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Impressive how two completely contradictory headlines were written about the same data versus
RT @fmbutt: "A great team, great energy and hard work will never make up for a bad idea" -Steve Ballmer
Top 10 Very Very VERY Important Topics to Discuss - #programming #funny
$AMZN 10% drop doesn't make sense. Their P/E so high any investor must be betting they will own e-commerce in the long term & QoQ irrelevant
$FB is now worth $30 billion more than $AMZN. At this rate the Social Network movie will need a sequel
Live streams of people playing XBox is a $1 billion company? I'm in the wrong gig.
RT @netmeg: Dear @BingAds Let me just say that online insertion orders is the best thing you've done all year. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
RT @JamilMaatouk: I don't know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.
Buzzfeed has a hilarious list of top 25 Silicon Valley #firstworldproblems - #thestruggleisreal
Very impressive that Silicon Valley tech companies consistently hire 2% black people. It's like there's a quota -
RT @_HairForceOne: Tim on the iPhone:"Earnings call…here we go". Just don't forget to mention new product categories & pipeline..people are loving that.
Search advertising revenue up 40%, Bing US share up to 19.2% #BingAds #ThisIsHowWeRoll -
RT @rjonesy: Amazon FirePhone comes out in 2 days! Oh, you'd already forgotten? Everyone else has too.
Anyone else tired of all the videos in their Facebook news feed?
RT @jsnell: This @monkbent story about Microsoft is fantastic.
Facebook's trending topics focuses on pop culture not hard news. Maybe something they learned from emotion contagion
RT @alex: Did some back of the envelope math -- appears that Yahoo is still generating around 35% of its total rev from MSFT search deal. Q1 = 36%.
RT @jimsyjampots: For people griping about a female Thor, @SuperheroTexts nails it
Creator of Google Glass leaves Google X for Amazon. Not surprising given Glass was AWOL at Google I/O -
RT @cdixon: This is clever. Tweeted every possibility then deleted the incorrect ones.
r @joshelman @venmo @vineapp Flickr will always be the king of "sold too early".
This is a very impressive takedown of a finance professor who claimed @Uber is overvalued -
Interesting that @PandoDaily has become an ant--Google publication
The Android Screen Fragmentation Myth - #programming
Is that whole gamification thing really over? - <= Short Answer: Even FourSquare's given up on badges
Bing Ads Lays Out Plans For Coming Year: More Scale, New Ad Formats, Eventually Automation -
RT @geekwire: Microsoft @Bing is now 14-0 in the World Cup knockout stage. Predicting a Germany win on Sunday:
The potato salad Kickstarter is now at $61K. We need to make this guy the first potato salad millionaire #makeitso
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