Dare Obasanjo
I'm amused by the hypocrisy of GOOG employees criticizing MSFT for unilaterally proposing Web standards at http://intertwingly.net/blog...
Huh? We've been making a very conscious cross-company effort *avoid* unilaterally proposing standards for the past few years. See our approach to HTML5, to OpenSocial, to Gears, to Atom Pub, Sitemaps, OAuth, OpenID, etc., where we're either taking our proposals to public forums, industry foundations, or formal standards bodies. In fact, we work with closely with Microsoft on a number of these initiatives. Are there some specific examples you can cite? I consider a big part of what I get paid to do to look into places we could do better at this, so I'm keen to hear more about your concerns. - DeWitt Clinton
@Dewitt: Don't forget KML in your list, now OGC Standard. - nadim
Google has been pulling unilateral moves with far reaching impact for years from rel=nofollow to OpenSocial. What Google has become savvy at is finding some partners/stooges to stand behind them shortly after their unilateral announcements and call it a "standard". I'm still waiting for the details on which standards body ratified OAuth and OpenSocial. - Dare Obasanjo
@Dare OAuth was actually first started by a group of individuals from Twitter and Magnolia and then Chris Messina and myself (I was at VeriSign at that point but then moved to Six Apart) got involved. From there it grew certainly with the support of Google, but not the other way around. - David Recordon
Exactly what David said re: OAuth -- OAuth is 100% a community-run initiative that we're rapidly transitioning to use over our own legacy proprietary auth formats. And OpenSocial is run entirely in the open by a very wide-ranging group of companies (Yahoo, MySpace, Hi5, Ning, Plaxo, LinkedIn, etc., etc), and the intellectual property has been entirely transfered to the OpenSocial Foundation, out of Google's control. - DeWitt Clinton
And rel="nofollow" is now being "standardized" outside of Google by the microformats community. See http://microformats.org/wiki.... - DeWitt Clinton
I'm not saying Google doesn't have more work to do. Of course it does, but please, let's be accurate. I'd like to hear examples of places I can focus my attention. - DeWitt Clinton
And not cool calling those companies "stooges", Dare. - DeWitt Clinton
Though for the record, I actively push back, even internally, against calling anything a "standard" until it has gone through a formal standards body, such as IETF, OASIS, ISO, etc. "De facto standard" is okay, but I prefer the term "specification" for things that haven't been formally ratified. - DeWitt Clinton