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Re: The Top 10 Brands on Instagram -
"I love the illustrations! Did you do those, Kristi?" - Carri Bugbee
Re: Prepare For Twitter's Collapse -
"This "article" is laughably inaccurate about how Facebook and Twitter work—particularly with regards to their ad platforms. Pointing out crap on the Interwebz and saying you don't like it doesn't quite qualify as analysis." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Airbnb cozies up to cities with Shared City initiative - Fortune Features -
"It's bizarre that AirBNB is "offering" to collect and remit city taxes, but it's optional for hosts to collect taxes (and raise their prices accordingly). Either it's a regulation that hosts must comply with or it is not, correct? The way it is reported here is confusing." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That's Almost Too Real -
"The only thing missing was the mention of a voice-over by an actor that sounds as folksy and curmudgeonly as Wilford Brimley to underscore the trustworthiness of the message." - Carri Bugbee
Re: With Quotas and Incentive Pay, The Oregonian is Again Reshaping Its Experience for Readers -
"Michael, I got your original point just fine. I assumed that "Facebook" was a generic reference for any website or social network that spreads information virally and sucks up people's time when that time could be spent reading hard news." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Social-media strife: the agency landgrab for social budgets -
"The business model for putting media buys, creative and account management in silos evolved decades ago in an MUCH SLOWER media environment. In that environment, agencies could create a handful of creative concepts (sometimes per year), the ads were produced over a period of weeks or months, then they ran for several more months. Nobody had to worry about tweaking the creative after it was sent to LIFE magazine 30 to 60 days before the publication date. With social media, creative often needs to be created and tweaked DAILY, if not more frequently. Creative changes typically reflect effectiveness and TOPICAL issues such as news and popular culture (i.e., real-time marketing) or more importantly, what is happening in community discussions about the brand. Yes, community discussions should inform ad content and vice versa. And those discussions might also affect ad targeting in the moment. Can a media-buying company do all this in a matter of hours? Obviously not. The idea of two (or..." - Carri Bugbee
Re: How to Turn Your Social Profiles into a Single IT Resume Site -
"I would include RebelMouse in that group, as well. Like I've been saying for years now, Google IS your resume (depending upon your industry). However, are HR folks industrious enough to do their homework and check these places?" - Carri Bugbee
Re: Facebook Fraud Response: Are Facebook Ads a Waste of Money? -
"Neither Jon nor the video creator has mentioned something KEY to this discussion: Facebook has explicity told marketers in recent months that Facebook works BEST as a marketing tool if you build a fan base you can advertise to in a more targeted way (than advertising to non-fans). That was widely reported in December. Ad Age summarized Facebook's own documents (created to make the case to marketers) like this: "the main reason to acquire fans isn't to build a free distribution channel for content; it's to make future Facebook ads work better." []. So, regardless of whether Jon and other savvy marketers here (who can dedicate time to figure out the vagaries of the platform's contant changes) can work around Facebook's own stated best use case, the fact remains: if ads attract lots of fake or even non-useful fans, then ads do NOT work the way Facebook says they are designed to work. Period. This is, no doubt, just one of the many reasons marketers..." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why The Analysts Are Wrong About Twitter’s Ad Platform -
"Eric, brilliant and detailed post. It echoes what I was saying in another venue about being skeptical of those analyst "findings" since I don't think traditional agency media buyers are all that savvy about buying social media advertising. However, your expertise far exceeds mine and you made a far better case for that assessment. I would add that the new-ish paradigm of social/content-related advertising means we should blow up the old-school model of putting agency creatives and media departments in silos. That corporate structure was based upon the "set it and forget it" model of advertising of the Mad Men era where creatives spent weeks developing a campaign, the media buyers created plans based upon rough demographics published in books (gasp!)—or based on which ad rep sent them the best front-row seats and indulged them in multiple martini lunches. Then the spots/ads ran for a long time and maybe the client evaluated the results in the next quarter or following year. Oh, and..." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Twitter Shares Drop as Morgan Stanley Analyst Cuts Rating -
"This analyst's assessment is flawed on so many levels, it would take a long post to elaborate on all of them. Suffice it to say, he doesn't demonstrate (based on the reporting here) a sophisticated understanding of online advertising or user behaviors and how those might lead to opportunities for Twitter—or other platforms. Twitter's ad model for integrating with TV is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from advertising on Youtube. Likewise, Twitter ad opportunities are apples to oranges when it comes to video ads on Facebook. None of these things are interchangeable. Just looking at a PEW study (and I read most of them) about the numbers of users on various platforms is so simplistic as to be laughable. Moreover, there is little evidence at this point to demonstrate that disruptive advertisements in mobile social feeds are effective (and plenty of evidence to show that users are turned off by them), so this notion of equating quantity of mobile eyeballs with long-term advertising success is just..." - Carri Bugbee
Re: When an Event Is Brands-Only, Are Hashtags Even Off Limits to Vendors? -
"Sure, ping me on Twitter @CarriBugbee." - Carri Bugbee
Re: When an Event Is Brands-Only, Are Hashtags Even Off Limits to Vendors? -
