Half root canal done. Too much infection to close. Fun times.
RT @Thanassi360: Twitter makes real people antisocial
If this is what 42 feels like, I fear 50.
My sinus hell is because I need two Rx nasal sprays that with my new insurance, this year, I can't afford. Just great for sinus infection.
Now yall know why I'm out of control with life. Besides my total back problems.. my teeth are giving me so much hell.
Another root canal tomorrow morning. cant type how I feel about it
I messaged my dentist just before he got married. I am hoping he locked his phone in his car or something like that.
Oh I think that migraine is actually a tooth that needs a root canal. Another root canal? Craptastic pain.
Oh Migraine!
How courteous Obama called Bush first, May 1st.
Good Job Dodgers! 2-1 Final
*clap clap clap clap*
oh Braves! They just may be going down too.
Braves / Padres go to the 10th
RT @justmalia: @AnissaMayhew golf cart (so we can all ride together)
I may have no life this weekend, but I have the REMOTE CONTROL!
ok.. so down go the riverdogs and the padres
I'm drinking coffee and not thrilled about this ball game.
and then Klout punishes me. dang!
Braves / Dodgers tied 1-1 still!
melancholic feelings when I watch Blue and the Braves
RT @amandapalmer: someone british please explain RT @DoonTube wtf is chuffed? @eyebee @katkimjac
RT @amandapalmer: someone british please explain RT @DoonTube wtf is chuffed?
I can not shake this headache today
RT @justpurelovely: @angengland 7 hours later....Do you love it? Your new iPhone? (ha! would take me 7 months!)
I guess I'm the only one not watching the #gamecocks or at the game
Thank you for your opinions.. I appreciate you! @shawnaleeirish @EatatDogandDuck
has anyone seen that movie "the help" yet? I wanna see it
So. 1. don't 4square me 2. don't twitpic me I'm a party pooper
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