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Re: GetGlue Acquired By Video Discovery Startup i.TV -
"I'm wondering if it makes sense to call i.TV a startup since it's been around five years." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why Facebook and Twitter Are Fighting Over Your Television -
"This is a good round-up of the features and efforts that Twitter and Facebook have implemented to attract TV ad dollars, but it's a mistake to present the two platforms as having parity in this realm. They don't now and they never will. Facebook is WAY behind the curve in social TV and has inherent challenges to overcome. Chief among them is that Facebook is not an open, searchable platform—by design. This will always stymie Facebook's efforts in social TV. There is virtually no way for users to find like-minded TV fans on Facebook unless they are ALREADY friends. Facebook hashtags will remain virtually useless as long as most people's profiles have privacy settings. Facebook can offer stats to TV networks (and presumably brands, eventually), but there is NO WAY to check on the accuracy of that information. Brands will just have to take Facebook's word for it. Twitter was the first (and best) place to talk about TV in social media. The platform's growth in this arena wasn't initially..." - Carri Bugbee
Re: I’m Not Your Jumper Cable -
"Good post—reminiscent of others I've seen on this topic over the past few years about the "could you meet me for coffee?" conundrum. Personally, I think people who work in large, corporate environments are the worst offenders of this. They often lead insular lives while happily ensconced in their corporate cubes until the moment they realize they need to move on—or get pushed out. Then they flail away at their "networks," reaching out to people they never had time for in previous years. It seems that self-employed people better understand the virtues of reciprocity and staying connected because their networks are essential to business survival. At least, that's been my experience." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Join the Exodus! -
"Geoff, I look forward to checking it out! Thx so much for sharing your book with us." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared – How to Manage a Social Media Crisis -
"Great post, Jay! Very helpful advice." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why Is It So Hard to Hire Great People? -
"After the recent court ruling on interns, hopefully entry-level jobs will no longer be unpaid internships." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Why Is It So Hard to Hire Great People? -
"I think you make excellent points. Curious at all the negative comments on it. True, this may not apply to many jobs in the bigger marketplace, but the article referenced Google jobs and this is spot on for Google and similar companies." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Social TV: The pack is thinning but the future is brighter than ever. [2178] | Social TV - TV App Market -
"Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It seems many agile, young startups are stymied by the bureaucracy, legacy technologies and above all else, old-school thinking within the TV production and distribution categories. I saw the same thing among ad agencies in the early days of social media. When you've on a gravy train, there's no incentive to get off and try something new. That is, until the market shows you've been left behind (as has happened with many ad agencies now). I suppose it will take several years longer than it needs to for social TV technologies and methodologies to become mainstream." - Carri Bugbee
Re: The Best Tools to Manage Your Next Social Media Campaign -
"Great list! I've used or evaluated nearly all of these, but hadn't heard of Venntive, so now I'll check that one out too!" - Carri Bugbee
Re: A Powerful Tool to Curate and Create Great Content that Google Loves -
"Thx! Now I can absorb all your good info in peace. :-)" - Carri Bugbee
Re: A Powerful Tool to Curate and Create Great Content that Google Loves -
"Ack!! Auto-play video?! You need to fix that. It's the number one DON'T for blogs and websites. Even for music or media companies." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Social media in travel 'not as important as hoped', international study finds -
"I hate to be the one to break the news here, but reviews ARE social media. Arguably, they were the the first implementation of wide-scale social media (via Amazon). Since the statements in this article contradict each other, it's hard to take much of this info seriously." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Facebook Starts Placing Restrictions On Event Invites - AllFacebook -
"As a musician (with thousands of friends on FB who are also musicians), I do get hundreds of event invites. But the REAL spam are suggested events by Facebook. I've hated those since the moment they debuted. Since I can't even keep up with events by people who I have some connection with, why in the hell do I need Facebook spamming with me additional suggestions? That's what REALLY needs to be turned off." - Carri Bugbee
Re: 7 Implications of Kickstarter’s Social Launch -
"Grady, thanks for doing the analysis. I hadn't heard about the new Kickstarter social features." - Carri Bugbee