"This kerfuffle is absurd since NOBODY can OWN a hashtag—or even monopolize one. Personally, I'm embarrassed for anyone in a social media marketing role that doesn't understand that. It is smart to avoid hashtag jacking for topics of a politcal or sensitive nature (i.e., Kenneth Cole trying to capitalize on #Cairo riots), but a hashtag for a conference of marketers? PUH-LEEZ. That's open territory. Nobody needs to worry about marketers' fragile sensibilities." - Carri Bugbee
Re: GetGlue Acquired By Video Discovery Startup i.TV -
"I'm wondering if it makes sense to call i.TV a startup since it's been around five years." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why Facebook and Twitter Are Fighting Over Your Television -
"This is a good round-up of the features and efforts that Twitter and Facebook have implemented to attract TV ad dollars, but it's a mistake to present the two platforms as having parity in this realm. They don't now and they never will. Facebook is WAY behind the curve in social TV and has inherent challenges to overcome. Chief among them is that Facebook is not an open, searchable platform—by design. This will always stymie Facebook's efforts in social TV. There is virtually no way for users to find like-minded TV fans on Facebook unless they are ALREADY friends. Facebook hashtags will remain virtually useless as long as most people's profiles have privacy settings. Facebook can offer stats to TV networks (and presumably brands, eventually), but there is NO WAY to check on the accuracy of that information. Brands will just have to take Facebook's word for it. Twitter was the first (and best) place to talk about TV in social media. The platform's growth in this arena wasn't initially..." - Carri Bugbee
Re: I’m Not Your Jumper Cable -
"Good post—reminiscent of others I've seen on this topic over the past few years about the "could you meet me for coffee?" conundrum. Personally, I think people who work in large, corporate environments are the worst offenders of this. They often lead insular lives while happily ensconced in their corporate cubes until the moment they realize they need to move on—or get pushed out. Then they flail away at their "networks," reaching out to people they never had time for in previous years. It seems that self-employed people better understand the virtues of reciprocity and staying connected because their networks are essential to business survival. At least, that's been my experience." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Join the Exodus! -
"Geoff, I look forward to checking it out! Thx so much for sharing your book with us." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared – How to Manage a Social Media Crisis -
"Great post, Jay! Very helpful advice." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared – How to Manage a Social Media Crisis -
"Great post, Jay! Very helpful advice." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why Is It So Hard to Hire Great People? -
"After the recent court ruling on interns, hopefully entry-level jobs will no longer be unpaid internships." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why Is It So Hard to Hire Great People? -
"I think you make excellent points. Curious at all the negative comments on it. True, this may not apply to many jobs in the bigger marketplace, but the article referenced Google jobs and this is spot on for Google and similar companies." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Social TV: The pack is thinning but the future is brighter than ever. [2178] | Social TV - TV App Market -
"Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It seems many agile, young startups are stymied by the bureaucracy, legacy technologies and above all else, old-school thinking within the TV production and distribution categories. I saw the same thing among ad agencies in the early days of social media. When you've on a gravy train, there's no incentive to get off and try something new. That is, until the market shows you've been left behind (as has happened with many ad agencies now). I suppose it will take several years longer than it needs to for social TV technologies and methodologies to become mainstream." - Carri Bugbee
Re: The Best Tools to Manage Your Next Social Media Campaign -
"Great list! I've used or evaluated nearly all of these, but hadn't heard of Venntive, so now I'll check that one out too!" - Carri Bugbee
Re: A Powerful Tool to Curate and Create Great Content that Google Loves -
"Thx! Now I can absorb all your good info in peace. :-)" - Carri Bugbee
Re: A Powerful Tool to Curate and Create Great Content that Google Loves -
"Ack!! Auto-play video?! You need to fix that. It's the number one DON'T for blogs and websites. Even for music or media companies." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Social media in travel 'not as important as hoped', international study finds -
"I hate to be the one to break the news here, but reviews ARE social media. Arguably, they were the the first implementation of wide-scale social media (via Amazon). Since the statements in this article contradict each other, it's hard to take much of this info seriously." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Facebook Starts Placing Restrictions On Event Invites - AllFacebook -
"As a musician (with thousands of friends on FB who are also musicians), I do get hundreds of event invites. But the REAL spam are suggested events by Facebook. I've hated those since the moment they debuted. Since I can't even keep up with events by people who I have some connection with, why in the hell do I need Facebook spamming with me additional suggestions? That's what REALLY needs to be turned off." - Carri Bugbee
Re: 7 Implications of Kickstarter’s Social Launch -
"Grady, thanks for doing the analysis. I hadn't heard about the new Kickstarter social features." - Carri Bugbee
Re: HBO 'Game of Thrones' premiere generates record downloads from BitTorrent users -
"No wonder HBO is thinking about offering HBOgo to to non-cable subscribers. Nobody could explain the opportunity more brilliantly than The Oatmeal:" - Carri Bugbee
Re: How Fairmont Hotels Used Facebook Contest to Segment Audiences -
"Interesting...thx for the explanation! I'll stay tuned for the final report on that." - Carri Bugbee
Re: How Fairmont Hotels Used Facebook Contest to Segment Audiences -
"Now you've got me curious about how removing dates would help SEO? :-)" - Carri Bugbee
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