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John Carman

John Carman

Principal of Avenue Design Studios, Co-Founder & CEO of AJAX Street, communication designer, podcaster, blogger, teacher.
Relaxing Table Sounds ASMR ~ Tapping ~ Scratching ~ Rubbing -
Relaxing Table Sounds ASMR ~ Tapping ~ Scratching ~ Rubbing
The bad news is I feel hot & clammy again. The good new is I wasn't sweating so much during yesterday's soccer game JUST because I'm chubby.
I saw another guy who looks just like @jamesforeman at RANT in @lvpgh.
I saw a guy who looks just like @jamesforeman at RANT in @lvpgh.
RT @unfollowbud: RIP Jay Adams, you'll be missed
RT @SarahtheKovash: This is Lola the blind Chihuahua and I love her. She need a good home!
RT @ArcadeComedy: Check out @aaronkleiber & friends making fun of '80s music videos tomorrow at 8pm. Use the code POPEYE for $5 tix!
RT @Franktuary: Find the truck @toonseum tonight for "Chutz-Pow: Superheroes of the Holocaust" block party! 8 pm for franks and fun -
When a class description says a notebook is required, does this mean a computer? The age of the instructor was not given.
The guy in ‘The Next Karate Kid’ drove an Oldsmobile 442 and Mr. Miyagi served w/ the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
I watched all of the Karate Kid movies. Even the one where Daniel is a girl and the one where Daniel is a young black child.
Does Lindsay Lohan's twin sister really have a British accent? Is that why she stays out of the tabloids? Because she's in Britain?
Hot twins decide to dump Doc b/c they can't both have him. On a boat called "The Love Boat." Did people not write to Penthouse back then?
Flipping the fuck out on Facebook is one of the funniest things that I think people do for my enjoyment.
Marry, Fuck, Kill: Johnny Weir, Johnny Weir, Johnny Weir
I hate hitting my head on the attic ceiling because it’s so hard to figure out who to be very very angry at for several seconds.
RT @PghBizTimes: We want to find the best pizza in Pittsburgh! #PittsburghPizzaMadness starts this Friday. Get the details here:
I weighed myself with the dog, then I weighed the dog alone, and then I subtracted to find my weight. I weigh -199 lbs.
Your site has updated to WordPress 3.9.2
Your site has updated to WordPress 3.8.4
I stepped out of my office for a few minutes, and I missed the Amazon drone. Now I gotta order something else.
I've been waiting for the drugs to kick in for so long that I forgot I didn't take any drugs.
RT @Franktuary: Rebooting #wineandwieners! Each Wednesday = wine + pairing special! Wed 8/6 is $4 Anthony Road Dry Riesling w purchase of a Buffalo frank.
ASMR- Superhero Costume Fitting Appointment -
ASMR- Superhero Costume Fitting Appointment
I try to be a "glass is half full" kind of guy, but it seems like a lot of people don't like it when I have a mustache or give them crabs.
You know what @DjLunchbox hates? Sand crabs, it turns out. I just remembered that. He really prefers you don't put them on him at all.
I shaved the beard, only to find out that now the boyfriend doesn't like mustaches. Mama mia.
Wait, who the heck is @GlypheNotes?
Oh, Red Tornado. It doesn't understand Christmas spirit. Because it's an android created by a supervillain.
RT @wugwump: "It is easier to live in the predictability of slavery than in the uncertainty of freedom." -@rigatoneys @discoverycc #fb
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