Design Studios, Co-Founder & CEO of AJAX Street, communication designer, podcaster, blogger, teacher.
Did you know that Tuesday is #EarthDay and you didn't even compost your egg shells?
The traditional 12th anniversary gifts are silk and linen. I guess after 12 years most couples are into bondage.
This reminds me of a story involving a chocolate bunny, a tub of peanut butter and a lot of pot. But it would take more than 420 characters.
Drinking Cabernet/Shiraz that I made out of juice and science. I wish I had a Cabernet egg. Is that right? Cabernet egg. HAPPY $420
The boyfriend is playing Minecraft. @DjLunchbox IS THIS GOOD OR BAD?
Somebody was blasting Stryper in the Strip District. I bet that guy is awesome.
RT @andrealaurion: This is why I'm not a teacher:
I got 1099 problems but a bitch ain't one.
I'm building an @arresteddev #MTG deck around Mesa Chicken. No I'm not, no I'm not. I'm working.
I don't call them "freedom fries" because there is no separation of curly and seasoned.
I bet people in India complain that Hollywood movies all have acting sequences.
Dancing is a lot like soccer except I want to play soccer and I can play soccer. #DirtyBall
Being in a Port-A-Potty with button fly jeans is literally like being in a Saw movie. #DirtyBall
I got lube. #DirtyBall
I have a great recipe for making your own light orange juice in your sink.
Raise your left hand if you masturbate at work.
Dogs don't get sarcasm. #ohgoodyoupoopedinmyoffice
They have an area for husbands, with seats and books full of women in dresses. (@ Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores)
RT @NikolHasler: Ladies, the #nomakeupselfie is dead. We're on to the #noshirtselfie now. Just trust me and take out them titties already.
Now I am fat and happy. Well, not so much happy as not hungry.
RT @nachosarah: are you sad? guess what you can go to the store and buy a whole fucking chicken
It's been an hour since I stupidly ordered @dominos. How much should I tip? Should I even tip?
I stupidly ordered @dominos 50 minutes ago and I'm still waiting.
Cleveland STEAMER CONVERSION KIT 108727 Cleveland via @amazon
Cleveland STEAMER CONVERSION KIT 108727 Cleveland via @amazon
How to Grow Chocolate M&Ms - Free Chocolate from Your Garden!: via @YouTube
How to Grow Chocolate M&Ms - Free Chocolate from Your Garden!: via @YouTube
Sweet - Teenage Rampage (1974) - YouTube
How long does penicillin take to work?
Not naked. Pittsburgh Area Coed Soccer League
When I refer to my dogs as "you people," I'm purposely being offensive.
RT @ThePapaLunchbox: With two balls in your mouth, you speak only in vowels.
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