Re: HBO 'Game of Thrones' premiere generates record downloads from BitTorrent users -
"No wonder HBO is thinking about offering HBOgo to to non-cable subscribers. Nobody could explain the opportunity more brilliantly than The Oatmeal:" - Carri Bugbee
Re: How Fairmont Hotels Used Facebook Contest to Segment Audiences -
"Interesting...thx for the explanation! I'll stay tuned for the final report on that." - Carri Bugbee
Re: How Fairmont Hotels Used Facebook Contest to Segment Audiences -
"Now you've got me curious about how removing dates would help SEO? :-)" - Carri Bugbee
Re: How Fairmont Hotels Used Facebook Contest to Segment Audiences -
"Since the contest is over, I can't see it beyond the screen shots here, but I'm guessing this was a custom app, not something off the shelf. Big picture, this site REALLY need to have dates on blog posts (hey, Jay!), particularly since social media marketing strategies QUICKLY become dated. The only way to guesstimate the publishing date is to look at the comments, and that's not always an accurate indication." - Carri Bugbee
Re: What If Mad Men Was About A Social Media Agency? -
"I LOVE the list, Jason! Especially since you and I first connected via @PeggyOlson. :-) I think you (and your pals) should join Peggy's creative team at CGC. They're the new up and comers: Go #TeamPeggy!" - Carri Bugbee
Re: CASH Music | Knowledge is power. -
"I started to do the survey, but I couldn't finish it because you didni't indicate on the ratings system whether 1 or 10 was best (or worst)." - Carri Bugbee
Re: How to Write a Press Release - PRWeb -
"It's weird that you're only making this white paper available to non-customers. And if that's not your intention, then you need to fix the opt-in form." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Henri the Existential Cat Sells His Bleak and Blackened Soul to Friskies -
"I've loved Henri's previous films. This new one is still pretty good, even though he has now sold out to the "man." Brilliant move by Friskies. This is imminently spreadable. At least, the wet food is." - Carri Bugbee
Re: FedEx Mocks Social Media Strategists in New Ad -
"While it's a fun, topical idea to poke fun at social media strategists (particularly young, hipster types), comparing marketing to distribution & supply chain management (regardless of whether it's social media marketing or some other type of marketing) rang hollow for me. It's a bizarre apples-to-oranges comparison that undercuts what could have been an effective and funny spot if the writing had been a more clever. So, interesting concept, but weak execution." - Carri Bugbee
Re: 2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags –Not Facebook -
"Damn! I'd better get on this. God knows, I've written enough how-to guides about hashtags over the years. I'll definitely credit you for the idea. :-) BTW, I just saw this article that points out how TV fans don't always use the official hashtag, but they do create shorter ones to use instead (as I have often pointed out to no avail):" - Carri Bugbee
Re: 2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags –Not Facebook -
"A whole book on hashtags? OMG, that made me laugh." - Carri Bugbee
Re: 2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags –Not Facebook -
"Jeremiah, thanks for the analysis and the lists. I REALLY appreciate that you would watch the SuperBowl so I don't have to. That you'd do it sober in the name of science warrants a very special kind of merit badge. :-) If hashtags are going to be as important (or more so) than corporate URLs in marketing, I think it would behoove many brands and agencies to get a primer on hashtag usage. I can't help but wonder who came up with some of those lame hashtags. Was it ad agencies who aren't steeped in the ethos of Twitter? I mean seriously, 17 characters?! Big fail for #15yrwinningstreak on that basis alone. Likewise, any experienced Tweeter knows you don't need to include "the" or "with" or similar parts of speech in a hashtag (attention: Samsung). Hashtags are about brevity, originality and ease of use. In that regard, I think many of these brands missed the mark. Moreover, it seems like some just bolted their Twitter strategy onto an existing advertising strategy without knowing a lot..." - Carri Bugbee
Feb 22, 2013: SearchFest 2013 at Governor Hotel -
Re: French Government Bans ‘Hashtag’ And Renames It ‘Mot-dièse’ -
"While I'm not a French speaker, it appears from this article that they missed the definition of a hashtag. It's not a "sharp word" it's a method of tagging or annotating tweets. It seems like if they knew what a hashtag was, they would have picked a word that described it more accurately. It seems unlikely the inaccurate word will gain favor with those who actually knows how Twitter works." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Shorty Awards’ Greg Galant to moderate Lost Remote Show panel on the social TV fan -
"Thanks." - Carri Bugbee
Re: Shorty Awards’ Greg Galant to moderate Lost Remote Show panel on the social TV fan -
"Hey guys, I just saw this on Facebook. Thanks for the shout-out! But note, there is no "e" at the end of my first name. :-) I sure hope I can make this event. Looks like a great line-up." - Carri Bugbee
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