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Twitter's war on developers continues. Twitpic shutting down due to trademark infringement claims from Twitter -
Facebook's decided that #ALSIceBucketChallenge more important than #Ferguson. No complaints since no research paper?
RT @ShaunKing: Reminder :: This officer who choked Eric Garner to death is still free. And we HAVE IT ON YOUTUBE! Think on that.
RT @SocialismEvil: VERY impressed with the new @BingAds It knocks $GOOG Adwords into a cocked hat!
A simple rule to remember when designing apps.
RT @AntonioFrench: A military man upset about the militarization of #Ferguson
Quickly Find The Facts Behind Account Fluctuations With New #BingAds “Top Movers” Report - #ppc #sem
Peach is a mashup of Grubhub & Groupon. You get a text with today's meal, if you reply YES, it's delivered to ur work
Army vets comparing the armor & weaponry of US forces in Iraq/Afghanistan versus #Ferguson police -
RT @jackfrombkln: The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson
RT @dhh: We need a domestic disarmament program for the police: Trade in your assault rifles and armored vehicles, get civil rights training.
Best explanation of why Hachette refuses to negotiate with Amazon and why Amazon is desperate that they do -
Apple posts diversity stats and it looks like we found all the missing black techies. 6% black versus 1% at FB, GOOG
New Opportunities Page - Awesome work from our team in China. #bingads #ppc #sem
Carnage4Life on Dude, Dad is pisssssed. -
"Did they ever explain why Batman didn't just take Damian to a Lazarus pit? I loved all the stories of Bruce struggling with Damian's loss but never understood that seeming plot hole?" - Dare Obasanjo
In retrospect, #Windows8 is what happens when you take The Innovator's Dilemma too seriously - #disruptioninterrupted
Between Swarm's 2-star rating and Facebook Messenger's 1-star rating, it's safe to assume unbundling is dead.
Sometimes you might be surprised at exactly how much Google knows about you -
Facebook Messenger is the top app in the App Store and has a 1-star rating. #wow
Bing has helpful customer service if u spend over $500 a month.Google's is good if you spend at least $500,000 a year
RT @John_A_Lee: Some companies have great employees. Others are just "meh". Would like to point out that @AdRoll and @BingAds both fall in GREAT category.
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.
FourSquare goes from a social app that is a daily habit for many to a crowd sourced Yelp. A sad end to pioneer -
Is there a rule that every San Francisco tech company has to have this book in their lobby?
Saw this wall art at the W Hotel. Is this a map of San Francisco? Thrown off by the mountains
The Brain finally loses his temper at Pinky and cusses him out. Stars the original voice actors - #nsfw #pinky #brain
Without brands, Snapchat can't tell your interests. Without knowing interests they can't target ads. Without targeted ads it's not $10B biz
Snapchat's pitch deck to convince brands to join the service leaked. Interesting to see how they position themselves
No one tests their sites on Windows Phone so now IE in Windows Phone update 1 pretends to be webkit. - #smartmove
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