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Another root canal tomorrow morning. cant type how I feel about it
I messaged my dentist just before he got married. I am hoping he locked his phone in his car or something like that.
Oh I think that migraine is actually a tooth that needs a root canal. Another root canal? Craptastic pain.
Oh Migraine!
How courteous Obama called Bush first, May 1st.
Good Job Dodgers! 2-1 Final
*clap clap clap clap*
oh Braves! They just may be going down too.
Braves / Padres go to the 10th
RT @justmalia: @AnissaMayhew golf cart (so we can all ride together)
I may have no life this weekend, but I have the REMOTE CONTROL!
ok.. so down go the riverdogs and the padres
I'm drinking coffee and not thrilled about this ball game.
and then Klout punishes me. dang!
Braves / Dodgers tied 1-1 still!
melancholic feelings when I watch Blue and the Braves
RT @amandapalmer: someone british please explain RT @DoonTube wtf is chuffed? @eyebee @katkimjac
RT @amandapalmer: someone british please explain RT @DoonTube wtf is chuffed?
I can not shake this headache today
RT @justpurelovely: @angengland 7 hours later....Do you love it? Your new iPhone? (ha! would take me 7 months!)
I guess I'm the only one not watching the #gamecocks or at the game
Thank you for your opinions.. I appreciate you! @shawnaleeirish @EatatDogandDuck
has anyone seen that movie "the help" yet? I wanna see it
So. 1. don't 4square me 2. don't twitpic me I'm a party pooper
I can't hang out with you if you twitpic my life too.
damn, why does TD allow me to @ myself?
Someone turn on "where is the love."
Some bodies need to get a room~ #justsayin
Tomorrow is my last day on Prednisone. Normal may be in my future.
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