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Former Microsoft developer talks about heydey of the MSN Messenger vs AIM reverse engineering chat wars - #history
RT @GuyEndoreKaiser: In the history of push notifications, no one has ever abused that privilege more than twitter just did.
How Can Yahoo Be Worth Less Than Zero? - #TheStockMarketIsWeird
Very interesting debate in the comments of "How DevOps is Killing the Developer" -
Ad Spend Growth For Bing Is More Than Double That Of Google’s #bingads
RT @MicrosoftJobs: 1 hr till the #BingJobsLive tweetchat! @eric_boyd of @BingAds will answer your #career questions at 1pm PDT. Submit your Qs to @bingjobs.
RT @cshirky: Women at HP applied for a promotion when they believed they met 100% of the qualifications listed. Men applied @ 60%.
"Buoyed by our 9th consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth in Search revenue " - Yahoo earnings report #BingAds
RT @levie: Someone at Microsoft officially pressed the "we're not screwing around anymore" button. Quite impressive to watch.
First look at Amazon's upcoming smartphone. 3D user interface, 6 cameras and MayDay are interesting innovations
We updated @uservoice with some feature requests we fulfilled recently. Nice to see someone noticed #BingAds #ppc
RT @Mel66: #ppcchat RT @sengineland: Bing Ads To Give Agencies More Functionality To Manage Client Relationships by @ginnymarvin
RT @RudyHuyn: so excited by Windows Phone 8.1 and all new features available for developers! #makeMoreApps
Security researcher calls out Akamai's claim that they aren't affected by #heartbleed. must read if you're a customer
Wow. The @msonenote team created a parody of One More Day from Les Misérables to celebrate OneNote Mac - #welldone
Nice write up by Akamai on why they aren't badly affected by #heartbleed even though they use OpenSSL
Looking forward to "Facebook app forcing all users to download Paper by ripping out the news feed" headlines next
RT @lizprc: Amazing writeup by @marcbarros on how they raised $450k on Kickstarter. Must read:
RT @fmanjoo: OneDrive has been working quite nicely for me.
[Blog Post] The mobile web vs apps is another front on the battle between open and closed systems
Example of news story that exists because journalists don't understand it takes months/years to ship software - #duh
Don't worry that we're moving from open web to walled garden mobile app ecosystems. The user experience is better 😜
More interesting story than the decline of the PC is the reality that the web is also declining with the mobile shift
RT @marcoarment: The Vesper Azure video doesn’t include the word “Windows” once, never shows PCs or WinPhones, and it’s no big deal.
"I think the problem with Windows 8 all along has been that nothing about it was driven by user need" #ouch
RT @om: Word, Excel & PowerPoint dominate free iOS app list (ranked # 1, #2 #3) in many places. It's all about OneDrive.
Shoplifting of liquor so bad in Seattle, grocery stores now put even $5 stuff under lock & key. #LessonLearned
Top new paid app in Android store was a virus scanner that whose only feature was an enabled/disabled icon - #scams
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