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John Carman

John Carman

Principal of Avenue Design Studios, Co-Founder & CEO of AJAX Street, communication designer, podcaster, blogger, teacher.
The boyfriend asked me to guess who Crystal Gayle's sister is. I said Dorothy Gale and almost lost my gay card, but I pretended it was camp.
I realize that a lot of my recent tweets involve Dolph Lundgren.
When California finally breaks off the continent, it will literally jump over a shark.
So THAT'S why everything smells like poop! @OITNB **Spoiler Alert!** It ends with an orange screen.
Fight it off! Fight off the giant roach with your piece of a pin! YOU'RE A GHOSTBUS... #HoneyWeShrunkOurselves #tvtag
Does Duquesne Light have a Twitter account? I would like to complain at them now.
The power is out in my neighborhood. Probably because of all the hail.
Did you know you can Google "hot lesbian wedding" at work?
My Amish Paste tomatoes are still green, taunting me, calling me "English" for some reason.
It would've been awkward if Germany lost and then a bunch of their players moved to Argentina. #WorldCupFinal
The instructions on cans of enchilada sauce are only in English. Because who doesn't know how to use enchilada sauce? English people.
Is it still okay to call them "lady problems" or is there a more politically correct term for babies?
Sometimes I look at the world right around me and see it differently, and I realize that I accidentally touched the camera icon on my phone.
Keira Knightly is to Winona Ryder as Johnny Depp is to ____?
I heard @MrDirby got a haircut and I almost just yelled at some clean-cut guy in Bloomfield.
RT @eHWS: Get the #Domain __playadenbossa.com__ for only 2,000 USD 2h 12m +
RT @wolfpupy: this strong and beautiful imagery can happen in art but could it ever happen in the real world? who knows
Whoever said that thing about guys with big feet probably had big feet. Unfortunately, little else is known about him.
I wish I could hide under the couch during fireworks. I also wish I could lick my own balls.
Had a blast walking in the Park Hill Parade! -
Had a great showing for the Park Hill Parade. Thank you everyone for coming out. -
The good news is I got free shipping. The bad news is I don't know what to do with 50 American flag toothpicks on the 8th of July.
Bagel chips owe a lot to croutons.
My Bible app is updating. I can’t wait to read it to see what’s new.
RT @TheWorIdCup: New photo of Tim Howard...
No, Donny, these men are waffles.
RT @WPXIScott: Better get down to Market Square!! #GoUSA #IBelieve
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