Carnage4Life on The Satya Nadella Era At Microsoft Is A Smashing Success So Far -
"*DISCLAIMER: Microsoft employee for 13 years.* Sounds like you didn't read the article. The article explicitly talks about the fact that Microsoft has been working on cool things all along. The only difference now is that the perception of the CEO has changed from a person who is disconnected from the industry and makes blunders like dismissing the iPhone to that of a humble and industry savvy player that has buried the hatchet with many competitors. The perception of the CEO impacts the perception of the company. Microsoft's stock price has hovered around $27 - $30 my entire time at the company except under Satya where it now hovers around $45. The fundamentals of the company aren't any different and in fact one could argue that the outlook is worse now since under Ballmer there was the fear of Windows & Office being challenged and now it is clear that they are by the rise of mobile and the cloud. However the market's confidence in Satya versus Ballmer means that the company is now..." - Dare Obasanjo
RT @shanselman: It's happening. .NET goes to Mac, Linux, .NET goes Open Source. Plus Visual Studio Community is now FREE to download.
Redskins sue Native Americans for damaging their brand #NotTheOnion
Found these while cleaning out the garage. #throwback #classics
Zuckerburg explains why Facebook unbundled Messenger. Messaging most popular mobile activity, and FB app was 2 slow -
RT @sengineland: App Extensions Coming To Bing Ads by @ginnymarvin
The unexpected costs of using Login with Facebook in your app - #Programming
Does anyone at Google actually work on Blogger or is it just a maintenance guy who makes sure the servers are plugged in?
Office for Android & Windows 10 tablets announced. Office on iOS & Android no longer require Office 365 #freemium
RT @BenedictEvans: 'Our app needs to look consistent across all platforms' = our app looks wrong on every platform.
RT @agiletortoise: If you were wondering how pathetic the iPad app market is...Phraseology sold 8 units yesterday and jumped into the Productivity top 100.
RT @sengineland: New Campaign Planner from @BingAds sets you up for PPC Success:
So we're no longer mad Facebook manipulates people with the newsfeed and instead wonder why its not effective? Got it
IAB Taking Comments On New Standard API For “Programmatic Direct” Created by Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Yieldex #WeDidIt
Fabric: Why Developers Can Trust Twitter Won’t Screw Them This Time -
Carnage4Life on My Grimlock army is growing - torn on which one to get next -
"I've bought that one twice. My son played with him till he broke both times. Now I keep my Grimlocks at work. :)" - Dare Obasanjo
Carnage4Life on My Grimlock army is growing - torn on which one to get next -
"These are mine. Whenever I go to stores I keep seeing the Age of Extinction Grimlocks but disliked the movie so much I don't want to get one on principle. So wondering which Grimlock to get next if not one of those. :)" - Dare Obasanjo
5 Account Security Features Every Online Service Should Implement But Doesn't -
Twitter's war on developers continues. Twitpic shutting down due to trademark infringement claims from Twitter -
Facebook's decided that #ALSIceBucketChallenge more important than #Ferguson. No complaints since no research paper?
RT @ShaunKing: Reminder :: This officer who choked Eric Garner to death is still free. And we HAVE IT ON YOUTUBE! Think on that.
RT @SocialismEvil: VERY impressed with the new @BingAds It knocks $GOOG Adwords into a cocked hat!
A simple rule to remember when designing apps.
RT @AntonioFrench: A military man upset about the militarization of #Ferguson
Quickly Find The Facts Behind Account Fluctuations With New #BingAds “Top Movers” Report - #ppc #sem
Peach is a mashup of Grubhub & Groupon. You get a text with today's meal, if you reply YES, it's delivered to ur work
Army vets comparing the armor & weaponry of US forces in Iraq/Afghanistan versus #Ferguson police -
RT @jackfrombkln: The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson
RT @dhh: We need a domestic disarmament program for the police: Trade in your assault rifles and armored vehicles, get civil rights training.
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